He Takes Control


Laying on the floor, still sweaty from our earlier session, he propped himself up on one arm, a sly grin on his face and looked at me, with a renewed passion in his eyes. Looking me up and down, still in my bra, panties and sexy heels, he smiled and reached out to touch me. He caressed my arm, causing the tiny hairs to stand on end, before moving downwards and tracing the outline of my eagerly awaiting body.

“Now, let’s get you out of these silly things” he said before getting to his knees and slowly undressing me. He expertly unhooked my bra from behind with one hand while the other hand grasped the back of my head and pulled me up into a full passionate kiss, his tongue probing deeper and deeper down my throat. My breasts heaved at their newly found freedom and the cool air, and along with the passionate kiss, my nipples harden to a pleasurable point of near pain.

Breaking free from the kiss, my lips swollen and pulsing, he lays my head back down on the floor, his hands and mouth now wanting to concentrate on the rest of me. Moving down my neck, biting me where he knows I want it, I shiver and groan, rubbing my thighs together in pleasure, the goosebumps on my skin send thrills through my body. I raise my hands up to grasp my breasts, but he takes them and holds them down over my head, not wanting me to touch. The sensations are all going to come from him. I can barely contain my arousal.

Licking now, down my chest, he pauses at my breasts and takes one of the nipples gently in his mouth, tasting it, licking the firm bud. Then harder kuşadası escort now, he takes it all in his mouth, roughly, teeth gnawing on my skin, then moving to the other side to do the same. I moan and arch my back, willing them further into his mouth, loving the warmth of his tongue and lips on my skin. I want to badly to run my hands over my body and touch the pulsing going on between my legs, yet he refuses still to release my hands. Finding my silk scarf on the bed, he gently ties my hands together over my head, giving himself all his appendages to pleasure me. The silk is soft on my wrists.

Making his way down my body, I can feel the stubble from his unshaven face against my skin. What a sensation. I look down and watch him holding my waist, kissing and licking my stomach, tongue in and out of my bellybutton and then pausing to kiss and lick the birthmark on my right hip. It has no extra sensitivity, that small brown patch of skin, but watching my lover kiss and lick it causes me to moan heavier, closing my eyes to take in the sensation even further.

I feel my panties being coaxed off with his fingers, and wait, are those his teeth grabbing them from the front? Wow, that’s hot, I think to myself. Free now of clothing, I feel liberated. I notice that my lover has chosen to leave my sexy heels on. I am totally loving that fact.

I feel nothing for a moment, but know he is there because I can hear his breathing, becoming a bit quicker. “Touch me, please” I beg of him and squirm, almost unable to stand the kuşadası escort bayan pulsating between my legs. I feel I may explode when he touches me. Finally I feel his hands on my legs, slowly moving up and down the sides while his tongue roams up the inside of my leg, up to my thigh, causing further quivers, then back down and does the same on the other side. My moan gets louder and he gives me a quick, sharp bite on the inner thigh causing me to gasp. Finally, I can feel his warm breath on my mound and know, without looking, that he is taking it all in before driving me wild. Newly waxed and waiting, I open my legs to accept what he has to offer me.

I feel his tongue, light at first, to let me know he is there and that alone sends a shiver up my spine. Then he delves in, lips and tongue working, up and down, circular and side to side, hitting all the points and making my mind go numb. I feel his hands grab my ass and squeeze tightly, causing me to arch my back and push myself even further into his mouth, which, from the sound of his moaning, he is enjoying as much as I am.

Still bound, I grab hold of the leg of the nightstand behind me and hold on as my body starts to buck at the sensations. I am riding the wave and know that when I go over, I am going to need something to hold on to.

Sweating and panting, I am getting so close, his tongue continues to move just where I like it, stopping every once in awhile to suck hard and cause all the nerves to shudder. He squeezes my ass harder and from my moaning, escort kuşadası he knows I am close. He sticks two fingers inside me hard, feeling the tightness around him, then removes them. That alone is enough to do it. I start feeling the orgasm, coming, coming, in small waves at first. He takes those fingers and feeds them between my buttocks, as I had previously for him and finds the opening. Pushing his fingers in, his tongue moving rhythmically with my body, I explode and feel my entire body stiffen, the frantic pulsating of my pussy climaxing as he closes his lips and sucks hard, enjoying going on the ride with me. I couldn’t speak if I wanted to, my mouth hung open in pleasure, the ringing and throbbing in my ears letting me know, beyond doubt, that that was fucking fantastic.

Still laying spread eagle on the floor, my hands still tied behind my back, my fingers and knuckles white from grabbing the nightstand so hard, he reaches up, unties me, allowing the blood to circulate again into my arms. Kissing my cheek, he lays down beside me, propping himself back up on one arm and waits for me to return to the land of the living. After what feels like an eternity, my breathing slows, the blood flow returns to near normal and I finally open my eyes, slowly at first and look at him. He is smiling and has dreamy eyes. “So, was that ok?” he says, knowingly mocking me.

“Fuck yeah” was all I can say and I find the strength to reach over and pull him to him, kissing him deeply, getting off on tasting myself on his mouth, chin and tongue. “Damn you taste good” I say and we both laugh. So I say to him “That’s one for you and one for me…now what shall we do with ourselves?” I flirtatiously bat my eyelashes.

“Well, I can think of a few things, but first, lets get off this floor and find somewhere new to destroy each other….”

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