Subject: Catching up with max (part 3 – adult-youth) Disclaimer: The following contains explicit scenes of male sex and a variety of consensual activities. This story may not be copied or posted to any other websites without explicit permission from the author. All characters depicted are above 18 years of age. If any of this content is offensive to you or illegal to access in your geography, please do fty//authors.htmlshutupnz *** feedback always welcome to ail *** It was only a few weeks this time before I saw Max again. After his little romp at my apartment, he had left his tie and belt behind, so I was back at this place to drop it off. Thankfully, his parents didn’t question too much about the circumstances that led to their being removed. The tie would have been pretty easy to explain away as being a hot evening, but a boy taking his belt off as well is a little more suspicious. “Thank you so much for dropping it off, Adam. He is forever leaving things behind. ” Andrew said, greeting me at the door. “No worries, I was in the area today anyway. If it’s okay, I can take it straight to his bedroom?” “Sure, but he’s out for a run at the moment, but he shouldn’t be long.” Dang, was hopeing for a little fun. Andrew let me in anyway, and I made my own way to Max’s bedroom to give him back the belt and tie. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been in his room. It was pretty typical of a 12-year-old’s space. Absolute chaos. Pictures of sports cars and athletes adorned the walls, as did a couple of the last Pokémon posters, which had faded significantly over the years. His bed wasn’t made, and there were various items of clothing strewn on the floor, the stale smell of unwashed laundry hanging like a cloud. I was his age once, I wondered if he had started jerking off regularly. I knew he could cum after our previous meeting, but the question was still how much. They grow up so fast. From when we first started fooling around, with me sniffing his immature ballbag, to now having swallowed his youthful cum. I felt like I was on some kind of mission looking for where he kept his belts and other items. First, I checked his chest of drawers, also wondering if I might come across some other hidden secrets. Perhaps he had broken something, or there was a hidden cum rag, anything I could use against him. See, I still wasn’t sure if our little game of slave/master was over yet. He certainly had me by the balls, so to speak, if he were to tell his parents what we had been up to. If I could find something he was hiding instead, perhaps I had a way out. My investigations, however, brought up nothing. Not even a cum rag. Despite the mess on the floor, his drawers were all somewhat organized, and there was nothing under his mattress or his pillow. I did find his place for his underwear, mostly boxerbriefs, of all different colors. I pulled out a pair near the top, a black and purple pair I remembered he had worn to my place last time. Placing the front against my face, I snuffed the front where his cock would have been. They were a clean pair, so there wasn’t much there, but they were definitely his underwear. Even washed, there was still a hint of his scent there, of a boy. A boy’s body. I wanted more, so I turned them inside out, this time placing the inside indentation where his penis would have been, giving that a whiff. This time, my senses were rewarded with a slightly stronger aroma and the added bonus of an unmistakable aftertaste of pee. “You just can’t help yourself, can you?” Max suddenly said, closing his bedroom door behind him. He was wearing just a black vest and athlete burdur escort shorts, still panting. The low-cut vest showed off his fit body nicely, as it was draped loosely over his lean body. His torso was still heaving, and I wondered if our little wrestle a couple weeks back was what pushed him into doing all this running again. “I was looking for where you keep these?” I answered, showing him his forgotten belt and tie. “I don’t have a place for that suit crap. It usually just goes on the floor somewhere. That doesn’t explain why you were sniffing my boxers though. ” “I um…I was looking…” I stuttered, my brain stalling. I had no explanation to give him. I was caught red handed, and in his space. He walked right up to me, facing me off. There is only so much a 12-year-old can do to be intimidating, but he was certainly trying. I wasn’t scared of him physically, even if he had quite a strong body for his age. I was more worried about him telling his parents what we had done together previously. His chest was still puffing, and I could see little beads of sweat running down his arms from his prior exertions as he stared up at me. “Get on your knees, slave,” he ordered. “But your parents are here?” “They won’t know. Now kneel. ” After I made a sound that I could only describe as a