His Highness Jon Ch. 04

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Sweat covered Sammi, her hair matted to her neck and face. Every time she took a breath she could still feel the sting of each welt, each knife mark, and each hand print. Once Jonathan had discovered she had a high tolerance for pain, he became insatiable. He would go between toying gently with her pussy, lulling her into pleasure, and then inflicting sharp blows either with his hand or one of his many implements, yanking her into a deep realm of pain. He was the first to make her truly want to cry.

Now she still lay face down as he worked two fingers in and out of her. Just then, he shove something cold and wide roughly into her asshole. Sammi wanted to cry out but all she did was bury her face in the mattress. Crying out would take too much energy. She was already desperate to cum and this assault was driving her dangerously close to the point of no return. But just as she thought Jonathan was going to let her explode, he’d slow his pace just enough to stop her from cumming. This went on a few more times until Sammi couldn’t bear anymore. “Please!” She screamed as much as she could around the ball gag.

Jonathan stopped all kuşadası escort movements. “I’m sorry, did you say please? Please what? Do you think I should obey you now?” The look on his face was sexy and menacing.

Each word came out weak and garbled, “Please let me cum for you Sir, I can’t take it anymore. Please.”

Jonathan stood up and just stared at her. Sammi feared he was just going to leave her like this now. She should never have asked. He smiled just a little though before moving to kneel between her spread thighs. She was not expecting to feel his glorious cock slide into her. Her body writhed against the restraints and she sighed as he moved slowly. “I’m going to undo your restraints,” he purred, “and the second I turn you over I want you to be ready to cum for me.” Sammi shuddered and nodded. Jonathan rammed himself inside her once more before pulling out and slowly untying her and removing the gag and blindfold. Then, with one swift motion, he turned her over and plunged himself deep inside her while pulling out the butt plug and tossing it aside.

Sammi let out a guttural moan and wrapped kuşadası escort bayan both her arms and legs around jonathan’s body as if she were clinging to him for dear life. “Oh Jonathan!”

It only took a few thrusts for her to fall off the edge and into an ecstasy she’d never even imagine existed. “Oh Samantha, Samantha…” Jonathan chanted somewhere in the background of Sammi’s mind. As waves of pleasure rolled over her again and again, she was vaguely aware that he was reaching his own climax.

As she came back around to reality, Jonathan was holding her tightly, cradling her head as he watched her. She was wrapped around him even more tightly now and when she looked up into his eyes she felt compelled to say so many things. Instead, the only things that came to her in that moment were tears. All the feelings she had were so intense, this had never happened before and she couldn’t stop herself. “No, no, shh, no tears.” Jonathan whispered in a strained voice as he started to try and wipe her face.

“I’m s-sorry.” She stammered. “This has never happened to me before, I’m so embarrassed.” escort kuşadası Sammi tried to turn her face away.

Jonathan smiled and chuckled slightly. “I’m honestly surprised you didn’t cry sooner. I’ve never taken things that far with anyone.” He paused, lost in thought, then looked torn for a moment before saying very seriously, “And I’ve never ended a session by making love.”

Sammi’s tears had stopped and her breathing was calming. She couldn’t believe what he had just said. “I…” she trailed off. “I mean, I haven’t either. Either part.” She hesitated, “you really feel we made love?”

Jonathan’s expression was so serious and so full of intrigue and sincerity. “Yes Samantha, very much so.” Then his brow furrowed, “Do you not feel the same?”

Sammi reached up smiling and took his face between her hands, “I do, I do feel the same.” At this, Jonathan relaxed and moved from on top of her. He stretched out on the bed and extended his arm so that she could curl up against him.

Nothing had been as expected, it had been so much more. And in that moment, Sammi realized that she’d let Jonathan do anything he wanted to her. She loved being submissive but it really had nothing to do with that. It was the fact that she was so alarmingly content around him and how much she already trusted him. That’s when she also realized they were both just visiting DC…what would happen when they had to leave??

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