Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 3


Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 3Thats the way we went on for a while. After that second attack, it was just like the first. For the first couple of days he wouldn’t be able to look at me when I was around, then he would start watching me, staring at my ass and tits whenever we were near each other. In another week he was squeezing and grabbing me as he walked by. Then he would have to fuck me again. The third time was when I was in my bed at about two in the morning. I woke to find him sitting on my bed, his hand rubbing lightly across my naked breasts. When he saw I was awake he puld hair fell intorl!” he hissed.”You every been cornholed? Ever been sodomized? Fucked up your shitter!?” he panted evilly. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to close it for a month!!””NO! Please don’t Daddy! Don’t! Oh God!” I struggled against him, my fingers clawing for his face.Suddenly the door opened and my Mother walked in. We all stared at each other open mouthed for several seconds, then my father smiled. He shoved my arms up above my head and gestured to her.”Get over here and hold her down!” he ordered.She continued to stare, her mouth opening and closing.”Move your ass you bitch!” he shouted.She jumped, then slowly, hesitantly, moved over to the table across from him.”Mommy stop him!” I yelled “Pleeeeassse” I wailed.”Grab her wrists and hold them there!” he barked.I felt another, smaller pair of hands around my wrists. I tried to jerked my wrists away when he let go but my mother held firm.His hands undid my pants and yanked them down and off as I sobbed in anguish and humiliation. He leered at me, rubbing my cunt through my thin bikini panties.”You’re gonnaiately love this baby.” he smiled.I jerked my head up to look at my Mom. Her eyes refused to meet mine. She stared dazedly at my body, wherever he touched it. He slowly slid my panties down and off, leaving me totally nude between the two of them.His pants dropped to the floor and his cock came out. He poked it against my cunt slit. Slowly he pushed it into me, forcing inch after inc h up my cunt tube until his balls rested against my ass cheeks. He pumped into my then, slowly, easily, taking his time.”You like that whore?” he gritted. “Does that feel good? Do you like being FUCKED by your Daddy?”I sobbed, gritting my teeth against the pain in my slit and the sudden arousal of my oh so sensitive clitty. He pulled o the shower enclosure. My face was buried in his wet chest fur. Then I felt him shudder. His hips slammed forward as his head jerked up and back.”AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”He slumped against me, slowly lowering my leg, his cock slipping out of me.I tried to stay away from him as much as I could of course. I stayed away from anywhere he could get me alone when an attack was due, but he always found a way somehow. I thought about telling someone, but I didn’t know who.I sure couldn’t tell my mom. That sure wouldn’t do any good. The idea of her doing anything so rash as to stand up to him was laughable. She waited on him hand and foot, like he was some kind of God or something. I knew she wouldn’t believe me, and if she did, she wouldn’t do anything anyway.It wasn’t just that he was fucking me whenever he wanted that was getting to me. It was the loss of control over my mind and body when he did it. Bad enough that he used me however he wanted, worse yet was that my body betrayed me during these times more often than not.Sometimes it was over with fast and I could just walk away and clean up. Then again, there were the times when my body had shuddered through unwanted climaxes and orgasms at my fathers hands. What had been almost acceptable from the dirty Spinozzos was humiliating coming from my Dad.I even thought about running away to escape him. But I was pretty smart. I knew that running away would solve nothing at all. What could I do? Go to New York and be a prostitute? How would that be any better than this? And what would happen if I turned out to like that too?One day when my Mom was out he grabbed me as soon as I got home from school. I had gotten mixed up, thinking it was the next day my mom would be out, otherwise I would have stayed away for a few hours until she got home.As it turned out it didn’t matter. He bent me backwards over the kitchen table and started kissing and fondling me. His hands ripped my shirt open and yanked it off. My bra went next. I was flat on my back on the table, my legs flailing helplessly as his mouth sucked on my small pink nipples.His tongue rasped over the skin, his mouth suckling and chewing, forcing each nipple erect against my will. HIs hands squeezed my tit as he looked down into my face. “I’m gonna fuck you in the asshole little girl!” he hissed.”You every been cornholed? Ever been sodomized? Fucked up your shitter!?” he panted evilly. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to close it for a month!!””NO! Please don’t Daddy! Don’t! Oh God!” I struggled against him, my fingers clawing for his face.Suddenly the door opened and my Mother walked in. We all stared at each other open mouthed for several seconds, then my father smiled. He shoved my arms up above my head and gestured to her.”Get over here and hold her down!” he ordered.She continued to stare, her mouth opening and closing.”Move your ass you bitch!” he shouted.She jumped, then slowly, hesitantly, moved over to the table across from him.”Mommy stop him!” I yelled “Pleeeeassse” I wailed.”Grab her wrists and hold them there!” he barked.I felt another, smaller pair of hands around my wrists. I tried to jerked my wrists away when he let go but my mother held firm.His hands undid my pants and yanked them down and off as I sobbed in anguish and humiliation. He leered at me, rubbing my cunt through my thin bikini panties.”You’re