Meagan and Matt


Meagan and MattI give my brother my virginityI fell in love with my brother when I was in the eighth grade. I’ve always loved Matt, but when I was thirteen, I fell IN love with him. At the time when I reached puberty, and my hormones kicked in, and all the other girls my age were going goo-goo over boys in our class, all my dreams and fantasies revolved around my brother, who is two years older than I am.I had just started my senior year in high school, when on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was hit by two airliners. Matt felt he had to join up, to stand up for his country.I was terrified when he joined the Army, because our father was killed in 1990 in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. “Don’t worry, Beanie, I’ll be fine,” he said, as I saw Matt off on the plane to Afghanistan, to participate in Operation Enduring Freedom.”Beanie” was the nickname my father had hung on me, and I hated it. It was short for beanpole, because I was tall and skinny. I stood 5’7″ in the sixth grade, and towered over all the boys in my class. Fortunately, I never grew any taller, but I was still skinny as a rail. My name is Meagan.I was eight years old when our father died, and Matt was ten. Our mother was shattered and, unfortunately, she started to drink. Her drinking got worse, and by the time he was twelve, Matt took over the household responsibilities. He made sure we had food in the house, packed my lunches for school, and made sure I had clean clothes to wear.I learned how to cook and do the laundry, so we were pretty much on our own. It fell on us to take care of our mother.Matt and I always got along with each other. We never fought like some siblings do, and he never excluded me from anything he was doing when we were growing up. I was never treated like the “tag-a-long” k** sister.I was the perennial late bloomer. When all the other girls in my class were growing boobs, and flaunting them, I was flat as a board. My hips looked like a boy’s, and I had no ass at all.I wore a tee shirt until I was f******n, and then I wore a padded training bra, even though I didn’t have anything to put in it. My period did happen at the proper time, so there wasn’t anything biologically wrong with me. I was mortified the first time I asked Matt to buy tampons for me, and he was probably just as embarrassed to ask for them at the store. After that, he always made sure I had some “personal” money.Sex was never a subject that was discussed between us. Most of whatever I learned came from other girls at school. As skinny and titless as I was, I didn’t have any first-hand experience. A lot of k**s at school made fun of me, and the boys all went after the girls with big boobs, so I never even went out on a date.As my social life was non-existent, I made up for it by studying real hard. I was known as a “brainiac,” a geek, a nerd. My only friend, besides Matt, was Karen Wenner, another nerdy type.The difference between Karen and me was that she had really big boobs. And she’d let anyone play with them that wanted to. She was also the queen of blowjobs. She had stringy hair and a bad complexion, but half the guys in school had their first experience with her.They never went out with her twice, but she didn’t care, she made it up in quantity. She could tell you who had a monster cock, who had a teeny weenie, and how long each of them could last before they came.The only physical contact we had with each other was when he would brush my hair, or I would give him a back rub after he’d put in a hard day’s work. I had really long blonde hair and he liked to brush it and run his fingers through it. It felt wonderful. I did kiss him goodnight before going to bed, but it was just a sisterly peck on the lips.I had blonde hair, and his was dark, almost black. Our Dad used to k** us that we must have come from different families. Matt was so handsome. He looked like Orlando Bloom, who was a major crush for a lot of the girls in my school.He worked in a tire shop, changing big truck tires all day, and he’d come home exhausted. He would take off his shirt and lie face down on the floor, and I would straddle him and rub his back, digging my thumbs into his sore t****zius and deltoid muscles. “You have wonderful hands, Beanie,” he’d say between pleasure groans.Matt had girlfriends, but they never lasted too long. I was really jealous and I hated them all. The year before he joined the Army, our mother died of cirrhosis of the liver, so we were on our own. We had taken care of each other for more than five years, so there wasn’t much change in our daily lives. We were sad, but kind of