Graduation Day


After dropping the room key at the Principal’s office, I strolled to my car, pretty pleased with how the day had gone.

I had seen the parents of all my students, except one. That was the one drawback, since he was failing, and a kick in the ass may have gotten him going, to improve.

Now, it was home, maybe stop for a cold one and a bite at Harry’s Place. Nobody to rush home to, since the divorce, so I might as well.

The parking lot was almost empty now as I crossed to my Jeep Cherokee. I stopped at my door as I heard another vehicle, a cab, and someone got out, tossed money at the driver, and came rushing towards the High School. The cab zipped away as soon as she was out.

“They’re pretty much closed up in there!” I hollered.

She stopped and turned to me, noticing me for the first time. “Damn! DAMN! Do you know if Mr. Porter is still in there?”

“I’m sure he’s not. Is that who you wanted to see?”

She walked closer, and immediately I noticed her figure, classic hourglass, like old B movie stars of a bygone era. She was tall in her heels, but probably 5’5 without, red hair worn back from her face.

“Yes, I tried to get here on time, but my job, my replacement was late! Do you know if he has e-mail I can write to, Maybe reschedule?”

“We all have e-mails, or you could send a letter to the school.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you were a teacher, you seem so young, sorry, no offense.”

“None taken.” I stretched out my hand. “Dan Porter, nice to meet you. You must be Brian’s mom. I was expecting you.”

She had a good strong grip. “Oh, no, I’m not his Mom, I’m actually his grandmother, his Legal Guardian. I guess neither of us could work in a carnival, guessing ages!”

Looking closely now, I could see she was about fifty or so. But Brian was a 17 year old senior. It didn’t compute. I guess if both Mom and Grannie gave birth at 16, it could.

She seemed self-conscious at my wandering eyes. I look younger than my 27 years. I guess my always-present slouch, and clump of dark hair, with jeans and sneakers, give the appearance of a younger man, but since the divorce, I wasn’t career motivated, really.

“I’m sorry to stop you like this, but if I could reschedule with you, I’d really like to know how Brian’s doing.”

I felt bad being the bearer of bad news, especially here in the parking lot, but felt she was entitled to know the truth. “Honestly? Brian’s grades have slipped quite a bit lately.”

Her face sagged, and now she seemed older. “Oh, Damn…Darn! He’s on his own so much! With my hours, I can’t keep track of his school work. I guess I’ll have to try harder.”

“Pardon me for saying this, but it’s Brian who has to try harder. At 17, he should know he’s responsible for his homework. You can’t blame yourself.”

She looked up at me and smiled, then nodded. “He’s had a tough year. His Mom had been suffering from cancer. She passed away 3 months ago. He was always a bright kid, a good student. Karen was my only child, and that was so long ago. I’m not used to dealing with boys, anyway.”

“I’m sorry to hear that… Tell you what, I’ll try talking to him, explain that he has to kick it in gear if he wants to graduate in June. If he’s willing, I can try to help.” Brian seemed like a nice kid, and now I felt badly. And Grandma was so nice, Starzbet too, picking up after her daughter’s death.

“Really? You would do that? I’ll let him know I’m here for him, too, if he needs tutoring, or anything else.”

“Deal! And now that you let your cab go, how will you get home?”

“Oh, don’t worry about me, honey, I got a cell, I’ll call.”

“Not necessary. I’ll drop you off on the way.”

She argued, but eventually climbed in with me. We chatted like old friends, her name was Rose and was easy to talk to. I dropped her off with a big handshake, smile and Thank You.

The next day, I spoke with Brian, and he said Grandma had already let him know. I outlined what was needed, and for the next 3 months, he was my most attentive student, his grades shot back into B-, or B’s.

I got to the point where I was able to forget about Rose and Brian, concentrating on other needy kids, and Graduation Day was upon us and I looked forward to a summer of re-establishing my bachelorhood, with wine, women, and song.

After the ceremony, students, faculty and guests milled around the school grounds in the bright June sunlight, and we were all wishing each other a happy summer, when I heard, “Mr. Porter? Mr. Porter!”

