Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 34:

“Thanks,” I say. “I enjoyed that! You were better than good. You were excellent! I can see why Mr Grant was so happy the other night!”

“Can we not even mention that again, please?” William asks. “You promised.”

“Not even to you?” I ask.

“Can we let it go, please?” William says. “You”ve had your lesson.”

“Are you mad at me, William?” I ask.

“No, I suppose not,” he says. “But, let”s drop it. OK?”

“OK.” I reply. Then I add, “But if you think of anything that you”ve missed, you will let me know, won”t you? Please.”

“Deal,” he says, showing a bit of a smirk. And then asks, “Is there anything to eat around here?”

Chapter 35 � Goldilocks and the Pirates


We get dressed and head out into the kitchen.

William knows where all the food is. Or was!

Because we haven”t been here for a week, and because Dad and Ms O”Sullivan probably eat out at Whispering Gums, there”s not a lot to choose from.

However, Dad has been here, so there”s milk and sugar for the coffee. William finds an unopened box of crackers in the back of the cupboard and some cheese in the refrigerator. “This”ll do!” he says.

We are eating crackers with cheese, and drinking our coffee, when Ms O”Sullivan”s Council SUV pulls up.

I”m glad that our lesson in the bedroom didn”t go for any longer! Anyway, I think that I know enough now to make Andy happy. Maybe I”ll be able to surprise Mr Grant, too, sometime. It”s a pity that I won”t get to show Ron what I can do. He would certainly have been surprised! Pleasantly, I”d bet!

Dad and Ms O”Sullivan walk in, arm in arm, obviously not expecting anyone to be here. They stop just inside the doorway when they see us.

“Kurt! William!” Dad says. What are you doing here?”

“I live here, remember?” I say, in my best smart-alec tone. Then, with the back of one hand on my forehead and the other over my heart, I put some of my acting ability to good use and really ham it up. “Oh, woe is me! Alas, I haven”t been gone for a week, and already I am forgotten! Oh, misery! Oh, pain!”

Ms O”Sullivan applauds. “Bravo!” she calls. “Encore!”

Dad joins the applause but says, “Don”t encourage him, Helen, or he”ll be learning Shakespeare next. Romeo and Juliet probably.”

“I know who William Shakespeare was,” I say. I pause, think, then ask, “Did he write any pirate plays?”

Ms O”Sullivan smiles and tells me, “I think you will find, Kurt, when you read a couple of his plays, that they were a lot more blood-thirsty than some of the pirate tales that you would have heard.”

“Really?” I say, and think that Shakespeare will be on my book list the next time we visit the library in Cunnamulla.

Dad cuts in. “So, let me repeat my question and ask what you are doing here. I thought that today was the excursion into Big Town to buy Andy some extra clothes.”

I”m glad that I don”t have to lie about anything, because William jumps to my defence. “You see, Mr Andersen, Kurt said that he wasn”t feeling well this morning. He thought he had a bout of the `runs”, and that he”d better stay close to a toilet, instead of being caught short in the middle of nowhere or, even worse, in Mr Grant”s new car.”

“Are you OK, dear?” Ms O”Sullivan asks. “How are you feeling now?”

“I”m actually feeling pretty good, actually,” I tell her. “I had one pretty big … `release”, not too long ago, actually.”

They all look at me. Was it something that I said? Do I look or sound nervous? William knows that my words are accurate enough, even though my `release” wasn”t quite what Dad and Ms O”Sullivan would have interpreted it to be. Similar region of the anatomy though.

William adds, “And I offered to stay with him, in case he needed any help, and Mr Grant said that if anything serious happened, that I could run over to get Mrs Smith from the pub.”

Dad says, “Well, I don”t see Mrs Smith, so I assume that nothing bad has happened.”

“Actually, the exact opposite,” I tell him. “I actually feel terrific.

“There are other words that you can use instead of `actually”, you know,” Dad says.

“Oh, no!” I begin to act out again, “Even with school finished for the week, I can”t get away from English lessons! Tormented in my own home! Is there no rest for the wicked?”

“Do you mean `no rest for the weary”?” Dad asks.

“Yes, that too. Anyway,” I say, “I see shopping bags. I don”t suppose that there is any food in there? William is starving.”

“Did I say that?” William asks, turning to give me the `evil eye”, and looking embarrassed at me dobbing him in.

“Of course,” Ms O”Sullivan answers. “We didn”t know if anyone would be here, or not, so Mrs Cameron has sent home some roast lamb, vegetables and apple tarts. Plus a few other bits and pieces. And if none of you was here, there would be multiple servings for your father and me.”

Needless to say, William and I join Dad and Ms O”Sullivan in a feast.

Dad comments, “I hope that this food doesn”t upset your stomach again. That would be a waste of good food!”

“I”ll be fine,” I say, and glance at William. He smirks.

The mood is very happy.

We play cards.


Apple tarts.


We hear The Beast approaching. I look at my watch. Doesn”t the time go fast, when you”re doing things that you enjoy? Like playing cards with my Dad. And having apple tarts with William and Ms O”Sullivan. And having my brother”s best friend teach me how to suck a cock properly?

The growl becomes a brief purr, and then it is silent.

