Theatrical …..9


Theatrical …..9Theatrical…..9We arrived at the club and found a seat a waitress in a small skirt that was more like a pelmet came over and asked us what we wanted to drink, “a white wine and a coke” I said before he got the chance to order, she sashayed away to the bar, her buttocks clearly visible below the skirt, he watched her go, I slapped his hand, “hey, you are with me remember” I said, “and I thought we had an open relationship, after you and the waiter, well!, I’m gutted” he feigned disappointment but I ignored him, I was getting used to his wicked but intriguing sense of humour, I loved him with every spec of my being and my body was his to use as he wanted, a guy approached and asked me if I cared to dance, I looked at him, he nodded, I stood up and went to the dance floor, the guy was all hands, he tried to cup my buttocks but I manage to get him off them threatening that I would sit down again, he stared at my tits as we danced around, he was a crap dancer but I was here to please and please I would, at least the clientele were a bit more decent, mostly suits, not dirty old raincoats, the music slowed and I put my hands on his shoulders, I had decided to go for it, to get it over with as quickly as possible, then I could go back to my bed with my friend and fuck his brains out, the guy slid his hands down to my buttocks again so I smiled at him and didn’t resist, I am not sure if it was the beer but I felt a little light headed and very relaxed, I closed in on the guy wrapping my arms round his neck as I closed my face beside his, “so is this guy you are with your pimp?” he asked, “yes” I said, so how much then?” he asked, “you will have to talk to him, he deals with all that” I said as his fingers toyed with my thong, I was getting very horny again, “and if I take you outside now and fuck you, what then?” he said, “I wouldn’t try it if I were you, he has a murderous temper, he put three guys in hospital last week because they looked at his daughter” I said, I felt him gulp but I could also feel his cock tenting into me, I pushed against it and wiggled my backside in his hands, I was hoping he would go for it, I was getting quite desperate to be fucked again, “so let’s go talk to your man then” he said as we broke, I took his hand and lead him to my friend who was just taking a drink, I picked mine up and took a swig, mostly to kill the taste of the beer, “he wants to fuck me” I said, “how much for this lovely lady?” the suit said, “if you want to fuck her in the car then it will cost you 100, if you take her in the car park and give her one then it will cost you 50, she will not suck your cock, that’s 25 pounds extra, you will use a condom and no rough stuff or I might just get upset and you will not like me if I get upset” my friend said, I nearly cracked out laughing, he so was so fucking good at this, “if he was my pimp I would not mind working for him” I thought, the guy looked at me and I smiled, I bent down to get my drink and gave him a flash of my cleavage, “feel like getting your hands round those” my friend said as he noted the suit’s eyes follow my breasts, I took another drink, there was a silence, “ok, she gives me a blow and a knee trembler” the suit said, my friend held out his hand, the guy paid him and he gave me another condom, we went out of the back door and down the steps to the car park, I hoped that my friend was close behind, this was quite a distance from the club premises, I heard his footstep behind me as I selected a suitable wall to get fucked against, he came at me as soon as I turned back to him, “whoa cowboy, just take your time, we get nothing from rushing these things, you’ll get what you want” I said, he started to grope my breasts, “ok, have it your way” I said as I pulled down his zipper, I had his cock in my hand when I saw the shadow of my friend slide behind a wall nearby, I relaxed into my role, I bent down and sucked on the cock, it was far nicer than the old bastard in the alley way, he was still groping my tits and flipped one nipple out, pinching it, it hardened Escort Bayan noticeably, his cock was hard by now and I stood up, “come on darling, how about fucking me in the car, we could be far more comfortable” the suit said, “you heard what my pimp said, if I take you in the car, he will make me pay the difference” I said, I was quite proud of my quick thinking but the guy was being ruled by his cock, “fuck that, I want my money’s worth” he said, he took hold of my hand and dragged me across the car park to a BMW, he pushed the remote and the lights flashed, he opened the door , I turned to him and kneed him in the groin, he dropped his keys, groaning, “I told you not to mess with us” I said, I got hold of his keys and threw them into some nearby bushes, then I helped him to his feet, “now, if you still want to fuck me you can but on my terms, not yours, now drop your pants” I said, I was still intent on getting this over with, I wanted my bed, I wanted my cock, he did as he was told, I sat on the bonnet, my legs apart I pulled aside my thong and he came into me, I pushed the condom over his cock and looked him in the eye, “there now, that’s better, now gently does it and I will give you a nice time, I am sorry about the bruised balls, I hope your wife does not get upset easily” I said, he had a pained look in his eye as he pushed his cock between my legs and penetrated me, I nearly came there and then as the smooth