A Day with Daniel…2


A Day with Daniel…2With that Daniel shifted his weight and turned me to my stomach, when I figured what he was doing I tried to stop him. With Daniel on my back and me defenseless on my stomach, I panicked.’…NOOO DANIEl, YOU CAN’T DO THIS…’ It was too little too late as Daniel lunged deep into my bowels causing me to cry out in agony as Daniel started to grind deep into my prostate body. I begged an pleaded between grunting and gasping in pain.”…Daniel…Daniel…please…let me go I can’t…take…anymore…” Daniel raised himself up and slammed into my buttocks as hard as he could, I screamed out in agony as Daniel slid his monstrously huge penis back and forth in my butt ‘…AAAAIIIIEEEEHHHH…TAKE IT OUT…PLEASE…TAKE IT OUT’Daniel had me pinned beneath him as if I was an istanbul escort insect on a straight pin. After a while my butt hole adjusted to his massive shaft and was clinging to him as pulled back and pushed deep into me. My entire body was convulsing involuntary as Daniel enjoyed the tightness of ruptured bung hole.I could not stop crying and whining as Daniel continued to violently ravish my bung hole. For nearly an hour, Daniel was slamming deep into me and pulling his huge penis back and ramming it back in.Just as he was about to come, he gripped my hips and started to grind deep into me and than I felt his huge penis started to swell and twitch and felt him as his penis erupted and jets of sperm squirted deep into my rectum.Daniel slowly grind izmir escort into my bung and held me tight about the waist. Suddenly he dropped down on my back breathing so hard I thought he would expire.I must have passed out I awoke and looked at the clock, it was a little before noon. Daniel was still on my back his enormous penis lodged deep in my butt hole. I heard footsteps in the hall and I called to Daniel, ‘…some ones in the hall get off me please…’Daniel answered me some what groggily saying ‘…I hear no one…’ Just at that time I heard my Aunt call out ‘…David you in there boy…’Daniel rolled off me to the other side of the bed just as my Aunt opened the door and I covered my nakedness up. My Aunt looked at me and said ‘…you sick kars escort boy, you’re sweating lick a stuck hog. Your folks didn’t say you was sick, the school called so I came over to see if you were here. When you get better you clean up this room it stinks in here. I’m leaving now, I see you too sick to go to school, I’ll call them and tell them you want be in this week…’She closed the door, I laid there and listen as she walked down the hall and heard the front door slam. Daniel stood up, his massive penis standing erect from his body. He crawled up on the bed on his knees and took hold of my head and ordered me ‘…open your mouth bitch, my dick needs some sucking…’Whimpering from shame I opened my mouth and sucked his huge penis head into my mouth. After a few minutes of gagging Daniel pulled from my lips and pushed my head back down into the mattress.Daniel crawled on to my back and slid his huge penis back into my butt hole again. Crying uncontrollable I laid there as Daniel slid his gigantic man tool back and forth into my butt hole…A Day with Daniel…2

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