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Subject: Essential Johnny – Part 5 Part 5 Dreaming of Johnny Warning/Disclaimer: The following story are told from a second-person perspective and are intended purely as a means of entertainment. The events and circumstance depicted are based purely on creative recollection and may contain embellished or heavily redacted narrative. All suggestions, comments and constructive criticism is welcome at [email protected] Readers are reminded to and encouraged to help maintain this a viable site with their generous donations. Thanks Johnny and Raymond the afternoon shadows beginning to set creep up as the available light inside the grass cave dwindled slowly. The boys heard the sound of steps and rustling of the bushes, they knew someone might be approaching so Raymond jumped, grabbed Johnny by the arm leading him into a small dark cove where they both hid momentarily albeit in very tight quarters. From this vantage point, the boys could see into the dimly lit grass cave and waited quietly to discern friend or foe. Raymond sat crouching his head with Johnny practically on his lap, heads nearly side by side. Raymond’s reached to cover Johnny’s mouth as one of the neighborhood’s young teen entered followed by what seem to be an adult male. The two just kept silent and just watched. The man’s face was not entirely visible, but they watched as the teen boy started to undress with the man’s assistance. Rather soon after the teen stood nude in front of the man sporting a rather sizeable erection. Johnny watched intently, his hand reached to remove Raymond’s hand that was still covering his mouth gently and Raymond just stayed put whispering to Johnny to stay quiet. The boys observed as the man took the entire length of the boy into his mouth while his hands roamed the teen’s body. Intermittently, the man would pause to disrobe himself returning his eager mouth to the awaiting appendage. The teen appeared to be in heaven as the man worked his boyhood with his mouth, licking, sucking and kissing the boy. Meanwhile the hidden friends kept a close eye on every last detail. By now, Raymond had moved both his arms around Johnny holding him tight against his body, having unbound the young boy’s lips. Johnny felt that strange feeling beginning to creep up again, his little hard little cocklet started to press against the restraining influence of his undies. Raymond, equally aroused, shifted his weight around to provide his hardening cock some breathing space but there wasn’t much space in the within the confines of their hideout. So, it wasn’t long before Johnny felt the density of the growing bulge expanding against his butt. Johnny tried hard to disregard all this precipitous stimulation, both physical and visual, but it was impossible. The boy felt a warm flush radiating from his stomach and his breathing pace accelerated as innocence was forsaken for lust. In front of them, the spectacle was only ramping up as by now the teen had gotten hold of the man’s head with both hands and was frantically skull fucking the man. His back arched backwards, his face looked up to the sky. Suddenly the teen let out an uncontainable groan as he convulsed in pure ecstasy. Johnny heard Raymond moan softly into his ear sending an electric shock ankara yeni escort down his spine and resonating in his scrotum. Johnny tried to calm himself as a weakened knee teen crashed onto the ground next to the man who now held him in a loving embrace. Johnny could now feel Raymond’s breath blowing warmly behind his ears while holding him tight and intently grinding his confined package against the young boy’s tender bubble. But the intruders were not finished. Once recovered, the teen made his way between the man’s legs and lovingly took the man’s semi-hard uncut penis in his mouth starting with gentle probing of his covered glands with his tongue. It wouldn’t take long before the man’s erection reached its full potential and the teen worked the whole length up and down his throat. He was particularly talented in that he could take the entire man’s length in his mouth, hold it for a few seconds, his nose buried on the man’s hairy bush, inhaling his musk with deep pleasure then releasing back up with tears in his eyes. The man pulled the teen up on top of him bringing them face to face. The two kissed passionately like long time lovers. Their naked bodies looked so different, the man although short, was thick but not entirely muscular. The teen was about the same height as the man but all around chubby, his skin tone so pale white it made the man’s dark skin look even darker. The teen sat up onto the man’s thighs and started to jerk him off. The two sets of prying eyes could see the top of the man’s head as he laid on the floor, the teen face them so their angle of view couldn’t be better although cave was quickly getting darker. The two witnessed as the teen lifted his chubby butt aligning it with the man’s erection and slowly lowering himself until his had the man’s cock fully engulfed. The teen’s eyes closed and his head tilted back as he started a slow meticulous ride of the hard pole. Johnny couldn’t believe his eyes but something about watching this with Raymond was reassuring and although it felt very naughty, he was very much interested and enjoying it. The teen continued the ride but now with more intensity. His cheeks flushed and pink were still very evident in the low light. He moaned, hissed and panted breathlessly up until the moment the man took a hold of the teens full weight, turned him around without pulling out from his ass pushing his chubby legs spread open up into the air. So there, finally the man’s face could be seen clearly and Johnny thought he recognized the man buried balls deep inside the young teen’s hole. He watched as the man lowered himself and while kissing the chub tenderly, assaulted his ass with no mercy. At this point the fapping sound of flesh on fat was loud and very obvious and the teens moas pf pleasure we no longer discrete but only muffled by the man’s kisses. The man was relentless and borderline violent in his penetration of this boy but in all honesty, the boy looked to be enjoying every thrust. The teen whispered to the man “I’m cumming”, the man without losing rhythm lifts his head back and lets out a deep-rooted sigh followed with intermittent groans as he injected his semen into the chubby boy’s hole. The two collapse in elated delight yenimahalle escort paralyzed with the exhaustion of pleasure. Johnny and Raymond also fatigued with the