surface of the condom slipped into me, his hands went to my tits and again I pulled up my bra, my tits plopped out again into his grasping hands, this one took longer, I would say about two minutes, he was grunting and groaning as he shot his load into the jonnie, he tried to kiss me but I dodged him, he wilted out of me and I pulled down my bra, I left him looking for his keys and went back to our table, he was back there by this time, “so now can we go?” I asked, “just one more, I think I have one lined up for you, he approached me just after you went out, I think he loves you” he said, “it’s a pity you don’t” I said, there was silence, I didn’t really expect a reply but I lived in hope, “look, if you would seriously rather go then we will” he said, “no, I have a debt to pay and I will pay my penance for what I did to my sister but promise me that this will be the last one” I said, “I promise” he said holding up his hands, “but I will remind you of this the next time you are eyeing up a waiter” he said chuckling “waiters are my weakness” I said smiling, “I am entitled to one a month and as I haven’t seen you for 6 months then you owe me” I quipped smiling, he smiled back at me, a different sort of smile and I sensed we had crossed a threshold, one where I stood up for myself and stated my case firmly, I felt suddenly in command of the situation, “now, where is this mark” I said, he looked at me, “mark?” he asked, “It’s something I heard on a detective program on the box” I said smiling, “over there by the bar, why don’t you go over and talk to him, here, take this condom with you” he said, I looked at the packet, I would rather you do the negotiating, after all, I am your property remember the smoking shelter at the other club, when you picked me off those cocks, you said I was your property, do you know how good that made me feel” I said, it had been bothering me all night and it had suddenly surfaced, I have no idea where it came from but it was true, every word of it, “I do belong to you, I want to belong to you” I said, “no limits?” he said, “after tonight, what could you possibly do to me, no limits!” I said, he held out his hand and I entwined my thumb in his, I pulled him towards me and kissed him hard on the mouth over the table, “you taste of beer” he said laughing, we got up and went to the bar, the guy was standing there talking to another guy, “you wanted some business” my friend said, the guy turned and smiled at me, I returned the favour, he looked more like a richer version of the suit, he looked me up and down, “yes, I wondered if you might be interested in Bayan escort a little party we are giving at my hotel room, my friends are there waiting” he said, “how many friends are we talking about?” he asked, “oh, just two more” he said, it’s just that we have been away from home for a few weeks and we would like a little female company, if it’s ok with your girl of course, you understand that we cannot be seen to be touting for girls” he said, “you just did” my friend said looking him in the eye “so how many altogether” he asked, 4 altogether” the guy said, he looked at me, I shrugged, my stomach had started to churn again, this was no limits, I had said it and I intended to keep my promise, “on one condition” I chipped in, “what” the suit said, “my pimp comes along to keep an eye on me” I said, “yes of course, it’s accepted, after all, you don’t know us and we don’t know you” suit said, “right, we’ll see you in the car park” my friend said, we went outside and soon after we heard a toot from a Mercedes and we followed it to a very nice nearby hotel, we all got out and followed the two guys inside, the two that were already there had been drinking quite heavily, “give me some condoms in case I can’t get to you” I whispered to my friend, “are you sure about this?” he asked, “I’m sure, I am doing it to clear my debt and because we said no limits remember” I said, he smiled, “don’t worry, you’re doing fine” he said, the bees were swarming as they closed in on me, my friend went and sat down in a chair like a voyeur, a wave of dread washed over me, how was I going to cope with 4 of them, were they all expecting to fuck me at the same time, I didn’t have that many holes, or did I, I did a quick count, no! it would be difficult but I had chosen to do it so best get on with it, hopefully it shouldn’t take too long, try to flatten the two drinkers first then work on the others but first I had to divide them, a guy beside me asked me if I would like to dance, there was music playing in the background so I turned to him and put my hands on his shoulders smiling sweetly to him he pushed himself against me and got hold of my backside, I had no illusion’s as to why I was here so I let it go, there was a knock at the room door, “aha, reinforcements” the suit said, he went to the door, to my relief two girls walked in, one I recognised as the waitress from the club who had served us, she had changed her clothes but her skirt was still very short and the tips of her now bare buttocks showed beneath her spangled skirt, I say bare because she was now wearing a thong, which divided her buttocks, I glanced at my friend and smiled, he had been watching her in the club so there was a chance he might get to fuck her after all, meanwhile my dance partner was gripping my arse and I was aware that he was crunching my skirt up in his hands, I giggled in his ear like a silly girl and chatted to him, then I