Virginity for Grades


Virginity for Grades*this is fiction!*I’ve watched a lot of porn with students fucking their teachers for grades… I never thought I’d stoop so low.My name is Alysia. I’m clever and I always get good grades. People say it’s because I have well educated parents and that it’s in my DNA, but the truth is; my parents pushed me and I’ve worked hard. Due to this I don’t have many friends. Thinking back I do sometimes regret not having more of a social life. I’m 19 and it’s my last year in high school. I have my whole life planned out and nothing is going to stand in my way. I was sitting in the classroom. All of my fellow students were talking and giggling while our teacher Mr. Wallace was trying to quiet them down. I think I was the only one who kept my mouth shut. (That was mostly because I didn’t have anyone to talk to.) A few days ago we had a very important test. Mr. Wallace had told us that this grade would most likely be the grade we got at the end of the term. I wasn’t nervous. I’m smart and I’m sure I got all the answers right. Mr. Wallace dropped a paper on my desk and passed me. His big belly jumping up and down as we walked past the desks. Usually he would stop and say “Well done, Alysia.” or “Brilliant work as always, my dear.” He often called me “my dear”. The other students sometimes called me the teacher’s pet. The only reason he liked me is because I’m smart. But they seemed to think he liked me because of my long dark flowing hair, big breasts and lips, dark eyes and tiny waist. I’m a virgin, but not a nun. I know what men like… But this man is my TEACHTER… He can’t think of me like that … Can he? I turned my paper without thinking what could be written on it. I felt the world stop when I looked at my paper… D-! Many people in this class would be happy with that, but NOT ME! I’ve never gotten worse than a C+! How could I get a D-? Mr. Wallace kept teaching us, but I didn’t pay any attention that day. I kept staring out the window wondering what I should do. I looked over at Mr. Wallace. He was wearing a cardigan. Suddenly my mind skipped to the night before. I was watching porn about a girl and her teacher… He was wearing a cardigan… The bell rang and I waited till all the students had left the room. I went over to the door and locked it. I looked over at Mr. Wallace. He wasn’t an attractive man. I had always thought that if this man wasn’t a virgin I bet he lost it to a prostitute. “This will be his lucky day.” I thought to myself. I had my hair in a bun and I was wearing my glasses, but I’m well aware that I’m an attractive woman. Mr. Wallace had a big belly, yellow crooked teeth dark hair and a nasty mustache. I was wearing my school uniform, black skirt Escort bayan to the knees, stockings, a shirt and a jacket. I walked slowly towards him. “Mr. Wallace,” I almost whispered. “I saw you gave me a D- on my test… Is there any way you could give me at least a C?” He looked up. “I’m sorry, my dear. There’s nothing I can do… You’ll just have to give it your best on the rest of the term.” He was shuffling some paper on his desk. I stood on the other side. “Here we go.” I thought. I ran my arm over the table and pushed all the papers to the floor. Mr. Wallace looked up confused. I quickly sat on top of the desk spreading my legs just a bit. “Are you sure there is no other way, sir?” I could see he was starting to sweat and get nervous. “Alysia… Really… There is nothing-“He stopped talking when he saw me rubbing my thigh and getting my hand well up inside my skirt. I decided to go all the way up and rubbed my pussy through the layers of fabric. I let out a little moan and as I did, I could see Mr. Wallace slowly getting hard. I let down my hair and looked over my glasses. “Please, sir.” I said almost begging. Before I knew it he had thrown my glasses away and was kissing me. I honestly didn’t think it would be this easy, but I didn’t complain. This was far from how I expected to lose my virginity, but it had to be done. I could feel his hands going up and down my back, our tongues playing in my mouth and his moustache tickling my face. He sat down in his chair and pulled me down so I sat on his lap and we continued making out. I could feel his hands going down my back and him playing with my ass over all the fabric. I stopped kissing him. “If I do this… Do you promise to give me a better grade?” He looked at me almost shocked. “My dear Alysia… Of course I will!” He pushed my hair out of my face and sighed, “You have no idea how many nights I’ve spent awake, thinking of you and me fucking like wild dogs.” He was a nasty man, but the thought really did turn me on. I couldn’t help, but smile and he smiled back with his ugly yellow smile. I took of my jacket and my top. I sat on his lap in my bra. It was black with lace. He grabbed my tits and said something I couldn’t quite make out. He kissed my massive tits and mumbled something while almost eating them. I could feel my pussy getting wetter. “I need to suck them!” he said. I took the bra off for him.The way he looked at my tits was amazing. I felt like a goddess! He gently licked my nipples. I moaned. He bit down on it carefully and I jumped a bit as he did. My nipples were getting harder and harder and I could feel his cock doing the same. While he was still sucking on my tits like Bayan escort a baby, I led my hand down to his cock and started rubbing it from over his pants. He sat me back on the