My Fantasy Journey Pt. 02


Dressed in pink

Another hotel room, several days later, this one courtesy of a conference he is attending. The excuse to my wife of another business trip away isn’t wearing thin. Yet.

Mid-afternoon. He arrives first, I show up a short time later. He has to pop out to pick up a security tag for the first workshop which is in an hour or so. I have time to prepare.

As the door closes behind him, I open my case to reveal my latest purchases. The garter belt, always first on, is a luscious pink with delicate lace detail. The suspender straps hanging from it are black, adding an air of the devil to them. I love how sensual it makes me feel. The stockings are a slightly lighter pink, topped with dusty pink lace. I carefully stretch them over my knees and clip them expertly to the belt.

The babydoll is delicate and dainty – in a similarly flirtatious pink. It hugs my body closely, two darker ruffled areas cover my nipples while the lace mesh doesn’t quite reach my waist. I pull it on and revel in the feeling of sexiness.

The panties are last to be manoeuvred up my legs. Crotchless, allowing my boy-clit to peep out, they too are an erotic shade of pink. All together I look like a slut in heat. And that is exactly what I am.

I climb on to the bed and position myself facing the doorway. Hands held above my head and knees together, twisted to my left. I am ready for his return.

He is back within a few minutes clutching the tag. As he places it on the desk he becomes aware of me on the bed and hesitates, visibly excited. I stare at him and slowly open my right leg to show him the panties. As I fully open my legs, I am spread before him, presenting. He emits a low growl as he walks towards the chair and starts by discarding his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. I move my legs back together and lift up my ass to pull the panties down to my ankles. I pull them off my left leg but leave them them hanging from my right ankle. I slowly open my legs again so he can see my boy-pussy. I reach to my side for the lube and apply it smoothly to my passage. I eagerly watch him start to take off his pants.

Suddenly, my phone rings. Damn, I hadn’t turned it off. I reach for it on the side table and see it is my wife. Usually we text or message so this must be urgent. I decide to answer, turning away from him. After we exchange pleasantries, my wife explains she can’t find something on our shared computer. I begin to describe where the offending items are when I hear him approach the side of the bed. I half turn as he clambers on and I am suddenly face to face with his raging hard-on.

I warn him off with my eyes as I continue to talk but he continues to push towards me, pressing his tip against my lips. As a matter of habit I open them and start to suck his shaft, feeling a buzz pass through me. I suddenly remember myself and quickly try to explain I am sucking a sweet. He pushes forward again and I suck him in, eager to taste him. This is impossible! Reluctantly I turn away and try to wrap up the conversation.

He climbs off the bed and moves towards its end. Leaning across he grabs my legs forcefully, pulling me across the sheets, my babydoll caught underneath me. He positions his rock hard cock at my entrance and pushes my legs forward so as to line me up. As I frantically shake my head, I say into the phone, “I’m sorry I have to goOOOOOOOOOOO” at Pendik Öğrenci Escort the exact time he plunges deep into me. I arch my back and my eyes almost burst from my head. “I’ve stubbed my toe” I shout into the phone, “I’ll call you baAAAACCCCKKKKK”, as he drives into me again. I press the button to end the call and drop the phone to the side. I look up and I see the pure animal lust in his eyes as he jackhammers into me. I have never felt him so long, so thick and so strong. He pulls out to the tip and smashes deep into the hilt again and again and I moan fervently with pleasure.

After several minutes where I approach the most delirious state of joy I have ever experienced, he pulls out and walks back to the chair, sitting down with his rod standing incredibly tall. I am empty again and I jump up eager to be filled once more. In a few seconds I am positioned with my back to him and his tool touching my hole. This time it is my turn to plunge down on him, using my legs to lift myself up until he is almost out and then swiftly driving down so he impales me fully. My moaning is constant as every down stroke generates a feeling of delight and desire.

We continue in this state of near euphoria until I hear him start to breathe deeply and buck upwards at me. He is close. As I finish a down stoke, he grabs my waist and I grind my ass into his lap. He holds me there for a few seconds then lifts us both off the chair, still keeping his shaft inside me. He pushes me forward, my knees buckle and I slip to the floor, arms outstretched so I end up on all fours. He has managed to follow me down, his tip almost leaving me but staying just inside my hole. He pitches into me fully again, as far as he can go and I arch my back with the force, moaning loudly. It only takes a couple of minutes before I hear him start panting. He is ready. I turn my head and locate his eyes with mine. I smile and softly say just five words. “Please come in my mouth.”

He pulls out and I feel the instant emptiness. He moves quickly round to my front and I rock back immediately onto my heels in readiness. As he thrusts his cock forward I tilt my head backwards and open my mouth wide. He is almost too late as his first shot hits my left cheek and the second lands on my bottom lip. He adjusts his aim and sends the rest of his milk directly into the centre of my mouth. As I swirl it round, I place my hand on my boy-clit. I fix my eyes on his again, open my mouth and allow the creamy semen to slowly slide out, on to my lips, down my chin and splash on to the front of my babydoll. I pump myself, coming almost immediately and oozing slowly out on to the carpet.

I sit back, sated. But he has other ideas. He seizes my hand and pulls me up. I’m confused as he leads me quickly to the bathroom, where we enter and he takes a towel from the rail. Throwing it to floor he gestures to me to kneel on the towel. I still have a baffled look on my face as I take up the position. As he moves forward holding his now diminishing cock, I understand. I open my mouth again for him, as wide as I can. The warm torrent begins, initially directly down my throat and then as I gulp, flooding in my mouth. Some even splashes on to my chin, mixing with the cum and slushing down on to the babydoll front. Once he is done I lean forward and suck the last salty drops from his slit. I rock back again and close my eyes in Pendik Çıtır Escort wonder and satisfaction. In the distance I can hear my phone ringing.