gonna love this baby.” he smiled.I jerked my head up to look at my Mom. Her eyes refused to meet mine. She stared dazedly at my body, wherever he touched it. He slowly slid my panties down and off, leaving me totally nude between the two of them.His pants dropped to the floor and his cock came out. He poked it against my cunt slit. Slowly he pushed it into me, forcing inch after inc h up my cunt tube until his balls rested against my ass cheeks. He pumped into my then, slowly, easily, taking his time.”You like that whore?” he gritted. “Does that feel good? Do you like being FUCKED by your Daddy?”I sobbed, gritting my teeth against the pain in my slit and the sudden arousal of my oh so sensitive clitty. He pulled out and stepped back. He picked up a can from the table. I hadn’t noticed it before. It was shaving cream.He poured out a huge handful of white cream.”Pull your legs up to your chest.” he ordered me.I sobbed and shook my head. Humiliated by having my Mother see him fucking me. He grabbed one of my boobs in his other hand and twisted it viciously, making me cry out in pain.”Do as I say you little slut or I’ll tear your fucking tit right off!” he screamed.Jerkily, I pulled my legs up and back, opening my cunt and ass to him. He slapped his cream filled hand against my asshole, smearing it all over my crotch area. He rubbed his hand over his hot red cock, and centered it against my cream covered shithole.I could feel the tip against my crinkled little asshole. He pushed harder and harder until he forced the tip past the opening.He started fucking it in and out with just the tip. Repeatedly forcing my asshole open and closed. He began to press deeper and deeper with each new stroke, shoving his long fat fuck spike deeper into my asshole.I stared up at my mother. Her face was frozen as she held me tightly. Her eyes were locked her eyes. She looked upon the man in front of her not as a fellow officer, but as a pure instrument of her desire. She felt every inch of her skin, some inches felt a lot better than others.”Excuse me sir. Sorry.” Said the officer clad in a yellow uniform as he attempted to steady the higher ranked officer in front of him.Her mind and body betrayed her. Her nipples were actually visible through her uniform. Her breath was coming quicker. ‘What’s wrong with me.’ She forced through the haze in her mind. She didn’t know what was happening, but she knew what was going happen. At this point, it was out of her hands, and in his.”No, excuse me, I wasn’t looking.” She was letting him go, then, “You know, I have never really like the term ‘sir’, why don’t you call me Beverly.””Um, OK, Beverly. I have to be getting to… Are you feeling OK? You look a little, warm.””Warm no, Hot yes. I want to throw you down right here and fuck your brains out.” He voice was whispery.”Well, I am due to go on duty in a few minutes, but thanks for the offer.” He said, completely shocked.”I’ll write you a note.” Then she flung herself at him. Her lips were sealed to his, any resistance he had was quickly diminishing. Her body was on fire. She was k**ding about fucking him in the corridor, but it was quickly becoming her only alternative.He broke the kiss. “Jordan to Maintenance.””Maintenance, go ahead Jordan””I’m going to be a little late for my shift,” Glancing at Beverly “Medical reasons.””Anything we should know about?””No, I’ll contact you later. Jordan out.” ‘A janitor? I’m about to fuck a janitor? Who cares if I hump the doors of a tur arm.”Oh.” remarked Wesley. “That doesn’t look so good. Here, I have just the thing to take care of that.” Ro realized that this was a little worse than she thought. “Is this going to take long?””No, but swing your legs up on the bed. This next injection makes people a little dizzy.” Wesley grabbed one of his hyposprays from next to the ter He leaned forward and hissed in my ear.”Your Mom used to have a nice tight little asshole too, until I fucked it open for her! Har! Har! Har!” he laughed. His hand came down and cracked against my face, bringing a sharp yelp from me.”Go do your chores now slut.”I looked up at my Mom but she still wouldn’t meet my eyes, so I slowly turned and stumbled off the table and out of the kitchen. I went up to my room to get some clothes on and then went back down to head for the barn. My Dad stopped me as I was about to pas out the side door.”Hold it, you!” he ordered.I tensed up and turned slowly, dreading what new ideas he might have had.”What the fuck are you doing with those on?” he demanded.I looked at him in confusion, then looked down at my coveralls and t-shirt.”What?” I asked, flustered.”Get those clothes off! I didn’t say you could wear clothes. Why should we waste clothes on a slut like you?”I just looked at him in shock.”You got nothing to hide from us little pussy.”He stalked closer till his angry face was right next to mine. “Why should you get those clean clothes all dirty out in the barn!? Take em off now!”Slowly, resignedly I undid the catches on my shoulder and slid the coverall dow my body and off my legs. I pulled my t-shirt up and off my head till I was standing there in just bra and panties. He motioned at them imperiously and I sighed and pulled them off too.”Much better! you look much better that way!” he chortled.”Now get out to the barn and do your chores.”I went out the door naked, walking over and into the barn. It felt strange, but somehow very free to do my chores in the nude, not having to worry about getting my clothes dirty or anything.Our farm was isolated enough that there wasn’t any chance of anybody seeing me, so I guess my Dad was right on that account. Why wear clothes? Him and my Mom had seen everything I had, that was for sure.I finished and went back into the house, quickly showering to get the barnyard smell off me. I stared uncertainly at my clothes, wondering if I was allowed to wear clothes i the