The four of us go out onto the verandah to meet them.

Mr Grant comes up to us first, shakes hands with Dad, says hello to Ms O”Sullivan, ruffles my hair then asks me, “Hi Kurt. How are you feeling? You look a lot brighter. I was worried about you.”

“I feel great, thank you,” I tell him. “I seem to have recovered pretty quickly. Maybe it would have been OK for me to come with you after all.”

Karl and Andy join us. Andy is wearing jeans. Like mine. And a shirt. Like mine.

“How did it go?” I ask both of them, then I say to Andy, “For a moment there I thought that I was going to see you wearing a hat, like mine!”

“It”s in the car!” Karl says. He laughs. Andy goes back to retrieve it.

Karl comments, “I thought that you”d be impressed! And I didn”t have to suggest anything. It was weird. Andy chose everything that matches yours. Has he ever even seen your good clothes?”

“I don”t think so,” I tell him. “Oh, yes, he did last Saturday.” Then I have a great idea. I whisper it to my brother.

Andy saunters back towards us. I love the way he is deliberately walking. Like a cowboy who has just got off his horse.

“Have you all eaten?” Ms O”Sullivan asks Mr Grant, meaning him, Karl and Andy.

When Mr Grant tells her that they all had a hamburger in Big Town, Ms O”Sullivan says, “Oh, well. How about tea or coffee with some apple tarts? I think there are enough left.”

We all go inside. Karl, Andy and I head straight for my bedroom. Karl and I change into our `good clothes”, and we stand and look at the three of us. “The hats!” Karl says, and he retrieves his and mine.

It was William who had suggested that we look like triplets when we were naked. Now, with almost identical clothes, that could be even more believable!

We venture out into where the adults are, and William. LOL. We pose.

Dad whistles.

I hear William whisper, “Trucking hell!”

And Mr Grant had better close his mouth or he could catch flies!

Ms O”Sullivan comes to us and somehow manages to gather all three of us into one big hug, which makes me feel like a little chicken being fussed over by mother hen. “Well, don”t you three boys look amazing!” she clucks.

I like her.

We go back into my room. Karl and I change back and put our good clothes away.

“What else did you get?” I ask Andy.

“Not much,” he says. “Two pairs of shorts, two shirts and some underwear and socks. Oh, and a pair of blue jeans so that I can go horse riding with Jake tomorrow morning.” Then he adds, “Tom wanted me to get more, but I felt bad about him paying for so much stuff.”

Karl adds, “Mr Grant told him it was OK, but Andy insisted that what he had already was enough.”

“At least you”ll get two week”s wear out of them before you have to go home,” I tell him.

“I”ll show you when we get back to Tom”s place,” he says.


After lemonade and apple tarts, Dad and Ms O”Sullivan hug Karl and me, anticipating that we are all about to leave. “See you Friday afternoon,” Dad says. Then he adds, “How would you all like to spend next weekend out at Whispering Gums? Mr and Mrs Cameron have invited everyone out there. That includes Andy, Will and Tom,” he says, acknowledging each of them.

Andy looks at me and probably sees my eyes light up. He smiles. I”m not sure whether William has ever been out there. I remember that he did have the opportunity last holidays, but couldn”t come with us because he went to stay with Mr Grant and his parents. Karl nudges him and he smiles. I guess that it”s all decided then! Except for Mr Grant.

“What do you say, Tom?” Ms O”Sullivan asks.

“Is there room for all of us?” he puts to her.

“There”s a bunk house for all of the guys, and I can stay in the homestead,” she answers. “The Camerons have a few guest rooms inside.”

“In that case,” Mr Grant says, “why don”t I drive the boys out there after school Friday afternoon? That will save you a trip back into town, assuming you”ll be staying out there Thursday night.”

“Done!” Dad says, and pulls Andy into a hug. “See you Friday, Champ.”

I have a thought. I motion William, Karl and Andy back into the bedroom.

We have a quick discussion and it”s decided, but I have to ask Dad the question first.


“Dad?” I say, “Can we talk, outside?”

He looks at me strangely, but follows me to the verandah.

“What”s up, buddy?” he asks.

“Dad, are you and Ms O”Sullivan going to stay here tonight?”

“Umm, why?” Dad asks me, obviously a little uneasy and tossing around in his mind a couple of things that I”ve already thought of.

“If you are staying the night, may Andy and I stay here too, while Mr Grant takes William and Karl back out to the homestead?” I put to him.

“But, what…?” he starts.

“Dad. If you and Ms O”Sullivan want to sleep together in your room, you can close the door. Andy and I will close ours too. It”s OK. You don”t have to pretend to me, Dad. I know what”s going on between you two.”

Dad just stares at me.

I add, “And, may you please drive Andy to Thunungara in the morning so that he can go horse riding with Jake?”

“What would you do while Andy is horse riding with Jake? Aren”t you going to join them?” Dad asks, not wanting to confront the real `elephant in the room”, which would be him and MS O”Sullivan sleeping izmit escort together..

“Well, I haven”t been invited. Besides, you know that I would much prefer to be driving a Land Rover than riding a horse!” I smile at him. “I thought that I might be able to help you clean up here. I don”t think that Karl will be too upset if I do his jobs. Besides, I like Ms O”Sullivan too.”