table. “Get your clothes of, my dear.” I did has he told me and he got his clothes of as well. I was now standing next to the table completely naked. “Mmmm, you are even more beautiful than I imagined.” He sat down in his chair. “Now, show me everything.” I showed him how I could manage to lick my own nipples. He was now stroking his cock with a big grin on his fat face. He’s cock was big, but his belly was bigger so it was hard to see it. I sat on the table spreading my legs and opened my lips to show him my pussy. “So tight!” He grinned even more, almost drooling. I then stood up, turned around and was leaning my arm on the table shaking my ass right in front of his face. I could hear him moaning behind me. I grabbed my ass cheeks and showed him my ass and pussy. All of a sudden I could feel his face between my legs. He was trying to lick my pussy and ass at the same time. I could feel his fingers on my pussy. He tried to take a finger in, but I pushed him away. “What’s the matter, my dear? Don’t you like it?” He knew I liked it. My pussy was dripping wet and I could feel my body screaming for his monster cock. “I’m a virgin!” I wasn’t going to tell him, but I was scared. He walked over to me, took my hands and led me back to the table. “You want good grades, my dear?” I wasn’t sure what I was afraid of. The thought of pain during sex had always turned me on, I want his cock, and I want good grades… I have NOTHING to lose! I didn’t even answer him I went down on my knees and started stroking his cock. He fell down in his chair laughing. “Good girl!” I didn’t waste any time. I had a dildo that I had been practicing sucking on, but never had in me. I’ve always wanted my first time to be with a real cock. I sucked it faster and faster while stroking it with one hand and rubbing my pussy with the other. He had his hands on my head pushing me up and down. I gagged a few times, but I was used to that. “Baby, STOP! I don’t want to cum yet!” I stopped and stood up. “Lay down.” He told me. I lay down on the table. He grabbed my thighs and spread my legs. He was still sitting in his chair. He took his hand a rubbed my pussy gently. I jumped and I could hear him laughing. I could then feel his mustache tickling my pussy. He licked my pussy all over and in and out. I was about to cum when he stopped and stood up from his chair.We were looking intensely at each other. He grabbed his rock hard cock and rubbed it against my pussy. I let out a moan. I had wanted this for Escort so long now! He led the tip of his cock into my pussy. “Do it!” I said still looking at him. He knew what I meant because the next moment he shoved his cock into my pussy. I quickly flung my arms around his neck shaking. I didn’t make a sound and I had trouble breathing. It was painful, but it was a good kind of painful. When I finally could breathe I screamed. He quickly took his hand over my mouth. The window was open and there were still people in the school. I was still holding on to his neck. He had one hand over my mouth and one hand my waist. He led his cock out again and shoved it in just as quickly again. I could feel tears streaming down my face. It hurt, but I loved every bit of it! “Oh, my dear… You are so fucking tight!” he said as he shoved his rock hard cock into my pussy. He fucked me harder and harder. He made a moan every time he shoved it in. Every time his cock went inside me I felt his big belly hit my clit. He kept pounding my pussy. It got easier for him after a while, but it was still tight. He took his hand around my neck and held me down. He took his other hand down to my pussy and started rubbing my clit as he fucked my pussy. “Oh my god…” It felt so good! I tried to get up, but he still held me down. He rubbed faster and faster. “Yes! Oh my god! Fuck me harder, please, Mr. Wallace!” I was about to cum when he stopped. I was shaking a bit. “Please! Don’t stop! Fuck me more!” I was still lying on the table and he was standing over me smiling. “You begged in my dreams as well. You are making my cock even harder, my dear.” I jumped down from the table and sucked his cock faster than before. I had never been this turned on in my life. I rubbed my clit at the same time. I was about to cum. “Hold on there, my dear!” He shouted and grabbed my hands. He was holding my arms over my head while I was sucking him. My legs started to shake. I NEEDED TO CUM! “Stop my dear!” I stopped and looked up at him. “Do you want me to cum inside your pussy?” I nodded and jumped up on my feet. They were still shaking and I was struggling with standing straight. “Lay down the floor, my dear.” I lay down and he lay down on top of me. It didn’t take long before his rock hard cock was pounding my pussy! “AAAAH!” I was screaming in his ear. He took his hand over my mouth again to keep me quiet, but there was no use, was still screaming as loud as I could. Every time his cock went all the way inside me I thought I was going to cum! His breath was heavy and I could hear he was getting closer and closer to cumming! “OH, my DEAR!! I’m gonna cum inside you!” He let go of my mouth. “Yes!! PLEASE! Cum inside my tight pussy, please Mr. Wallace!” He screamed, I screamed and I could feel a hot load inside my pussy. It filled me all the way up and I started shaking. He climbed off me and looked down on me shaking and out of breath. He laughed and got dressed and left me on the floor.

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