house. I didn’t want to make my Dad mad again and get another whipping. Escort I decided to go down and find out.My mom was stretched out naked on the sofa as I rounded the curve in the stairs and stopped. Dad was humping away between her spread legs as she grunted and jerked against him. He looked up and noticed me. “Get your little ass down here!” he ordered.”Sit down on the bitches face!”I hesitated, loathing the idea of placing my tender pussy near my own Mother’s face.”Move your ass whore!” he yelled.I jumped down the last two stairs and scrambled over to the end of the sofa where her head hung over slightly.”Sit!” my Dad ordered.Slowly I lowered my pussy until I felt my Mom’s nose make contact with my pussy slit. I held there desperately for several seconds, then my Dad grabbed my shoulder and jerked me down so I fell full on her face. “Lick her bitch!” he ordered her.I felt her tongue slithering up and down along my slit, darting and dipping slowly, resentfully.”If you don’t make her cunt, I’m gonna chain you up naked in the yard with the dogs and pigs.” my Dad said.Then he looked at me. “If you cum, you go in the yard instead.”There was a slight hesitation below me and then my Mom’s tongue began squirming and sliding in and out of my slit furiously. It raced up to the top of my cunt mouth and buffed back and froth against my clitty. I tried to pull away slightly and her hands came up and locked around my hips. Her fingers dug into my fleshy skin, gouging out thin craters.Her tongue was moving up and down as she rubbed her face and jaw back and froth. I squirmed slightly, fighting against any sensation of eroticism or excitement, willing my body to be still and ignore the movements between my legs.Her hands slid up my sides and clutched my tits boldly. She smoothly stroked all around the nipples as she worked on my pussy. I groaned silently, cursing her this betrayal. She was a woman, and knew exactly how to treat my body, knew exactly what would stir it into excitement despite my wishes.My groin began twitching and then humping against her face. Each time I felt it move, I tried to stop it, but too late. Soon my hardened nipples poked out of fever swollen breasts as my body began to sway back and forth over her.My groin was a blazing valley of wanton desire that consumed my mind with sensations of lust and gratification., My hands came down on her head and jerked her face against me as I moaned and sobbed loudly. My brain was swamped. My will to resist overrun by the sizzling sparks of churning electric impulses racing through my body.I felt her body being jerked back an forth under me as my Dad continued to fuck her. One of her hands left my swollen titty and slid up against my squatting, humping ass. It squirmed around till one finger was pointing upward, and the next time I squished down, I felt it thrusting up inside me.I cried out in shock and pleasure as it slid into my pussy. On my next hump two fingers penetrated my quim, then three, then four, then her hand was a madly squirming monster trying to force its way up inside me. I was defenceless.I Screamed inwardly with desire to stop her, knowing I would explode if she succeeded.Still my body betrayed me, humping harder, trying to impale itself on the hard bony hand. Then it happened. My pussy lips spread wide around her hand and it slid up inside me to the wrist. I stopped in shock, and held still, squatting above her.She quickly bunched her fingers into a tight fist and rammed it way up inside me. My body stiffened and then slowly started to shake. Then my mind collapsed into a screaming whirlwind of sexual energy. I screamed in ecstasy and horror as I felt the hard fat fist crushing through my tight tunnel and mashing its bony knuckles against my cervix.Fuck juice spewed down my tunnel and around her hand and wrist as she buried it u inside me to her forearm. My body was racked with convulsions as my grunting humping groin, rutted against the fist with mindless want and satisfaction.I gave a final shuddering gasp of purest ecstasy and delight, then collapsed to the side, falling off her face. My mind was dazed and exhausted by the experience. I could see my Mother looking up at me with a cool smirk on her face as she pulled her hand loose and lay back to enjoy the final pumpings of my Dad’s cock up her pussy.I lay there trembling as he finished and then turned towards me, his eyes sparking.”Enjoy yourself whore?” he sneered.My downcast eyes stared at the floor as he got up off my Mom and pulled on a pair of shorts. Then he grabbed my arm and dragged me off the couch and out into the backyard.Across the yard was a fenced in area where some of the a****ls were locked up at night. The pigs had a pen there, as did the chickens. The dogs roamed about free inside the fence. My Dad pulled me through the fence and towards a tree in the middle of the yard.There was a chain locked around the tree, with a dog collar attached to it. He fastened the dog collar around my neck and then pushed me to the grass with a nasty leer.”Okay bitch dog! You stay locked here for the rest of the day and all night. I don’t want to come out here and find you standing up either. You’re a little bitch dog in heat and you damned well act like it or I’ll roast that hot little pussy of yours with a switch.”He had a little pad lock that he fixed around the collar so I couldn’t open it, then he patted my head and laughed. “Have a nice time girl!” he jeered.I lay there for several hours, doing nothing but watching the a****ls wandering about aimlessly. It felt strangely exciting being chained up this way. I felt like a wicked carnal a****l, like a raw sexual being! Just before nightfall, my Mother came out with my dinner. It was a bowl of mashed hamburger or meatloaf. There wasn’t any ketchup or salt or anything like that. I started to ask her for some when she pointed her