Subject: Young Lovers – Chapter 4 Young Lovers — Chapter 4 My morning wasn’t an hour underway when I knew something was up. A bit more boy shouting outside my window as kids hurried to class. A couple of staff members walking fast, unsmiling. Odd silence and fewer faces than usual in the dining hall. Marco was nowhere to be seen but I cornered Evan, his assistant, at the coffee maker. “Morning — uh, Mike, right?” he said. “Yep. Morning. Something’s going on.” No point in beating around the bush. His glance flicked to mine as he tested his coffee. “Yeah, you’re right about that.” “Can you tell me about it?” A brief pause. “No reason not to, I guess.” “OK.” I grabbed a scone and we headed to a table together. We sat. “By now have you head about Joon?” he asked. “Joon? Is that a boy? “Yeah. Korean kid. Pain in the fucking ass.” “Did something happen to him?” “More like something happened to another kid about an hour ago. Like Joon’s knee in his balls. Followed by an elbow in the nose, breaking it, topped off by a dislocated shoulder, or so our PA says.” “This guy Joon a big kid?” Evan snorted. “That’s a laugh. Maybe if he was he wouldn’t need to prove how fucking tough he is all the time. No, he’s the scrawniest kid you’ve ever seen. Sixteen years old and maybe 110 pounds soaking wet, if that. So skinny he looks like he was in a concentration camp or something. But he took up the martial arts when he was young I guess, and he’s damn good, I’ll give him that. We have a class kids can take and I’ve watched him spar — and he is fast. I mean, really fast. And he’s dangerous, `cause he’s got a temper. A few weeks ago he went on a rampage and it took five staff to subdue him, and that only after he put one in the hospital.” “Jesus. Sounds like he’s more trouble than he’s worth.” “I totally agree. But Marco’s got a soft spot for him, I guess. Martin was ready to kick him out of the program — he’s broken more than enough rules for that. But Marco went to bat for him and bought the kid another chance. But after this morning, I guess that’s it for him, which is fine by me.” “So Marco likes him, huh? He pretty cute?” I wondered what Marco’s type was. “Actually, he’s probably the least cute kid here. Plain face, kind of gaunt, shaved head, and that collection of sticks for a body. I don’t think Marco’s got a physical thing for him. I think he likes his brain — he says the kid’s a real intellectual, always reading Plato or some shit. Marco respects that — he was some kind of boy genius himself.” He chuckled. “`Course, that’s according to Marco.” “A violent kid like that — I’d think it would be real risky to trust him with a customer for a night.” “A guest,” Evan corrected with a grin. This was to become a running joke among him, me and Marco. “No, you’re right. He’s not a Young Lover. He only plays the Game.” I’m sure my face was blank, and Evan looked a bit surprised at that. “You don’t know about the Game?” “Nobody’s mentioned it. Is it a secret activity of some kind?” “No, not a secret. It’s just not something very many boys or guests are involved in. I’d say fewer than 5% of our guests are here for the Game.” “Now I’m curious. Tell me about it.” “Just a minute.” Evan got up to get another cup of coffee. “It’s actually pretty cool, ” he began, settling back in. “More customers would probably do it, but I’ve heard it’s expensive as hell. Which I can see.” I waited. “So the deal is, we own part of a second island about 20 minutes away by seaplane. Our part isn’t a very big piece of land, maybe 1 mile square, if that. Totally jungle, and uninhabited.” “That’s where the Game is played?” “Yeah. A naked boy is taken to that island and given time hide himself. Then a guest is flown in. The guest has 24 hours to find the kid. Once he chases him down he does whatever he wants to him. I mean, he can’t kill him, of course, but I guess the sex gets pretty wild. Something about hunting the boy like prey gets the old testosterone up.” “Doesn’t sound like too much fun for the boy. What’s in it for him? Big money?” “Big BIG money. But to get it he’s got to win five games, which means five times he’s gotta stay uncaught for 24 hours. He gets caught one time, he loses.” “How often do they win all five?” “As far as I know. no kid ever has. I mean, it’s pretty tough to hide on a small part of a small island for an entire day. There are