I turned and it was Brian, in cap and gown, waving as he rushed across the lawn. He was beaming. He gripped my hand and shook vigorously. “I just had to come and thank you, for everything! I just got notice I got accepted to the Community College, and if I get good grades there, I hope to transfer to state!”

“That’s great, Brian, but don’t thank me, your Grandma is very convincing. She believed in you.”

“Yeah, I know, she’s the best!” He turned, and there she was, moving through the swarms, in a wide brimmed yellow hat, bright and airy, over a floral sundress, also brightly colored, like she was ready for the Hamptons or Churchill Downs. Yellow heels with gold hoop ear rings and thick gold chain, glowing proudly.

“Mr. Porter! I was hoping to see you today! Our young man seems to have moved on to the next level!”

I took her extended hand. To both, I said. “As long as he applies himself, Brian can do whatever he wants, just remember that.” The last part was for Brian.

“I will, I promise, both of you! Gran, I’ll see you later, okay? I got those parties, remember?”

She kissed his cheek. “Yes, Dear, now you remember not to be too late, and no drinking and driving, right?”

He blushed. “Promise. See ya, Mr. P!” and he was gone in a flash.

We stood there for a second. “I wanted to give him a party, but he said without his Mom, it wouldn’t be right, so he’s just going to other’s parties. I guess it’s best.”

I nodded agreement.

“And now I have the rest of the day off. What about you?”

“Well, I always get invited to parties, but the last thing they want is their teacher hanging around. I’ll get out of this suit, and ease my way into summer mode.”

“Why? You look great in the suit, very professional! Now, you look like a teacher!”

“Well, you look terrific! All these young mothers could get a lesson about style from you! You still don’t look like a grandmother!”

“That’s flattering, but they are all in their early forties, I’m 61!”

My jaw dropped. “No way!”

“Way!” Starzbet Giriş she said brightly. “Just turned 61 in May!”

“Honestly, I didn’t know how old you were, but I figured 50 just by having a 17 year old grandson.”

“A real Child Bride, huh? Well, thanks. But I never lie about my age.”

“Of course not, you look great!”

“Thanks again. Listen, I didn’t get to properly thank you for helping Brian. Can I interest you in stopping over for a drink? I make a wicked Cosmo?”

I thought about it, I really had no plans. “Sure, when?”

“I could use one now!”

She had a heavy hand with the Vodka. We sat out back of their 3 bedroom house, in the shade, laughing, me telling Teacher stories, her about the bar business. She and her late husband owned 3 different restaurants, bars, clubs, and I could picture her in her younger days, mesmerizing all the men. She would have been a knock-out with that body and the red hair, like Maureen O’Hara. Even now, she still worked a bar, day-shift, entertaining “the old timers,” as she called them.

By the third Cosmo, we both had perpetual smiles plastered on our faces, and she was slurring a bit. I didn’t think I was, but who knows.

“Ready for another, Honey?”

“You’re killing me, Rose! Okay, but I have to use the facilities.”

We both went inside, and I peed like a race horse, washed up, and she was still in the kitchen, glassy-eyed, watching me.

“Everything come out okay?”

I laughed. “Yeah, just draining the old pants lizard!” I shouldn’t be talking like this, but she’s just so down-to-earth.

“I hope you shook it good, don’t want any mess.”

“Well, I didn’t want to shake it too much! Then, we’d have a problem!”

She looked down at my crotch. “I don’t know, a good shake now and then is good for a young man like you. If you ever have the need for one, I’m an excellent shaker!”

I felt my cock twitch at that, and I was self-conscious. Not knowing what to say, I replied, “I guess from shaking all the drinks.”

Her eyes narrowed and she handed me my drink and sipped her own. “I know how to do a lot of things, Honey, I also know when a man is getting aroused.”

“Yeah? And what do you do then?”