Dad grabs me in a hug. “I love you, son,” he says. “You are growing up way too fast!”

I tell him the rest of my plan. “If you and Ms O”Sullivan want to go back out to Whispering Gums sometime tomorrow after Andy comes back, he and I can look after ourselves for the night, and get ready for school on Monday morning, like Karl and I do. Then we can all go back with Mr Grant after school.”

He doesn”t let me go, and I hug him tightly. “I love you too, Dad” I say. “You look so happy lately!”

When he finally releases me, I think that his eyes are a bit misty. “Dust in your eyes?” I ask.

He musses my hair and swats me on the tail. I wonder if that is body language for `I love you! Cheeky!”

Then, I think, what does it mean when Mr Grant does that to me? Maybe it is only saying, `You are cheeky!” Maybe not.

“If you check that everything”s OK with Ms O”Sullivan,” I say, “then I”ll clear it with Mr Grant.

We go back in and Dad beckons Ms O”Sullivan to join him on the verandah.

William, Karl, Andy and I surround Mr Grant. “What”s going on?” he asks.

“Well,” I explain. “Jake has invited Andy to go horse riding with him tomorrow, and Dad has agreed to drive him up there if Andy and I stay here for the night. Dad”ll be here too.” I omit Ms O”Sullivan from the equation. “Then, Andy and I will come over to the school on Monday morning and go back to your place with you in the afternoon. Is that OK?”

Mr Grant looks at our four faces. Grinning. Willing him to agree. His face changes to a smirk and then to a broad smile. He doesn”t have to actually say anything. He”s good at maths and logic! He”s worked it out.

`Yeah!”, `Hell yeah!” and `Trucking hell yeah!” quietly express our enthusiasm.


“Mrs Smith always puts on a good Saturday night dinner,” Dad comments. “What do you say? An early dinner for seven at the pub?”

Following total agreement from us, he says, “OK. Helen and I will walk over now and organise everything.”

Mr Grant says, “Well, I might wander over to the school and get a few things ready for Monday”.

“Can we help too?” Andy asks.

I don”t correct his English, but I ask, “May we please help you, Mr Grant?”

He smiles at me; and at the result of his English lessons.

I look at William and Karl. Their faces are stretched in a broad smile.

And that”s not the only part of them that I notice becoming somewhat stretched! William”s is a larger version of Karl”s.

When Mr Grant, Andy and I head over towards the school, we see Dad and Ms O”Sullivan just going into the pub.

By the time I count to ten, I”m betting that Karl and William already have their hands inside each other”s pants.

Another ten, and they will have their pants off.

Yet another ten and I think that they”d better be quick; they wouldn”t want Dad and Ms O”Sullivan to catch them, because they might only be a few minutes at the pub. If it was Andy and me, I”d be mucking around with him in the lounge room so that I could see Dad coming, through the windows. I hope that either William or Karl thinks to do that!


Mr Grant tells Andy and me what he would like from the store room. We fetch things and put them on the correct desks for the little kids.

Then, “I think I need to go to the toilet,” Andy says. “I haven”t been all morning.”

“Me either,” I tell him and, as I turn, I catch the smirk on Mr Grant”s face. I follow Andy out of the door.


“You start first,” I tell Andy, instead of me just hanging out with him. I like the sight of his longer-than-mine peeing. Then I move behind him and reach around to his front. His cock goes from mostly soft to definitely hard.

“You know what happens when you touch me first,” Andy says. He sounds concerned but not upset.

“Yeah!” I tell him. “Is that OK?”

He replies, “Trucking… I mean fucking hell, yeah!”

While I”m jerking his cock, he reaches behind him and holds onto Junior.

It takes less than a minute!

I step back, go and fetch him some toilet paper, and he wipes himself. After tomorrow, there will be another way to clean him up! LOL.

I take Junior out and let fly, hosing all of Andy”s white stuff down the drain.

“You want me to do you?” he asks.

“Tonight!” is all that I say. He hugs me.

We head back to the classroom. Mr Grant says nothing, but I”ll bet that he can tell everything from the smiles on our faces, so nobody needs to speak.


After dinner, Andy retrieves all of his new clothes from The Beast and gives half to me to carry back to our place.

Mr Grant thanks Dad for dinner, also says goodbye to Ms O”Sullivan, Andy and me, and we wave them off. It feels really weird watching my brother disappearing with William and my Christmas wish. And my birthday wish. LOL.

Andy and I walk ahead of Dad and Ms O”Sullivan. When we go inside, I organise a pair of Kurt”s pyjamas for Andy. He didn”t bring his in with him and didn”t buy new ones.

“You guys want to get ready for bed?” Dad asks.

Then, before he asks about it, I tell him, “Andy and I are going to shower together, like Karl and I do.”

I look at his face for any shock or surprise. Nothing. Good! Did I just see a smirk on Ms O”Sullivan”s face before she turned away?

Andy and I really enjoy soaping each other up.

“Love your longer one!” I tell him quietly, stroking his soapy cock.

“Love your thicker one!” he tells me back.

