The Black Man’s Wife

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The Black Man’s WifeI worked for a water company some years ago, and I got to meet quite a widevariety of people. I am bisexual, 28, and can appreciate beauty in allforms. Most of the people I got called out to were, as you would say normal,but a few had extremely interesting tastes including one with a fullyfunctional dungeon hidden away in one of their bedrooms!But I digress. The particular place I would like to tell you about was inCroydon in late 1999. The boiler had broken, and it was up to me to see thatthe homeowner didn’t freeze in the winter months.I arrived at the house and was greeted at the door by a nice attractivebrunette by the name of Mrs Green. She was about 5’10”, late 20’s withshort dark brown hair and a slim figure. It was early afternoon, but shelooked as though she was going clubbing by the state of her attire. Kneehigh boots, a short black skirt and legs sheathed in black stockings coveredher lower half and a tight dark grey top accentuated her fine cleavagenicely. She bent down to pick up the milk from the doorstep, and I caught aglimpse down her top. She was braless and my cock stirred from it’s slumber.Inviting me in, she introduced herself as Mrs Green, although I already knewthis from the job sheet, and I quickly set about looking for any faults withthe boiler.It was not an easy task as one of the more difficult to reach pipes hadcracked. I was there for a good hour before finally finishing, and I waslooking forward to an afternoon off cracking one out over the image of hercleavage.We settled the invoice and I prepared to leave. Mrs Green leant forward onthe breakfast Olgun İzmir Escort table, her cleavage more prominent than before.”We can’t really afford this bill, and my husband is still at work. Can Ipay it off some way else?” she asked.It took all of my will power to take my eyes from her chest and I answered.”Sure. What would you like to….”I was cut off as she threw herself at me. Sticking her tongue into my mouth,and grabbing my crotch, I became fully aware of how she would pay for it.With my hands creeping up her skirt (she wore suspenders as well!) we kissedpassionately for a few minutes before she led me upstairs.Wasting no time, we quickly undressed and I climbed on top of her on thebed. Her breasts were nice and pert and I saw that she trimmed her hairbeautifully (I fully shave my pubes by the way). I was pleased that she lefther stockings and boots on, as the cold leather against my back really turnsme on.She wrapped her stockinged and booted legs around my waist and pulled meinto her. Although she wasn’t fully wet yet, I slipped in very easily whichwas a bit of a surprise. Little did I know that in a few minutes, I wouldfind out exactly why she was so loose.I started to pump my hard dick inand out of her, but the looseness of hercunt didn’t really have that much of an effect on me. Sure I was turned on,super tuned on in fact, but as I found it a strain to really get my juicesflowing. She, other hand, seemed to be loving every minute of it. Iwhispered in her ear.”Have you ever taken it in your ass?”She looked straight at me and sharply replied.”Never. Otele Gelen Escort Not by my husband, and certainly not by you.”I apologised at once and went back to grinding away at her. She was stillwrithing beneath me when I heard footsteps.I froze, so did Mrs Green.”Shit, my husband”, she whispered.I jumped off the bed and looked for my clothes, but it was too late. Thedoor swung open, and a massive black man stood there. He was well over 6feet tall, heavily built and a bald head. He looked really mean.”Wha the fuck do you think you’re doing cunt?”.I didn’t answer. His wife was laying naked on the bed, I was stood next toher – also naked. There was nothing I could say.”You piece of shit. I’m going to fuck you up.” he screamed and took a fewsteps towards me. For some reason, he then stopped.”No. I’m not going to fuck you up just yet. Get back on her”.Mrs Green tried to protest, but her husband cut her off.”Bitch shut up!”, he yelled “I’m gonna have me a white boy now”.My cock was still hard, and I could only imagine what he meant by that laststatement which only made me harder. I got myself back inside her andstarted fucking her again.I was half aware of the black guy taking off his clothes as I pounded hiswife, but I became fully award of him as I felt his hands on my buttocks.”She don’t like giving it in the ass. Now I’m going to have your’s fucker”.I felt his weight press against my back and the head of his cock restingbetween my ass crack.”You better bite down on something” he said, “this ain’t going to bepretty”.And with that he pushed his prick into my ass. İzmir Popüler Escort I bit down on the pillow nextto Mrs Green’s head. The pain was unbearable. My ass felt like it had beenripped wide open, but the black man kept pushing.I had completely frozen by this point, but the pressure of my pubic boneagainst his wife’s clit made her violently orgasm. Her screams joined mineand I could feel her pussy lips contracting against my hard shaft.I now knew why her cunt was so loose. Her husband was massive. I couldn’ttell how long or wide it was, but it filled my ass completely. I was goingto be so sore tomorrow.The pain had subsided a bit and he started to pump his long black cock inand out of my ass. He would sink in me to the balls, and then pull outalmost completely. My poor ass felt like it was being turned inside out, butI was starting to get used to the pain and was shortly starting to reallylike it.I began to pump his wife’s cunt again, and the continued pressure on herclit built her up to another orgasm. She climaxed for a second time, diggingher nails deep into my back. This sudden pain, along with the pleasure myass was receiving, sent me over the edge. I froze and emptied my balls deepwithin her. I laid still, completely exhausted, and waited for her husbandto cum.I didn’t have to wait long. He drilled me faster and faster until I felt hishot sticky cum erupt into my ass. He shuddered as he filled me up.We remained like that for a few seconds before he stood up.”Go and make us some coffee” he ordered his wife. “Me and lover boy hereain’t finished yet”.She giddily left the room as I turned over on the bed. “Now you’re going tosuck” he ordered me.For the rest of the afternoon, I had to please him (and sometimes her) inany way he saw fit. I got two mouthfuls of cum plus another bollock load inmy ass before I was allowed to leave, but I loved every minute of it.She forgot about the bill as well.

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