The Product of Influence Ch. 04


co-authored by BlackSnake

Nathan hadn’t been that nervous going to see a girl since he was in high school. Joyce had called him cover for the second time. He seemed to always find it hard to been himself any time he saw her. To him, she was the most beautiful white woman he had ever seen in his life, including the ones he saw on TV.

The first time she invited him over, he was so surprised that she wanted to have sex with him; he remained in a state of shock the entire time. He didn’t fully grasp what had happen for hours after he got home that day. He hoped that he would get another chance with her and luck seemed to be going his way.

He looked down at the five-hundred dollar bottle of Champaign he had bought for the occasion. The way Joyce sounded on the phone, gave him every reason to believe that she was going to give it up to him again. Just the thought of screwing her made his cock jerk in his pants.

He gave himself a once over look and then knocked on the door.

“Hi sweetie,” Joyce said as she immediately opened the door. She had been looking out the peephole as he came to the door.

Nathan’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Joyce had on the shortest shorts he thought he had ever seen. The bottom of the shorts road nearly to her hip; showing off her long shapely tanned legs all the way down to her bare feet. The cotton covered her crotch like paint. Her tits stretched the wife-beater t-shirt that merely outlined them. It took him almost a full minute for his eyes to make it up to her gorgeous smiling face.

“Well, aren’t you going to come in,” Joyce said glancing down at the bulge in his pants. With John and Sylvia off on their honeymoon, she intended to see if she could feel anything for Nathan. How he felt about her was obvious to anyone who might have seen him in her company. She loved seeing the way his eyes lit up when he looked at her, but she had been married a few times before and they all ended as quickly as they began.

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” Nathan said closing the door behind him. “I picked up a little something to wet our whistles.” He handed her the bottle. He figured that a woman of her stature would know that it wasn’t just a cheap bottle of wine.

Joyce recognized the shape and the color of the label on the bottle before reading it. She knew Nathan had some style about him, which her very comfortable around him. However, his swagger sometimes gave him the appearance that he could handle himself. Mostly, it was his smile and laugh that made her want to talk to him.

“Very nice,” Joyce said putting her arms around his neck to hug him.

Nathan put one hand on her back and the other on the tailbone as he smashed her tits into his chest. As he slowly released her, he let his hand drift down to the part of her butt-cheek that was uncovered by the shorts.

“I’ll get us some glasses,” Joyce said as she watched his eyes drop back down to her body. She lifted up on the toes and pushed her hips gaziantep bayan eskort as she walked taking long strides to the kitchen.

Nathan had to quickly adjust his hard-on in his pants as he followed the motion of the buns in front of him.

“This is a very good bottle of Champaign,” she said handing it back to him to open.

“It’s nothing compared to you,” Nathan said as he popped to cork.

Joyce jumped at the sound of the pop, and then giggled as she caught the flow of the Champaign coming out of the bottle.

“To you,” Nathan toasted as he locked eyes with her.

The sipped the Champaign without even blinking from the suds popping out of their glasses as they gazed deeply into each other’s eyes.

Nathan looked more handsome than he had appeared to her, even more than when she was riding his cock the last time he was over. He dark brown eyes seemed to sparkle giving her butterflies in her stomach.

“Let’s sit,” Joyce said breaking their silence. She could feel the wetness of her cunt against the soft cotton shorts as it creased the folds of her pussy lips.

“I have to tell you that I was excited when you called,” Nathan confessed. “The last time you invited me over, I was shocked.”

“And now?” Joyce asked.

“I’m doing cartwheels inside,” Nathan laughed. “I’ve always wanted to be with a beautifully and incredible sexy woman like you,” he continued putting a hand on her thigh and slowly moving it down to the inner side of her knee. “Your incredible beautiful eyes make my stomach quiver.”

Joy lift her leg over his knees as he continued moving his hand down to her ankle before moving it up to the top of her inner thigh and moving it down again in a long stroke.

“I want to taste you,” he said putting his hand on her crotch and stroking it lightly. “I want to bring you more satisfaction than anyone every do.”

Joyce sipped on the Champaign and spread her legs wider keeping her eyes locked on his as she spread legs wider allowing room for him to slip his fingers under crotch of her shorts.

“I want to get in here and never come out again,” he said as his finger parted her pussy lips and entered her wet canal.

“I need a lot of attention down there,” Joyce said. “Are you man enough to give in to me?”

“I could say anything, but let me show you,” Nathan said removing his hand from her crotch.

Joyce smile as stood in front of her with the bulge in his pants at her eye level. Nathan took his time unbuckling his belt and unfastening his pants. Joyce sat up and leaned forward awaiting the appearance of his cock. Nathan reached inside his boxer briefs and brought his thick meaty tool out just inches from her lips. Joyce looked up at him and smiled and then opened her mouth wide taking in the head of his circumcised cock. She reached up with both hands wrapping her fingers around the thick shaft as he began to thrust it in gaziantep eskort bayan and out of her mouth.

