Mistis’ Adventures Part 111


Mistis’ Adventures Part 111That evening, Cathy came home, smiling more than usual. Billy and Bruce were over at the Kelly farm, helping Pete, and hadn’t returned yet, but Robbi and Gail noticed right away. Abe was distracted. He was on the phone, in the living room, talking to someone, they didn’t know who.Cathy walked in and set her valise down, and simply said, “Mission Accomplished!” Both knew what the “mission” was. Cathy had confided in both of them about what she had planned. Gail glanced into the living room to see if Abe was still there, and still occupied. He was.”WELL! HOW WAS IT?” she asked. Cathy’s smile got even bigger. “It was FANTASTIC!!!” she answered. “He fucked me 5 times, and came inside me ever’ one of ’em. Once in my mouth, or should I say, in my stomach. I learned to deep-throat today. Then he came twice in my ass, and twice in my pussy. I was worried a bit when he first started in my ass. He was so big, I didn’t think it would fit, but he pushed it in, and shot me full of cum. We went to the linen storage room, and the nurse’s aid went with me. He came in and took the clothes off of both of us. I thought he was going to fuck both of us, but he stopped after he finger fucked the other girl. Once in her pussy, and once in her ass. He made her cum BOTH ways.” They stopped her and Gail looked into the living room. Abe had a deep frown on his face. “It was Janet. Her ex is trying to sue her for half the pharmacy. She talked to a lawyer, and the lawyer told her that he is trying to hold her up. She’s gonna wait for a couple of more weeks and get it straightened out. She still wants to buy it, but had to get a writ against him. That’ll take a few days. It has to be served on him, before it’s legal. I’m gonna go and talk to David. He knows about these things. He slipped on his shoes and went out the door.Robbi grinned. “OKAY, GIRL!!! SPILL IT!!!” Cathy started over. “Mom brought my laptop to me today, when her and Dad were on the way to meet y’all at Bruce’s. I gave ’em to Karen, the nurse’s aid, she’s real good with camera and stuff, so I asked HER to film us. We went to the linen room, and she set up the laptop, and got my phone ready. John came in and kissed us both, Escort and then, striped BOTH of us nekk**. He fingered Karen in the ass and the pussy ’till she came both ways. It made him good and hard, and he put me on my knees and stuck his dick in my mouth. It went in easier than it did the other day, when I gave him a blow job. He pushed it in far enough to gag me, but when I did, he pushed it even deeper. I thought for a minute he was gonna choke me. Karen told me to do the same as when a big dick guy fucks ya, and relax my throat. I took ‘im out and cleared my throat and swallowed a couple o’ times, and he went in a little deeper. He face fucked me a little more, and my throat started relaxing, and ever’ time he would push his dick in a little more. ‘Fore long I was feelin’ ‘is balls on my chin. I knew he had it in me all the way when I felt THAT. He kept on fuckin my mouth, and before I knew it he was shooting his cum straight into my belly. It felt kinda funny, and kinda nice. I belched like I had been drinkin’ warm beer, and, after that, it felt good.””ANYWHO! He put me on my back and finger fucked my cunt some more, and started eating me. He shore got a long tongue in ‘is mouth. It felt like if I opened my mouth, HE would lick MY lips. He ate my twat for a while longer and started playing with my pussy lips some more. He got on top o’ me in such a way that I couldn’t move. He started rubbin’ the head o’ ‘is dick up and down my pussy, and got it wetter than I can remember. He worked it all the way in, and lifted my head so I could see it comin’ out o’ me. He got it out, and laid it on my belly. His balls was rubbin’ my pussy, and the head was past my belly-button. I couldn’t believe that all that dick had just been inside my cunt. IT WAS HUGE, AND AS BLACK AS COAL!!! IT WAS SO BLACK, IT WAS SHINY!!! He started pushin’ it back in me, and I figured I was gonna split wide open. He just kept on pushin’ ’till it was all the way in. By then it was beginnin’ ta feel purty good in there. Made me feel kinda warm. But, BOY!!! DID I feel FULL! He held me up so I could watch ‘im goin in and out o’ me. Looked like my pussy was turnin’ inside out, ever’ time he pulled back. Escort Bayan I don’t know how long ‘e fucked me, but it seemed like ‘e wasn’t gonna stop, anytime, soon. He was nailin’ my ass to the floor. I swear I saw it smokin’ a couple o’ times, but the longer ‘e fucked me, the better it felt. I came so many times, I felt like I was gonna faint. I couldn’t even catch my breath. I was pantin’ like a bitch dog in heat. He moved ‘is hands where I could move my arms, and I grabbed both of ’em full o’ ‘is ass and started humpin’ ‘im back. Musta started somethin’, cause it wasn’t much longer till he started cummin’. I think he put at least a gallon o’ jizz inside my pussy. AND I SWEAR he was tappin my womb the whole time. It felt so deep, and it felt different from the other times I been fucked. It felt HOT inside me.”Both women were fascinated by her telling, so she went on. “He rolled me over on my stomach, and started rubbin’ the head o’ ‘is dick around my asshole. THEN he started pushin’. I’m sure glad, now, that the guys had fucked my ass for me. It they hadn’t, it woulda killed me. He, to give ‘im credit, took it slow, and steady. He kept on pushin’, though. After a while, I felt ‘is balls rubbin my ass cheeks. He buried the bone in me. He started fuckin like ‘e was still in my pussy. Ya know, his dick never once went down. He stayed hard the whole time. He fucked my ass just like ‘e did my pussy. He was wearin’ me out, but it hurt only a little when he first stretched my asshole. After he got inside, IT started feelin’ good, TOO. He did like he did when ‘e was fuckin’ me at first. He had me on my belly and layin all the way down on me to hump my asshole. He had my arms out in front o’ me, so I was trapped, AGAIN! He was givin my ass what for, and reached under me an’ started playin with my titties. His hands are rough, and he made ’em sore from rubbin em so hard. He like pinchin my nipples, too. He fucked me for a long time in the ass, an’ I felt the muscles in HIS belly bunch up, FINALLY, and he started loading my ass with ‘is cum. Felt like ‘e was givin’ me an enema. I was scared that he was gonna pull out too fast, and make me shit on ‘im. He took ‘is time, though. Bayan Escort He pulled out nice and slow.”Cathy started laughing. For a minute she couldn’t speak. Robbi asked her, “What’s so FUNNY?” Cathy looked at her, tears of mirth running down her cheeks. “John started talkin’ about how he had filled me up with HIS cum, and had purposely shot it into my womb, to knock me up. He had been told about how I stopped taking birth control pills, and am trying to get pregnant. He said he intentionally shot cum into my womb, and that, when I came up pregnant, he was going to tell everybody that it was HIM that knocked me up. ESPECIALLY BILLY!!! I panicked, and grabbed a bundle of clothes off the floor and ran, BUCK NAKED, from the linen room to the lounge. All the people on the floor saw me. They followed me to the lounge, amd started asking me what happened. One of the LPN’s went back to the linen room, and John and Karen were rolling around on the floor, still naked, and laughing like hyenas. The nurse pulled them apart and asked them “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” and they told her what they had done to me. Karen asked if I wanted MY clothes. I had grabbed HERS when I ran out. Ever’body had already seen me naked, so we walked back to the lounge. Turns out they been laying a trap for me. It was their way of welcoming me. We all had a good laugh, It was Glenda that got it started, I found out. Karen and John both apologized for givin’ me such a scare and they both hugged and kissed me. The others did, too. John gave me the best kiss, yet, and made me start drippin. The nurse told me we had plenty of time, if we wanted to make the best of it. John had to tell me he was out of steam, so Aaron, another Orderly, took me back to the linen room, and gave me a dose of HIS medicine. He’s almost as big as John, but he’s white. He gladly took sloppy seconds. He fucked me all three ways, too. Got to give ‘im credit, though. He was just as good as John. He made me nut like there was no tomorrow. All the pictures of both of them are on my laptop and camera. Aaron isn’t shy, either. Karen came with us and took the close-ups, again.”Robbi, Dear. Will you edit them both, and put them on CD’s for us. I think you will ALL enjoy watching me get the shit fucked out of me, AND watching me streak the 2nd floor of the hospital, in broad daylight. Make a couple of extras, too. They might end up as gifts. Come to think of it, make 10 copies of each. “PLEASE!!!

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