exhibitionist 2


exhibitionist 2Tami said, “Sorry we’re late. Practice took a little longer than expected.”I said, “No problem, but you made it sound like you were bringing boys home.”Tami replied, “Sorry, just girls. You must be disappointed. I know how much you like my boyfriends!”Then all of the girls started giggling. I was a somewhat embarrassed because it appeared that the sexual romp I had with my daughter’s friends a few weeks ago was not a well kept secret. I managed to shrug their laughter and began serving dinner.As I served the spaghetti, Tami said, “I see you’ve met my new boyfriend.”I said, “Brock? Brock is your new boyfriend?”Tami replied, “Yes. Why?”I said, “Oh, no reason. Brock seems like a nice boy. He kept me company while I waited for you.”Then Brock looked up and gave me a nervous smile.Kendall said, “So Tami, this is your new boyfriend.”Tami said, “Yep. Good lookin’ don’t you think?”Kendall said, “Mmm, yes he is! Are all the guys good looking at St. Simon’s Academy?”Brock said, “Oh I don’t know. You’ll have to see for yourself.”I said, “So you’re a St. Simon’s boy. That’s a very expensive and exclusive high school.”Brock said, “Yes, I guess so. My parents felt that if I was going to be a doctor, I should go to a good high school.”I winked at my daughter because he was nice, good looking and had a bright future. The fact that he found me attractive was just a bonus.We only have four kitchen chairs, so when everyone sat down, there was no place for me to sit. Brock offered to give me his chair, but I told him no. I said that I’d just stand.Tami suggested, “Brock’s a strong boy. Why don’t you sit on his lap?”Brock said that it would be okay so I straddled his leg and sat down. Brock was wearing shorts and I didn’t have any panties on under my skirt so my bare vagina was resting right on Brock’s leg! The girls were busy eating dinner so they didn’t pay any attention to what was going on under the table. However, I couldn’t keep my mind off of the fact that my bare beaver was rubbing against the boy’s muscular thigh.Brock kept moving his leg up and down, which forced me to rock back and forth on his leg. His muscular leg kept rubbing against my little clitty and it was really turning me on. I could also feel the bulge in his pants pushing against me each time I rocked back. His hard penis felt like it was throbbing so I knew he was excited, too.Then Brock whispered in my ear, “Do you know that you’re making my leg all wet?”I whispered back, “Do you know that you’re making me all wet!”He responded by slipping his hand under my skirt and running his fingers through my pussy hair. It felt really good, but then he slid his hand forward and actually touched my love button. It sent shockwaves throughout my body.At that moment, Kendall asked, “So Brock, since you go to an all-boy school, do you know anything about girls?”While the girls giggled at Kendall’s question, Brock touched my little clitty again and answered, “Maybe you girls could teach me a thing or two.”As the shockwaves continued through my body, I said, “No, they won’t. Girls need to be older before they can teach those kinds of lessons.”My statement had a double meaning. To the girls, it meant they needed to be older before they have sex with a boy. To Brock, it meant that I am older and I can teach him a thing or two. I’m pretty sure he got the message because his finger found its way between my legs again.It felt good, but I didn’t want to make a scene so I pushed his hand away. However, I continued rocking back and forth on his leg and I was really beginning to feel the sexual tension heating up inside my body again. Soon I couldn’t take it any longer and I had to find a way to drag Brock away from the table. Then some spaghetti fell off my fork and onto Brock’s shirt. It was the perfect diversion.I said, “I’m really sorry, Brock. Come into the bedroom and let me clean you Escort bayan up.”Tami said, “I’ll help.”I said, “No, you won’t. Finish your dinner and we’ll be right back.”I pulled Brock into the bedroom and I looked at his shirt.I said, “I have to wash this right away. Otherwise, it could stain,” and then I pulled his shirt off.He had a large chest and well defined abs. Brock had a touch of chest hair, but his body was mainly clean and smooth.Then I looked down and said, “Aw, it’s on your pants, too.”I kneeled down in front of the boy and unsnapped his khaki shorts. Then I unzipped them and pulled them down. The boy stood in front of me wearing only tight stretchy boxer shorts. His manhood was stiff and poking out against the soft material. I couldn’t hold back. It was like a magnet as I reached out and moved my hand up and down over his underwear.I said, “You’ve even got a wet stain on your underwear.”Brock blushed and said, “That’s not spaghetti sauce.”I smiled and said, “I know what it is, but you should wash your underwear, too.”I was still on my knees as I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down. His rigid rocket was release from his underwear and pointed right towards my face. It was rather large and very, very hard, so I could resist the urge to taste it. I began licking it by moving my tongue up and down the length of the