whimper, I did as Max told me to do. I couldn’t exactly fight him with his parents just in the next room. Once again, I find myself at his mercy. As I lowered myself and his shorts came into my vision, I am pretty sure I saw the front of them twitch in anticipation. “Would you like me to suck your cock, master?” I asked, looking back up at him for instruction. “Not yet, but you can take off my shorts.” It was a sight I was becoming more familiar with now. His soft cock rested on his balls, and the couple of stray pubes I saw last seemed to have been removed. Maybe he shaved them off? The length of his cock seemed to have grown longer even in the short time since I had last seen it, and I could just make out the head of his cock, peeking through inside his foreskin. I watched as he pulled his hairless balls up out of the way and ordered me to lick his taint. Being 12, there wasn’t a whole lot of room right between his legs yet, but I did my best. I twisted and upturned my head to do as he desired. My tongue started at the base of his balls, and I lapped towards the base of his butt as far as I could. The tart taste of his salty sweat, like it was puddled down there. My face was pressed hard up against his thighs, and I could feel the warm, clammy dampness of his skin all around me. I diligently cleaned up his sweat, including the dried drips that had found their way down the sides of his balls. I was getting into a rhythm down there, as awkward of a position as it was. Max had been moaning to start with, but now was just rocking back and forth slightly while I did my due diligence. I was in a bit of a daydream myself, as he hadn’t yet told me to stop, even though his taint tasted more like my spit at this point. I think he was just winding down, and enjoying the feeling of my licking him down there. I had no clue what his parents thought we were up to, but so far we had been pretty quiet. That is, until he let rip. Being stuck down beneath, I could feel his taint vibrate as his loud fart thundered through his hole back there. It was loud and long, and having a front row seat made it even louder. There was some comotion from his parents in the next room as well, as the sound had even reached them. Something about not doing that sort of thing when they had guests. They bursa escort had no idea what I had just been subjected to. Max just chuckled as I inhaled his gas. “Alright slave, next task.” Max announced. I pulled my face away from his groin as he simply turned around, this time my face looking at his perky, smooth buns. “Same thing but from this side. ” I leaned back in slowly. At least his body somewhat protected me from his wind last time, but I was terrified he was going to fart again. I tentatively faceplanted on his backside, resuming my tonguing between his legs. My tongue was just able to lick the base of his crack without pressing my face into his cleft too much, but I knew his hole would be right there. “Get your nose in my crack properly, you’ve been there before.” “But master, please don’t fart again.” “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. What you think doesn’t matter, slave. Now hurry up and get your nose next to my butthole. ” I loved licking his hole, I really did, but I really did dread the thought of his anus assaulting me again. I pushed my nose into there, the cheeks of his bum parting. Thankfully, the stink of his fart was gone by now, but with my nose now parked right next to his shitter, there was no escape if he chose to degrade me further. And I’m sure I could hear him straining. “Please don’t.” I said, almost pleading with him. “You think my ass is gross or something? Your butt is probably way grosser than mine,” he said, straining. “No master, I love your hole. But I would much rather lick it, than for you to do that to me. ” He was definitely trying to do it again because I could feel his hole flexing in and out. I tried to put the thought of it out of my mind as I licked him. His asshole was right there, a constant threat as I licked the treacle-like sweat from his crack and the base of his ass. “Lucky for you, I’ve got no more to give you anyway, but you can keep licking and keep sniffing it.” “Yes, master.” His puffing had long since stopped before he stopped me from licking. There was no sweat back there, just the humid pong of his boy hole. Eventually, even he got tired of my licking. “You can stop now, slave. I have a new idea. ” Max finally said. My face was still so immersed in his butt, I almost toppled forward when he moved, and this time ordered me to strip. “Me?” “Do you see anyone else here?” “But what about your parents?” “Then you better hurry up and get this over with. I wanna see your dick and your butt. ” It dawned on me that for all the times I had seen him nude, he had never once asked for this. Still, I was relieved to be released