finger at me and cursed suddenly.”Shut up you little whore!” she snapped. “If you’d had the decency to keep your little pussy away from him none of this would have happened.!” then she stalked off towards the house.Normally I would have turned up my nose at this stuff, but not being able to snack on anything else, I was ravenous today. I was halfway through the meal when I felt a sudden blow against the side of my head that sent me reeling. The food spilled onto the grass as I was knocked onto my back. I looked up in shock to find my father angrily shaking his finger at me.”What did I tell you!?” he raged. “You’re a little bitch dog! You eat like a dog not a human being!”He grabbed me by the throat and dragged me squealing and protesting over to the spilled hamburger. “Now you eat that up off the grass without your hands, bitch girl!” he ordered.I was reluctant and got another crack in the side of the head. Quickly I leaned forward and started licking and chewing the spilled food as he watched closely. “Thats better.” he said. “We’ll just have to make sure this doesn’t happen again, won’t we?”He walked off and returned later with a pair of thick leather tubes of some sort. He made my hands into fists and then jabbed them into the tubes. He tied them tightly closed with leather cords and then stood back to admire his handiwork.My hands were locked into the leather mitts so there was no way I could get them out. I effectively no longer had hands! He grunted and went away. I looked at the things resentfully, and tried to get them off. An hour or so later he returned, carrying a bundle in his arms. He brought the dogs in for the night, shooing them into the compound with me. He put a bowl of water down next to me and then crouched down with what turned out to be sandals.He leered at me and grabbed one of my ankles and fastened the sandal onto my foot. I looked at the things with confusion, having no idea what he was up to now. I felt a sharp pricking against the bottom of my feet as he tied the straps tightly around my ankles. After he finished both feet he got up, apparently satisfied.”Stand up.” he ordered me.Thinking he wanted to test how good they fit, I put my feet flat on the ground and pushed myself upward, then cried out in pain and topped to the ground as he burst out laughing.There were scores of little pins and tacks that had been shoved through the soles of the sandals. They didn’t hurt, unless I tried to stand up of course. “That ought to keep you on the ground bitch dog!” he said gleefully.Then he grabbed my hair and jerked me up so I was on my hands and knees. He knelt behind me and with no fanfare at all, slammed his hardened cock deep into my pussy tunnel. I grunted from the sudden filing of my nearly dry fuck tube. His cock rasped back and forth within me as he grabbed my waist and jerked me against him ruthlessly.Several of the dogs had fathered around to watch as he slammed his hips against my wide open crotch again and again. His hands slid down around my titties and squeezed and squished them as he grunted above me. Instinctively I spread my legs further apart as he fucked into me. My cunthole quickly began lubricating as the excitement mounted within my confused body. His hips pummelled my behind with brutal, furious strokes that halfway sent me to my face in the grass with the force.I could feel every square inch of his fuck tool as it ripped in and out of me. I began rutting back at him, humping my ass up and back to meet each of his driving strokes. My hair hung down over my face, masking the outside world as I whimpered and grunted in time with my Dad’s fucking.”Little bitch slut!” he gasped. “Little fucking whooore! Cunt! Fuckhole! This is all you’re good for you little twat!” he growled. His cock slammed up inside me with ferocious lunging drives as my Father neared his cum. His hands were jerking my helpless body back and forth and I was perilously close to my own orgasm.Then the breath caught in my throat as the waves of pleasure became a tidal flood of endless irresistible force and blasted all thoughts and emotions clear out of my brain, replacing them with complete, utterly raw sexual ecstasy.I floated completely mindless on that sea of sensations for unknowable seconds or minutes, my awareness of the world completely lost, my entire existence focused on my cunt and the soaring hurricane of sexual sensations washing through my frame.Sometime during this, my Dad came, washing my cunthole with his white jism as I trembled and shuddered there before him. I felt the juice spurting inside me, as just another facet of the pleasure I was swimming in. Then he got up with a gasp and I collapsed onto my face, twitching continuously. My eyes blurred and my mind was fuzzy. He went back to the house I guess, though I didn’t really notice. I fell asleep soon after that. My body was drained with fatigue and complex emotions. I woke to the snorting and pawing of the dogs around me. It was still dark, and I had no way of knowing how late or early it might be.There were no lights on in the house across the yard. I turned in the darkness to see the dog’s nuzzling me insistently. I wondered at first if they expected me to feed them or something. I hadn’t gone near them for some time now, not with Tony and his Dad to look after my needs, and I had thought they had forgotten our little sojourns into depravity.Apparently I had been wrong. King nudged me with enough force to knock me over, and I could feel Tom’s breath against my ear as he growled intermittently. Then I yelped and sprang back as he nipped me sharply in the side. I shuffled backwards quickly, realizing what they wanted and in no mood to accommodate them.Then I realized Rex and Jack were there too. One of them nipped me again, this time on the behind, as I backed toward them. I yelped Escort Bayan again and swivelled around., Tom jumped