The Start Pt. 03: More Loving


Oh my god can’t wait for the next time.

Our love is getting stronger and more intense ever since the first time we decided to take the exciting step into the taboo world of incestuous love. When we are apart we are always thinking of the times we have together all alone behind closed doors, when she is in work I ring her up and ask her how things are going and getting more or less the same reply each time her saying “missing you dad can’t wait to get home and get my panties off for you and have your big hard cock.”

I say back to her “can’t wait either got a great big hard cock all ready for you, see what you do to me just by talking dirty my naughty loving daughter.” We are totally dependent on each other ,to give each other as much pleasure as possible when we fuck and play and Sally being on the pill is so reassuring as I pump my hot creamy present into her every time we fuck. She is always making sure she pleases me and then asking me if it was good for me after a nice slow love making session .Sally my love you are the best fuck I have ever had I tell her, how I love it as she cries out with pleasure when she orgasms loving it when I stay deep inside her hot wet slippery pussy as my throbbing cock feeling her squeezing me with her inner muscles milking every last drop of my cum out of my balls as I give her what she has become to love so much. She said to me the last time we fucked “Daddy to think I came out of your lovely cock and now that lovely cock goes inside me filling me with daddy seed and making me feel so full and good.”

The other evening we were both in our pyjamas and she was sitting on my lap as she usually does now when we are watching Tele, the film we were watching got a bit steamy and as usual my cock had a mind of it’s own and stayed gaziantep escort ilanları hard between us as she sat wriggling on my lap. I knew Sally felt my hardness but hadn’t done anything about it so far, just sitting on my lap with a little wriggle every so often getting me harder. I whispered to her “Bet you don’t know what daddy’s got for you,” she smiled and said “I do dad you’ve got your big hard cock ready for your little Sally,” I felt her hand sliding down and into my pyjamas as she took hold of my throbbing cock.

My hands around her waist holding her down tight on my throbbing cock as she opened her legs, my one hand sliding up under her top and the other down in between her legs no panties on as usual .She looked back at me as he felt my hand squeezing and stroking her lovely firm tits my fingers tweeking her nipples feeling them harden ,my other hand in between her legs my fingers parting and opening her pussy lips ,so puffy hot and wet by now and as I slid my fingers into her she let out a soft moan and put her hand on top of mine holding my fingers deep inside her, I knew she was ready for my big hard cock and a good hard fucking .Me thinking how lucky I was to be able to fuck her any time I wanted to ,she always wanted it to was always as eager as me to give in to our sexual needs.

She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye as she gently handled and squeezed me and I didn’t have anything to say as she led me to the bedroom, pulling me by my cock. I closed the door behind me and as we got to the bed she went down on her knees as she pulled my pyjama bottoms off watching my cock as it sprang free. She let out a hushed moan as she fixed her eyes on my hard throbbing prick then whispering gaziantep escort bayan ilanları to me about how her ex-boyfriend used to love her sucking him and that it always gave her an orgasm as she was doing it. I just smiled and said “Well you know how much I love you sucking it to,” as I reached out taking her head in my hands and guiding her mouth to my cock grabbing her hair as I felt her tongue rolling over the tip as she tasted the precum droplets that had started to emerge.

It was a heavenly feeling as she sucked my hardness into her mouth as her one hand was holding my cock and the other cradling and gently squeezing my heavy cum filled balls. It felt so good as I started sliding my cock in and out of her lips as she kept sucking me and I knew she was soon to have my hot load of cum. looking up at me as she felt my cock jerking and the first spurt of cum being released. I took my hands off her head in case she wanted to pull away from my spurting cock but she just kept on sucking me wanting to have her fill. After a while I pulled out of her mouth and watched as some of my cum dribbled out from between her lips her fingers gathering it up and sucking it back into her mouth she smiled at me saying “Oh dad that was awesome I love you so much.”

I whispered to her that I wanted to give her oral to, wanted to spend time down in between her legs licking kissing and sucking at her hot sweet tasting pussy. She looked at me lovingly nodded and stood up pulling her pyjamas off and laying down on the bed her legs apart for me to do what she loved me doing to her so much, she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy looked wonderful, all wet and glistening and neatly trimmed as usual. I got in escort bayan gaziantep ilanları between her legs kissed and licked up the inside of her thighs making her moan ant tremble as I got nearer and nearer to her pussy lips which were now puffy and engorged. She moaned quietly as I licked at her and flicked her clit with my tongue, I can’t begin to describe the look on her face as I looked up at her.

I watched her play with her breasts and nipples as I licked her wetness. She moaned more and more as I continued licking and sucking her hardened clit and puffy lips as her pussy leaked that precious liquid more and more, god she tasted so sweet. What a sight she was, in total bliss from me tonguing and kissing her in that special place in between her legs, I could feel her tightening her thighs around my head and I knew she was very close to a huge cum as she began tossing and thrashing around on the bed and her movements were such that I had to fight to remain in between her legs my tongue still flicking over her hot wet slit then gently nibbling at her now sensitive clit, I kept looking up at her as I tasted her sweetness.

Her body shuddering, totally out of control as I kept licking and sucking her, first her lips and then back to her clit and my tongue lapping at her lovely opening. She was gasping, her breath becoming heavy and laboured, her tits heaving up and down as and let out the loudest scream I have heard from a girl. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!” Sally shouted. as her pussy bucked up and down, her whole body convulsing and shaking with her orgasm and by the hoarse scream she let out I knew she had had the most massive orgasm ever.

I felt her body relaxing knowing she was as happy and satisfied as I was, I slid up beside her on the bed, she had enjoyed our special forbidden sex as much as I had we were totally spent and satisfied. We held each other tight and I kissed her deeply again as I looked at lying there so contented and relaxed already under the sheets and beginning to drift off to sleep. Me knowing full well what we were doing since the start felt so good and knew that it would be an ongoing thing for me and my gorgeous daughter from now on. (More to follow)

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