I have to stop him before I spurt. I growl, “Later, in bed.”

I turn the water temperature to cool, to help us `settle everything down”.


“Are you boys too old for a bedtime story?” Ms O”Sullivan asks as we exit the bathroom, cooled down and pyjamaed.

“I don”t think so,” I tell her, and ask, “Are you any good at making up stories, without reading chapters from a book?”

“I guess so,” she says. “I haven”t done that for years. What would you like to hear?”

I smile. “Goldilocks and the three… pirates.”

Andy laughs. So does Dad. “Give me a little time to think about it?” Ms O”Sullivan asks.

“Sure,” I say. “We”ll go and get ready.”

Andy and I head to the bedroom. Andy climbs into Karl”s bed and I get into mine. We both prop ourselves up with our pillows.


When Dad comes in, he sits at the foot of my bed. Ms O”Sullivan sits with Andy.

She begins, “Once upon a time, there was a small ship that was manned by three pirates. There was the captain pirate who had a loud, scary voice, the first mate pirate who was also the cook, and the young, newbie pirate, who had been shanghaied and really hadn”t learnt much at all about pirating, yet.” Andy and I laugh. Dad looks equally amused. And impressed.

Ms O”Sullivan tells the story of a breakfast consisting of stale bread and the mate”s over-heated fish stew, which made the hungry captain very angry. So, all of the pirates went for a row in their dinghy, to allow both the captain and the stew time to cool down. It was the newbie pirate who was made to do the rowing, even though it really should have been the cook!

Then there was the stowaway. Not a girl, but a handsome young man with long blond hair. “About your age, and who probably looked a lot like you,” Ms O”Sullivan throws in, pointing to Andy. He giggles. So do I. “Because of his hair, his nickname had always been `Goldilocks” which he hated, and that is why, one night, he ran away from home.”

That was the same night, before the fish-stew breakfast. Goldilocks had run to the waterfront. When he saw the little ship that was tied up to the dock, he crept up the gangplank and hid himself on board until morning.

“Where did he hide?” Andy asks.

Ms O”Sullivan is quick. “You know what? He was so good at hiding that even I don”t know where he was!”

We all laugh and she continues.

She tells us that Goldilocks was hungry and, having heard the pirates leave the ship, he went down below to investigate. He tried all three servings of the breakfast that he discovered and, finding one to his liking, ate it all.

I”m expecting Goldilocks to find three chairs next. However, Ms O”Sullivan surprises me.

“Goldilocks,” she tells us, “because he had left his home in a hurry, didn”t take extra clothes, and was cold. He discovered the captain”s heavy coat and tried it on, but found it way too heavy for him. Then he discovered the mate”s jacket. It was covered in food splatters from things that he had cooked yesterday, last week and the month before. It was too smelly. Then he discovered the newbie pirate”s coat. It was very much like a blanket with arm holes. When Goldilocks wrapped it around himself, he found it very comfortable, so he left it on.”

“Goldilocks had not had much sleep during the night, hiding away, wherever that was, on the ship.” Ms O”Sullivan looks from Andy to me.

She has thrown that last bit in because she still can”t make up a good hiding place, I”ll bet!

“So, he looked for a comfortable place to have a rest. The captain”s thin rug on a wooden kind of bed wasn”t a good place to lie. He tried it. Too hard. The mate”s rug across bags of flour and rice wasn”t any good either. Too lumpy. Then, in a really dark corner of the cabin, Goldilocks discovered a fishing net, hung up by two ends, not far off the floor. He”d seen a hammock before, so he managed to tuck up the blanket coat and climb onto the netting. He made himself quite comfortable and, with the gentle rocking of the ship, quickly dropped off to sleep.”

“He didn”t hear the dinghy bump into the ship. Nor the three pirates as they came back on board. Nor the bad language of the captain, who was still paying out on the mate for delaying breakfast. And, Goldilocks wouldn”t have heard the newbie pirate, because he was too afraid to say anything when the captain was in a bad mood.”

“It didn”t take the pirates long to discover that `some filthy rat has been helping itself to me breakfast!”, roared the captain. `It must have been a smart rat, captain,” the newbie pirate told him, `because it used a spoon. Look! And Mr Mate”s food. And mine,” he added.”

Ms O”Sullivan is very good at making different voices; a deep, booming one for the captain and a squeaky one for the newbie pirate.

“The mate picked up his large serving spoon and clunked the young newbie pirate on the head with it. `Speak when you”re spoken too, scurvy scum!” the mate said. And the newbie pirate cowered, rubbing his head.”

Ms O”Sullivan”s voice for the mate is growly. Andy and I laugh when she closes one eye and then adds, “Aaaarrrr!”

“Goldilocks is awake after hearing the captain”s anger and, seeing what the mate did to the newbie pirate, he is afraid. Too afraid to move, and definitely too afraid to speak. Almost too afraid to breathe in case they hear it and see him. He”s glad that he is in a dark corner.”

“The captain sees that his coat has been moved. `Some varmint has dared to touch me personal belongings!” he roars. The mate notices that his coat is in a different place too. The newbie pirate squeaks, `Somebody has stolen my jacket. It”s izmit otele gelen escort gone.”

