Three Days in Arcadia Ch. 02


Hal was almost hyperventilating with pleasure. His whole being was throbbing with pleasure as he reclined, eyes closed, on the emperor-sized bed.

The tropical breeze blowing in through the open veranda window was cool, and he guessed that night had fallen. It was some hours since he and Brad had begun their evening’s entertainment…

With his eyes closed his senses seemed heightened. There was a rich scent of perfume wafting to him … And the sound of oiled flesh on oiled flesh. The girl kneeling between his legs moaned periodically, her own breathing ragged with arousal.

It had been his colleague Brad’s idea: To return to their lavishly-appointed company suite (three rooms, all palatial in size) in the island resort’s main 5-star hotel, and simply dial down to room-service for something ‘special’.

“Why going traipsing all over this place looking for some hot pieces of ass when the whole point of this trip is to enjoy it on a plate?” Brad had pointed out. At the time he’d been in the process of bending a willowy bartender over her own bar counter. She hadn’t seemed particularly enthused about the horse-like penis he’d slid into her, but like all of the staff on the Island she’d been precluded by her contract from objecting too strenuously. He’d screwed her vigorously, eventually spunking on her face. Hal had passed the time getting a handjob from a Playboy-perfect redheaded waitress. She’d seemed happier about the whole thing, giggling as he shot a load onto her freckled tits. Then they’d sauntered back to their digs as Brad had suggested.

Sure enough, reception had been only too eager to provide them with a number of room-delivery ‘special entertainment’ packages to choose from. Brad had opted for something which sounded suspiciously like a bit of work-related wish fulfillment, while Hal had eventually settled on the ‘Harem package’.

He’d lost count of the hours which had passed since the two girls, features obscured by flimsy silk veils, appeared at his door, their lush bodies covered by clinging oriental-style robes. Once inside his hotel room Mira and Kayla had wasted no time, slipping their outfits off to reveal two of the most perfect bodies Hal had ever seen.

Mira was a tanned goddess tall enough to meet Hal eye-to-eye, her brown eyes ringed by smoky makeup, full lips and high cheekbones hinting at oriental or perhaps asiatic ancestry. Perhaps persian, Hal thought, although he’d had no idea that girls from that part of the world came equipped with improbably large breast implants. Her rack was a wonder: Heavy yet pert, the nipples standing up proudly. A washboard stomach complemented a lush, firm ass… The tanned cheeks had been bisected by a flimsy dental floss thong that Mira had cooly slipped off when she arrived, immediately then palming Hal’s penis through his pajamas. She’d smiled at him and inclined her head to her partner, Kayla, who was standing, hip cocked, nearby.

“Do you want to try me first, Master, or my friend? We are your sexual slaves for the next few hours, and I can see you need immediate relief.”

Kayla had been Hal’s Keçiören Escort Bayan choice for his first go, although it had been a tight call.

She was shorter than Mira, but with the same raven-coloured mane and dusky skin. She was darker eyed and fuller-lipped, but with the same pneumatic figure and enticing behind. She was somehow as long-legged as Mira, and with a peachy, tight ass that had drawn Hal’s gaze. The first thirty minutes of the girls’ visit had been a blur…

…Mira on her hands and knees, tonguing Hal’s asshole from behind as he ate Kayle out eagerly..

…Kayla on all fours, her ass clenching tight around Hal’s cock as he rode her…

…And the wicked grins on both the girls’ faces as, panting, he’d slid his cock out of Kayla’s sinfully pleasing ass and stood up unsteadily. They’d knelt at his feet expectantly. A few loose tugs from Kayla’s long-nailed hands and Hal had pumped a surprisingly large load of hot semen onto their faces. It shot in a curious scattergun effect, pebble-dashing the girls’ lipsticked mouths, their heigh cheeks and even their hair.

Now, some time later, after some languid cuddling and idle chat, Hal was reclining on the mastered as Mira treated him to one of the most amazing combination handjob – titfucks he had ever experienced.

“The handjob is one we harem-inspired ladies have always treasured since the beginning of time …” Mira panted, her oiled hands sliding up and down Hal’s penis.

“…It’s practically part of our DNA… From our mothers and mother’s mothers, you know? How to please a man like this…” Hal opened his eyes as she spoke, making eye-contact as she slid her thumb over and back the glistening head of his cock.

“But to work in the tit-fuck… Well… That is a new thing that my generation has added in. It’s a very American phenomenon, I think, the titfuck…”

Kayla laughed from where she knelt near Mira, watching eagerly.

“Yes, which is why we have improved our titties… Important for the best tifuck.” She giggled.

Mira grinned and winked at Hal. “She is right… You need these big breasts for the best tit-fucks… And lots of oil!”

With that, she moved back a moment to allow to squirt about a cup or so of more warm oil onto Hal’s penis. The liquid soaked his thighs, mingling with a faint patina of perspiration and precum.

Mira had been working on him for almost twenty minutes now… Carefully edging him just to the point of orgasm and then laughingly backing off. Hal was on fire, every fiber of his being calling on him to sweep this teasing bitch up onto the bed and bury his cock in her until he came. But the girls had prevailed upon him to trust them, for the final “special surprise” of their ‘Harem’ experience.

“Nearly time now, Master. You’ll enjoy your special finish. It’s a very… thorough… cum. You will feel drained, like a man who has truly emptied himself. No other ladies on this island will make you feel like a king in the way that we will.” Mira’s full lips and busty torso were moving into him again as she spoke. Now Escort Eryaman she alternated between sliding his cock between her slick orbs, crushing her tits between her slim arms, and occasionally dropping her head to take his cock in her mouth.