relieved at the same time, because she was so sick for so long. She just wasted her life away with booze.The morning before he left, Matt brought in this big box with a red ribbon on it, and set it on the foot of my bed. The box had holes punched in it. When I opened it up, there was this beautiful little golden retriever puppy inside.”Here’s something to keep you company while I’m gone.””Oh, Matt, she’s beautiful. I’m going to call her Maggie.”I picked her up and held her to my breast. She was so soft and fuzzy. Her tail was wagging about a hundred miles an hour, and she covered my face with puppy kisses.The day he left, I was a total mess. I put my arms around him and held him tight, and I couldn’t stoop sobbing. He was leaving a huge hole in my life, and a hole in my heart. I knew he had to go, but I was still terrified.”I’m going to miss you so much, Matt.””I’ll miss you too, Beanie.” He took out his handkerchief and wiped the tears off my cheeks.”I’ll write you every day.”He turned and walked to the car that was taking him to the Army base. He waved to me out the window, and I watched until the car was completely out of sight. I scooped Maggie up and lay down on my bed and cuddled with her. I was still crying, and she licked my tears away.I kept my promise and wrote a letter to Matt every day, telling him about school, everything I was doing, and about Maggie. He didn’t write nearly as often, but I treasured each letter I got from him.During my senior year, after I turned eighteen, strange things began happening to my body; I was actually starting to fill out! My breasts started to look like little cones, and I took the padding out of my bra.My hips rounded out, my legs started to look shapely, and there was actual flesh on my butt cheeks. Before too long, I graduated to a B cup. I would dance around in front of the mirror and check them out. I could actually hold them in my hands. Wow, real boobs!They stopped growing when I got to a C cup, which was just perfect for me. If I had gone to a tit store and picked some out, these are exactly what I would have chosen. I have fair skin, so my quarter-sized areolas are a pale pink, and my pink nipples stick way out. My breasts are round and firm, and sit high on my chest with no sag at all. They have a curvy uplift that looks really cool when I turn sideways in the mirror. They have a nice jiggle when I walk. I wished Matt had been here to watch me grow, but he would really be surprised when he got home.I treated myself to some really sexy underwear. Lots of satin and lace, and some bras that give me lots of cleavage. I also got some foxy night wear, a teddy and a chemise that are so sheer you can see right through them. I hoped I’d have the courage to wear them in front of Matt.I quit signing my letters, “Love, Beanie,” and started signing them, “Love, Meagan.” I was a beanpole no more. I loved my new body!All of a sudden guys started noticing me; I wasn’t an invisible person any more. I started hearing remarks like “nice ass” or “great rack.” I really filled up my jeans, and my boobs looked great in a tee shirt.I went out on a few dates with different guys and had a pretty good time. I really didn’t know how to make out, because I’d never seriously kissed anyone before, but I got the hang of it pretty quick.I let a couple guys feel me up through my clothes, but when they went for bare skin, I pushed their hands away. I heard insults like “cock tease” and I was called “frigid,” but fuck them, I was saving myself for Matt.A year went by since Matt left. I graduated from high school, turned nineteen, and Maggie was almost full grown. She was a beautiful dog, and she went everywhere with me. She slept on my bed, and I wasn’t quite as lonely.I also broke my hymen. Summoning up all my courage, I went to a sex shop. I was totally embarrassed when I walked in the door, and prayed that nobody I knew would see me there. I had pictured some really sleazy man would be behind the counter, but there was a really attractive woman working there.She asked if she could help me. “I-I’m looking for a, ah, um….” I stuttered, not being able to get the word out.”A vibrator, perhaps?” she asked, smiling at me.”Yes, one of those.”She showed me shelf after shelf of different vibrators. They came in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors, from little ones that go in your asshole, to a monster black thing that looked like it would be for a horse.I finally chose one that the clerk said was the most life-like. I had never seen a real penis before, so I took her word for it. It was pink, and it had a distinct head on it. The saleswoman said that it felt