“Clunk! Aaaarrrr!”

Now, I can always tell if Karl has been sitting on my bed. And it”s not just the imprint of his backside that gives it away. Even if he attempts, rarely, to straighten everything. It was just never the same as how I left it.

So, I suppose that the three pirates were also able to tell that something else was wrong, apart from the food and the clothes.

Ms O”Sullivan continues. “The captain roars louder than before, `Somebody”s aaaarrrrse has been on me blanket!” He is definitely not happy.”

I”m shocked at Ms O”Sullivan”s language. Not shocked like Mum would have been, but amusingly surprised that she”s not afraid to use those words in front of Andy and me. We look at each other and then burst out laughing. Dad tries not to.

“The mate must have noticed something too. `Aaaarrrr!” he growls. He just closes one eye and looks around for someone to clunk.”

“The young newbie pirate says nothing but cowers and covers his head, just in case, and having seen that both the captain”s and the mate”s beds have been `sat on”, goes to his own dark corner to check. He stops and stares at Goldilocks” terrified face. He puts his finger to his lips, for Goldilocks to stay quiet, then turns around to face the captain and the mate. `Well?” the captain asks. He replies, `He”s been here too. And, I”ll bet, captain, that right now he”s hiding up on deck, or maybe trying to steal the dinghy!” `I”ll run him through!” the captain roars, drawing and waving his sword around and stomping out of the cabin. The mate brandishes his spoon and follows the captain. `Quick!” the newbie pirate whispers to Goldilocks. `You don”t want them to catch you or they”ll either kill you or turn you into another slave, like me. Come on. I”ll distract them and you can get away.” They get to the cabin door and look around. `Go!” the newbie pirate tells Goldilocks while the captain and the mate are looking over the other side, checking the dinghy.”

“I”ll bet that Goldilocks gets caught,” Andy says, “And that he”ll get clunked by the mate, then become the newbie, newbie pirate!”

Ms O”Sullivan continues, “The newbie pirate gives Goldilocks enough time to get a head start on the dock then calls out, `There he goes captain! I”ll get him! I can run really fast!” He doesn”t wait to get clunked and dashes down the gangplank and takes off after Goldilocks. He hears a clunk and a loud `AAAARRRR” and looks around to see the captain with the serving spoon in his hand and the mate rubbing his head. The newbie pirate catches up to Goldilocks. He really can run fast! Goldilocks says, `Come on. Come home with me. It will be better than living with those two!” The newbie pirate doesn”t have to think about it for more than two rapid beats of his heart, and the two of them keep running.”

Then Ms O”Sullivan finishes with, “When Goldilocks told his mother what the pirates had done, she said that the boy could stay with them. Goldilocks never complained about his nickname ever again, and his friend `Newbie” and he grew up happy together.”

Andy and I clap. Dad joins in. “Thank you,” I tell her. “That was brilliant!”

Andy asks, “May I please add a little bit more to the story?”

“Of course!” Ms O”Sullivan tells him.

We all look at each other, in surprise, then at Andy, and wait.

He takes a deep breath. “Goldilocks” father was away at sea on a ship, so in the house there was only Goldilocks and his mother and his little sister. `How did you become a pirate?” Goldilocks asks Newbie. `My older brother was a carpenter in a town a long way from here,” he replies. `He was teaching me to be one too, and reckons that I”d make a good one. One night, when I went with him to the tavern, as he liked to do, I went outside to go to the toilet, the pirates put a sack over my head and carried me off. And we never went back.””

Andy has not only my interest, but Dad”s and Ms O”Sullivan”s too.

He pauses to think, then goes on. “”We have a carpenter here in town,” Goldilocks” mother says. `But he”s not very good. Maybe he will give you a job.” Then she says that she has to go down to the market to get some fresh food, so Goldilocks takes Newbie up the ladder and shows him the tiny room that they will be sharing. After a while, Goldilocks” mother returns and tells them all, `The strangest thing has happened. The town carpenter has disappeared and the little ship that was down at the dock last night has gone too. Everyone was talking about it at the market. Not so much about the ship, but about the carpenter. They all have work to be done and now there”s nobody to do it for them.” Then she smiles and turns to Newbie. `How would you like to be the new town carpenter? You might even get rich!” Of course, Newbie agrees and Goldilocks” mum takes the whole family down to the marketplace and introduces Newbie to her friends. One says, `Young carpenter, eh? Well you may as well have all the tools that our missing friend left at my place. The job was only half-finished. But if he shows up, you”ll have to give them back to him.” The missing carpenter never returned and Newbie was paid well by the people because of the excellent work that he did. Goldilocks” dad was happy too, when he came back home to find that all of the leaks in his roof had been fixed and that his doors and windows now all opened and closed easily. Goldilocks and Newbie grew up together like brothers and everyone lived happily ever after.”

I find it difficult to believe that I”m hearing this from Andy”s mouth. It was not long ago that he was talking like a really little kid and not walking properly. I think that his brain is better than mine. Maybe. Well, as good as! Maybe better than Karl”s though. Not to mention Andy”s great body! Junior is definitely happy with his new friend.

