Revealing at Work


I latched the door and listened.

I knew I could get into big trouble.

However, I knew I couldn’t stop now.

I listened again. None of the sounds of the office, the people, or the phones seemed to enter this space.

Only the sound of the overhead fan broke the silence.

I swear I could hear my heart beating.

I wondered if this was too much. Maybe I shouldn’t do so much.

I closed my eyes for a moment and told myself to relax.

“No one is going to know,” I tried to reassure myself, trying to keep my hands from shaking.

“No one is going to notice I am gone,” I told myself.

“You need to do this for yourself, you want to do this,” I thought to myself.

I had been thinking about doing this for weeks, ever since I had read about it on-line. This had become one of my ever-increasing number of favourite fantasies. It also seemed very easy; I was amazed at the number of videos online. Whether reading or watching, each time the effect was the same. I ended up naked and making myself orgasm. I just had to do this this.

Exploring my desires, pushing the limits on my sexuality, it was seeming to become almost an obsession with me. I loved the feeling I got with each new thing I tried. I was getting bolder and I knew I was pushing up against what other people might find acceptable, but the more I was doing the less it seemed to bother me.

At moment I wasn’t seeing anyone, I had moved to the city to take a job and other than a few unsatisfying encounters most of my explorations had just been things I could do alone.

I had decided last night that I would try to today. I had noticed that almost no one used this washroom during this time of day. It was about thirty minutes before everyone went for lunch. I had troubling focusing all morning but no one seemed to notice I was distracted.

Last night I had taken a bath before getting ready for bed. Relaxing in the hot water with a glass of red wine, I felt my anxiousness disappear.

Sometimes it felt almost like two different sides of my personality were battling it out. One side, the logical “me,” was a good student and dedicated employee. This “good girl” always tried to do the right things and always followed the rules. I had been this way all of my life. The other side of “me” was new. The “desires me,” wanted to explore what it felt like to be sexy, to be naughty, and to give in to pleasure. The “desires” had become much stronger it seemed with each passing week since I started this new job.

I knew people found me attractive, I always thought of myself as average, but at 5.2 and 100 pounds with a nice figure, I enjoyed the attention of men and women. Living at home until recently though, my desires had never really been given a chance and I wanted to have some freedom to explore.

Finishing the wine, I took my razor and I shaved my legs first, luxuriating in the feeling of the steel blades moving up and down my legs. Running my hands down the now completely smooth skin, I shivered anticipating the next part.

I pulled myself up and sat on the edge of the tub, with my feet still in the hot water and bubbles. Taking the razor and being very careful, I shaved my pussy completely, as I had seen in so many videos. Normally, I kept it trimmed; now for the first time as an adult, I made myself completely bare.

My mom would be shocked. As I shaved the harder to reach parts, I almost felt light-headed, as small electric shocks seemed to ripple through my body as my fingers touched my folds and other naughty places.

I had to stop for a moment and force my hands to stop shaking. I could feel myself getting hotter and watched my petals start to open. Reaching between my legs, I ran the razor carefully between my pussy and my ass to remove all of traces of my hair. Finally bare, I ran my fingers over my smooth skin and shivered again in excitement.

As I slid back into the water, I ran through my plan for the next day.

I pictured each step and what I planned to do several times. With one hand between my legs and my other playing with my nipples, it wasn’t long before I felt my body go rigid and my body explode as I came hard in the tub. Afterwards, I let my fingers continue to wander as I savoured the feeling of my body returning to normal. I let my mind drift in the possibilities of what might happen.

Returning to the present, part of me couldn’t believe I was actually here and doing this, it was breaking so many rules and I was so bad. With the door latched and my eyes closed, my fingers fumbled with the buttons on my blouse. One, two, three, and then finally the last button was undone. My top fell open and I could feel the cool air caress my skin. Still constrained by my bra, my nipples were hardening, I could feel them pushing against the soft cups. Goose bumps formed on my skin and my breathing was more noticeable.

My breathing was so loud I was momentarily afraid that if someone came in they would somehow hear me. I smiled because Escort in a few minutes, I would be completely naked and the sound of my breathing would be the last thing I would have to be worried about.

