Giants and Midgets.


On a travelling circus there was a midget and a giant double act. The midget had always wanted to have sex with a really tall woman. His partner the giant on the other hand had always wanted sex with a female midget.

On their tour they performed at a large city which was notorious for it’s brothels. So the two of them agreed that after the show they would go and Escort fulfil their ambitions. They each paid their money and were led to adjoining rooms. The giant with his midget and the midget with a huge 6″2″ Amazon lady.

The giant was having a wonderful time, sex with the midget lady was even better than he thought it would be. He could hear the midget next Escort Bayan door having a great time. The midgets voice could be heard by the giant as he constantly chanted, one two three wheeyyy, one two three wheeyy. This went on for an hour before a knock came on both doors telling them their time was up.

They left and as they walked back to the circus Bayan Escort the giant said “That was fuckin excellent best sex I have ever had” The midget said nothing and kept on walking. “Well how was it for you” asked the giant. “It was absolutely dreadful, what a terrible experience”.

“Don’t tell me lies” said the giant.——–“I could here you having a great time shouting, one two three wheeyy over and over and over.

“Yes said the midget cos I couldn’t jump on the bed and the fuckin bitch wouldn’t help me”.

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