Forty minutes later he has showered and changed. I have lain on the bed, the badydoll front damp and gooey, the cum caked and dried on my cheeks and chin for the whole time. I have two missed calls and several indignant messages. He walks over to me, kisses me lightly on the lips and walks to the door to leave for the workshop. Once the door closes I pick up the phone and stand up. I dial the number and immediately launch into an effusive apology. Even in the time I have had to think I haven’t come up with much that’s plausible, but I pray it will suffice. I have only uttered a few words when the door opens again. He strides in towards the desk and picks up the forgotten tag. As he turns and looks at me, he stops. I suddenly see that fire again in his eyes. He places the tag back down slowly and moves towards me.

I back away. Not again! He unzips and I am shocked to see his cock is already firming up. He starts to stroke it rapidly and steps towards me. I back away further, eyes glowering but he reaches me and spins me around. At the same time he pushes the small of my back down so my legs splay out and my ass moves down level with his rod. I reach forward for support, putting my hand on the wall. I am frantically apologizing again as he rips into me in one motion, “I’m sorry I have to go agaAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN” I blurt out, immediately pressing the end call button and then the off button. I let the phone drop to the floor and move my hand up to the wall to join the other. He pistons into me like a relentless machine. Over and over. He fucks me deeply and strongly and I arch my back and moan non-stop. He is clearly in a hurry and he pounds me without a pause until he finally fires jet after jet of sperm into my hole. At the same time, my boy-clit strains and stretches and I come too – the first time ever without being touched – soaking the carpet for a second time.

As the feeling of pleasure continues to wash over me, I feel his hands on my waist again and he starts to turn me. I drop to all fours and take his thickness into my mouth and clean it of cum. I kiss it one last time before he urgently pushes it back into his pants, turns, grabs the tag and strides to the door. As it clicks shut I bring my hands up from the floor so I am resting on my knees. I feel his thick cream start to glide out of my boy-pussy and slowly run down the inside of my upper leg. I reach down with my hand and use my finger to scoop up the first load. I bring it up to my lips and suck intently, tasting him. I repeat the action until I have several globs on my tongue. I close my eyes and swallow, tracking his seed’s passage down my neck and into my waiting belly.

I lean back against the wall. I should be thinking of the reasons for my behaviour on the phone. Instead I wonder when the workshop will be over.

A week later and I have been home for several days. When I first returned I was full of cum, both in my belly and in my ass. He took me in all sorts of positions and all through the day and night. I am getting anxious for more and thankfully I have an opportunity tonight.

Somehow my wife believed my wild excuses. At least she seemed to. Anyhow, we appear to be on an even keel. Tonight she is due Pendik Elit Escort to go out for a friend’s birthday dinner and as she prepares I coo over her dress and her hair and act the dutiful husband.

As her car moves off the driveway, I grab my phone and text the code words to him. I bound up the stairs and retrieve my outfit from its hiding place. It is the same one I wore on the first afternoon at the hotel. The pink babydoll and tops of the stocking retain the gobs of cum – I have not had freedom to clean them yet. This time I throw them on as fast as I can, fiddling nervously with the straps and smoothing out the babydoll mesh. I leave the panties to one side.

A simple tap on the door announces his arrival as I reach the bottom of the stairs. I open it and usher him in. As I step back I recognise the tell-tale lust in his eyes. There is not going to be much foreplay tonight. He grabs me roughly and pulls me into the sitting room. He moves me behind the sofa and bends me over. As I perch there he rips off his shirt, opens his pants and pulls them sharply down, stepping out of them. He does the same with his briefs.

I tense, waiting for his entry, pushing back my hole. He spits down on his cock for lubrication, lines me up and heaves into me. There is a sharp pain as the spittle hardly does it job but the feeling disappears almost immediately, replaced by the full feeling I have come to adore. He establishes a steady rhythm, deep and long, and I close my eyes, arch my back, moan softly and disappear into my abandoned idyll.

The sound of the key in the door brings me back instantly to the real world. As the door opens my eyes widen. She walks in and stops on the spot, frozen. I don’t know if she too has forgotten something, or whether she suspected. I only know I am in front of her, dressed in an array of lewd pink underwear, moaning deeply as I am pounded mercilessly from behind.

He has seen her too and immediately quickens his pace. She remains rooted. I half-heartedly try to wrestle free but he has me pinned with his weight. I sense from growing experience he is approaching the point of no return. My boy-clit is feeling the building pressure too as he rams deeper and deeper into me. I close my eyes, still moaning, as he finally pulls my waist to him, his shaft, buried so deep in me, pulsates and fires rope after rope of semen into me. I gasp and open my eyes. She is still there and watches as he pulls me back from the sofa, displaying my front to her, and pumps me several times more. My boy-clit erupts without further stimulation and I spew my cum towards her. I close my eyes, lost in the moment, and vaguely hear the door click shut.

Three hours later he has taken me twice more. Once in the bedroom, my legs on his shoulders as he pummelled my rear and once by the open patio doors, on all fours, my moans leaking into the outside world as he ravaged my behind. Both times he fired his precious seed far into my waiting womb.

He has gone now and I have left a strange, confusing message on my wife’s voicemail. I sit by a wall in my bedroom, my babydoll long gone but still dressed in my garter belt and stockings. My head is spinning as I contemplate a future that a few hours ago was secure and now is a complete void. I think of my personal and family relationships and how everything I know will change. I think of everything I have done to get here and understand I know nothing about what is to follow.

However as I allow my head to fall back and touch the wall and I close my eyes to block out the lightbulb’s glare, all those thoughts are replaced by one other.

When will I be able to take his cum inside me again?

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