Her lips were gentle when they enveloped him, but she would quickly open her jaw and before he would have time to appreciate it she would have slipped his cock halfway down her throat. Hal could hear the faint noise of her throat opening and closing on his penis, milking him.

Then it would be back to the tits, his glistening cock slithering up and down in the warm envelope of her cleavage.

Mira was breathing hard herself now, from the deep-throating. Kayla had slid in a little closer, her heavy breasts touching off her friend’s.

“I think he is ready, sister.” She said quietly, eyeing the oscillating opening of Hal’s penis. He felt almost weak, and there was a heavy sensation in his balls, as if they were churning.

Without speaking Mira elbowed Hal’s legs apart gently. He was lying flat on his back now, his ass on the cusp of the edge of then bottom of the bed. The harem girls knelt on the floor between the wide arc of his legs, his penis now nodding gently in the air, glistening with oil and saliva.

Kayla pressed heavy breasts into Hal’s right leg, kissing his abdomen gently, while Mira sat back on her haunches, as if gathering herself for the final act of their performance.

Her hand trailed over Hal’s cock, circling the base and gripping firmly. She leant in once more, sliding Hal’s cock back between her full breasts. Now she gazed almost challengingly at Hal, as he tilted his head towards his chest so that he was able meet her eyes.

He gasped as she began to sandwich his cock firmly between her tits, beginning an up-and-down motion that appeared to be building in momentum. This time she was using more pressure, and Hal felt his cock enveloped in her warm tit-flesh. The friction, combined with the oil and Mira’s body-heat was creating a tingling sensation that he recognized…. He was going to cum big. And soon.

“You… like… that?” Mira grunted as she continued to work him over, holding his eyes with her gaze. “You like the way Mira fucks your cock with her titties?

“Yes… Fucking milk me… Keep fucking me with your tits…” Hal gasped.

“Use me…” She panted… “…I am your toy, Master… Are you going to shoot your hot cum on my face… Or my tits…?”

“Unnghh… Yeah…” He groaned as she kept up the pressure. A squelching noise was filling the room now, and Hal was trembling through his thighs and torso.

Kayla, at Mira’s side, was licking her lips in anticipation. “That’s it… Fuck her tits….. And when you cum….”

She grinned wickedly…

“…Come all over her face. Paint her face with your warm cum.”

Mira gasped raggedly “Yes… Yes…”

Kayla crooned at Hal. “..She’s a dirty slut… She likes it in her face, Master. All over her proud face… She likes the Masters to shoot their spunk on her like she’s their possession. Sincan Escort Bayan She is always like this, having the boys cum on her face… Even before we are paid like now.”

Mira was breathing almost as hard as Hal, and dimly, through his arousal, he realized that Kayla appeared to be frigging her friend’s box enthusiastically with her left hand, and Mira was on the verge of orgasming.

That, combined with the dirty-talk, sent Hal over the edge. He did a half-curl, almost sitting up, and blurted out “I’M … I’M…” His mouth formed the words “I’M COMING”, but before he could speak….

….He felt a slim, oiled finger press insistently against his asshole….

Kayla, contorting her toned arm a little to fit past Mira, hesitated only a moment before driving her slippery finger home, pushing into his clenching asshole. Her finger quested like a seeking missile, barely hanging around before it zapped into something inside Hal’s ass. His prostate, he would later guess.

At any rate, it felt, at the time, like she’d pushed some kind of turbo-charged jizz-release button.

Hal moaned raggedly, and his abs tightened to rock hardness as his orgasm began. It swept through him, causing his legs to flutter and his ass-ring to clench down even harder on Kayla’s finger. Meanwhile his cock, still sandwiched between Kayla’s oiled tits, vibrated like a sounding fork. It stood upright between her tanned orbs, the shiny helmet just emerging from between her cleavage.

Kayla had time to moan lustfully, one last time, as she dipped her head as if to a silent signal she’d received. She placed her exquisite face, with her full lips and smokey eyes, in the perfect position to catch Hal’s load square-on.

It was prodigious amount of semen, and he squirmed on the bed, feeling a little like a wrung-out towel, as thick ropes of jizz erupted into the girl’s face.

“Fucking… Slut….. Take it… Take my load…”

Kayla squealed in delight “Oh, fuck, it’s such a lot of cum… You’re covered, sister, you naught whore.”

Mira seemed to absorb the incoming cum with an almost spiritual degree of relish. When the spurting subsided she eventually raised trembling hands to her features and slowly massaged the dripping mass of cum down over her lips and onto her throat and and heaving breasts. Hal’s cock, still erect, lay between them, still twitching fitfully, like a horse which had just won a race.

Hal groaned as Kayla slid her finger smoothly from his ass, and slowly eased himself up onto his elbows, so he could watch the two girls come together for an affectionate (if sticky) embrace.

“Dirty girl,” Kayla whispered… “..Always ending up with the mens’ cum on your face in the end…”

She gently cupped Mira’s chin, and leaned close to kiss her on the lips. When the girls separated a thin tendril of Hal’s cum joined their mouths for a moment. Mira seemed to be coming back to herself, and she was smiling wickedly now as Kayla ran her hands through the hot semen pooling on her friend’s body.

“Well,” Hal mused. “I can’t fault the room-service in this place, that’s for sure.”

Perhaps when he’d seen Mira and Kayla out he’d head down the hall to Brad’s suite and see what he was getting up to….

(TO BE CONTINUED IN CHAPTER 3…. Any feedback on what type of adventures Brad is having would be more than welcome.)

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