Nathan pulled Joyce’s wife-beater up over her heavy tits; massaging them with enough tenderness to make her nipples as hard as rocks. He looked down at her loving the way that she looked with his cock in her mouth. He felt much more relaxed than the first time that she had invited him over. He felt in control of the situation. His cock felt like a thick steel rod as he studied her beautiful face and her lips stretch over the head of his cock. He combed his fingers through her hair, and then held it as he pushed his cock steadily into her mouth.

Joyce looked up at him and moved one of her hands allowing his cock to fill her mouth. She swallowed relaxing her throat as she let the head of his thick cock to enter. She moved her other hand allowing the rest of his cock in.

Nathan’s eyes widened. He knew he had a far better than average sized cock, and was surprised that she was able to take his entire length. He held her there feeling his cock become almost numb. He slid it back out slowly and pulled her to her feet. “That was incredible,” he said.

Joyce licked her lips and smiled. “That’s a really big dick,” she said.

Nathan lifted her t-shirt over her head, and then knelt in front of her as he pulled her shorts down her long shapely legs to her pretty and petite feet. Joyce stepped out of the shorts and sat on the couch guided by Nathan’s hands on her hips. He lifted her knees up to her shoulders and dropped his mouth down on her glistening cunt.

“Mmmm!” Joyce moaned feeling him clamp down on her clit with his lips. She struggled to hold her legs up as he brought her to a dizzying orgasm.

Nathan continued licking and sucking on her clit and pussy lips. He spit all the pussy juice and saliva he could on to her pucker. He pushed his tongue in and out of her asshole as he moistened it with everything he could gather. She had taken his cock in her cunt before and took in down her throat. It was the only hole left that his cock hadn’t experienced and he wanted to give her something good.

Joyce curled her toes as the sensation of Nathan’s tongue took her. She felt the sudden shift of his body and then the hard push of the head of his cock into her asshole. She bit down on her bottom lip as the pain shot through her like electricity. She felt the second push as her anal canal was stuffed with the thickness of his cock.

Nathan dug his fingers into the back of the couch for leverage as he drove his cock all the way into her asshole. The resistance of her asshole forced him back and he drove it in again, but with more thrust.

“Ahh!” Joyce screamed.

Nathan grunted as he slammed his cock all the way to the hilt. With each stroke his cock seemed to get harder and harder. He increased the rhythm of his strokes giving her every inch he could with each blow.

Another eskort gaziantep bayan orgasm erupted deep inside of Joyce in the mix of the intense pain. Though she enjoyed having a large cock, she had never taken one in her ass. Her legs were locked on his shoulders and he was driving his steel pipe right into her gut.

Nathan was determined to give her the best fuck of her life. With her overwhelming beauty and thrust for sex, he figured that she must have had some really good fucks in her day. He wanted to be the best. He clinched his jaw and drove his cock with all the force he could muster.

Joyce felt like she was going to pass out. She had never achieved an orgasm during anal sex, but was feeling another building quickly.

Nathan had gone as far as he could nearly loosing complete control over his movements as the first stream of his cum shot from his dick. The burst of millions of sperm cells that followed caused him to be dizzy and loose his balance. His cock popped out of her asshole shooting two more streams of white cream onto Joyce’s face.

Joyce laughed through the sheering pain as she saw Nathan fall back again the heavy coffee table. Nathan joined her chuckling as he gasped to catch his breath.

“Ouch!” Joyce said turning on her side and putting her hand on her butt. “I thought you were going to split me in two.”

“That felt incredible,” Nathan said stuffing his stained cock back into his underwear. “Is there anything about you that isn’t fabulous?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that before,” Joyce admitted.

“You haven’t had anal?” Nathan asked in disbelief and handing her a glass of Champaign.

“Yeah, but not with anything like that,” Joyce said still wincing in pain.

Even freshly fucked and sweaty, Joyce still looked beautiful to Nathan. “Joyce, I’m just going to come right out with it,” he said. “I want you.”

“I think you just had me,” Joyce tried to joke.

“No, I mean…” he tried to come up with the right words. “I want you and I to be a couple. Date, be together, go steady….what ever the term they call it. I want to see you everyday. I want to see you beautiful face to be the first thing I see in the morning, and the last thing I see when I go to bed. I want to take care of you in every possible way. I think about you all the time, wishing that you could be mine. Think about it. I’m sure there’ll be issues, but they don’t matter to me. I’ve been feeling this way from the moment I saw you. I know this is a bit much, but just think about it.”

“As sore as my ass feel, I don’t think I have a choice, but to think about you,” Joyce said but realizing that he was being really sincere. “Nathan, you haven’t seen but one side of me. After you get to know me better, you might have a change of mind.”

“I’m willing to take any chance to be with you,” he said. “What I know is how I felt from the moment I looked into those beautiful eyes and at that gorgeous face. There couldn’t be anything about you that I couldn’t adore.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure if I was you,” Joyce said. “I’ve been married a few times before, and they say they felt the same way that you do.”

“Their loss,” he responded.

Joyce smiled. “I’ll tell you what,” she said. “Let’s get cleaned up and something to eat before we say anything else about this.”

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