up onto my back as I squatted there, trying to mount me. I flung him off and tried to crawl forward to the protection of the fence.I received several more nips as the dogs pranced around me. I swung my arms at them, trying to drive them off. Several more attempts were made to jump onto my back, which I managed to defeat. Then Tom jumped forward and bit harder still on the fleshy part of my arm as I swung at Rex.I squealed and jumped to my feet, forgetting about the sandals I was wearing. Bolts of pain shot up my legs and I went flying forward. I fell across a small tree trunk that my Dad had cunt and placed there for some purpose long ago. The wood dug into my soft belly, scr****g the skin and making me cry out again.One of the dogs jumped up onto my back. I swung at him, knocking him off, but one of the other dogs grabbed my leather mitty in his teeth and growled, dragging it backwards. I slapped at him with my other hand and it too was grabbed by one of the dogs.The two dogs acted like they were playing a game of tug of war with the tough leather, digging in their feet and pulling for all they were worth. My arms stained and my abdomen dug into the side of the trunk, rasping the harsh bark against my belly even more.The force of their pulling dragged me up over the log, so my ass was sticking right up in the air. My legs had parted u*********sly as I sought to counterbalance their pulling and so I was helpless to prevent it when the other dog jumped atop me and pumped his groin against mine.His cock slipped past my pussy lips and dug down deep inside me before I even knew it was there. He began rutting me, driving his erect cock in and out of my splayed pussy with blurring doggy pumps. I could feel that fat ball in the middle of his cock getting bigger and bigger as the pressure of my pussy around his erection drove his excitement higher and higher.I cursed and sobbed as he ****d my tight cunthole. The other two continued to yank on my mitties, keeping me helpless as the one on top humped his hairy doggy body against me. His furry belly swished back and forth over my back, and drool spilled from his mouth and down onto my back and hair as he screwed me.His paws slipped around me and were scratching up my skin, adding more pain to the mounting mix of furious emotions and sensations sweeping through me. My titties were being rubbed raw atop the rough bark of the log as the dog jerked and jumped on top of me. His seventy or eighty pounds of weight crushed down against my back, squashing my titties and tender nipples against the jagged edges of the wood.He pumped furiously as I wiggled against their hold. I stopped fighting against the hopeless odds ad lay there unresisting as he finished up his fucking by spewing the gooey white contents of his fuck ball into my guts.He dismounted and another took his place. In seconds he began to hump at me. His cock ****d back and forth inside my guts as I lay d****d across the log. The other dogs let go of my mitties and fathered closer around me, whining and sniffing.I wasn’t even aware of it when my betraying body began to respond to the furious manipulation of my sex mound. My ass began humping backward against him slowly, in little jerky motions. The feelings kind of crept up on me. As my swollen tit mounds rasped against the wood, I suddenly realized that they didn’t feel all that bad, that there was pleasure in their constant rubbing against the rough material.I pressed them down with more force on the next roll, enjoying the brief burst of pain/pleasure that shot up through my nipples and tit nerves. I realized then that my cunt and clit were shooting forth hot waves of passion and lust from the fucking and abuse they were getting.I was helpless to prevent it, as my body began to respond with more and more passion to the rutting. My ass humped back towards the dog as he fucked me. The sex juices flowed around his fat cock, and my cunt squeezed and jerked on his shaft as he slit it in and out.My mind began gliding higher and higher through the maelstrom of surging sensations. I clutched the log tightly against my belly as I rubbed my boobs against it desperately. Then my eyes rolled back in my head and my mouth groaned long and low as i came with a furious, greedy enthusiasm.My dizzy mind reached out for every lewd and pleasurable sensation it could fin, and dragged them all in. I banged my chest repeatedly against the tough old log, squishing and mashing my tits against it. I humped and jerked backwards, trying to impale myself on the dogs lunging cock.Spittle slipped from, my open gasping lips as I lost control of myself. I collapsed onto the log as the dog continued to pound away at my crotch hole. Soft whines came from my mouth, matching those coming from the dog fucking into me.I struggled back to a semblance of awareness and suddenly realized that it was a lot brighter than it had been. I looked up through bleary eyes and saw my Mom and Dad standing just outside the fence. My Dad was holding a bright lantern aloft.My woozy lightheaded brain sought to realize the significance of this as the dog increased the temp of his fucking and his cock rubbed furiously back and forth against my clit. My dazed thinking processes were swarmed under by the renewed attack of sexual heat as the dog spurted his load of jism up inside me and got off.I humped against the log for a few seconds until the next dog mounted me and plunged his steely boner down into my hot lustful cock pit. His plunging driving prick soon sent me screaming into another orgasm, this one even worse than the first.I trembled and shook against the log, hugging it as if it were an anchor to sanity as the exploding bombshells of sexual heat fractured and destroyed my thinking processes. I came down again, panting for breath as the dog fucked me.I became aware, dimly of my parents saying something, then