Sex and Cam Girls


Sex and Cam GirlsWhen we arrived home… One thing I did know was it was going to involve sex. Sex with Geoff and sex with Angela… But what kind of sex, that was the question going through my mind…In the house Angela slipped off her coat and took off mine, she tugged my black lace knickers down to my knees and then kissed my on the lips again and our tongues slipped and licked each other. From behind Geoff pressed against me and my bare bottom was touched and stroked by his strong hands. I was happy just being between them. The centre of attention. Geoff was kissing my neck and Angela was now fingering my pussy lips, just teasing them, touching, pressing and stroking me. I was so turned on by her I pushed against her hand and tried to make her finger me deeper inside.Angela kissed me again and this time she pressed her body against mine. Then she whispered to me. ‘Would you like a good fucking now dear Kathy?’ I wanted it so badly that I just blurted it out. ‘Yes! Yes! I want it now..’Geoff then pulled me over to the sofa and laid me down, he pulled my stocking legs apart and removed my knickers from one leg and left them dangling from my left ankle. He then leaned into me and his stiff cock rubbed my pussy lips. I was so willing I tried to get him to put it right inside me straight away. But he smiled and just rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my pussy lips. ‘Please.’ I begged him ‘Fuck Me! Please I want it…’‘So you want him to fuck you Kathy?’ Angela asked me over his shoulder. ‘Yes I want it now.. Please fuck me now..’ I replied. Geoff looked d back over to Angela. ‘Now yo remember back at the pub you promised you would do anything…?’ Angela asked me. ‘Yes I promise’ I’ll do anything. Anything your want just make me cum. Please’ I answered back to them both. I was begging them both now for some sexual relief from the teasing of Geoff’s cock teasing my pussy lips. ‘Ok Geoff. Fuck the little bitch. Fuck her hard.’ Angela told Geoff. He then pushed his cock deep inside me. Oh the feeling of him doing it to me was amazing. I was so frantic for his cock. I just wanted to be filled and made to cum. I didn’t care what I had to promise to them. But I suppose I should have before agreeing to do ‘Anything’.Geoff was now fucking me hard on the sofa with my stocking legs raised up into the air. He pulled my basque off my breasts and began to suck my exposed nipples one after the other. I could see Angela taking off her knickers and step towards me. She raised one leg and leaned forward so that her bare pussy was above my head. ‘Lick it!’ She ordered.I raised my head slightly and licked her pussy lips. They were a little wet and sticky with her sex juice. I licked more and more to make them more wet. as I did this to Angela her I could now see her pink wet cunt lips open up above me and I pushed my tongue up inside her as far as I could. ‘God that’s fucking amazing!’ Angela exclaimed as I tongue fucked her.Geoff was now fucking me slowly with deep thrusts. God it was an amazing fucking we were having. I was just loving the feeling of Geoff thrusting between my legs as he held my ankles up and Escort bayan high with the full force of each hip thrust filling my cunt up with his stiff cock. God I felt such a wonderful feeling of sex. I was a real fuck slut, licking at Angela’s cunt while her husband fucked me hard and deep, I just never wanted it to end.Suddenly I was cumming! Really Cumming! I thrashed about and yelled out loud. Angela jumped off me and Geoff leaned hard on top of me as I jerked and twisted against his body. I was thrashing about so much I slipped off the sofa onto the floor but was still cumming with Geoff still with his cock hard up inside my cunt. Then it was over and I began to relax and go limp.One amazing orgasm. Geoff was still hard when he pulled out of me and He immediately reached for Angela. He pulled he over to the sofa and turned her round so that she was bending over me between my legs and pushed her head down onto my open pussy. He then mounted her from behind, pushing his stiff cock right up her cunt in one hard thrust. ‘Fuck!’ She screamed out as Geoff banged his cock into her. I was looking into Angela’s eyes as she bent down and began to lick my very wet and swollen pussy lips. I felt a tingle as she licked her tongue up and down and then she pushed her tongue inside my cunt. ‘OH!’ I cried out. What an amazing feeling!Geoff was now quite literally ‘Doggy Fucking’ Angela like a bitch. Hard and fast. Pumping his cock in and out of her cunt like a piston in a machine. ‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ he shouted out over and over as he banged away at Angela. He was holding onto her hips and was completely engrossed in fucking his cock into her as hard and fast as he could. I could feel his thrusts through Angela above me as her face was forced hard in-between my spread legs. This was insane fucking.Finally Geoff started to cum inside Angela. He grunted and gasped several times and pumped his cum into her cunt from behind. Then he managed to get off her and slump down onto the end of the sofa with us. ‘Fucking Fantastic!’ He gasped out loud at us. Angela moved over to him and kissed him on the lips. I watched and then went and go some more drinks. I thought I might need to get a little tipsy if not flat out drunk for the rest of the night.once I had handed out the drinks and sat down with Angela and Geoff. I asked them a question…‘So what have you made me promise to do? You’ve told me not a thing yet. Just teasing me and making me cum so far tonight. What dirty little thing do you have in mind?’ I asked straight out, I think the drink must have started to go to my head.‘Well Kathy you know that you owe us both a great deal because of your debts and the money you owe.’ Said Angela.‘Well we thought that we could help you pay off your debts just a little bit quicker.. If you know what we mean?’ She said.‘Er.. No idea what you mean Angela. How do I pay off the money and my debts quicker? I’m doing the best I can?’ I said.‘Well there is a way.’ Said Geoff ‘It what you have been doing tonight since you arrived Kathy.. You have become a bit of a ‘Tart” Darling Kathy and you could Bayan escort earn good money playing the ‘Tart” professionally..’I listened to what Geoff said and slowly, very slowly I put two and two together and came up… Well not very much because I was still a bit mystified by what Geoff and Angela were talking about. I sat looking at them a bit blank. So Geoff told me what they were asking me to promise to..‘We want you to offer yourself up for a bit of computer online porn. We know you can manage it. We just want you to do it a little more professionally, rather than just fucking around here with just us.” He said. ‘We know of a website where you can do online sex with a camera and earn money from people who will pay you and Angela. For online sex..’ I must have still have had a bit of a vacant look on my face because Angela cut in. ‘Lets show Kathy what we mean, it will be easier for her to understand if we show her..’So Geoff got the laptop and dialled up a website. “Cam-Girls” then he showed me what sort of things the “Cam-Girls” did. I then asked a question. ‘They all seem to be lesbians..? How do I do that? I asked innocently. ‘We told you Kathy. Both you and Angela will do it together and the money you make you split fifty-fifty with Angela. Understand now?’ Said GeoffI was still getting my head around this idea when Angela cat in again. ‘You promised Kathy you would do anything! Remember? Anything! Well I want you to do this, with me, understand now? Angela said with her bossy voice. ‘So your doing it. Tonight and tomorrow and for the rest of the weekend. With me.’ She said. ‘Ok Geoff sign up with the website, we can be online in about half an hour. Time some more drinks I think.’ Geoff signed up with the website. I sat back and drank some more glasses of wine and a straight brandy for some ‘Dutch’ courage. As the time went on I was nervous. Then came a message on the computer. “Your Cam-Girl Room is online”‘Now what?’ I asked. Angela smiled at me. Geoff turned the laptop towards the sofa and Angela and I sat right in front of it. In a little window in the bottom corner I could see our picture that the web cam could see. I waved at myself on the computer and my computer image waved too. We were live online. ‘Now what?’ I asked again. Angela turned and gave me a kiss. ‘Mmmm!’ Straight on the lips and slipped her tongue inside my mouth. ‘There! That’s what we do!’ She said.Suddenly a picture appeared on the screen of the laptop. A man sitting there. “Hello can you hear me?” Came a voice and the man’s lips moved. “I’m Spikey. How you two ladies doing?’ Geoff gave a little laugh. ‘Your first customer ladies. Your live on “Cam-Girls” right now..’ ‘You mean he can see me, us, sitting here like this..” I said without realising Spikey could hear every word I said and see everything that Angela and I were doing on the sofa together.Angela gave me another kiss on the lips and once more inserted her tongue into mine. I watched as her eyes went to the screen of the laptop. ‘Like that Spikey?’ She asked the man on the screen. ‘Sure do. Can you do more? Er.. Please?’ Escort He asked Angela. ‘How much more do you want.. Spikey?’ She asked him back. ‘How about you suck each others nipples? Suck on your teats for me, how about that?’ Spikey asked. ‘Well see that little button on your screen? Pay us 20 and we will suck each others nipples for you live.’ Angela said‘Ok ladies I’ve paid. Lets get some action going here. Which one of you is Kathy? And who’s Angela?’ Spikey asked.He knew our names! How did he know our names? I was thinking about that as Angela sucked on my left breast. I could even see the little picture in the corner of the laptop with her bend over me and her mouth and lips licking and sucking my nipples. Spikey was now wanking his cock in front of his web camera. I could see him playing with his cock. While Angela and I played at kissing and sucking each others tits. Spikey would not pay any more.We split our money fifty-fifty just as Angela said we would except that my half share was not very much. Only a small 50 American dollars. Still it was more than nothing and we still had plenty more customers wanting to see us that night.Geoff took the laptop upstairs to the bedroom to give us more space to work with. The laptop sat on a small table beside the bed. Angela and I climbed onto the bed and got ready. Geoff turned on the laptop and soon the same little picture appeared in the bottom corner of the screen. I waved again and saw myself wave back. Angela was fiddling with the bedside cabinet and from it she produced several brightly coloured sex toys, dildos and vibrators. She handed me a bright red rubber dildo. It wobbled in my hands as I played with it. Suddenly another picture appeared on the laptop. This time it was a couple and young man and young woman, they looked like two teenagers or perhaps older in their 20’s.“Hi!” They both said together. “Are you to ladies for real?” The young woman asked us. Her face came up close to the screen and she smiled with a big grin on her face. ‘Hello.’ I said to her. ‘I’m Kathy. what’s your name?’ I asked her. The Young man leaned in and said ‘Peter and Susan here, what are your two names?’ ‘Oh don’t tell them our real names Peter!’ The young woman exclaimed. Angela then chipped in. “What are you looking for here my two darlings? What can we do for you?’ It turned out that Susan had never really had lesbian sex with another woman so she and Peter, her boyfriend, wanted to try some internet sex with to women to see what it might be like for real. They chatted for a while and then Angela persuaded them to pay some money over. Angela then used the big wobbly dildo on me and began to fuck me with it while the young couple watched. Soon Peter wanted to have sex with Susan so she got on her knees and while she watched the computer screen he fucked her from behind while I lay back and let Angela make me orgasm with the big dildo up my cunt. She dipped her head between my legs and sucked and teased my clit as was cumming and cumming over and over. On the laptop Young Peter was still fucking away at young Susan while she was watching Angela and I play lesbian sex in the bed in front of the laptop. Then the screen went blank.The young couple closed the cam. By this time Angela and I were really quite exhausted and tired with all the sex. So for that night we stopped and we slept. I just sort of passed out and fell fast asleep.

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