felt his fingers on my bare buttocks, wearing a thong had not been such a good idea, then he took a handful of my buttocks and I realised that all behind me could admire my bare arse, oh well!, in for a penny, I had my hands round his head and my head resting against his, do you want them to watch?” I whispered in his ear, nibbling at the lobe, my stomach was on the churn again but I was also very horny, I had already been fucked twice that night without an orgasm so I was ready to level the score, the two girls were getting into it, the girl from the club whose name was Marci while the other was called Liz were also dancing with guys, intimately, access to Marci’s backside was much easier for the guy dancing with her, my guy was staring down my cleavage, “would you like them to watch?” he said, “let’s find some privacy, you won’t regret it” I said smoothly, I felt him gulp, I was a bag of nerves as I took his hand and headed for what I assumed was a bedroom door, luckily it was, he didn’t close the door, just pushed it to leaving a small gap, I turned to him and pushed him backwards over the bed, I had to take Escort hold of this otherwise I would be the pin cushion, he fell backwards and I crawled on the bed between his legs, I knelt up and looked at him, he was resting on his elbows, he was quite young so I unbuttoned my blouse and let it flap, my bra and it’s bulging contents now in full view, he licked his lips, I reached forward and stroked his trousers, his cock was stiffening rapidly within, I undid his trouser belt as he groped my breast with his fingers, I looked up at him and smiled, he pulled down the front of one cup and exposed the erect nipple, it puckered and began to distend, I was not sure about him but I was ready to be fucked, I shed my blouse then pulled off his trousers and his shorts in one go, “no point in wasting time” I thought, his medium sized cock sprang up under his shirt, I slid back off the bed and unfastened my skirt, I let it fall to the ground and felt very exposed, more than I had done all night, I was stripping for the guy, I pulled down my thong giving him the full view of my pussy, then I unfastened my bra and let it fall off my shoulders to the floor, he was fighting to get out of his shirt, I was down to my stockings and decided to leave them on as they highlighted my legs which I feel is one of my strong points, my other two strong points were sticking out in front of me expectantly, I crawled on the bed again and got hold of his cock, “so how would you like this sweetheart?” I purred smiling at him, “would you like me to talk to my friend here, you have a lovely cock, let’s see how much he has to say” I said, where the fuck had this come from, my vagina must have taken charge again, he reached out to fondle my breast I went down on his cock kissing the end and rolling my eyes up at him, he groaned, if I wasn’t careful, this could all be over in a flash, I pulled gently on his cock and kissed the end again, I flicked my tongue out at it and tasted the end, pre cum was forming as it spewed out of the tip and the small hole in the dome, my tits were swinging gently under me and his fingers were trying to close around them, I slipped my lips down his cock and back off it again I looked up at him again and stroked his cock, bending my back so that my backside stuck up in the air, then I felt the hands on my buttocks, I looked round and another of the guys was standing behind me unfastening his trousers, I looked back at the guy on the bed, “it looks like we’ve got company” I purred, fluttering my eyelashes at him, I kissed and sucked again as fingers probed my vagina from behind, “oh god, was I going to get what my cunt was screaming out for, a nice fucking, I suspected that a spit roasting was more on the cards, I felt h the tip of the cock, I knelt up, I looked round and wagged my finger, “no!!” I said firmly, condom first” I said, he looked disappointed but picked up a condom that I had laid on the bed and put it on, “there’s a good boy, now you can fuck me” I said smoothly, I went back to my guy on the bed as the guy behind me inserted his cock into me, it felt quite large as it forced its way into me none stop, no finesse, I sucked on the cock again and clenched my buttocks, I felt the cock inside me shafting me as the guy put his hands on my backside and got hold of my hips, he was now lunging at me quite rapidly, I could feel his cock stiffening even more I took another suck at the cock in front of me and the guy out his hand behind my head, he was trying to fuck my face as he pushed his hips at me, his cock went into my mouth and I almost choked, then I felt it kick and I whipped it out, I had no intentions of eating his cum thank you very much, by the time I got it out, it was spraying cum all over the place, I giggled as I held it away from my face although I had taken one splash on my chin, it continued to kick in my grasp as I wanked it, the guy behind was getting ready, I could feel my lust growing, I was almost on the brink when the guy behind folded and groaned, his cock jerked inside me and he filled the condom, “fuck!! I thought, nearly made it that time, the guy in front was rolling off the bed covering his cock with his hands, obviously embarrassed by his premature ejaculation, I looked at him and smiled, “don’t worry, go and have a drink then we can try again” I said.To be continued….

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