the light went off and they went away, leaving me there with the dogs. The one behind me finished, and dropped off, and the next took his place. I don’t know how long he screwed me because I eventually fell u*********s.When I woke up the sun was high in the sky. The dogs had already been let out of the yard. I saw nobody around and lay there, wondering at the events of last night and yesterday. My hands trailed down my body, and I winced at the feeling of aching and bruising between my legs.My chest was covered with scratched and sc****s, and my back hurt from the scratching of the dog’s claws. I wearily crawled over to the water dish and sipped up several mouthfuls. It tasted awful, and I realized the dogs had been using it too.After a while my Mother came out of the house. She put a bowl of food on the ground ad left after looking at me like I was some kind of disgusting bug or worm or something.My father showed up soon after I’d eaten. He glared at me and then unsnapped the lock from my collar. He attached a dog leash to the collar and dragged me across the yard to the wooden fence.”Little slut dog!” he hissed. “Little fucking bitch dog whore! Had a nice time last night FUCKING THE DOGS!? Didn’t you!?”He picked me up and d****d me belly down across the top of the fence so my ass was hanging out and thrusting up. I gasped in pain as the post dug into my belly, supporting all my weight.Then I felt something hard and cold at my pussy, and suddenly my Dad thrust a metal hose up inside me and turned on the water. He ignored my squeals of protest as he fucked the hose in and out of my pussy, sluicing floods of ice water flooded inside me and spurted out around the hose.”DOGFUCKER!” he cursed me.He pulled the hoe out and sprayed the icy water all over my squirming body, soaking me from head to toes. He threw down the hose and pulled out a bar of soap and began soaping me up. He ran the soap all over me using furious pressure around my pussy mound and ass.I quivered from the cold and the aching stinging effect the soap and rubbing had on my many small cuts. He jammed the hose back inside my cunt again and fucked me with it.”Got to clean the dog juice out of your slutty little fuck hole BITCHDOG! Make it nice and clean again!” he muttered.My guts felt like leaden ice as the cold water washed around inside my belly. I shivered and trembled there until he finally pulled the hose out of me. Water dribbled and leaked out of my pussy lips and trickled down my legs as my father turned off the water and threw down the hose.Then he was against me, his hard cock slicing up inside me. His prong thrust back and forth in my cold wet pussy, sending water spurting out the edges with each hard deep thrust.My head was dizzy from being upside down so long and was soon spinning around in renewed heat from his brutal fucking. I came furiously, humping against the fence feebly as his big tool slid in and out of me. Then he groaned and spurted his stuff into me and stumbled back.”Ought to skin you alive for fucking those dogs!” he cursed. “You are a shameless little fuckhole!”He jerked me back off the fence post and down onto the ground.”You can just stay here from now on whore! he spat, “Since you enjoy it so much!”He threw something down at me and went away. After a few minutes the blurring around my mind began to clear and my eyes focused. He had thrown one of my cock like rubber dildos at me. I moaned and flopped back onto my back, spreading my arms and legs to absorb the suns warmth and dry off.I was like that a couple of hours later when my mother came out to look at me. She shook her head in disgust as I opened one eyelid to watch her. It came to me with sudden clarity, that she was angry and jealous about her husband fucking me. She wasn’t mad at him for fucking her daughter,m she was mad at me for attracting him!”You think you’re gonna lounge around like that all day, Whore!?” she demanded. I opened both eyes and sat up to look at her. I could see her mind working, trying to think up something for me to do without hands or feet. Apparently she couldn’t think of anything. She cursed at me and then stalked away. I lay back in the sun.After a while, I started getting horny from my own wanton nakedness. I crawled over and grabbed the dildo. I lay back again and began working the fat rubber cock up inside me. After a few minutes, I was happily stroking away with it, sliding it up and down my fuck tube. I came, and then came again.Most of the day was like that. I just lay there getting a tan, and getting horny. From time to time I fucked myself to climax with the dido to release the buildup of sexual tensions within my body. My Dad and Mom wandered in and out of the house and over to the barn. Several times my Dad stopped and came into the yard. He would watch me masturbating, or else drop on top of me and stuff his hard sausage of a cock down into my holes.I spent that night out in the yard again. This time the dogs were kept someplace else.The next day was a repeat of the last. Several times, I saw my Mom peering out the window of the house, or from around the corner of the barn as her husband fucked energetically into my little pussy slot, or up my wrinkled, crinkled little asshole.Whenever he decided that I was doing something not to his liking, my Dad d****d me across his knees and gave me a good spanking. Afterwards, he would stick his cock down my pussy hole, and spurt his juices into me, then stuff his face against my groin and suck them back out again. I got so I enjoyed the spanking. In spite of the pain he brought to my ass, I began to look forward to them.My Mom got madder and madder at the sexual attention her husband gave to me. Bayan Escort One day while my Dad was out, she came out to the yard and stood above me as i lounged back, staring up at her insolently. Then her foot came forward and kicked me right nt he