Sex In The Woods With Teacher


Hi and this is a true experience which happened in July and the storyis as follows. My name is Arpit am quite well built. One day, while going to my college I wanted to pee badly n stopped for a leak whilepeeing.
I noticed that a lady was also peeing just 50 yards away from where Iwas. Suddenly, my mind went crazy thinking about her and my penisstood erect. I couldn’t control my emotions n started jerking off and later
I got to know that the lady was pooping and she didn’t see me because she was squatting and the grass and bushes were 3 to 4 feet in height then I felt like seeing her face and then I moved slowly towards her and when I saw her face
She was beautiful but she had huge breasts covered by a saree, blouse and obviously cupped by a bra while she was busy pooping, I was busily wiping off the pre cum from my penis in India, it is very rare to find a public toilet and Indian women are very conservative and do not yield easily for sex with strangers.
Also they cover themselves to the fullest so that there cleavage shouldn’t be visible. I decided to show myself to her. So I undressed fully and stood naked in front of her and she got a shock of her life and she stood and started running after running for a few meters
She was gasping for breath n she stood then I picked up my stuff andher stuff and then I Escort slowly started a conversation with her. Later we got to know that we were from same college and she was one of the teaching staff and her name was Pooja and she was 28 years old.
But from what I figured, she looked as though she was around 32 years and she was newly married so it was quite easy to persuade her to blow me. Initially she was very hesitant and she did not want to cheat on her husband
Indian women are very spiritual and treat husband like God. It took me more than 20 minutes to convince her. Finally, she agreed that I could jerk off seeing her but she wouldn’t help me or even touch me.During all this drama, the worst possible thing which happened was,
She popped in her saree and in her panty but this was the best ever thing which happened to me because she had to undress and clean herself so again an argument started where, she asked me to go out for a while so that she could clean herself after 20 minutes
I convinced her that I would help her and during this andI lost my erection but I wanted to squeeze her tender breasts. So I went n removed her never ending Saree and we were so close that my erecthuge penis was touching her navel she was pretty small.
After seeing my penis, she was in the mood as much as I was. Then I started kissing Escort Bayan her on her neck which she was clearly enjoying then we started smooching and even she started smooching and kissing all over my chest. I removed her blouse and her padded bra after seeing her soft huge breasts
I almost cum without jerking later, like a hungry wolf, I started squeezing her breasts and started licking and biting her nipples slowly and she was enjoying this to the core and moaning like hell. She was pressing my head hard against her big boobs.
I went to my car and brought my water bottle and she cleaned her ass and pussy and her legs because she had popped herself then she got down on her knees and took my dick in her mouth and she started blowing like an angel within 10 seconds.
I cum in her mouth and I was very embarrassed with myself and she encouraged me and we moved in to my car because she was scared that someone see her inside car, I widened her legs and started licking her pussy because this was my first time
I couldn’t locate her g spot or I didn’t know how to finger her and she took my hands and put it right in the spot and started to lick her pussy as well as finger her and the taste of her juice was as good as honey and the smell was awesome to the core and she took my left hand and put it on her boobs.
I Bayan Escort started squeezing it and she started moaning and I felt a hot rush ofjuice in her pussy and it was her orgasm. I licked it clean and spat in her mouth which she enjoyed. I helped her to reach her second orgasm during this orgasm; my penis was erect like a steel rod.
So we did a 69 n she was licking my cock like a pro and now I had some control over my penis and I didn’t cum in 10 seconds and we changed our position and she sat on the floor of the car and started blowing my penis it was the best feeling in my life while she was doing a blow job
I kissed her head and the scent of her hair was awesome to the core then she sat on me n inserted my penis in her hot, dripping wet vagina after my penis went inside her and I could feel her tight pussyand my pleasure glands were also paining because it was my first time after 10 pumping
I took out my penis because the pain was too much and she again started blowing me and I cum within 1 min inside her mouth forcefully after all this, we both were tired and she relaxed on my broad shoulders and chest after 10 min and I cleaned her pussy and my dick and bought a new dress and went to eat something.
Now we are very close and we are in love and we continue to have sex when her husband s not around. I’ll continue to post more of our adventures in due course of time. Thank you for reading and please comment your thoughts and opinions my email id is [email protected]

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