just like İzmir Escort Numaraları a real cock. It felt soft, yet rigid, covered with a material called cyberskin. She told me how to use it to excite my G-spot. I didn’t know what a G-spot was, but I would find out!I lay down on my bed, pulled my knees up, and spread my legs wide apart. I lubed up the dildo, turned on the vibrator, and started running it all around my pussy. It felt really good on my clit, much better than my fingers.Guiding it between my swollen inner lips, I took a deep breath and shoved it in. OWW! It hurt like hell for a minute, then the pain went away. I began to move it in and out, fantasizing it was Matt’s cock inside me. The longer I did it, the better it felt, and I soon experienced my first vaginal orgasm. Now I had something else to look forward to. I found that G-spot too!I hadn’t gotten a letter from Matt in weeks, and I was really starting to get worried. He was stationed way out in the desert, and there was no way to communicate with him. As the days went by, I was getting more and more frantic.One morning, Maggie started barking and running back and forth to the front door. I opened the door, and there were two military officers in dress uniforms coming up my sidewalk.”OH GOD NO! MATT!” I screamed. My heart dropped to my feet. Matt can’t be dead. He can’t be dead. I started to faint, and one of the officers caught me before I hit the ground. They brought me in the house and sat me down in a chair.Matt wasn’t dead. He had been wounded when a roadside bomb had gone off under his Humvee. His best buddy, sitting next to him, had been blown to pieces, but his body shielded Matt from the worst of the blast.He had a broken arm, a concussion, and his body was riddled with shrapnel. He was in a hospital in Germany, where he had undergone several surgeries to take the metal out of him. If all went well, he would be sent home in about two months.I started marking days off on the calendar. I had done a lot of work on the house since he’d been gone; fresh paint on the walls, new curtains, new carpeting, and some nice prints hanging on the walls. There was a new leather recliner for him, and new upholstery and cushions on the couch. The whole place looked bright and cheerful. I hoped he would like it.Finally, the day arrived. I had no idea what time he was coming home; he was getting a ride from the base he was discharged from. I was a nervous wreck, so I kept myself busy in the kitchen. I baked lasagna and a chocolate cake, both of which are his favorites.Maggie let out one of “somebody’s here” barks. I threw open the door, and there he was!”Matt, oh Matt,” I cried, and ran straight into his arms. Tears were streaming down my face. He held me tight, and I could tell he felt something different. There were breasts pressing into his chest that I didn’t have when he last saw me. He pulled away and looked me up and down. “My God, Beanie, you’ve grown up.”I punched him on the arm. “My name is Meagan, and every time you call me Beanie, I’m going to hit you again.” I was wearing jeans and a tee shirt, and he could see that I really filled them out.He started to laugh, and I hugged him again. He’d only been gone two years, but he looked much older, and much more mature. He had an inch-long scar on his cheek. He was wearing jeans and a tee shirt, too. I had expected to see him in his uniform, but he told me he had thrown that, and his entire duffel bag in the dumpster before leaving the base.He came in and sat down. Maggie came racing into the room, put her paws on the couch, and dropped her favorite toy in his lap. He gave her a scratch behind the ears, and she lay down at his feet. My little “family” was complete.I got two beers out of the fridge, and handed him one. I opened the other for myself. “You’re drinking now?” he asked.”I’m not a little girl anymore.””Yeah, I noticed,” he smiled at me. It was so good to have him home!We had a couple more beers, and I asked him how it had been in Afghanistan. He spoke quietly for a while, talking about the heat, the dust, and the boredom, then he became quite emotional.”It was awful, Bean–uh, Meagan. We killed people who didn’t do anything to us, who had nothing to do with 9-11. They were different, they were there, and we killed them; men, women, k**s.” He had an entirely different attitude about the military than he did when he enlisted. Tears started running down his face when he talked about the explosion that killed Keith Peterson, his best friend since grammar school, and wounded him.I put my arms around him and held him tight. Drawing his head to my breast, I held it there and stroked it,running my fingers through his hair, letting