shaft, and then I went ahead and wrapped my ruby lips around the boy toy. After bobbing my head up and down a few times, I could literally feel his member throbbing in my mouth. I tried to pull my head away, but he put his hand on the back of my head.Brock begged, “Please don’t stop.”I said, “Just let me stop for a second and then I’ll do something for you that will feel even better.”Brock released me and I laid back on the bed. As Brock stood looking down at me, I hiked my skirt up past my waist and spread my legs apart. My pussy was right out in the open for Brock to see.I said, “I think this will feel even better than a blow-job.”He knew exactly what I wanted and crawled right on top of me. Brock quickly entered me and I was so wet that he had no trouble working his way deep inside of my waiting pussy. He was pumping in and out, in and out, and I was so close to an orgasm already that I came in no time. Brock exploded inside of me almost simultaneously, and then he let his body weight drop on top of me.We laid there for a few minutes and then I said, “We’d better get going. The girls are waiting for us.”I got up and grabbed Brock’s clothes to load them into the washing machine.Brock said, “I can’t go out there naked. What should I put on?”I handed him a towel and then we walked out. We stopped in front of the laundry closet to load the washing machine with Brock’s clothes, and then we proceeded into the kitchen. What we saw in the kitchen took Brock and I both by surprise. Sitting at the table were three naked eighteen-year-old girls!The girls giggled as Tami said, “Our uniforms are dirty from practice. Since you’re washing Brock’s clothes, we thought you’d wash our clothes, too.”In an angry tone, I told the girls to stand up. Then I ordered Brock to take a seat at the table. Brock chose the chair facing the girls so his towel covered lap was hidden from the girls by the table. The three naked girls were on display for Brock to see as I gave the girls a little lecture.As the girls displayed their firm perky tits and young tight pussies in front of Brock, I said, “Girls, you can’t go around showing your bodies off to boys. It’s not right. You must be punished.”Tami said, “But mom. I know what you were doing and he’s my boyfriend!”Dana added, “And it was all Kendall’s idea.”I said, “Silence! Now I’m going to punish you for your bad behavior.”Dana asked, “What are you going to do? Are you gonna tell our parents?”I said, “No. Bad girls deserve Bayan escort to be treated like little girls and little girls deserve to be spanked. Turn around and bend over the counter.”The three eighteen-year-old girls leaned over the counter with their sweet little tushies exposed.I said, “That’s not good enough. Spread your legs a little wider, keep your knees straight and bend over a little further.”I said, “That’s better” as their virgin pussy lips were now showing from behind for Brock to examine.I told the girls to hold their positions while I put their clothes in the washing machine. I took my time loading the washer giving Brock a nice long look at their cute little butts. Then I returned and stood behind the naked girls. I smacked each girl softly on her bare ass until their butt checks were a nice shade of pick. Then I told the girls that they had to clean the kitchen as part of their punishment.I took a seat next to Brock and watched as the girls started cleaning up around us. Kendall began clearing the table in front of us and she had to bend forward, giving Brock a close-up view of her perky breasts and pink puffy nipples. I could tell by the expression on her face that she was mortified, but she continued removing the dishes until the table was cleared.Then Dana sprayed kitchen cleaner on the table and used a paper towel to wipe it off. Her massive breasts swayed to and fro as she vigorously wiped the table clean. It was obviously exciting for Dana to be naked in front of Brock because her large nipples were poking out stiff and hard. I looked under the table and found that Dana’s nipples weren’t the only thing stiff and hard. Brock’s soldier was standing at attention again as he adjusted himself so that his erection was pointing out between the separation of his towel.I reached down and wrapped my soft hand around Brock’s rigid rod as the girls bent over to wash the dishes. Kendall kept teasing Tami and Dana by pinching their bare butts and touching their butt cracks. From the increasing hardness in Brock’s erection, I could tell that this was really thrilling for him.Then Kendall got a taste of her own medicine. When she leaned over to put a plate in the dishwasher, Dana reached behind Kendall and actually touched Kendall’s pussy.Kendall said, “Hey, what are you doing?”Dana said, “Just doing to you what you were doing to me.”Kendall said, “I only touched your butt crack, but you’re touching my pussy!”Dana just giggled and kept her hand on Kendall’s pussy. Kendall complained, but she didn’t push Dana’s hand away. Dana even pushed her finger into Kendall’s tight pussy and all Kendall did was spread her legs wider to give Dana easier access to her pussy.Tami appeared to be mortified by her friends’ behavior so she moved in front of Kendall and