The little clasp on my bra came undone and I felt the pressure deliciously lessen on my chest.

A small moan escaped as I felt the release. My boobs weren’t big, 34B’s, but they always felt sexier when they were free. I slipped my blouse off and then shrugged my shoulders and my bra fell away. I hung them both up on the hook. Now naked from the waist up, I took a moment to savour the feeling of running my fingers across my naked skin.

I began with smaller then larger circles tracing on my chest with my fingernails, another moan escaped; this time I made no effort to stifle it. Moving up I cupped each breast, then with my fingers and thumbs, I pushed and pulled each nipple one way and pushed back the other way, applying some pressure to pinch them as well. More moans escaped and I felt my knees get wobbly.

As wonderful as this felt, I knew I wanted more.

With my eyes closed, I slipped my shoes from my feet. The floor felt cold on my bare feet as I fumbled with the button on my slacks. Undoing it, I took a deep breath, hooked my thumbs on the waistband of my pants, and slipped them down over the flare of my hips. I wiggled my hips as my pants slipped down over my thighs and then steadied myself as I pulled them off each leg and they joined my blouse and bra on the door hook.

Now just in my wet panties, and feeling the chill of the air conditioning, I smiled at my fully erect nipples and I could detect the sweet scent of my little pussy. Stopping for a moment, I ran a finger along my pussy, feeling myself up and enjoying the heat of my damp crotch through my tiny red panties. The silky material hugged my opening and my clit protruded from the sheer fabric.

“OMG,” that feels incredible. I felt so exposed and so naughty.

Just for a moment, my mind flashed to another one of my darkest desires and I imagined being caught. Before I knew it, I was picturing being brought before my boss and being spanked for being a bad girl. Without a conscious thought, the image of my sexy boss spanking me made me almost come on the spot.

Steadying myself again, I took the final step and my panties joined my other clothes on the hook. Fully exposed, part of me wanted to unlatch the door and run to the mirror to see myself naked. Maybe snap a selfie to prove I was doing this. Taking a deep breath, “Maybe next time,” I didn’t know if my nerves could keep up with my imagination.

I felt my strength to control my lust weakening, and I once more I gave into the feelings.

Letting my mind return to the image of my boss catching me masturbating, I closed my eyes again and started using my fingertips to caress my body. I thought about the humiliation, the shame, the excitement.

I used one hand and started it moving up my stomach, slowly moving up my body, the tips of my fingers barely grazing my skin, the sensation sent chills up my spine. I imagined that my fingers were her fingers. I could almost feel her hot breathe on my body.

Moving in circles ever higher, I felt the fingers move higher along my stomach and then to the rise of my breasts and this time another long moan passed over my lips. Always moving, always just lightly touching me. My neck and back arched as the intensity of the feelings took over all of my senses.

My other hand slowly traced the flat contours of my skin just above my pussy. Moving the same way, the light touching felt incredible. I was now leaning against the side of the stall. For a moment, worried about how long I had been in here but as one finger moved along the uneven petals of my vagina and parted my lips, I inhaled sharply and lost all sense of time.

I could feel the electricity rolling and building from the core of my body, I could almost see the crackling of electricity in my mind, and this was so much better than I had imagined. I felt like I was on a roller coaster as it made the first long climb to the edge of the highest precipice.

My breathing was loud and ragged and my quiet whimpering filled the air. I was pinching and pulling on my nipples furiously now and my other fingers had focused on exploring the edges of my pussy, the heat and the moisture lubricating a pathway for them.

I tried to prolong the intensity of these feelings but my legs could barely support me. My breathing was coming in short little pants as the roller coaster teetered on the edge of oblivion. Then I felt myself plunging over the edge, I felt like I was freefalling for miles. Suddenly I tried to freeze as I heard the unmistakable sound of outer door to the washroom open.

“OMG,” I thought, but it was too late, a long loud moan started in my feet, rose up through my legs and tore through my chest, and out of my mouth. I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. The chain reaction of my actions combined with the wicked Escort Bayan thoughts in my mind, and my orgasm was not going to be held back now.