from his butt prison. I was semi-hard in the moment. Not rock hard, but getting there. Max was gawking at my body as I got undressed. Being naked in front of him, I hoped for a compliment, since I might have been the first adult-sized cock he had seen. What I got instead of more Max. “Gross, you’re way hairier than I thought. I don’t wanna see your old guy dick anymore. Lie on your front on my bed. ” “Old guy? I’m in my twenties, I’m not old. ” I said glumly as I lied on my front as I was told. “Man, you have hair back there too. Look at it all! I might have to start calling you Fuzzbutt.” Max said, discovering the hair on my cheeks and down my own crack. “You’ll be hairy too soon. ” He joined me soon after, sitting on the bed between my legs, spreading them open. Then I felt his small hands on me, spreading my buns wide. “Ew, you even have hair on your butthole!” As repulsed as he sounded, it didn’t seem to deter what I suspected he had in his mind. The next move he made confirmed çanakkale escort my suspicions and made me feel a pit in my stomach. He was still as naked as I was, and I could feel the heat of his body behind me. The bed squeaked as he had placed an arm either side of me, and I felt his hard little cock poke me in the buttcheek. He was lining up his cock to fuck me! “Um, you should use lube if you’re going to do what I think you’re going to do.” “You’re a big man; just grit your teeth!” “No Max, I mean it. You might be 12, but I’ve never had anything up there before. Besides, I thought you were worried about being gay?” “I’m still not. This isn’t gay. Girls have butts too. You’re the gay one for having to take a guys dick in your ass.” The logic of a 12 year old… With that, he stopped talking, and I felt the prod of the cherry-sized knob of his cock wriggling around there, hunting for my hole. Even with my butthair, it didn’t take him long as I felt him make contact with my hole, pushing it in hard with no concern for me. I have to admit, I probably could have just clenched to keep him out, but I was curious. I wanted to know what it would feel like. With him being just a kid, this would be the easiest way for it to happen for my first time. So I opened up for him, letting his horny young penis have what it wanted. I pushed out, and felt his cock push inside me. That was the first time I’d had anything up my ass, I’d never even fingered myself. At first, it felt like a bee sting, followed by what I imagined it would have felt had I ever stuck my own finger in there. It all made sense, though, considering his cock was about the same size. It certainly still hurt when he first entered, his about-to-be no longer virgin cock exploring a new hole. I could feel his smooth shaft spreading the walls of my ass as he bottomed out, and I could feel his warm smooth skin against mine. “Fuck yeh,” Max exclaimed behind me. I got used to the pang of his cock in me pretty quickly. I had taken dumps more painful than this rod, but then, they would end. I could feel him moving up and down behind me, his hot body moving up and down, fucking me with all the gusto he had. His hot breath on the back of my neck and his high-pitched gasps and moans told me that he was enjoying himself. His fingers clawed at the skin on my back as he experienced brand new feelings. This was his first time having sex, and I may not have been a girl, but he was certainly into it. His breathing was becoming heavier and heavier, his penis stabbing my hole like a thin sex rod, thrusting into me over and over. I could feel it, like it was vibrating in there as he fucked me like a rabbit. Frustratingly, due to his size, he wasn’t quite going as deep as I felt I could take. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t getting as much out of it as it sounded like he was, but it did give me a desire to have something bigger up there another time. “You like taking kid dick in your ass, Adam?” Max panted behind me, still humping. “Feels nice Max. Keep it up. ” “Yeah, you like me fucking you, huh? You’re a big homo who likes taking boys’ dicks in your butt. ” I knew he must be getting close. The sounds he was making were becoming more and more desperate. His hot cock in me was becoming thicker and slicker. Suddenly, I felt him stop, pressing his hips hard into my backside, and I could feel his stem throbbing, and pulsing along its length as he came in my hole. “I’m cumming Adammm mmm…” Max gasped. Soon after, I felt his softening penis slip out. He slapped my ass hard a couple of times, as I just kept laying there, waiting for my next instruction. Eventually I felt movement behind me, as he climbled up my torso, yanking me over onto my back. “Now, one last thing: Clean my dick, slave. ” Max ordered, presenting his cock for my final task. *** feedback always welcome to ail ***

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