Camping With Dad Chapter 1


Camping With Dad Chapter 1I was so excited, it was the first week of July was upon me. That meantthat it was time for the weeklong camping trip that my dad and I takeevery year. This would be our fifth year. I was sixteen at the time. Iwas pretty tall, at 6’1″. I had a jock build, which I got by playingfootball and wrestling. I had green eyes, and short brown hair withblonde tips. And I had known that I was gay for a long time. I had triedto look at girls, but they never turned me on like guy did.My dad was forty-two, with brown hair and blue eyes. He stood around thesame height that I did. Throughout the years he had managed to keep anice build and body. So he looked quite a bit younger.So, as I said, the time for the trip was upon me. Dad and I had plannedto go to North Manitou Island for hiking and camping. It is an island inthe middle of Lake Michigan with wilderness, a national park for hikersand campers. We packed up all our gear and headed out. After some hoursof driving we got to the ferry just in time. We put all of our gear onthe ship and headed out. After about an hour the ship had gotten to theisland, and dropped us off. There was only about six other people who hadcome. But once we got a going, they went to the south side of the islandwhile we headed north.It was great, I loved spending time with my dad. We talked about so much.It was just us guys so we talked about everything. I had never told mydad that I was gay. He was sort of curious about why I had never had agirlfriend being “the stud” I am he said. I just told him I didn’tknow, and he left it at that.We finally got to where Escort bayan we were going to camp for the night after aboutfive hours (with some breaks) of hiking. It was about seven pm when westarted to set up camp. Once everything was set up, we started a fire andsat down and cooked up some dinner of dehydrated food. It wassurprisingly good… But he had a surprise for me that I didn’t expect.He reached into his pack and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels. “Son,I think it’s time that you had your first drink with your old man.” Heopened the bottle, took a swing, and handed it to me.I was excited, I had never drank before. “Thanks dad!” And I took asip. It was strong! A bit out of my league. I handed the bottle back tomy dad. “I don’t think I can have much dad. It’s powerful.””Yeah it is, but you will get used to it, you just have to acquire thetaste.” Then he drank even more of it. I was surprised at how he couldjust take straight like he did.As the evening went on my dad just kept drinking and drinking. We werearound the fire the whole time, and I could tell what was going on. Ieventually told him he should go lay down in the tent, and he heard thatand started stumbling over to the tent. I got up quickly to go unzip thetent door and open it. Just in time too, right when he got there he felldown right inside. I pushed his feet inside and closed the door. Idecided that I should hit the sack… So I put everything away and put thefire out before going over to the tent. I unzipped the door and wentinside.My dad was laying there passed out, looking like he Bayan escort was just in a deepsleep. I decided that I would get him undressed and put a blanket overhim. I took of his boots, then socks. Then I got his shirt off revealinghis nice pecs and abs. Then I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, and thenpulled them down and off. I was going to leave him with his underwear on,but he wasn’t wearing any. His man hood was exposed to me in all it’sglory. It looked so nice, I began to get a hard on pressing up against myboxers and pants. I just kept examining his sexy, naked body.I tried to take my eyes away and get ready for bed. I began to undress,but kept looking over at his cock. I got down to my boxers, and my sixand a half inch dick was tenting them. I couldn’t stop staring at mydad. Then, my sex drive over took me. I slowly went and reached for hiscock. I grabbed it, then looked at his face to check and make sure hewasn’t moving. He wasn’t. So I started to slowly pump up and down on mydad’s shaft. He got hard in a hurry. Soon his cock was up at it’s fulllength, seven and a half inches.I looked to make sure he wasn’t moving again, and then I lowered my faceto his sexy man hood. I started licking his head and his shaft. Then Iwent down and took one of his balls in my mouth and just started to suckon it. It tasted so good and it had the sweaty musk from hiking all dayon it. It was so nice. Then I began to lick up his cock shaft, and once Igot to the top I took his dick in my mouth, and began to suck. Icouldn’t believe it, I was actually giving the cock that Escort created me ablowjob. I kept going up and down on his shaft, sucking harder andharder. I was playing with his balls in my hand.Then I felt a hand on top of my head, pushing me down on to my dad’scock. It was his hand. He wanted me to keep going, so I did. I kept onsucking his rock hard dick. Soon I could tell he was getting close toblowing his load. Then his hand pushed me off his dick. I looked at him,and he was getting up.He came over to me and positioned me so my ass was in the air. Then hepulled down my boxers that I was wearing. He leaned over and spread mycheeks, and then put his tongue down there and started to lick my boypussy. It felt so nice, it was my first time being rimmed. His tongueslid up and down, and then he started to stick it in. It was so nice, itmade my cock throb.After a few minutes of this he took his face away, then I saw him spit onhis cock and start to rub it around. I knew what was coming. He grabbed ahold of me and started to bring me back, and I could feel his cock headon my hole. He rubbed it there, teasing me for a minute, then it startedsliding into me. This was my first time being bottom, and a pain was sentthrough me as he put his rod up my ass. But within moments the pain leftand I was in ecstasy. It felt so nice. He started pumping slowly atfirst, in and out. Then he started to speed up. It felt so good, he and Iwere moaning. He just kept pumping harder and harder, then he tensed up,and I could feel burst after burst of my dad’s warm, sweet cum fillingup ass. It was a great feeling. I started to blow my load on the blanketon the floor in the tent.He left his cock inside me for a moment before pulling out. He came up tome, where I had fallen to lay down, and laid next to me with an armaround me. And we both fell asleep right there, naked as we were.More to come…

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