him cry it out. I was filled with love for him, not just sexually, but for the man himself. He wasn’t a boy anymore.It was getting late, and I went upstairs and put on my sleepwear, then joined Matt again on the couch. I had always slept in a tee shirt and boxer shorts, only now my body was different underneath it. I could see his eyes on me as I walked across the room; my braless boobs jiggled under the tee, and my nipples pushed out big dents in the fabric.When I kissed him goodnight, my lips lingered longer than the typical sisterly kiss he was used to. He looked a little bit surprised, but he returned it in kind. I wondered if he could hear the buzzing noises or the soft moans coming from my bedroom.The next morning, I was bustling around the kitchen, fixing breakfast. I was wearing the same things I had always worn, a tank top and cut-off shorts. Only now there was an ample amount of cleavage showing above the top. My shorts, like jeans are prone to do, had frayed a bit in the rear, and there was some bare skin visible through the threads.I knew he was watching me, because when I looked at him, he would turn his eyes away and blush. When I bent over to put Maggie’s dish on the floor, the front of my top pulled away from my body, and my tits were clearly on display, encased just over the nipple, in my sexy black lace bra. When I looked at him, he had put a napkin on his lap, but I could tell he had an erection.I wanted to have an effect on him. I wanted so much to make love with him, but I wanted him to want me, to pursue me, to make me his.I knew he was interested in my underwear, because I had carefully arranged my bra and thong panties on the top of the clothes hamper in the bathroom, and when I came back and looked again, they were in a different place. There was some thick, sticky fluid in the crotch of my panties. I had never seen semen before, but I knew what it was. The image of him jerking off and thinking of me, thrilled me to the core.After dinner that night, I opened a bottle of wine, and we flopped out on the couch and listened to some music on the stereo. After drinking a couple glasses, I put my feet in Matt’s lap and he started rubbing them, and we started talking.”So, Meagan, how’s your love life? Any boyfriends?””Nope, I’ve been on a few dates, but no boyfriend.””So you’re still a virgin then?””Hey, that’s getting a little personal, isn’t it?” I took one of my feet out of his lap and tickled him in the ribs with it. “Yes, I’m still a virgin. I’ve been saving myself for you.”He laughed when I said that, then he got kind of a faraway look on his face. He didn’t realize how dead serious I was. When he moved my foot, his eyes wandered up my leg. My boxers were kind of loose in the legs, and he could see one lip of my pussy.About two in the morning, Maggie started whining, and I heard shouting coming from Matt’s room. He was thrashing around in his bed, sound asleep, hollering “No, no, God, get him off me. So much blood, so much blood.” He was having a flashback dream about his time in Afghanistan.I lay down on the bed beside him and cradled him in my arms. “It’s alright, baby, it’s alright, it’s only a dream.” He calmed down after awhile, and I lay with him, spooning him, until he drifted back into a peaceful sleep. My arm was around him and he covered my hand with his. I could feel my nipples harden, as my breasts pressed against his back. I fell asleep, and stayed in his bed until early morning when Maggie whined to go out. I wondered if he knew I was there.I came home from the mall with several shopping bags, one of which had “Victoria’s Secret” printed prominently on it.Matt looked up at me when I came in. “So, what did you buy?””Oh, just some clothes.” I could see him eyeing the “Victoria’s Secret” bag. “And, um, a new nightie.” I thought hard for a minute. “Would you like me to, ah, model it for you?””Sure.”It was a sheer white babydoll, with narrow straps, and some lace at the bodice and along the hem. It was REALLY sheer. I took a big gulp of air, and walked into the living room. My nipples were hard and really poked out. “Ta da,” I exclaimed nervously.His eyes got really big. “My God, Meagan, I can see right through it.””Do you like what you see?””You’re my sister, for Christ’s sake.””That doesn’t answer the question. Do you like what you see?””Well, um, er yeah, but…””Judging from the tent in your pants, you like what you see.”His face got red, and I left him sputtering. But at least I knew he was interested. He İzmir Escort Profilleri looked at me much differently after that.That evening, I offered to give him a backrub. I hadn’t done that since he came