Happy Birthday_(2)

Alissa White

Just a little background first. My wife and I were married when we were just 21 and I was the only person that my wife had had sex with. Our kids were at the age that we could leave them at home for the weekend and know the house would still be there when we got back. We have been friends with Yve and Tony for about 15 years, my wife knew I have fantasised about having sex with Yve ever since we first met them at one of our kids school functions.

Yve and Tony had moved about a 2 hour drive from us some 6 years ago but we always made time to go and see them. Tony, my wife Linda and I all had birthdays in the same month so we would catch up for a night out every year around this time. This year it was our turn to go to their house and stay the weekend and go out Saturday night for dinner.

All went as usual we drove down mid Saturday and arrived there about 4 pm. Tony said he had book us a table at a new Greek restaurant in town for about 7pm. We put our bags away in the guest room and sat outside and had a few drinks to start the day off. During the meal I had noticed that Linda was drinking a little more then usual, but just thought she was having a really good night. I was surprised that the girls didn’t try and talk us into going out for a dance after dinner and we went back to Yves and Tony’s house.

We had been back at their house for about 5 min when Yve bought out some cheese and crackers and a very nice bottle of red. We were sitting around in the lounge just talking when the two girls looked at each other and said they had bought some things three weeks ago when they went shopping and wanted to show us. We said yes love and kept on talking about the football. The girls came out a couple of minutes later wearing a new dress each and I must say they looked really nice in them, we told them that and they left and said there was one more outfit that we needed to see. We kept talking about the footy and 5 min later Yve called out “are you guys ready to see what we bought for you two”. Well this got our attention and Tony called back “just come in show us and bring in another bottle of red with you will ya”. The girls walked in and our jaws hit the floor there they stood both of them in black see through teddies. As they got closer you could see all there was to see, I could not take my eyes off my wife’s pussy as I had noticed she had shaved it a little shorter then usual. As I turned and looked at Tony I noticed he too was looking at my wife pussy so I took a peek at Yves and liked what I saw.

Yve walked over to Tony had asked him to stand up, I noticed that he had already started to get a stiff cock, Escort she knelt down and undid his pants and pulled them down so he could step out of them. I did notice that he had an 8 ½’ thick cock that was getting harder by the second. As Yve put his cock into her mouth Linda came over to me and said happy birthday. I looked at her and said thank you and gave her a big passionate kiss. I just sat there looking at Yve lick up and down Tony’s cock and taking the head into her mouth every so often, I could feel myself getting quite hard under my pants so I turned to Linda and to my surprise she had one hand inside her bottoms playing with her pussy, she had never done this in front of me before and I just watched for a minute or two then reached over and pulled her pants off and as I did this she put a finger inside herself and opened her legs so I could get a good look. She then stopped and reached over and unzipped my pants and took them off and started to suck my 7 ½ inch cock. The passion in the way that she sucked my balls and then would run her tong up the length of my cock and take the hole thing in her mouth like she had never done before was unbelievable I don’t know how I didn’t cum there and then. I looked over and Yve was going for it big time on Tony’s cock.

After about 3 min Yve came over and started to play with my balls for a minute and then both girls got up and said if this is going to go on any longer we need to get some mattress in here. We took the king size mattress off the main bed and the queen of the one in the room we stay in and laid them next to each other in the lounge. That’s better no carpet burns said Yve. After tony and I lay on our backs Yve came over to me and started to lick my cock to get it hard again. I looked up at Linda and she was standing next to me. I looked at her and said “don’t you want to suck Tony’s cock”, she said “ok” in a cheeky way and I looked over and saw her starting to put his cock in her mouth. Tony and I were positioned that the girls were next to each other and that Linda’s pussy was in reach so I would start to play with her pussy. I could feel her getting wetter the ever before from foreplay and noticed that she loved sucking Tony’s cock. Yve was doing a great job of sucking mine but I could notice that every so often she would take a look at me playing with Linda’s pussy. So when I noticed the next time I put a finger inside Linda’s pussy and Yve let out a sigh. I pulled my finger out and asked Yve to stop sucking my cock. I asked her to come close and I whispered in her ear “ Why don’t you go down on Linda” She looked at me and said “will she like that”. I looked Escort Bayan back at her and said “lets find out”. Yve positioned herself so Linda didn’t know who it was and Yve start to play with her pussy and after a couple of seconds had two fingers inside her. Linda was riding her hand and loving it and at the same time sucking Tony’s cock. Not long after that Linda noticed that it was Yve and stopped sucking Tony’s cock and laid on her back and spread her legs wide and asked Yve to lick her pussy, Tony and I thought this was great as Yve started to lick my wife’s pussy. We were getting a great show, I hadn’t noticed but I was stroking my cock as I watched and looked over and so was Tony.