I knew whomever it was, was going to hear what I doing to myself. My body went rigid and then started to twist and bend as the orgasm shook me. I shivered, moaned, whimpered and shook for several moments, I knew whoever it was would know the unmistakeable sounds of an orgasm. I knew I must have made too much noise not to be discovered. It didn’t matter, in that moment; all of my feelings were locked into the release I was experiencing.

The intensity of pleasure finally began to fade after several moments and was replaced by the growing ice-cold fear of imminent discovery. The washroom seemed quiet; the only sound was from my own breathing. My arms and legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds but my body still buzzed with the residual energy of my orgasm. I stood silently, naked, just trying to catch my breath.

I knew I shouldn’t have done this. I knew I was caught.

My good girl brain was thinking I wish I had thought about trying to start by just masturbating through my panties quietly in a stall. I knew giving into my fantasies was going much too far.

I checked my phone and I realized I had been away from my desk for almost 30 minutes. My excitement of the intensity of what I had done was now being countered by the cold realization that I would be in serious trouble.

Part of me thought I should just wait to be punished; maybe the thought of being discovered naked would be worth the embarrassment. My practical brain fought hard and for a moment by body listened and and mechanically and without enthusiasm I began to get dressed.

I grabbed my blouse and put it on, I was doing up the buttons when I realized I had forgotten my bra. “Fuck,” I whispered to myself, grabbed it, and tucked it into my purse rather than to waste time taking my blouse off again.

I pulled my red panties up my thighs and felt the cold wetness of the crotch pull tight against the still throbbing warmth of my pussy, smiling despite my fear, pushing my practical brain back, even just for a moment.

The slacks were next and felt that rush as the tightness of the seam pushed hard against my very sensitive pussy again. My desires were reasserting themselves again even as my practical brain thought it had won. Slipping my shoes on, I left the stall and stepped into the empty room.

I checked each of the other stalls were empty. I was sure I had heard the door open just as I came. I wondered what had happened, was I hearing things. Did someone know? Did someone report me? What would be waiting for me on the other side of the door?

I looked at my reflection, I was flushed, my hair slightly tousled, the top of my chest was bright red. I thought I looked like someone who had just been fucked, and I smiled again.

My desires said, “You go girl, good for you, it was worth it” my practical side said, “OMG OMG OMG, you went too far, you deserve what is going to happen next, what are you going to tell your mom when they fire your ass?”

My hand was shaking as I turned to face the music and consequences.

I opened the door …

The office looked like nothing had changed, the phones were ringing, people were working, and my boss looked up from a huddle of people.

“Are you okay, we were worried, you looked very pale before?” she said.

I nodded, “I am okay, just needed a break,” and smiled at her.

“Okay, lets get back to work then,” she smiled and then she turned back to the people she was talking to. It was like nobody even noticed me.

I walked back to my workstation, nobody pointed their fingers and yelled, “She’s a slut,” one of two nodded but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I sat back at my desk, I realized by bra was peeking out of my purse, but not too far, I figured I was safe and shoved it back into deeper.

I couldn’t believe it, nobody acted any different. Lunch came and went; the afternoon went by as normal. People asked me questions, including even my boss. Nothing was said; no one seemed to have noticed.

Had the door opening been completely my imagination?

My boss came to me about mid-afternoon and as she approached, panic gripped me. In the few weeks I had worked here, we had only had the briefest of contact and all of it came from me going to see her or being called to her office. She had never come to my workstation.

“Liz, could you stay a little later tonight to finish that assignment I gave you?” she asked, politely and she smiled.

Lindsay was in her early fifties, attractive in a professional way. I think her husband was a lawyer. She kept herself in good shape and I had always thought she was very attractive.

“Sure Lindsay, I didn’t have any plans,” I said, I hoped she didn’t notice the sweat that I could feel on my forehead.

“That would be great Liz, I hate to ask, but my meeting for next week has been moved Bayan Escort up to tomorrow, and I really need that paper.”

“Lindsay, I am almost done, I could likely have it done if I stay for an hour or two,” I said relieved that I wasn’t in trouble.