home, and I knew how much he used to love it. He pulled his tee shirt over his head over his head, and his chest and abdomen were covered with scars from the shrapnel wounds. I wanted to kiss each one of them.He lay down on a quilt I had spread on the carpet, and I warmed some massage oil in my hands and spread it over his back. He had put on a lot of muscle while he was in the Army. I gave him a thorough kneading, digging deep with my thumbs and fingers. He was virtually purring with pleasure.When I finished, I turned my back to him, pulled my tee shirt over my head, and lay face down on the quilt where he had been. “My turn,” I said, handing him the bottle of oil.He was really gentle and tentative at first. “Harder, please, I’m not going to break.” He really got into it, running his thumbs up and down both sides of my spine, working the muscles of my upper back. My boxers rode kind of low, down on the curve of my hips, and the upper swell of my ass cheeks rose over the top of them. He included all the flesh that was showing, and I about melted.He hesitated a bit when he got to my sides; I lay with my arms over my head, and the sides of my boobs were prominently in view. His hand roamed over my ribs and back down again, then he finally gave in to temptation and included those too. I was squirming, it felt so good. When I sat up to put my shirt back on, I turned just a little bit, so he got a good view of the side of one of my tits. When I kissed him goodnight, I flicked my tongue between his lips.Massage became our nightly ritual. Both of us were hungry for another person’s touch, and each time we touched, we hit a little more skin. The next time, I tugged his shorts down a few inches, and traced his back muscles down to the top of his buns.When it was my turn, he did the same thing to me. When he was finished, and still straddling me, I suddenly rolled over on my back. There were my bare breasts, staring him right in the face. I reached over, grabbed the massage oil, and squirted it all over the front of myself.It was obvious what I wanted him to do. He started out massaging my shoulders, my chest, then my belly, avoiding my boobs. I finally took his hands and placed them right on them. His touch was so tender, so caressing, so loving.When his hands skimmed across my nipples, they swelled up and got so hard, I thought they would burst. I took my fingers and showed him how I liked them touched. He rolled them between his thumb and finger, pulled them gently, and pinched them, quitting just before it hurt.My whole body was on fire. My pussy was soaked. I writhed and bucked underneath him. “Oh God, Matt, oh God, oh God, Maaatt,” I shouted, as I had a crashing orgasm. I lay back, sated, gasping for breath. He bent over and gave me a quick kiss and headed off to his room. The front of his shorts stuck straight out.I slept in the nude that night; some nights I do that because it feels really good. Sometime, in the middle of the night, Maggie whined to go out. My mind was so preoccupied by the events of the evening, I forgot to let her out before I went to bed. I thought about putting a robe on, but I didn’t, and walked downstairs stark naked.She went out and peed, and I stood out on the back porch for a while, looking at the full moon. When I walked back down the hallway, Matt was just coming out of the bathroom. He looked at me up and down with a lopsided grin on his face. He watched my boobs sway as I walked, then focused on my bald pussy.It’s kind of funny; I spent years waiting for my pubic hair to grow, and finally I had this big silky blonde bush, and then I shaved it all off. When I looked at one of Matt’s “Playboy” magazines, all the models had bare pussies. I figured, if that’s what guys like, I’d do mine that way. I put the hair in an envelope and saved it.I smiled at him, then walked up and patted his arm before turning to go back in my room. Hoping he was still watching, I twitched my hips provocatively.The next morning we walked over to the community college. I had finished my freshman year there, and Matt wanted to go to college on the GI Bill. We took Maggie on her leash, and she pranced happily along beside us. On the way back, we held hands, our fingers interlocked with each other.That night, when I had massaged my way down to his lower back, I made no pretense about tugging his shorts down just a little lower; I pulled them all the way off and went to work on his great buns. Judging from the pleasure sounds he was making, I was doing a pretty good job. I worked my way up is legs, and when I got to the top, I could see the underside of his ball sac and the outline of the two