Adventures of Misty Lee Ch. 02


Opal stood there watching my son, Alan, slam his fat 8 inch cock into me from behind. I was in the throes of too many orgasms and too far gone to care what she, or anyone else for that matter, cared.

But rather than being outraged, Opal was turned on.

“God that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said as she lifted her nightgown over her head. “Keep fucking her, I’m so turned on I can’t stand it.”

As I looked over, Opal was completely naked, had two fingers in her pussy and her other hand was busy squeezing a nipple.

Never a quiet lover, I was moaning and thrashing about. “Slam it into me, Alan. Fuck me. Don’t stop. I want your cock.”

Up on my knees, Alan held me by my thighs and kept slamming into me over and over. Then, suddenly, he slowed down. Pulling his dick almost all the rize seks hikayeleri way out, he slowly, agonizingly, pushed in and then pulled back out just as slowly. I could feel the entire length of his cock going back and forth and it was driving me crazy.

Just then, Opal climbed onto the bed and crawled underneath me. She stopped at my breasts and started licking one while squeezing the other.

“Oh, yeah, Opal, harder, squeeze me harder. Bite my nipple. Harder, HARDER! Bite it! Oh, God, I’m cumming again.”

With Opal biting and squeezing my nipples and Alan driving me crazy from behind, I was over the edge. My whole body just shook and the bed was soaked with my cum.

Scott then pulled completely out and without warning shoved his fat cock right in my ass, all the way to the hilt.

“AAGGGGGH!!” I screamed, not from pain but from pleasure. “Oh yeah, fuck your mom’s ass. Your mom’s a dirty slut, fuck her ass, fuck her ass.”

“Mom you’re really an ass whore aren’t you? You really love me up your ass.”

“Oh yeah, I love it in the ass, in the cunt, in my mouth. Anywhere. Ohhh, don’t stop, I think I’m cumming again.”

When Alan started fucking my ass, Opal left my tits and moved down to my pussy.

“Wow, Misty, you’re completely shaved, just like me.”

Then she slowly started licking my slit. In all the times Duane and I had been with other people, I never could get into girl/girl sex, but Opal’s tongue on my clit had me so turned on, I suddenly found myself sucking her pussy. And frankly, it tasted pretty good! I started swirling my tongue around her clit, just how I like it, with a little bite here and there, just for fun.

“Oh, Misty, don’t stop, that feels great. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Then Opal just released a gusher of cum all over my face.

That put Alan over the edge. “I’m cumming too, here it comes, here it comes. Ohhhh!” And with that Alan dumped load after load of hot, thick cum right up my ass.

Opal crawled out from under me, both our faces a sheen of pussy juice and with a plop, Alan pulled his still half-hard dick out of me. Cum just poured out of my ass.

“Mom, that was incredible,” said Alan, “but we can’t tell dad, he’ll kill us.”

“Are you kidding?” I said. “When he gets home, I’ll get him in bed, get on top of him and tell him every juicy detail. He’ll be so turned on he’ll fuck me till I can’t stand up. He loves to hear the juicy details when I fuck someone else and this one will be the best yet!”

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