Mum, Me and a Stranger at the Nudist Beach


Mum, Me and a Stranger at the Nudist BeachMum, me and this stranger, Neil and the nudist beach.Courtesy of a posting by an anonymous writer on another site.Another day round the pool whilst Dad was yet on another fishing trip, we were getting quite bored round the same small pool as both my mum I liked relaxing on the beach.’I could really do with finding a beach’ mum said. ‘I know what you mean, pretty boring here isn’t it?’ I replied.I was on holiday with my parents, just for a few days break. Dad was doing things by himself most days leaving me and mum bored. So one day in particular, we thought enough was enough were going to try and find a beach to go to.Every day we noticed this guy sunbathing on his own, he must have been early 50s round about mums age. Each morning we would smile at him and say “good morning another nice day” but never really chatted too much. So sitting there me and mum were debating who was going to go over to him and ask where the nearest beach was.’ok mum I’ll go and ask him I said to her walking over to this guy.’Hi I’m Joe’ ‘how are you’ I said to this guy.’Hello, good thanks I’m Neil’. We started having small talk and then I finally got talking about beaches and where we could go.’I know a very nice beach about 25 minutes on the bus’ Neil said’Brilliant at last, really could do with getting away from this pool’ I said ‘I know what you mean, pretty boring pool area’.’if you don’t know the way, I’ve been there before, but I could come with you if you don’t mind’ Neil was on his own so thinking to myself it’s not a bad idea, but I had best ask mum first.So off I went and asked mum, she wasn’t over keen but I think she just wanted to go out for the day and desperate to get away from the pool.I introduced mum and Neil and then we got our bags and took a walk to the nearest bus stop.As we walked to the bus stop I was in my flip flop and shorts, too hot for a top. Neil wasn’t an oil painting but for 50 he wasn’t too bad a little bit chubby, walking along in his short as well. But mum on the other hand, 49 and looking good for her age, a slimish lady with a nice big bust. There were days when you couldn’t help but look. Mum was walking along with a summer dress rolled day covering her bikini bottoms but had her top half uncovered, just in her bikini top.Our bus finally arrived and it felt like forever we wrtr on this hot sweaty bus. It wasn’t so bad as at least the conversation was flowing. Neil was telling us his split from his wife and is out here on his own. He seemed very interested in mums back ground also.’By the ways guys I haven’t been to this beach for 3 years so don’t have a go at me if it’s not to your standard’ Neil said’No you’re ok as long as there’s sand I’ll be happy’ mum replied.Then we finally saw the ocean, ‘At least were here’ i said getting up and getting the bags to get off the bus.’Oh it looks very nice’, ‘good idea in this one Neil’ mum saidAs we lugged the bags over, I was in front whilst them too where behind talking i couldn’t see a huge amount of people, but I could see a lot of bare bums.’Wait a minute’ ‘this looks like a nudist beach!! ‘ I said’Jesus it does’ Neil replied’Are you winding me up’ mum said looking disappointed.’No take a look for yourself ‘We carried on walking down as we all felt we had come along way for this.As we got closer we noticed a lot more people and some even in shorts and bikinis. ‘It’s not a full on nudist beach by the looks of it’ mum said’No you right, I’m so sorry it wasn’t like this 3 years ok’ Neil said sheepishly.’Don’t be silly’ I said to Neil I felt quite sorry for him being on his own and that. So by now where walking along the sand trying to find a spot when i decided to take my sport here:There was a mature lady in front of me, naked, I had got my sunglasses so I was defo going to have a perv.’this will do”fine with me’ mum said As the 3 of us sat down we got talking and come to terms with none of us have ever been on a nudist beach. We found it quite funny osmaniye escort as we were all having a look round and all these naked men and women.’That’s a biggy”Mum I can’t believe you just said that’ I said whilst Neil was laughing.’ Well it is look at that guys penis’ mum said looking at the man in front of us. She was right too and it was semi erect.Neil was still laughing and i was more embarrassed than anything.’ are you guys even tempted to go nude’ are you quite happy with yourself’ neil said’I’ve never had the fault of coming to a nudist beach’ ‘but no I don’t think it would bother me’ mum replied.’ I don’t know about going nude, a lot of people seem to be looking like we are’ i replied back not being so keen. But deep down I was well up for it.We got chatting and were just enjoying being in the sun, every now and then we would comment on people and have a laugh, I suppose it was normal.’do you mind if i go topless?’ mum saidmy chin nearly hit the floor, i cant believe she wanted to.’ er er er its up to you’ I stuttered. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to see my mum’s tits¬’ do what you feel best’ replied NeilCheeky git I bet her couldn’t wait.Just then mum sat up and reached round for her bikini top strap. i couldn’t believe she was going to do this. Not that i was going to complain, i was really gagging to see her large tits.The wallop out fell her to big 34 dd tis, a little saggy with her age but nice.Both me and Neil didn’t know where to look. And the conversation didn’t really flow as much.’Right you two I’m going for a quick dip’ mum said getting up and walking towards the sea.Both me and neil just sat there and admire the view. Sooner or later one of us was going to say something.’bloody hell, your mum has a nice set if you don’t mind me saying’ neil said’for 49 years old i expected her tits to hit the deck’ I replied back both laughing.’do you think she’d mind if i went nude’ neil asked’up to you mate”yeah why not’just then i see neil stand up and pull his shorts down. he wasn’t massive but had taken care and had what wasnt a bad looking cock, round about 4 inches on a flop.I guessed that it would look pretty impressive when hard.’thats better’ neil said.i didnt know where to turn. Just then mum started walking back. was a great view her walking towards us with her big tits hanging out. slight gleam off them where she was wet from the sea.’oh you decided to go for it’ mum said to neil’might as well no one knows me here’ neil replied.Couldnt believe it i was sat on a beach with mum and a stranger, he had his cock out and mum was topless.’why dont you join us’ neil turned saying to me.’oh no thanks mate im ok like this”its a nice feeling’ neil answered back.Did this guy want to see my cock or something, i was thinking. not that i was bothered im quite open. Mum just was sitting there not saying anything.’fine but im scared”scared of what’ mum repliedneil was laughing he knew what i was going on about.’well you know’ ‘Know what?’ mum said she really was confused’I think his scared of growing in size’ neil said laughing’Oohh I see’ well what can you do, it’s only natural’ replied mumWas she serious, couldnt believe how calm she was. i was horny as it was didnt need her butting in.So just then i took my shorts off , I wasn’t completely soft I waited until it looked an impressive size.’blimey’ mum said’muuuuummmmm, please dont embararrse me” im only k**ding but i thought that guy in front was big’ By now neil was in bits laughing away and how she was winding me up. I now couldnt believe i was sitting on a beach with a stranger butt naked and mum was sitting there with her tits out.Mum was enjoying the weather laying on her back with her eyes shut. Tits were looking fantastic spread across her, you could tell she had a big pair on her.We was in quite a peaceful area not to many people around us.’fancy a dip’ neil said to me’ why not, could do with cooling down’ i repliedSo me and neil took a walk düzce escort into the sea and was admiring all the other women on the beach, just having a good old perv.’your mums tits are great’ he said’you really like her boobs dont you neil?”shes so much more taster than my ex wife”easy neil’ i said in a joking manor.i didnt mind was horny for me and defo him, and not bad for mum, dont suppose she gets many compliments these days.As we got out walking back over, cocks hanging out, i couldnt believe my eyes. mum was stark bollock naked.’Blimey, wow thats a great view’ neil said’you cheeky bugger”jesus shes bald’ Neil exclaimed staring at my Mum’s cunt.neil come on thats my mum’ pretending like i was bothered by it but really i was dead horny. I knew i was cos the couple of feet left to walk over i was 3/4 semi hard but not point out. ‘nice swim’ mum said turning on her side’even better now ive got out’ neil replied looking blaently at mum.’oh thanks neil’ mum giggled like a school girl.oh no please dont I’m thinking to myself i was getting a full hard on.quickly i turned to lay on my front. just as i turn neil turned to. he had one too I noticed it quickly. mum was laying on her sides looking at us.’do you find it more comfortable laying like that’ mum said to use’no i bloody hate it, but its that time’ neil replied’what time, mum said confused’oohhhh’ mum giggling ‘have you two got hard ons?”i certainly have’ neil replied. i was keeping quite. Then i couldnt blieve what i heard next.’lets see, i wanna see the difference’ mum said smiling at neil.’mum dont be so rude’ neil may not want to’. knowing full well he did.’and yours i want to see’ mum said to me.just then neil looked round and noticed no-one was about and sat upright and showed my mum his cock.’very nice’ mum said smilling looking at it’very nice indeed’ she said again’now you turn joe,’ she said looking at me. horny as hell i was so close in cumming and haven’t even touched my cock yet.So i sat up just how neil was looking at my mums big tits and bald fanny.’bloody hell k**’ neil said’thats huge”blimey’ mum said shocked looking at my cock.To be fair it was an impressive hard on, i was so horny.’i wasnt expecting this when i woke up this morning’ neil said’ no me neither’ mum replied’ but its been a lovely day’ she went on to say.Both me and neil where sitting up right but naked cocks point to the sun, mum got up and moved her towel right in front of us.’what you doing mum”blocking you to out so its not embarrassing for you if people see that your hard’ she replied’good idea’ neil said.’ its getting bloody hot on my private parts’ neil said looking at me’ tell me about it’ i said laughing’ ive got some factor 30′ mum said reaching over to her bag.both of our heads turned to the side to get a look at her legs spreading, she knew what she was up to. ‘here neil’ passing