globes that it held.”Okay, now, roll over on your back.” I held my breath when he did.”Is everything all right?” he asked, reacting to the expression on my face.”Yeah,” I gulped, “it’s just that I’ve never seen a penis before.” It lay between his legs, resting on his balls, surrounded by a mass of curly black hair.I rubbed the oil over his shoulders, down his chest and his belly, carefully avoiding his pubic area. When I finished with his legs, there was nothing left to do, but to get to the heart of the matter.Squirting some oil on his cock, I took it in my hand, and watched in fascination as it grew longer and got harder and harder. To this day, I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than watching a man’s penis become erect.I held it, and examined it from all angles, from the top, the bottom, and the side view. It was so much better looking and more well defined than the vibrator I had. The head was darker than the rest, and when I squeezed the bottom of his shaft, it swelled even more.I started to stroke it, watching the skin move under my hand. Slippery with oil, I fisted my hand and worked his crown, watching as it slid up through my hand. Cupping his balls with one hand, I started pumping, all the way from the top of his head to the root.”Oh, God, Meagan, that feels so good,” he moaned. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”I felt his balls get tight in my hand, and his cock jerked and spasmed as he came, covering his belly with his semen. He let go another spurt that just ran out of the little hole on top, and covered my hand. Watching a man come is another huge turn-on for me. Still holding his now limp cock in my hand, I bent down and kissed him. This time I put my tongue in his mouth.When it was my turn for a massage, I just stripped naked, pulling my boxers off along with my tee shirt. I lay face down on the floor, and when he straddled me, I could feel his soft cock dangle between my butt cheeks.He worked his way down my back. As usual his strong hands felt wonderful on my body. Then his hands were on my ass! I had no idea that was an erogenous zone, but it certainly turned me on. He kneaded and stroked, and I was rocking from side to side in pure pleasure. That crease between my cheeks, and legs rang all my bells.Starting at my ankles, he worked his way up my legs. When he got to my thighs, his fingers brushed against my outer lips, which were swollen with my rising heat. My pussy was soaked with my juice, and I’m sure he could smell the musk.I rolled over on my back, and his eyes took in my whole body. His cock started to swell to about half-mast, and I’m sure my body was glowing with the pure heat that I felt.He now knew how to fondle my breasts, and he made me come again. His hands worked their way across my tummy, and followed the curves of my hips. Skirting around my pubis, like I had done with him, he started massaging my legs.When he got to my thighs, I spread my legs a bit to give him better access. He couldn’t take his eyes off my pussy, as my engorged clit peeked out from between my lips.Finally, his hands found my mound. He cupped my center, and gently slipped the tip of his finger into my vagina.”Put it all the way in, as deep as you can. Use two fingers.””But you’re a virgin, won’t I hurt your, uh…””My cherry? Don’t worry about that; I broke it myself last year with a vibrator.”He looked relieved, then put two fingers inside me and moved them in and out. It felt wonderful.”Rub my clit,” I gasped.”I know women have one, but I don’t know where it is. Can you show me? Show me how you like to be touched.”I drew up my knees and spread my lips apart.”I’ve never seen a woman’s, um…””Pussy?””I’ve never seen a woman’s pussy before.””I know you’ve had sex.”I’ve only been laid once, and it was in the dark.” Somehow, I thought he’d been more experienced than he was. That would just make it all the more exciting for both of us.”Wow, Megan, that’s really beautiful,” he said, carefully examining all my lips and folds.”This is my clitoris, right at the top of my vagina. Watch this,” I said, and slid the hood back so the glans stood out.As I had with my nipples, I took my fingers and showed him how I liked to be touched. He gently stroked my labia, then moved on to my clit. He rubbed across the hood, then gently started tracing circles around the head.”Put your fingers back inside me while İzmir Escort Sitesi you do that.”The combination of being finger-fucked, while my clit was being stroked, brought me over the edge, and the orgasm thundered through my whole body. He kept on going and I came again; milky white fluid seeped out of my cunt and ran through