said, “You two shouldn’t be doing this in front of Brock and my mom.”Kendall said, “Don’t try to act like you never do this.”Dana said, “Yeah. You’re usually the first one to put your hands on our pussies in the shower after a softball game!”Tami’s face turned red from embarrassment, but before she could move Kendall put her arms around Tami and pulled Tami towards her. Kendall held Tami in position by putting her hands on Tami’s bare butt, and then Kendall put her face right between Tami’s legs. As Dana continued her assault on Kendall’s pussy, Kendall started licking Tami’s pussy lips.Tami stuttered, “Oh…oh wow…mom, it’s not my fault. This is all…mmm…um, Kendall’s idea,” but Tami made no attempt to move away from Kendall.I could tell that Brock was really enjoying the show that the girls were putting on. With my hand still wrapped around Brock’s erection, I could feel that he was amazingly hard. It appeared that he was ready to go again so I started stroking Brock’s rigid rod under the table as the girls proceeded with their love Escort fest.Tami reached down and started playing with Kendall’s little nipples as Dana got down on her knees and continued moving her finger in and out of Kendall’s tight young snatch. Dana also used her other hand to tickle Kendall’s sweet butt crack. Every part of Kendall’s body was getting attention and I could actually smell the girls’ excitement as the fragrance of their love juices filled the air.Suddenly I noticed that bending over gave Kendall and Dana the ability to look under the kitchen table. From their bent over positions they could see that I was giving Brock a hand job. They could also see that I wasn’t wearing any panties under my skirt. I didn’t bother to close my legs. I just went ahead and continued stroking Brock.The action I was giving Brock combined with my lack of underwear appeared to give Kendall and Dana the idea that they had a green light to proceed with their lesbian love show. Now Kendall was licking Tami’s love button and fingering Tami’s tight wet pussy at the same time. Tami was using her hand to tease one of Kendall’s nipples while using her other hand to tease one of her own nipples at the same time. Dana had one hand between Kendall’s legs and one hand between her own. Kendall and Tami had their eyes closed and they were moaning so I knew they were about to cum. However, Dana was still wide-eyed and watching me stroke Brock’s pocket rocket under the table.It wasn’t long before Tami and Kendall began thrashing about. Their screams assured me that the girls were cumming. When Kendall was through, Dana took a seat on the floor, spread her legs and buried a finger inside her own pussy. Dana also started pulling on her nipples with her other hand as she masturbated. From her spot on the floor, Dana had a birds-eye-view of Brock’s hard penis. Dana watched as Brock reached his breaking point and shot his hot body fluid all over the bottom of the kitchen table.Now Dana was the only one still trying to have an orgasm. Kendall offered to help by lying down in front of Dana and burying her face in Dana’s blonde bush. Kendall’s cute bare butt was pointed up in the air as she moved her tongue around between Dana’s legs. Tami took a seat at the kitchen table. She looked embarrassed, but satisfied. I’m not sure if she saw what I did to Brock under the table, but those girls don’t keep secrets so I was certain that she’d find out soon.As Brock, Tami and I watched, Kendall licked and massaged Dana’s pussy while Dana teased her own nipples. Soon Dana started breathing heavy, followed by soft moans, and then screams of ecstasy as she finally entered the Promised Land. Kendall immediately got up and finished cleaning the kitchen while Dana just laid there, trying to regain her composure.When Kendall finished cleaning the kitchen, she turned and asked, “Should we go watch TV now?”I said, “Your clothes aren’t even in the dryer yet.”Everyone looked at each other and laughed as Kendall said, “That’s okay. We won’t need ’em until it’s time to go home.”I let the teenagers have their privacy, but I checked on them frequently. Surprisingly, they didn’t act much differently than they would have if they’d been wearing clothes. It appeared as if my trailer had just become a little nudist camp. Then I overheard Dana declare that the next time they have a dinner party, they want to have an equal number of boys and girls.I stepped in and said, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Lesbian sex doesn’t worry me, but you girls can get in a lot of trouble when you throw boys into the mix.”Kendall said, “Then we’ll just have lesbian sex and let the boys watch.”Dana added, “Yeah. It will be fun. And if any of the boys want to have sex, we’ll send them to you!”My face turned red as the girls laughed. I wasn’t sure how I was going to live this down. However, the thought of a teenaged nudist party where the girls put on a lesbian show while I personally satisfied all the boys was an enticing idea. I would have to give that idea some thought. In fact, I think I’ll get in the whirlpool bath with a jet aimed between my legs while I give it some thought!

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