the cream to him.just the i watched neil put cream into he hands and apply it on his stomach.’well your still going to get a burnt penis’ my mum said to him’but it’ll look like im masterbating’ neil replied back to mum.’ oh dont be silly no one can see and plus i dont mind’ ‘ i can imagine that would be painful for you neil’ mum smiled to him’ oh yes it certainly would’ neil was looking quite nervous now, maybe because he knew mum was married and didnt want to try his luck. But she was the one who seemed keen.Just as i was looking at neil rubbing this cream on him to see if he would actually do it, he brushed his hands and grabbed his hard cock, but that was it he didnt seemed to massage it.’is that it’ mum said to neil’well what do you what me to do’ he replied’i was kinding hoping to see you wank it”mum how dare you ask him that’ i said i could not believe she was behaving like this, i had to act as if i was shocked and annoyed but deep down i was so bloody horny.’do you really want me to?’ neil said smilling’no one can see’ mum replied just then as neil was sitting up he started to izmit escort slowing wank his 8 inch hard cock, whilst mum was sat right infront of him naked staring at him wanking. Her nipples where so erect, she was ovbiuisly horny too.’very nice’ mum said looking at neil.’hers the cream’ mum said handing it to me.’ wha wa wa what, you want to do…’? i said barely getting it out.’well you might aswell’ mum replied.Jesus mum wanted me to wank off to. so without being asked twice i grabbed my cock and started stroking it blatantly staring at her tits. She shouldn’t of asked me to wank as 1 i was going to blow my load anytime soon and2nd i was going to be balent about looking at her now.’do you mind if i have a feel”but your married, neil replied back to mum’he wont find out, will he joe’ mum turned to me.’no course not’Just then mum lent over and reached out for neils cock.’jesus its hard’ she said stroking his hard cock.mum was on all fours bent over, the sight of her tits sagging down was great. i couldnt believe i was watching mum stroking a guy shes only just mets cock. i just sat there right besides them wanking.’oh yes, this is great’ neil said moaning’mmmmmmm’ he said againMum was smiling she was loving every minture of this. she knew how to be a tease by the looks of it.’do you want to see me now’ mum said smilingboth me and neil didnt even have to answer that, but we did. his reaction was..’fuck yes’ and min’yes please’Just then mum let go of neils cock and layed on her back and opened her legs. just what i fault she was mega horny, you could see the wetness on her pussy. she reached down and started rubbing her clit. both me and neil carried on wanking whilst she was watching. She looked up and us teasing the fuck out of us.’im so near to cumming’ i said’me to’ neil repliedmum just layed then rubbing her soaking wet pussy.just as I thought things couldn’t get any hornier, neil got up and crawel over to mum. she looked abit worried now, looked like she only wanted to tease. neil went straight for the kill and stuck his hand out and started rubbing her clit. She moaned like crazy. neil didnt do this for longs and held his cock and moved it towards mum. she looked down at him cock. I was thinking is he going to cum?? But just then he got close to the open lips of mums bald pussy after hesitating a few seconds while slowly wanking, steadily moved forward and stuck the bell end of his cock just inside her wet fanny lips. Mum lifted her thighs obligingly and Neil took the hint and slid his whole cock inside my mum.I couldn’t believe it: here I was sitting totally naked in front of my Mum, my cock rock hard – and me wanking like crazy as she was fucked by a total stranger in public.’oh yeah’ mum moaned’that feels so nice’ she said againneil thrusted about 5 or 6 times, by now i was wanking so slow oherwise i would of shot mu load when mum said’i dunno if we should do this hear we may get caught” your right’ neil repiled’ are you close to cumming’ mum said looking at us both.’ any second now’ we both repliedmum then crawled over to us on all fours and went start to neils cock and sucked it, he was sitting with his arms back in an upright position whilst she was bent over. ‘oh yeah yeah mmmmmm’ neil moaned ‘ohhhhhh’ another moanjust as i thought neil had shot his load right in mums mouth, just as she was sucking the last bit dry i stood up walked round behind her and wanked as fast as i could shooting my hot spunk on her back. It went all over her back, shooting really high up and all over her buttocks, some even sliding down the cleft and into her gaping fanny slit. I was really in a whirl, not only had my Mum seen me wank but my spunk was now dribbling into her slit and inside her cunt. My own mother had my sperm in her!She turned he head and looked at me, cum all round her mouth and smiled.’fucking hell thats alot of cum’ neil said to me’i no jesus i am horny’ i replied shaking my every last bit of cum on mums back. mum turned over and right there swallowed Neil’s load.’mmm lovely’ she said licking her lips.’Right put your cocks away now lads’ ‘where going back to our apartment’ your father won’t be back for another 4 hours’ mum said gloating like a school girl.Mum was gagging for it and by the looks of it i may get to join in.!!!

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