There is more applause from Ms O”Sullivan, Dad and me. Andy”s face is beaming. Andy and I both get a hug and a kiss good night from Ms O”Sullivan and my Dad. I love my Dad. Lights out. Door closed.

Silence. Then Andy says, “I like her.”

“So do I,” I tell him, as I slide into Karl”s bed, without my pyjama pants, and clutching my spunk cloth.

I decide not to touch him first, for obvious reasons! I want him to `discover” my below-waist nakedness. He reaches for the front of my pyjama pants but, instead, finds Junior `in the flesh”, waiting, and responding. He spends little time getting Junior fully excited before I do the same to him. It only seems like seconds before he”s stiffly hard as well.

“You”d better not mess Karl”s pyjamas!” I tell him. That”s definitely a hint that he needs to take them off. He does. Then, we shed our tops and wrestle, as quietly as we can. Pressing. Grinding. Groping. Poking. Hugging. Squeezing. Jacking. I hope that Dad is too busy to hear our stifled moans of pleasure. The thought of Dad possibly doing something similar with Ms O”Sullivan pushes Junior”s patience to the approaching limit. Then, with Andy on top of me, face to face, Junior powerfully lets go of his load. The throbbing and wetness set Andy off too! We slide against each other”s spunky body until Andy just rests his weight on me. I hold him. One arm across his back. The other on his glutes.

“I like you, Kurt,” he whispers in my ear. “You”re my friend.” It is said with passion, not just mechanically, like on the day that we met.

I hold on for a while longer, then reach for two things that I”ve stashed. My spunk cloth first. Then, all cleaned up, my deodorant is next. I don”t want any funny smells in the room in the morning.

We lie side by side. Holding hands. Andy nudges me to turn on my side with my back to him, and he snuggles up behind me, with his arm over my body and pulls me closer. It feels wonderful. It reminds me of Ron. Then I hear something that I thought would only ever come from Mum or Dad. “I love you, Kurt.”

My heart starts to beat faster and louder. At least I think it does. My whole body is tingling.

My brain flashes up a whole lot of names. Karl. William. Ron. Mr Grant. None of them gets the same response as `Andy”.

Despite loving the feeling of Andy”s body against my back and backside, I roll over to face him, and the words just tumble out of my mouth. “I love you too, Andy.” Then I kiss him. OMG. Is this one of those growing-up feelings that Dad told me that I would have? I loved being with Ron. But this is different. Confusingly different. Confusingly wonderful! Is this how Dad feels about Ms O”Sullivan? I hope so! I like her, and I want my Dad to be happy. Like I am, with Andy.

Suddenly, I have a terrifyingly miserable thought. What will I do when Andy goes home? And he leaves me! And I have another series of reminders. First, Mum. Then, Ron. Now, Andy! Strike three! Only two weeks left!

I turn my back towards Andy again and he snuggles up hard. His hand gently explores my stomach and my balls and my chest and Junior and my chicken feathers. I hope he doesn”t discover my tears.

At some time, during the night, mostly still asleep, I turn onto my other side and Andy automatically turns the same way, and I snuggle up to him. I hold him as if I”m a little kid about to be separated from his teddy bear.



Andy is the first to wake. “Kurt, I need to pee,” he tells me.

The power of suggestion!

We both locate the pieces of our pyjamas and put them on.

I open my bedroom door. Dad”s door is still closed. I lead Andy to the bathroom, and we pee together into the bath. A brief burst of the shower flushes it away.

Andy hugs me. “I meant what I said last night, you know!” he tells me.

I know exactly what he”s referring to. “So did I,” I reply, and demonstrate my love for him by a simple kiss.

We go back to the bedroom. Despite the temptation to get back into bed and have some fun, I suggest getting dressed, and cooking breakfast for the four of us. He agrees.

I retrieve my spunk cloth, smell it, hold it to Andy”s scrunched nose, then and give it a good burst of deodorant and put it back under my pillow. We make both beds, get dressed and head to the kitchen.

Andy has his blue jeans on for horse riding and I have on the gear that I normally wear on cleaning day.

“If you put the jug on for coffee, I”ll check what”s available in the fridge,” I tell him, and am pleasantly surprised to find some fresh lamb”s fry and bacon from Mrs Cameron, just calling out to be cooked. I take it out, show Andy the fresh bread to be toasted, also from Mrs Cameron, and the butter. “Can you handle coffee and toast?” I ask.

“No problem!” Andy replies and organises everything.

Mrs Cameron has already prepared the lamb”s fry. I really like her too.

Just before breakfast is ready, Ms O”Sullivan is the first to emerge. “What”s this?” she asks. “I didn”t know that your father had put in an order for breakfast.”

Andy laughs.

“Sorry,” I tell her. “I don”t do room service. If Dad wants to eat, he”ll have to get up. No breakfast in bed here!”

She wraps her gown more tightly around her and heads outside. I know where she”s going. She can”t relieve herself by doing what Andy and I did!

Dad emerges, naked. Did he forget that we have a visitor? He ignores Andy and me and heads to the bathroom.

Andy looks at me with a blank, but surprised, face. I shrug and grin.