Tony then got up and went and knelt behind Yve and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy. I got up and sat on the couch to watch the show. Yve arched her back and slightly spread her legs as Tony slowly drove his cock into her very wet pussy. It didn’t take long for the three of them to get a nice rhythm going, It was a long time since I had heard Linda moan in this way and I knew she was about to cum, Yve picked up on this and picked up the pace until Linda let out those magic words im cuming im cuming, and she did all over the face of Yve At the same time Tony started to cum inside Yve, when it was all over the three of them just lay there. I started to clap in appreciation of the show when Yve looked up at me and said you are the only one not to cum yet, let me take care of that. She got up and came over and sat on my lap. I could feel the cum from Tony starting to run down her leg as I went to play with her pussy, this got me very excited so I positioned her facing away from me so Linda and Tony could see my cock inside Yves pussy, Yve slowly lowered herself onto my throbbing cock, she was so wet and I could fell her juices running down the length of my cock, sliding up and down nice and slow to start with I could see that both Linda and Tony were enjoying the show. It didn’t take to long for me to start to fell like I was going to cum and when I mentioned that I was cuming Yve made sure I was in deep and I filled her with my juices.

As Yve got off my cock you could hear that her cunt was filled with cum, to my surprise Linda told her to lie on her back so she could taste her cum filled pussy. Watching this go me very hard very quickly. I got off the couch and joined Linda in tasting Yve’s pussy, it was a cocktail of love juices I would taste several times this weekend and loved it. Tony came over and started to lick Linda’s pussy, Linda then left Yve for me and took Tony to one side and got him to fuck her. I stopped Bayan Escort licking Yve for a while so I could watch my wife being fucked by a bigger cock, I could tell by her breathing that she was having a great time. I went back to Yve and told her to lie on her stomach, I lifted her ass and started to lick her ass hole at the same time I had two fingers in her very wet pussy. Every so often I would take one finger and enter her ass, after a couple of minutes I herd tony starting to moan and Linda was saying cum in my pussy, fuck my pussy hard, with a couple of big driver I could tell Tony was unloading all he had into her pussy. We all stopped and just lay there.

The two girls got up and went into the bathroom to clean up and Tony and I talked about what had happened. Tony looked at me and noticed I was still hard, he asked if he could take care of that for me. I have never had another guy go down on me but it was a night for first and thought why not. I moved over to him and we got into a 69 position, I was stroking his cock and he was licking the head of mine when the girls walked in. Linda said she knew I would do this if given the opportunity, with that in mined, I took his big cock and place it in my mouth, I loved the taste of his cock as I could taste my wife’s juices on it. I could fell his hand starting to go around near my ass and I stopped sucking his cock and asked if he wanted to fuck me. (when I was younger I had used my mums vibrator one day and loved it when I put it up my ass)
Tony got up went into the bathroom and came out with some jell, I got in a doggie position he placed the jell on my ass and I felt him place a finger at the entrance of my ass. He put one then two fingers in to get me started, then pulled both out and asked if I was read. He then placed the head of his cock against my ass and started very slowly to push it in. It hurt like hell but I knew it would get better, he would go in about 2 inches and out one then push in another 2 inches and out one this was done very slowly. After about 2 min the pain had gone and I was felling great by this time he was all the way in and was fucking me with a nice rhythm. I asked him to stop and pull out so I could lie on my back, I lifted my legs and ass and he entered me facing me, this time he went in all the way with the first go, Linda came and sat next to me and started to wank me. This sent my head into a spin, I started yelling FUCK ME HARD, PULL MY COCK, MAKE ME CUM, CUM IN MY ASS. Tony said he was about to cum, Yve came over and said don’t cum in his ass and got him to pull out, she grabbed his cock and jerked him off on my stomach, by the time the first drop had landed on me I was cumming all over myself as well.

We all went into the bathroom to clean up and then we all laid on the mattresses and fell asleep.

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