That Night


It had been a year that we dated without getting to see one another, and the sexual tension between us was craving to be satisfied. We spent endless nights having phone sex and sexting one another about what we wanted to and finally she told me to just come see her. I finally worked up the courage to go and I will never forget it. I got to her house around 8 that night, and she was home alone waiting for me. She answered the door wearing bahis siteleri a nightie and instantly I felt my clit throb. She looked so sexy standing there. I pushed her against the wall and began to make out with her and couldn’t stop myself from sliding my cold hand into her thong and feeling her pussy that I so longed to be able to touch. She was shaved and had the best pussy lips one can only dream of. I rubbed her clit hard canlı bahis siteleri as we stood there kissing like the lovers that we are and she let out a soft moan and said “baby, come to my room, we can do more in there.” As we got to her room she helped me slip out of my dress and started to kiss down my stomach until her lips met my throbbing pussy. She slid my thong down my legs and pulled me to where my pussy was directly canlı bahis on her face and I felt me legs weaken as she drilled her tongue deep into me and sucked my clit hard as ever. I couldn’t handle it, it felt so good! I pulled her up and made her lay on the bed and I pushed her thong aside and began to lick her pussy so good that she couldn’t control her moans any longer. Her juices poured onto my tongue and I then reached into my bag and pulled out a strap on. She always told me she would love for me to fuck her hard with one. And thats exactly what I did. I gave her pussy a little tease with the strap on and when she didnt expect it I slammed it so deep into her.

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