“Thanks Liz, you are a life saver,” and she swiveled and walked back to her office. I watched her nicely shaped posterior sway in her tight skirt.

Quitting time came and went and my co-workers left in one’s and two’s, no one seemed to notice that I was still working and soon I was the only one left. Focused, I barely noticed them either and when I did glance at the time, I realized I had been working for almost an hour since everyone had left. The office was dark and very quiet.

Another hour later, most of the building was in darkness and I finished the final proofread. I stretched and then I was just getting ready to turn off my computer when my phone vibrated.

I glanced once at the message and not recognizing the number I ignored it. Literally, seconds later the same thing happened. Against my better judgement, I opened the text.

“Elizabeth, I know what you did,”

My heart almost stopped.

I had been working so hard, I almost forgot about this morning.

Only the lingering feeling of dampness in my panties and the tingly feeling reminded me about how bad I had been. So focussed, for the last few hours I hadn’t thought about it, now all of my fears about being caught flooded back.

For what seemed like an eternity, I just stared at the screen.

“You sounded like you were having such a good time.”

“I wanted to stay until you finished, I didn’t know if you even noticed someone else was in the washroom.”

I hadn’t moved and I realized I was still holding my breath. Realizing this, I exhaled; I could feel my heartbeat thumping even harder in my chest.

“If it felt half as good as it sounded, that was quite an orgasm, Elizabeth.” It was the second time they used my name, the first time it hadn’t registered and now it did. I felt like I was really in trouble, the only time any one had ever called me Elizabeth was when I was in deep trouble.

I still hadn’t responded.

“Are you there Elizabeth? Come on don’t be shy.”

In my mind I was freaking out, I should have known something like this would have happened.

“Don’t worry; I’m not going to tell anyone, not if you answer my questions, that is.”

Sweat was beading on my forehead again. I had no idea who the person texting me was. I figured it was a woman, because a guy would have looked suspicious going in and out of the woman’s washroom.

“Now come on Elizabeth, answer my question.”

I thought again, I only heard the door open and I never heard anything else because of my orgasm and my moans and whimpers. It could be any number of women who worked on my floor; it could be any one of almost twenty women. I knew a few of them; they would know me because I was relatively new. I had only been there for a few weeks, still on probation.

“Elizabeth, answer the question, please.”

I needed time to think, the logical part of my brain was running around screaming inside my head. My desires part of my brain was trying to convince me, “What the hell, let’s see where this goes.”

“Yes” I typed slowly. My logical brain was screaming inside my head, “WTF are you doing?”

“Good, see that wasn’t so hard.”

Then a few seconds went by.

“Did it feel good?”

“Yes,” I typed, that butterflies in my stomach and the tingling between my legs had started again. My logical side brain said, “Fine, I give up. Desires, you are such a slut.”

“Good, you sounded like it did.”

More seconds ticked by.

“Have you done that before?”

“No, it was the first time,” I typed, not realizing that it implied that I might do it again.

“Oh, would you want to do it again?”

A full minute went by before I realized what I had said.


The tingling was steadier now, I could feel the excitement of my desires rising, and I knew without looking that my nipples were hard again.


“Weren’t you afraid of losing your job or someone like me catching you?”

“Yes and yes,” I typed, my heart starting to beat faster. I knew I should just stop and not answer any more questions, but my sense of arousal had already defeated my logical brain, I was in uncharted territory and my desires had the ball.

“But you did it any way, you were very naughty.”

“Were you naked or did you just play with yourself through your clothes?”

“Naked,” now I could feel my panties starting to get really wet again.

Nothing happened for a minute or two and I glanced around the empty office, worried that someone was hidden and playing mind games with me.

“Do you feel like doing again right now?”

Whoever it was could likely guess the answer. I knew that answering this question was not a good idea, all of the warnings from my mother flashed through my mind.

I typed, “Yes.”

I knew it was a mistake, I knew that whomever was on the other end of the text was manipulating me, was controlling me, and was dominating me.

I knew though, I couldn’t submit fast enough.

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