The Parking Lot Ch. 01


My buddy Robbie, an old family friend, is much younger than I am by nearly 20 years. But we’ve always been close and enjoy hanging out. He was working as a landscaper one summer while in college. He invited me to hang out at a bar in Lavallette where he and his pals shot pool and drank beer on weeknights. It sounded relaxing, so I went.

Only one other guy was a college kid, the rest were local guys. After I got to know everyone, shot a couple of games of pool and drank a few beers, Robbie pointed out a girl with big curly red hair at the end of the bar.

“You see that fat girl over there? She’ll blow you out in the parking lot. That’s why she comes here, she’s blown all of us.”

Robbie smiled at her. The pool table was at the end of the room furthest from the door and she was sitting facing us at the end of the bar close to the door. She gave a big smile back.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

We went over, had a drink together and made small talk. Her name was Val. She was in her early 20s. She wasn’t beautiful but not bad looking either, kind of plain but doing the best with what God gave her. Her hair was great. Most important, while not a thin xslot girl, she certainly wasn’t fat. In fact, she seemed a little stocky but well-proportioned and fit. She was wearing jeans and a crew neck sweater, and she evidently had healthy, nice-sized breasts.

Robbie went back to the rest of the guys when it was his turn to play. I asked Val if she’d like to go out to the car to smoke a joint. She agreed and we went to my car. As we walked across the unlit gravel parking lot, we could hear the waves crashing on the beach a block away.

We made more small talk and had two hits apiece from a joint I had there. She was from Toms River, over the bridge, and worked as a hairdresser in a salon. I looked in her eyes, leaned over and we kissed. We kissed some more and I slipped my hand under her sweater. She didn’t resist as I slid it up while we continued to kiss. She was wearing a bra. Her breasts were big and quite firm for their size.

I then brought my hand down and ran it over her crotch. She reached down and gentle pulled it away. We kissed some more and I made my move toward her crotch again, this time slipping my hand into her jeans. She murmured, “No.” xslot Giriş She tried to pull my hand away, but I persisted. I could feel her clit and it was the biggest clit I had every felt. She moaned a bit, then pulled my hand away, gently pushed me back in my seat, unbuckled my belt, undid my button and zipper and pulled my cock out. It was rock hard but in those days I didn’t wear underwear so it was easy access. She went down on me while I ran my fingers through her thick, curly hair and ran my right hand over her ample ass.

She immediately started taking the whole shaft up and down like a pro. I normally don’t come from oral sex but if I concentrate, hump a bit and the girl is persistent, I can make it happen, as I did then. She swallowed, no problem.

When she was finished, I said, “That was great. Thanks. I’d like you to get off.”

“Not tonight. Let’s go back in the bar.”

At that point I would have gone back to playing pool with the guys but I sat with her at the bar instead, bought her another drink and had another beer.

As we spoke, it dawned on me why she didn’t want my hand in her pants, why she had a reputation for just blowing xslot Güncel Giriş the guys from the bar, why her breast were so firm and why her clit might be so big. I had lived in New York and still hung out there on the weekends. I especially liked “solo missions” when I would go alone to visit the BDSM clubs like The Vault, Hellfire or Paddles. These clubs were quite open and tolerated gay as well as straight with quite a few transsexual women, or “trannies” as they were called then. I’d also spent time in Hong Kong and lived in Bangkok. In Bangkok, transsexual women and crossdressers much more common than in the States, not only in the clubs and red-light areas, but if you went to a bank, one of the tellers might be in drag. Although women in transition were not my particular cup of tea at that time, I had a few dalliances with them. I knew that serious hormone therapy causes the penis to shrink and no longer ejaculate but it still remained sensitive and an erotic zone.

We were getting along and making quite a bit of eye contact. I said, “I think you’re a special kind of girl. I’d like to talk some more, maybe see you again, somewhere else. I’m going to tell you my number and when I go back to play pool, discretely write it down after I get up.” She agreed.

Robbie said, “Was I right? How was it?”

“Great, thanks.” The next time I looked over from the pool table, she was gone.

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