She put her drink on the counter. “If I like him, I take matters into my own hands.” With that, she began opening my pants, slowly, stopping to brush the front, feeling my mound grow, smiling, unbuckling the belt while I yanked off the tie.

She unhooked the waist then rubbed me again, and I grew, and she said “You’re my first teacher.”

I replied, “You’re my first grandmother!” and she laughed and kissed me as her hand slid into my pants, finding my hard cock.

Our tongues probed as she moaned and stroked my full 7 inches, then forced the pants down and I stepped out of them.

We kissed again as I felt her full breasts. I found out later, she was a 36DD and I unzipped the back as she bit at my shirt buttons and tore them open. Then she slid to her knees and held my cock, staring, smiling. “Need a shake?” And she stroked it a few times, quickly. “Hmmm, I think it needs more than a shake!” Her lips parted and in I went, first the head, with her tongue circling it, then the shaft, in and out, tight lips and hand, jerking me, too quickly, I wouldn’t Starzbet Güncel Giriş last long like this!

I tried to pull away but she stayed on me, seeming to want me to cum in her mouth. Well, its her mouth, and if it’s just a blow job, let me really shoot a load!

She was slurping now, the sounds exciting me further, looking at her, kneeling in her floral dress sliding off her shoulders, sucking away, it was beautiful.

Faster and harder she went, and I had to warn her. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” The white warmth rushed down my shaft and exploded deep into her throat, and she coughed but swallowed, then swallowed again. I held her head to steady myself, and she kept moving, taking every drop in.

She backed off, kissing it, licking the last few drops as they appeared, smiling, quite happy with herself. She stood and took her drink, took a big gulp. “Ahhh, nothing like a Cosmo after a tasty treat!” She drank the rest of it down, than wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing my fully, with tongue. My head was swimming. If this is what single life was gonna be like, I may like it!

My hands were on her ass, holding her to me, and I had no clothes except my socks. Meanwhile she still had her dress, even if it was unzipped. I let my hands roam and she breathed heavily when I grabbed her boob and ass. I was happy to hear that, meaning we weren’t done, yet.

I peeled her dress off and let it drop to the floor. I went to work on her bra while she wiggled out of her panties. Both naked, with me sucking at her pointy brown nipples with a touch of sag. She whispered, “Help me up” and I boosted her onto the island in the kitchen, and she laid back, spreading her legs.

Her bush was nicely trimmed, probably for swimwear, but very inviting, which is what she intended. I got between her legs, and began trailing kisses up the inner thighs, and I could hear her words of encouragement. “Yes, Baby, like that, hmmm, feels so good!”

I got my thumbs up to spread her pussy lips, and her pink wetness shone. I dove in, letting my tongue and nose work against her clit. She squirmed and squealed as I ate away, trying to please her as much as she pleased me. She finally cried out and held my face to her, as she spasmed, and I could taste her juices, thicker than before, saltier, and i knew she had cum.

By now, I was hot again. I stood up and slid her body to me, her pussy right at the edge, and she grabbed at my shaft, holding it, trying to force it into her, stabbing with it. I slowed her down and eased in, and her body shook around it as I went in, her legs wrapping around me, holding me in place.

Her voice was guttural when she said, “Fuck me, Baby, give it to me, Now!”

She was moving already and I just tried to keep up, the energy on this woman! Sixty-one? Awesome! In and out, her hips swirling, gyrating, churning more cum, and I did fuck her harder and faster.

“Yeah, Baby, Yeah, yeah!” she grunted and I kept slamming until I could take it no longer, then groaned on my own and arched my back to send it as deep as I could! One shot, then another, and another! I collapsed on her, and she brushed my hair, whispering how good that felt. I knew it did for me!

We dressed, slowly, had one more Cosmo, and I took a cab home, returning the next day after Rose explained to Brian how my car had died for some reason.

Brian is now at State, with B’s all across the board. I still teach, and occasionally go visit Rose at her job. All the old timers grumble about how I should stay with the young chicks, and leave her to the 60 year olds. As long as she’s not complaining, I’m gonna keep going back for more!

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