the chicken crew and my time with them


the chicken crew and my time with themIn my teens I wanted summer work. My uncle ran a large chicken group and offered me vaccination job. What the hell, its money. I reported to the barn and rode the van with others. We had two married women and two girls in late teens. one married man and three single. The driver was not part of the crew, be he was in his late 60’s. Retired making side money. Our first house was 60 miles away. Shortly after leaving Ben ask the married woman if she got any the night before? No, he slept on the sofa after drinking half the day. Want some now? Sure told young girl to move up front. She laid on the back seat, pulled off her pants and Ben started sucking her pussy. She moaned and came with in a minute. Ben pushed a thick cock in her and she just pulled him in. Using her heels she moved him at the speed she wanted, soft moans and looking toward me. I turned my head away, You can look hell I am thinking you are fucking me now. Ben is just doing your work. Ben did not like this, new meat and he was the crew leader. Ben took control and gave her a hard pounding. Harder than usual Tina told me later. I noticed he did not pull out and pumped his load in her. Holding her legs up and talking shit, I will know you up one of these days, bitch. Will have my baby. Tina and I talked in the back seat and she offered me a blow job. Was not comfortable and worried it was a set up of some kind. I did see Tina’s nice firm tits. Not an educated girl but street smart. Tina was working to help out her family. Her dad a minister and chicken drover. Her mom was full time mom to 11 c***dren. Tina the oldest of the gang. Told me her cherry was taken on the van seat. Becca had sucked her pussy and Allan had stuck a condom covered cock in her. Was few months back. Ben wanted some and she would not allow. Allan was married man and enjoyed young girls. She thinks Becca had been paid by him to set her up. We arrived and work started. Other single girl finished her job first and went outside for a smoke. I noticed a quiet guy follow her outside. I was watching out the window, he said 20 and she said 40, he said pay day? She said now. You owe me form last time. OK, what I owe plus 30 on pay day. If you don’t pay me on pay day, I walk to your wifes house and tell her. OK. He opened the van door and she started sucking his cock. he evidently had problems getting hard. Had a big cock, just could not get it hard. She got it fat enough and mounted him. From the chicken house window I was few feet away. She worked her ass and rode him well. Could see the rim of his cock just about falling out and then swallowed up by her thick pussy rim. Was a snug fit from my point and no doubt he was getting a great fuck. he started grunting and grabbed her arms. She worked it faster and each time for a millisecond the head and pussy just pulled it back in. She came an came hard. He finally said, STOP damn that feels good. She did not cum at all. Looked like antalya escort she was doing a job she had done many times. She was a pro. She laid on the van floor, took a coke bottle and stuck it in her. legs up and rocked back and forth. She took a douche with the coke bottle. about half full it now had the juice she washed out and she caped it. Handed it to the van driver. Old man put in his lunch box and closed the lid. He handed her $40 in cash and giggled hard. I did not understand, pussy was $40 and douche soda was $40. Van driver told he could not have sex and this was his enjoyment. He would remember the day and drink this coke with some rum that night. Pretty strange to me, but I guess its his thing. On to the next house and now we are all awake. AC in the van feels good and many are topless. Including the women. tina sat beside me and told me stories of the crew. How some married women had worked and got pregnant on the van. Becca ran the crew sexually and serviced everyone, including the women. One women I knew for years sat with the driver. I ask if she was active? She is, just worried you will tell her husband. I quickly said NO, I will not tell anyone. I just want some gas money. She can do what she likes. Tina runs up and tells her something, she turns to me and smiles. Tina takes her seat and se comes to mine. Thanks for not telling, we have this closed thing here and no one gets hurt, just little benefit of working long hours in a dirty job. My husband has not preformed in years. Told him all needed is my work and I am satisfied. Ben and Becca were the most obvious and Tina was the new girl in the group. Jenny was the young single girl and she made more from the marred men than working. She made $400 a week from the van driver. More than he got paid. Was a traveling orgy where anyone and everyone got service. I wanted Jenny to ride me like she did him, I could not imagine a pussy working like this. Had some good old bar girls, several mature women but none would could work a pussy and hips like her. I dare not suggest or offer in fear of her taking me up on it. Next job and only needed 2 women and 2 men. I was on my own to watch and help if I wanted. the crew did not need me. So I worked for a while. had to piss, being a farm boy I knew where the chicken house post was. I am pissing and Becca is staring down at my cock. That’s real nice, want to work me out on the way home? Not today, Sure did not want to stick her dirty pussy and worried what kind of disease eh might carry. I wanted three things, Tina the hooker and one of the married women lynn. Or all three at once, it did not matter. I did not want to fuck them in this van, I wanted some room, and not a cheering section. We arrived at the barn and Tina ask for ride home.Jump in, Ill drop you off on the way by. She lived on a long dirt road just before the black top started. we hit the Company store for a soda and snack. we sat under artvin escort the tree in the truck talking. She told me stories of farms where the wifes of the farmers were fucked in