The jordanian guy next door.


The jordanian guy next door.I just have to tell you what happened yesterday when I had my day off. I was doing some laundry and the laundry room is at the bottom floor in the building where I live. It was 10 in the morning and I was just done and tryed to get all my things and open the door at the same time. Then the jordanian guy living on the same floor as I came and helped me to open up the door and offered to carry some of the stuff. I was very greatful for that and gave him 2 of the bags. He followed me to my door and followed me in and asked where to put the bags and i just told him to leave them in the hallway because i needed to sort things out.I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee and I had a freshly baked cake. he said yes and went into the living room while I prepared everything. We sat down in the sofa and talked a Little about this and that, how it was in school and Life in general. He´s a very shy guy, 22 years old, very cute with dark tanned skin and about 170 cm tall. Not my kind of guy i felt but he was charming. After a while he started to ask me about my Life,if i was married ,had a girlfriend and so on. I said no to all of that and Escort bayan then he asked how I find sex and I told him that there is no big issue to find sex at all for me with a smile. He said that his parents wanted him to marry a girl from the home country and that it was not allowed to have sex at all with women Before marriage since he was from a very traditional family with strict rules. I said to him that it must be very frustrating and asked how old he was. “I´m 22” he said and I followed up and asked if he never had sex at all. He smiled and avoided my Eyes and said that, well guys have sex with eachother, they meeet up and jerk off together to some porn and help eachother out and sometimes there are a Sissy guy who spread his legs so we can fuck him. I smiled and I saw something growing in his pants. I went out in the kitchen to get some more coffe and when I came back into the livingroom he had pulled his pants down to his knees and was jerking himself in the sofa. I sat down and looked at him and he avoided my looks. He took my hand and folded my fingers around his rock hard cock. It was not very big but with a nice thickness, cut as Bayan escort they always are and he had shaved pubes and balls. I gently started to wank him slowly and with my other hand I massaged his very hairy thighs further and further up to his ass. i asked if i could suck his dick but he said no, he was not used to that but one thing he obviously liked was my figer massageing is hairy butt hole. He started grunting and and asked if we could go to the bed because he wanted a “massage”. You know guys! When a man from the middle east asks for a massage they want sex even if they call it massage. That is something that I have learned over the years. We wnt to the bedroom and he took of his clothes. His dark tanned cock was still rock hard, his chest had a little hair but his legs an butt was covered with nice, thick, black curly hair that went up in a pointy trail up his back. He laid down on his belly on the bed and I placed myself on top of him and started to give him a massage from his neck down his back and stopped when I came to his ass and started again from his feets up his hairy legs. He grunted and spreaded his legs. Normally I´m a bottom Escort but the sight of him made me rock hard and I felt that I just had to fuck him. i started to bite and lick his butt cheeks and went further and further in with my thounge and started to rim his hairy hole. He spreaded his ass more and more and it was obvious that he wanted me to fuck him. I placed my dick to his hole and gently pushed it all the way in to the root. He moaned and I waited a bit before I slowly started to fuck him. He responded willingly and after a few minutes i simply couldn´t hold myself and pushed my dick as far in as i could and shot my load upp his ass. I pulled out and laid down beside him. He immediately flipped over and sat on top of me, grabbed my head with his hands and forced his dick down my throat and shot his load so deep that I had to swallow. He went out to the bathroom to clean up and took on his clothes, still avoiding my eyes. He putted on his shoes and asked if he could come back some day for a visit and I said yes to that!I had a smile on my lips all day and I didn´t have to wait any longer than until the same evening when it was knocking on my door and he was standing there wanting to come in and we started all over again and I was allowed to suck his dick as well! He liked it and he sucked mine to!All my stories are true and I´m not making anything up here.

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