Dad finishes and flushes it away. When he comes out, he says “Good morning boys,” and heads darıca escort straight back to the bedroom, before Ms O”Sullivan returns.

Ms O”Sullivan joins him and it”s not long before they both come out, dressed.

Good timing. Lamb”s fry, bacon, hot toast and coffee are served!

Andy and I both get hugs from Dad and Ms O”Sullivan. With thank you”s and kisses on our foreheads.

Between mouthfuls, Dad says, “You two must have slept well. I didn”t hear a sound out of you, the whole night.”

“How come you were awake all night?” I ask, then instantly regret my words.

It”s Ms O”Sullivan who, thankfully, changes the subject. “This is delicious, Kurt. Where did you learn to cook like this?”

“My Mum taught me to cook. But Mrs Cameron showed me how to do lamb”s fry,” I reply. “She”s a great cook.”

Dad joins in, “And he can bake a delicious apple pie, too.”

“I look forward to tasting one of those some time,” she says.

“Me too!” Andy adds, smiling and licking his lips. “With cream!”

Watching Andy”s tongue, and hearing his words, another thought enters my mind, but I let it pass. For now.


Ms O”Sullivan says, “Is it too early for horse riding?”

“I don”t think so,” Dad replies. “But, what about the dishes?”

“You leave them to me!” she says. “We can”t have the cooks doing the dishes as well!”


I let Andy sit up front with Dad in the Council”s SUV, and I sit behind him.

When we get to Thunungara, Dad drives straight to the horse yard where Mr O”Brien has two horses already saddled, but another three tethered with their blankets and saddles over the railing, ready.

“Good morning, Mr O”Brien,” I say. He touches the tip of his hat in acknowledgment.

“G”day, Reg,” Dad says. “Nice day for it!”

“I didn”t know whether you and Kurt wanted to ride as well,” Mr O”Brien answers, indicating his preparations.

Jake says “Good morning, Mr Andersen” to my Dad, then bumps fists with me and Andy.

“Thank you, Reg,” Dad replies, “but we have some other things planned for the morning. Maybe another time.”

“No problem,” Mr O”Brien says. “In that case, I”ll drop young Andy back at your place when he and Jake have had enough of the horses. But we”ll feed him first. So, is after lunch OK with you?”

“Perfect.” Dad replies. Then to Jake and Andy he says, “Have fun you two. See you later.” As we are about to get into the SUV, Dad calls to Mr O”Brien, “Please give my regards to Di.” Mr O”Brien acknowledges with a wave, and then turns to give some assistance to Andy.


Dad and I drive off.

“You could have gone riding with them, you know,” Dad says to me.

“We”ve had this discussion, before, about me and horses,” I tell him. “Besides, it”s probably the only opportunity that Andy and Jake will have to spend a bit of time together. Andy”s going home in two weeks” time and next weekend we”ll be out at Whispering Gums. The following Friday is the end of term.

Then Dad shocks me. He pulls over and stops the car. “You are a really considerate young man, you know that?” he says. “Always thinking of other people first. And, I”m very proud of you.” I”m expecting him to ruffle my hair but, instead, he asks, “Would you like to drive?”

I don”t know what to say. So many things run through my head. Whispering Gums. Land Rover. Ron. Public road. Under age. No licence. Illegal. What if I crash? But, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is a stunned, “What?”

Dad repeats his question, with a few added bits. “You are growing up. And, Ron said he thought that you were a good driver. And, I trust you. And, would you like to drive?”

My vocabulary displays three extra words. “Are you serious?”

“Totally!” Dad says. “Do you know the way home, from here?”

“Now, you”re pulling my leg!” I tell him. “This road virtually leads straight to our place. Except that there is a right-hand turn at the pub.”

“Excellent!” Dad says. “So, now that we know that you won”t get lost, let”s adjust the seat for you to reach everything, then the SUV is all yours!”

Dad gets me to sit in the driver”s seat, then moves to adjust it, checking that both the steering wheel and pedals are at a comfortable distance. The seat doesn”t have to move much. “Hey, you”ve grown! You”re actually bigger than I thought!” he says.

I”m glad that this is an automatic, or I wouldn”t be able to do this!

I recall everything that Ron taught me, and start slowly, gradually increasing speed at Dad”s encouragement.

“This is a lot faster than driving in the paddocks out at Whispering Gums!” I tell my Dad.

“You”re doing great!” he tells me. “Just keep your eyes on the road ahead and keep steering to follow any variations in the road.”

I slow down when we approach the pub. “Put the right-turn blinker on,” Dad says.

“Why?” I ask.

“To let the traffic and other drivers know what you intend to do,” he tells me.

“You are joking, aren”t you?” I say. “We haven”t seen even one other car on the road!”

“Yes, I”m joking,” Dad says, “but it will be good practice. You may as well get used to doing the right thing from the beginning!”

I pull up outside our house, without doing the U-turn that Dad usually makes.

Shirt out. The thrill of driving the Council SUV, with my Dad alongside me, and the rush of blood, has given me a massive hard-on! Junior at his stiffest!

Ms O”Sullivan is on the verandah and I see a look of shock on her face when I get out of the driver”s door.

“It wasn”t my idea! Honest.” I say, as I pass her and go inside before she asks any questions.