the cheeks of my ass.When I could breathe again, I pulled his face down to mine, and kissed him tenderly.”I love you, Matt.” There, I said it out loud. To him. I didn’t know how he would react.”I love you too, Meagan.””I mean I’m IN love with you.””I know. Me too.”I lay awake, in my bed, for the longest time that night. What ever were we going to do?At our next nightly “session,” we just stripped naked before we started. When I straddled Matt, my pussy was right over his great buns. I made no pretense about it, I pressed my crotch tight against his ass, and started grinding against him. My heat was rising, straining for release.When I finished with his backside and he flipped over, his penis, in anticipation, was hard as a rock. When I knelt over him, I pressed my swollen labia against it.I didn’t use any oil on the front side of him, nor did I knead any of his muscles. I stroked him with my hands, then gently raked my nails across his chest, down his belly, and through his curly black pubic hair.”God, I love to look at your tits like that.” I was leaning forward and they hung down provocatively. He filled his hands with them, and my nipples were already swollen and sticking out.I kept my hands moving, teasing, all around his cock, but not touching it. It was throbbing, and a drop of clear liquid emerged from the tip.Leaning down, I took it in my hand and ran my tongue from the base to the tip. When I got to the head, I sucked it into my mouth and worked it up and down with my lips.”Tell me what feels good; I’ve never done this before.” Karen Wenner, the high school blowjob queen, had told me what to do, but this was my first time.”Everything you’re doing feels good. Nobody’s ever done this to me before.” Another first experience to share.Gently rolling his balls in one hand, I licked, and sucked, and bobbed up and down on his cock. He started moaning and moving his hips up and down. I put my hand around his shaft and started stroking it in time with my mouth.”Oh, God, Meagan…I’m going to cooome…AHH…”He tried to pull my head away, but I kept it there and sucked even harder as his thick cream filled my mouth. That was my first taste of cum, and I discovered that I really liked it. I swallowed it all.Matt drew my face up to his, and kissed me deeply. I wasn’t sure he wanted to kiss me when I still had his spunk in my mouth, but he put his tongue in deep, and I’m sure he could taste himself.When it was my turn, I didn’t even bother lying on my stomach. I was too turned-on to wait that long; I wanted his mouth on my tits and in my pussy. I wanted more than that, but we were building this up, one step at a time.He used his hands like I did, to stroke and tease with feather-soft touches–over my breasts, down my tummy, over my flaring hips, and all around my nether regions. I was purring like a kitten.His deep brown eyes radiated both lust and love. His lips replaced his hands, as he started kissing my boobs; the undersides, the subtle curve on the tops, and the valley in between.His mouth was tormenting me, as he went all around my nipples. Finally, when I could hardly stand it anymore, he zeroed in on my aching peaks. He sucked a nipple deep into his mouth, suckling and tonguing at the same time.An electric jolt ran straight from my tit to my clit, and when he slipped a finger into my wet cunt, I exploded. He switched from one nipple to the other, while moving his finger in and out of me, and I came even harder.While I was gasping for breath, his mouth moved lower and lower toward my mound. I drew up my knees and spread my legs wide apart. He continued the teasing, kissing my thigh, across my mound, and down the other side.Finally, he got to my center. His lips nipped and nibbled my swollen outer lips. When his tongue ran up and down my slit, I was going crazy. I took my fingers and spread my lips apart, giving him access to my most tender parts. This was the first pussy he had ever gone down on, but he needed no coaching. He licked my engorged minora around both sides, then gently sucked them into his mouth. He plunged his tongue into my tunnel of love and swirled it around and around.My clit had worked its way out of the little burrow where it usually lived, and stuck out proudly, red, ripe, and throbbing. Matt’s tongue found its way under the head, and he flicked it unmercifully, before sucking the whole thing into his mouth.I shook, I shuddered, I fisted my hands in his hair and pulled his head even tighter against me.”Oh, God, Matt, oh God, OOOOOH!” I filled his mouth with my musky ambrosia, as I had the biggest orgasm of my life. When I finally subsided, he kissed me deeply, and it was