the house while the farmer was getting a BJ from a crew worker. Would compare notes after. Created a list of good wives and best farms to work. How some farmers would need a second medication treatment. Was the farmer paying Becca for sex or a three some with her friend. Tina was a sweet girl and victim of her situation. She told me dreams of becoming married and her first cock story again. She told she was a virgin and Becca ask if she wanted to get this fixed. She knew it was a matter of time before she would. To be part of the crew she went along with it. The driver paid her for her bloody panties and period panties after. The extra money was more than she could turn down. I picked her up the following morning. we loaded the van and tina was in back with me. was before sun up and long ride, 40 miles. Tina laid on the seat and took a nap. Later the music is playing and zI feel her head move. She starts rubbing my cock through my pants. Zipper does down slow and out she pulls it. In her position facing me she slides it in her mouth. First off I now her mouth is not ready for this. Not big enough and she does not now much about a BJ. But I manage to get mine. She did not spill a drop, she swallowed three times to get every drop down. Put me away clean and zipped me back up. This is not bad. We arrive at the job find fence is broken. Sent me and tina back to load 3 sections. A job I could have done alone, but the rules are 2 people for the job. Sun is just coming up and we take our normal back seat. Tina pulls up a fence section and hangs a blanket on it. Driver can not see us. I laid the other seat down and we have a perfect area. I pulled out a condom and Tina wrestled it on me. She laid back and said watch this, she fingered her self cumming with in a few minutes, I guess she thought it was her job to put on a show. I boosted her ego and told how hot she looked. She had seen other ride and she tired to do the same. Was not bad at all, she had her heart in her work. I got a first rate country girl fuck. She got her first cock orgasm. Could feel her tight little body shaking and the soft moans. The look in her eye when I pushed it in her and out, she came harder the 2nd time. Finally laying her on the laid seat and taking top position. She got a work out and filled to the brim with meat. Did not hurt her but let her know she was not dealing with a little boy. I left her sore and satisfied to the point she did not want more on the way back. Just more stories, supported by the driver. Evidently this had been this crews actions for generations at this farm. The first were hookers hired to keep the farmers with this Co. Hookers would give BJ or anything the farmer wanted. Was a benefit of growing for this Co. Was big bucks and the aydın escort hookers made big bucks for the service. Later charming men were hired to service the wives, widows and such. The farmers teen c***dren would get some service as well. So young girls and boys were hired to fill all needs. I now understood. ben was an idiot but he could service some of the women and do a fair job. One farm ask for him personally. Seems the farmer liked to watch his wife be serviced. We arrived back and the daughter of this farmer caught my eye, well built and so pretty. I walked over and got her name and number. Set up a date for that weekend before we left. When the day was done Tina ask for ride home. So did Jenny, the married women I had eyes for. Jenny said drop tina off first, if you would run my by the store I will make it worth your while. My husband has the car at work and does not get off til midnight. We arrive at her home and in we go. She is putting her things away and I can see her body outline in the cotton dress she wears. opens the frig door and great pair of tits stand out. She ask if I want to shower the stick off with her. We walk into a large stand up shower and wash each other. Married women in her mid 30’s and build better than any of the crew. She rubs her ass against my cock and its hard. Turn her around and pick her up. Legs wrap around me and she slides down me. Soap helps us glide. with her ass cheeks in my hand I open her up. Cock head hits the wet spot and enters. Now this feels good. She rides up and down pulling her strong legs and working her ass. My legs get weak and I want to cum bad, No way am I cumming now. I want to enjoy giving her satisfaction and a memory. Walk out of the shower and take her to the bed. Laid out I mount her. Working the head in and out I feel her shaking and soft sounds. grunting softly and stronger she goes. arms tight around my neck. Oh yes, that’s it, I made her blow a big one. She came hard and right to the next one. Cumming harder this time. I get her legs up and start pounding her. she cums again and I hear a door close. SHIT, someone is here. Its her husband. She calmly pushes me in the shower and puts her dress on. Now sty in there until I give the signal. Come out and get dressed. OK. So I shower and worry if I will be shot. The shower door opens and I see Jenny. The cock riding champion of the world. She saw my truck and figures I was working on her friend. Just wanted to join in. Well I got to enjoy Jennys ride. She laid two pillows on each side of me. Mounted and allowed her the height to work her ass. Just Like I had seen she worked the head in and popped that tight thick pussy lips and rim on and of. Formed a sucking feeling on my cock, No lips could do this, and she got wetter as she worked it. She got her rocks off and that was not something I had seen before. She was like a machine working it. Spent the rest of the evening with Jenny’s world class ass and her partner in crime. A married women who could suck a pussy or a cock with equal joy. We held positions with each others I remember to this day. I still feel Jenny should teach cock riding at the University to every new wife. Would make marriage a lot more fun. That’s my summer job and what a way to get paid.

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