I disappear into the bathroom to make use of some cold water, and I close the door.

What I hear between Ms O”Sullivan and my Dad about me driving isn”t exactly an argument. But, although I can”t make out the words, I can tell from the tone of their voices that it is a `serious discussion”.

I wait until Junior is back to a `chunky-kind of normal” and there is a pause in their exchange before I open the door. They both turn and look at me.

I go straight to her and say, “I”m really sorry, Ms O”Sullivan, for driving the Council SUV, without asking your permission first.”

She hugs me and say, “Kurt, your father tells me that you were extremely careful, and that you did an excellent job. As good as him, he reckons.”

I chuckle.

She continues, “And, seeing that he”s one of the safest drivers I know, that has relieved my concern for him, and, especially for you. I know that there are not many cars around here. But I want you to promise me that you will never get into a car and drive it without an adult beside you, until you are a few years older.”

Her concern for me, rather than wanting to punish me, brings tears to my eyes. “I promise. And I”m sorry,” I manage to choke out. I really like her. She”s just like my Mum!


Dad and I pitch in and get the jobs done.

When we are finished, I can tell from the wonderful smell, that Ms O”Sullivan has made some cookies while Dad and I were outside. They go down well with a mug of coffee each.

Lunch is a nice salad with sliced chicken. Then too many more cookies.

Ms O”Sullivan catches the guilt on my face. “It”s OK,” she says, smiling. “I made extra so that you and Andy could have some later.”

I definitely don”t want her to disappear! I”m very tempted to take my Dad outside and give him a good talking to about her! She”s a `keeper”.

In the middle of a game of dominoes, I hear Mr O”Brien”s Land Rover. A minute later I see it come down the road and turn at the pub. It coughs as Mr O”Brien turns it off.

Andy jumps out and runs to the verandah. Jake follows more steadily and greets Ms O”Sullivan. He already said hello to my Dad earlier this morning.

“Have you guys had fun?” Dad asks Andy and Jake.

Jake opens his mouth to speak, but the words from Andy beat him to it. “Oh, yes, Mr Andersen. I”ve never ridden a horse before. Mr O”Brien showed me what to do then Jake and I went for a long ride up along the river.”

I”m feeling a little jealous of him and Jake having fun, alone, and can”t wait to ask him whether he and Jake `did anything”.

Jake adds, “We just let the horses walk. It was easier to talk that way. And dad told me that I wasn”t allowed to try to teach Andy to trot or canter. He didn”t want any accidents.”

“Too right!” Mr O”Brien adds, catching up to everyone on the verandah. “I understand that Andy has just recovered from a broken arm, so I didn”t want any more drama for him.”

My Dad compliments Jake, “Thank you, Jake, that was very responsible of you. I can”t imagine how you might have tried to explain an accident to me, which I would have to then explain to Mr Grant, and he would have to explain to Andy”s mother. Too complicated! So, thank you!”

“Would anyone like a cup of tea or coffee?” Ms O”Sullivan asks.

Mr O”Brien replies, “Thank you, Helen, but Di put on a big lunch and I”ve just finished a mug of tea.” Then he adds, “And she kept offering the boys food until they complained that they were full.”

Both Jake and Andy hold their stomachs and put on a `groan” face.

OK, then. We”ll be off! C”mon, Jake,” Mr O”Brien announces. He shakes hands with my Dad, gives Ms O”Sullivan a peck on the cheek, then shakes Andy”s hand. He says, “Young man, you are welcome at Thunungara any time that you are able to come and visit.”

“Thank you, Mr O”Brien,” Andy replies. “Thank you, Jake,” he adds. “See you at school tomorrow.”

Jake bumps fists with Andy, then with me. He follows his dad to the Land Rover, which coughs back to life.

We wave them goodbye.

“So, come and tell me all about your horse riding,” I say to Andy, which is as good an excuse as any for him and me to head for the bedroom.

Dad stops us. “If you guys are just going to talk and eat for the rest of the afternoon, then Helen and I may as well head out to Whispering Gums. Is there anything you need before we go?”

“We”ll be fine, thanks,” I tell him. Then, looking at Ms O”Sullivan, I say, “Next time you tell us a bedtime story can it be `Goldilocks in Sherwood Forest”?”

“Hmm,” she replies, “at least I”ll have some time to work on that one! Oh, and by the way, I”ve made you two a casserole for dinner. It”s in the fridge and you”ll just need to heat it up.”

“Thank you, very much,” I tell her, and give her a hug.

“Yes, thank you,” Andy says. Then she gives him a hug.

Dad hugs us both and ruffles our hair. “Behave!” he says.

Just like a parent! I give him a frown and a pout.

He gives me a smirk. He knows that we will.

But he doesn”t know what I have planned!

Andy and I wave them off.

“Now,” I say. “I really want to hear all about the horse riding, and everything else.

I close the front door, go to the kitchen, put the jug on for another drink with cookies, then I lean against the bench and beckon Andy to me.

I pull his body against mine; Junior against the front of his pants. I put my hands around his body and hold his glutes. Firmly. “OK, start talking!” I tell him, smiling.


(to be continued)


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