my turn to taste myself in his mouth.For the next several days, we abandoned our nightly massage ritual. We went to the movies, took Maggie for long walks in the park, and went driving in the country. We both knew where this was headed.I wanted him desperately, but I was afraid of forcing myself on him. He told me later that he felt that, because he was my older brother, he didn’t want to take advantage of me.We spent a lot of time talking, reminiscing about our c***dhood, and our future educational goals. Matt wanted to be a computer programmer, and I wanted to be a nurse. We spent a lot of time talking all around what was really on our minds, and in our hearts.Then, tired of waiting, I decided to take the bull by the horns. I put on my sheer white babydolls over a lacy thong, and walked into his room. He looked up from the book he was reading and his eyes got big. Although he had seen my body naked, there is something about the mystique of seeing through filmy gauze that is incredibly sexy.I put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.”Make love with me, Matt, I want you so badly.””I want you too, Megan…” and his voice trailed off.”I hear a ‘but’ in there.””But, I’m your older brother, and I should…”I interrupted him before he could finish.”Do you love me, Matt?””With all my heart.””And I love you. We’re both adults; we love each other. Are we hurting anyone?””No.””Are we doing anything that will hurt each other?””No.””Will you make love with me?””Oh, God, yes.” He swept me into his arms, and there were tears in both our eyes.We kissed for the longest time. Funny, we had gone down on each other, but we had never really made out. We made up for that in short order.”Meagan?””Yes?””I never did tell you how much I like that lingerie you’re wearing.””Then you’re really going to like getting me out of it.”His mouth moved from mine, down my neck, across my shoulder, slipping one strap on my babydolls off. He kissed me across my chest, and down to the one breast that was exposed. When his mouth found my nipple, I pulled the other strap over my shoulder, and let slip to the floor.I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, and we stood together, chest to chest. His hands found both cheeks of my ass, and he kneaded and massaged them. His hard cock pressed against my stomach. I pulled his shorts down and took his erection in my hand.My blood was boiling, my bones turning to jelly. Unable to stand any longer, I pulled him down on the bed, and he hovered over me. I quivered all over as his hungry mouth devoured me. I had the first of what would be many orgasms, when he sucked my nipples.His mouth moved down across my tummy, pausing to tongue my navel, before skimming across the top of my panties. They were soaking wet, and the tiny triangle of lace was pulled up between my lips.I slid the thong slowly down my hips, and his lips followed the slow descent. When I kicked them off, I drew up my knees and spread my pussy open to him.He kissed, licked, and sucked every part of my hot, wet center. When his tongue found my swollen clit, I exploded, and flooded his face with my milky white juice. He gave me a moment to recover, and brought me over the peak again.”Now, Matt, come inside me now. I want to feel your cock in me.”When he rose over me, I took his cock in my hand and directed it to my opening. Slowly, he slid the head between my lips, and my cunt started to widen to take him in. He pushed on, slowly, gently, until his whole length was inside me.I had waited so long for this, for him. It’s hard to describe all the sensations I felt the first time I had a real cock inside me. I was so hot, so silky slippery, so tight. My vagina pulsed as the muscles spasmed around him, holding him even tighter.He plunged in and out of me, setting up a rhythm that I matched with my hips. “Ahhh,” I cried, as I had a deep vaginal orgasm, squeezing his cock with a velvet vice-like grip.”Oh, God, Matt, fuck me Matt, fuck me hard…faster…harder.”His back suddenly arched, and his eyes rolled back in his head, and he shouted my name, as he exploded, sending wave after wave of his hot cum into the deepest part of my cunt, setting me off once again.Spent, exhausted, we lay side by side, cuddling and stroking each other’s body.”I love you, Matt.””I love you too, Beanie.”I punched his arm. Really hard. And we both laughed until the tears ran down our cheeks.*******That was ten years ago. We graduated from college and moved to another town where nobody knew our history. Maggie is twelve, and her muzzle is turning white. Every day our love grows stronger.

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