belly.”Little WHORE !” she yelled.I doubled up in pain. She kicked me again and again, in the stomach and sides and ass. She grabbed one of my ankles and puled it up into the air, exposing my crotch. Her foot slammed down into my cunt repeatedly. I screeched and howled as she brutalized me. I scrambled around, kicking and flinging my arms around, trying to ward her off.She stuck the point toe of her shoe into my cunthole and jammed it down viciously. “So you’re so tight huh!?” she jeered. “We’ll see how tight you are you two bit little slut!!”She pushed her foot down with more and more pressure, forcing the pointed toe deeper into my cunt Her shoe jammed down against my cunthole, and more and more of it slid into me. She forced aside my screaming pussy lips and stuffed her foot inside me. My pussy lips spread and spread as the unnatural sized object forced its way inside me.My Mother had to hold my ankle tight against the fencepost to support herself on one leg, as she kicked her foot down into my cunt with more and more pressure. Half the foot was inside my cunt, almost as far as her ankle! My straining stretched pussy lips shot pain through my body.She abruptly pulled her other foot off the ground, supporting her entire weight on the foot in my cunthole. I howled as the foot inched deeper inside me. She brought the other shoe down onto my tits as I lay there on my back. She squashed my titties one by one against my chest, grinding her shoes and sharp heels into my pliable tit meat.She pulled her foot back and started kicking me viciously in the tits. Without any warning at all the surging waves of pain shooting through me were joined by agonized pleasure as the fullness of my cunt and the rasping, rubbing, squashing of my tits and clitty registered on my half crazed brain.In seconds my body began building towards an orgasm. Then it came, with my Mother kicking at my boobs like they were little soccer balls, and her other foot jammed halfway up my fuck tube.My Mother realized I was cumming and abruptly pulled back. The feeling as she yanked her foot out of my cunt was one of enormous relief combined with a crash of released pain that sent my orgasms hurling even higher. She stood there and rained curses and abuse on me as I trembled and shivered through the sexual climax.My Dad came home a couple of hours later and stopped off at my little corral to give me a quick fuck. I grunted and humped against him as he knelt behind me and screwed me like a wanton little fucking bitch dog.The next day it got very cold and I shivered as I huddled in a corner away from the wind. My father came out and got me and brought me into the house. I wasn’t aloud onto the furniture though and crawled into an out of the way corner and lay down.Several times during the day my Mother would pass by and lash out with her foot, delivering a stinging kick to my side or belly. I crawled under the dining room table to try and stay out of her way.In mid afternoon she dragged me out from under the table. I whimpered and struggled against her as she pulled me out by the leash still around my collar. She sat down on a chair and pulled her skirt up to her waist revealing a bare naked cunt to me.”Since your Daddy ain’t interested in me no more you can damned well suck me off you little piece of shit!” she hissed. She yanked my hair, forcing my face into her cunt. I had never sucked off a woman before. She whipped my back with the leash until I followed her instructions and began slurping and lapping on her cunt slit and suckling on her clit.She humped her cunt up towards my face as I sucked her. Her head rolled back over the back of the chair and she moaned low in her throat as pussy juice seeped out of her crack and onto my tongue. I jammed my tongue as far inside her as I could get it. The scent of fuck juices excited me, and sent a shivering heat through my body.After she’d cum, she went upstairs, pulling me after her. She took off all her clothes and lay down on her big bed, spreading her legs. I dove into her crotch again, sending her into another climax. She made me give her a long tongue bath, and then went into the bathroom and took a bath. I had to soap her up and wash her as she lay there lounging in luxury.She watched in satisfied amusement as I struggled to hold the soap between my two leather mittens. She could have done the job a lot faster and better but enjoyed making me slave over her. Any thought I might have had about her being less antagonistic to me ended when she forced my head down under the water and held it there as I splashed and struggled furiously.She finally let me go and I broke the surface of the water gasping desperately for air. I sucked in mouth after mouth of sweet pure air as she giggled at me. Then she punched me in the belly, knocking me back onto the floor, where I banged my head against the toilet.”Did you like that slut?” she asked icily.”I want you to clean this bathtub now, and it better sparkle or You’ll get a lot worse.”I groaned and reached for one of the clothes with my two mittens. She kicked me in the belly again. I collapsed forward onto the floor, doubling over and clutching my aching stomach.”Clean it with your tongue you piece of shit!” she snarled.”Clean it with your fucking tongue!”She grabbed my hair and hurled me over the edge of the tub.”Start cleaning it whore!” she demanded.My tongue reached out tiredly and licked at the tubs gritty surface. She slapped at my ass as I licked the tub, demanding I lick harder and faster. I licked franticly over the dirty enamel, nearly choking at the taste of soap and dirty in my mouth. Just asI finished, my Dad came into the room.”What the hell is the little fuck piece doing?” he demanded.”She’s cleaning the tub, what does it look like?” my Mom answered angrily.My Dad laughed in delight. “Well I guess that’s at least one thing you can do, Fuckwad.” he cackled. