A Soft Surprise


It was a cold wintry day in Chicago, and I had a job interview. As I started out to the interview, it started snowing. I was waiting in the waiting area and was called in to meet my future boss, but the interview didn’t pan out that well, so she asked me to wait in the waiting area again. As I was walking there, I saw this black girl with the softest angora sweater. It was beautiful. I looked at her right in the eyes. I got to the waiting area, and she walked out walking past me. We locked eyes, and I told her what a beautiful sweater she almanbahis şikayet was wearing. She walked over to me and whispered, “I’m going to the bathroom.”I followed her to the bathroom and joined her in a stall. “You really like my sweater don’t you?”  By this time I was rock hard. She took down my pants and started softly touching her sweater to my cock. Teasing and teasing it. The feeling of that soft angora was killing me. Then she just titty fucked me with me cumming all over the front of it. She giggled and stroked me almanbahis canlı casino with my cum and the sweater. She said she wasn’t going to clean up. She was gonna wear that cum stained sweater back to her desk. Smelling my cum all day. It actually happened.She called me later that night and told me she had 40 or more soft angora sweaters and sweater-dresses. We agreed to meet at my place, and she brought a bunch of them over. She brought two friends of hers who really hot. Long soft hair, all of them wearing soft angora almanbahis casino sweaters. They started dressing me up with my own angora. They took me to the mall, all three of them. They wanted to take me to this sweater store and dress me up in all kinds of soft angora, and show me off around the mall. People were laughing at the hard boner tenting the angora out from me. Some girls would come over and stroke me through the softness of the angora. Mmmmm. I exploded time and again. They brought me back to my place and played with me some more. They tried on all my sweaters and I softly fucked them through the angora. They loved it. Angora feels soooo nice against a clit. I would take my angora scarf and run it up and down through their pussies. Mmmmm, they came streaming down their legs. 

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