zealous desire and muscular tension watch as the two horny lovers recover before dressing and leaving their lust nest. Johnny and Raymond noiselessly make their own exit into the open space. The two boys haven’t said a word until Raymond interjects: Raymond:”That was intense” Johnny:”uhm hmm”he replies not knowing what else to say Raymond:”that man fucked Steven ass like crazy”he exclaimed laughing Johnny:”yes, he sure did that, so crazy”was all he could say, then it hits him…” I know him” Raymond:”who? Steven”he inquired Johnny: “no not Steven” he replies “the other guy” he follows Raymond:”you know him? Who is he? I don’t think I know him” Johnny: “he is the cleaning man from the water park” he answers Raymond:”oh shit, really? How do you know him?” he asked inquisitively Johnny:”he talked to me the last time we went there”he says Raymond: “Oh! Hmmm, did he try anything on you?”he asked Johnny:”what do mean?” Raymond:”did he like touch you or anything” Johnny:”NOOO,”he says assertively “No. Ahh, he just told me where to put the dirty towels” Raymond:”oh yeah ok”he looks over at the boy suspiciously Raymond: “we better get going” he says holding Johnny’s hand “but before we go” he says while goin down to one knee, his face parallel with Jonny. “you can’t tell anyone about this” he exclaims, looking at Johnny in his eyes Johnny: “of course not, no way” the boy asserts Raymond hugs Johnny approvingly as the boy counters in kind. As they leave their embrace, Raymond holds Johnny’s face, leans forward and kisses him softly on the lips. Johnny stunned just freezes in the moment closing his eyes. Raymond pauses his kiss, they look at each other, Raymond smiles as the boy just stares at him, then Raymond takes the boy and kisses him passionately, his tongue parting the boy’s lips and entering his mouth probing and exploring the boy’s sweet innocence. Raymond stands up, adjusts his sizable boner to the side. Johnny watching his every move while unconsciously licking his lips, his own cocklet begging for relief. Raymond offers his hand to the boy, he takes it as the two make their way out. On the way home, they ran across some of their friends, who wondered where they had disappeared to. Raymond made up some stories and everyone laugh, except Johnny who was lost in a haze of remorse and uncertainty. Johnny snapped off his trance when he heard Raymond’s voice call out his name to say goodbye “see you tomorrow Johnny”then they parted ways. Johnny stood in front of his house and watched Raymond leave with a type of yearning in his heart like he missed him already. He continued watching him until he no longer could, then entered his house just in time for dinner. That evening, Johnny learned that grandpa had gone to visit for the weekend with his aunt in another town. This meant that he would have the room all to himself, if only for a couple of days. Pensive at dinner, Johnny was asked by his mother if he was ok. He promptly or perhaps warily answered that he was fine. Mom watched the boy fiddle with what yozgat escort she knew well was his favorite dinner (spaghetti with meat sauce). Not once did he make mention or acknowledge that he enjoyed it. He managed to eat most of it before asking to be excused. Mom agreed to let him from the dinner table and watched him as he ran into his room. Mother could sense something wasn’t normal about his behavior but she figured it had to be hormones or just some fight with his friends, so soon enough she chucked it off. Johnny watched TV late, long after his family had gone to bed. But he wasn’t really watching. He was more bored and distracted so, tired he retired to his bed. Shortly after he was out like a light bulb. About 2 hours later, Johnny feels as someone is trying to climb into bed with him. Frozen with fear and pretends to be sleep. He feels the person snuggling up to him, his eyes firmly shut, he’s so afraid. He feels the person’s breath on the back of his neck. He wants to turn and look but he’s too frightened to do that. He tries to remain calm, but soon his breathing becomes erratic. He feels as the person begins to slowly remove his PJ’s but he doesn’t dare stop them. An arm reaches around him and pulls his behind and lays it to rest on a fully erect adult penis. Johnny now knows that it’s a man, but who could it be? How did he get in the house? What does he want with me? All these questions tormented him as his sweaty hand grips the man’s cock firmly and starts to jerk him off just like the chubby teen did to the Janitor. He felt the man turn him onto his back. His body smelled of grass and wet soil. His eyes still shut pretending to be asleep, he feels as the man’s lips kiss him forcefully pushing his tongue into mouth like Raymond had done. The forceful kissing persists but now Johnny is troubled because he likes the man’s attention and his kisses feel and taste so wonderful. He’s completely caught up in the moment and is now a full willing contributor to the undertaking. He’s now working hard on the man’s thick meat rod and he can’t believe he’s doing this. He heard the man groan and assumes correctly that he’s about to shoot the white sticky pee like remembers. Sure, enough the man shoots glob after thick glob of jizz all over the boy’s hard cocklet and runs down between his legs soaking into his butt. The boy slows down his jerking motion and the man call out to him. “Johnny, Johnny, wake up son”.The voice sounds familiar, Johnny musters the courage to opens his eyes and sees his mother standing next to him. Mother: “Johnny, are you ok son”?she asks Johnny:”what, wa-what happen?”the startled boy inquires Mother:”its ok son, you just had a bad dream”then follows “but we need to get you out of these wet PJ’s” Johnny looks down and feels the cold draft as mothers lifts the blankets. Ashamed, the boy puts his head down and starts to sob. Mother lovingly reassures him and helps him out if his wet clothes and into fresh ones. Mother:”here son, move to your grandpa’s bed and tomorrow we will take your mattress outside” The boy jump onto the bed and mother sees him back to sleep. First of all, thanks for reading my stories and for the constructive feedback. Some of you are particularly fond of the slower pace in the story’s progress, pointing out that the visual descriptions and side stories help to set a credible tone. I’m aware that some would prefer a more direct to the point approach that is more erotic in nature. Hope you got a tease in this chapter of many more adventures to cum. Keep in hoo

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