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. IT wasn’t at all hard. He pointed it at me for several seconds and smiled.Then a stream of yellow piss came out of the little hole and splashed on me. I squealed and tried to get away but he directed the little stream at my face and tits and cunt, and I was unable to escape it. My Mom eagerly grabbed my hands and held them above my head as my Dad pissed down on me,I was drenched i his hot, acrid smelling urine. It poured into my face, over my lips and down my chest, running in a warm yellow stream between my tits and down over my belly to my cunt mound.He finished at last, and my MOm dropped me back against the bottom of the tub. “This tub is filthy!” She screamed. “Clean it up right now!”Resignedly I bent over and began licking at the tub again. The overpowering taste and smell of piss sent my stomach lurching upward. I choked it back, knowing she would force me to eat it back up again if I threw up.I was almost finished over an hour later when my Dad came back into the room. “I got another load for you fuckpiece.” he grinned, pulling his cock out. “You want me to dirty up the tub again or you want to take it straight.”I looked up at him exhaustedly.”Open your mouth whore!” he ordered.I opened my mouth wide and he directed his steam of piss into it. I swallowed as fast as I could, but his piss filled my mouth and began spilling down my chest. I gurgled faster, trying desperately to drink it all down so the tub wouldn’t get dirty again.My mouth had long since become almost immune to any taste. The inside was like a wrinkled prune. He finished and shook his cock at me, so some drops flew into my face, then he nodded and went out. I licked away at the tub, finishing the cleaning.They let me sleep in their bedroom that night, on the floor. I heard my Mom’s groans as my father stuffed his cock into her and fucked her for almost half an hour. The sounds of sex sent heat through my tender pussy mound. I reached my hand down and rubbed my cunny to an orgasm as they fucked above me.My Dad woke up once during the night and jerked me to my knees so he could stick his cock up my asshole. He fucked his pigsticker up my anus with fast, forceful strokes until his seed exploded out the end of his cock and up into my guts.The next day it was still too cold for me to go outside. My Dad put me against the living room wall and chained my wrists way up above my head. I had to stand on my tiptoes to keep some of the strain off my wrists, arms and shoulders.After a while my ankles and toes started to cramp up something fierce and I had to let more and more pressure fall on my arms. The pain started to build up as the morning passed. My shoulders and wrists throbbed with agony.After what seemed like hours, my Father appeared. He stood back to admire my taut, strained body. His hands slid down over my breasts, cupping them roughly, then squeezing his fingers together with more force, and twisting my titties and nipples like little dials.He dropped to his knees in front of me and slid his face against my crotch. His tongue started to li k up and down my pussy slit. He pulled my legs apart to get his whole face up against my groin, and this pulled my feet completely off the ground.Pain flared higher in my wrists and shoulders. His nose rubbed back and forth against my clit as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy hole. His tongue lapped all along the thin slit, then slid underneath me to slide around against my asshole. His hands cupped my buttocks, squeezing them repeatedly as he pushed my legs further apart.I groaned from the duel sensations of pain and pleasure as he worked my pussy mound over. He worked me up higher and higher, till I was closing onto the edge of a tremendous orgasm, then he stopped.He let my legs fall back to the floor and got up and walked away. I whimpered in frustration and need as he went over to the couch and sat down. I squeezed my thighs together, trying to reach the nearby edge of the cliff he had brought me to.He ignored me as I trembled against the wall, sniffling and moaning piteously. After a while, the burning in my crotch began to settle down, though it seemed to itch fiercely. My Dad came back to me and dropped to his knees again. His tongue danced around my slit, licking all the way up and down around the edges, but never going inside.Throbbing heat flared up all around my crotch. He ground his face up against me, bringing me flying towards a climax. Then he stopped again. I cried out in disappointment and frustration as he backed off again and went back to the touch.I squirmed against the wall, humping my ass cheeks against the smooth plaster. Tears coursed down my face as I sobbed in woeful loss. In spite of the pain on my arms, I lifted my feet off the floor and pulled my legs up, crossing them tightly.I squeezed my legs together and brought them up as high as I could, trying to put pressure on my clitty. blood pumped through my brain as I gasped in effort and exertion. The pain in my arms shot down through my chest, making it hard to breath.My Dad came over again, and I whined in anticipation, but instead of helping me, he tied leather restraints around my ankles and then hooked them way up above my head near my wrists. They were tied against the wall so my legs were spread wide apart. My pussy mound and asshole were completely open and exposed to view. He grinned at me and then kissed me on the forehead.”Well, I have to go out and fix the east fence.” he said. “I’ll see you when I get back.” his fingers brushed lightly along my slit as he left, sending a huge surge of electric heat through my body.He went away and left me like that, sobbing and whining in my desperate need. The fiery ache in my loins lowered in intensity but continued to throb constantly.  

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