no caves or hiding places, really. Most kids don’t even win once.” “So Martin’s never had to make the big payoff?” “Nope. That’s the reason I’m sure he’ll kick this Joon out of the program.” “What do you mean? How many times has he won?” Evan looked at me meaningfully as he sipped his coffee. “Four.” ********************************************************** `’Marco, I really want to meet this kid Joon, ” I said. Marco grimaced. “He sounds . . . interesting,” I continued lamely. “I’m not sure that would be a good idea.” “Why not?” “Look, Mike, he hasn’t got anything a boylover wants. He’s not cute, kind of ugly almost, he doesn’t have a big dick, his body’s nothing, he’s not sweet or sexy, he’s basically an asshole, treats people like shit, thinks he’s smarter than everyone else . . .” “Which I gather he is.” Marco chuckled. “Well, that’s true. So why are you so interested?” “Well, I don’t know exactly. I just find him intriguing, from all I hear.” “Who’d you talk to? Evan?” “Yeah.” “Figures,” he replied, enigmatically. “What does that mean?” Marco ignored my question. “The thing is, he’s on lockdown right now, pending dismissal from the island. Putting a kid in the hospital in a pretty much unprovoked attack is something Martin just won’t have here. One of the staff is working on a flight out of Manila for him right now. He’ll be gone within a week.” “Well, can I at least interview him while he’s locked down? It might give me a different slant on your program here. After all, ” I added, deciding to play the transparency card, “Martin guaranteed me open access to everyone here. No strings attached.” Marco pursed his lips. “Well, I guess that wouldn’t do any harm. They won’t let him go to class so he’s just sitting in his room today anyway. Let’s go find Martin and get the OK for that. And you’ll have to have some protection with you. I can’t leave a visitor alone with someone that volatile.” “Is that really necessary? I think I can handle a cranky 110 pounder.” Marco smiled thinly. “Yeah, that’s probably what our 240 pound former prison guard thought right before Joon put him in the hospital. I’ll be in there with you. It seems like he’s a little calmer with me.” Marco’s tone brooked no argument. **************************************************************** I spent the next couple of hours doing some research on this wild boy and talking over some options with Marco. By early evening Marco and I, having made our way over to the dorm where the boys who played the Game stayed, were seated a bit awkwardly on the edge of a small unmade bed. Opposite, sitting in a chair at his desk, was Joon Tiang. He was not as unattractive as I’d been led to expect. An ascetic face, with high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, narrow chin, high forehead and the rare shaved head that had a beautiful shape. Small, red, thin lipped mouth pursed shut. Body completely concealed by exceptionally baggy pants and a red short-sleeved shirt so big the sleeves came halfway down his thin, sinewy forearms. He sat motionless and expressionless. “Joon, Mr. Sanders is a journalist doing a story on Young Lovers. He’s been given complete freedom to interview anyone here, and he asked to speak with you.” “Why me?” The boy’s voice was flat, neither friendly not hostile. I had my answer ready. “I’m particularly interested in the Game. I understand you are the master of it.” He scowled, staring at me, eyes probing for what my angle was in flattering him. “Why do you like the game?” I asked. “Who said I like it?” . “Well, it’s what you prefer to do here, right?” “It’s preferable to letting a bunch of fat old fags slobber all over me and then fuck me incompetently. Yeah, I prefer it.” “Well, the money’s good, right?” “That’s why I’m here.” “I hear you’ve kind of worn out your welcome, though.” He glared at me. “Why’d you do it, Joon? Needing only one more win to collect all that money?” “Nobody fucks with me!” he declared, finally showing some emotion. “That little bitch has been trying to give me snot for weeks. I actually stayed patient, mainly because he’s too fucking puerile to bother with. But nobody’s gonna make me his punk like that, so I finally had to teach him a lesson.” “What did he do?” “Poured a carton of milk all over my lunch tray.” He paused, and then, apparently thinking further clarification might be required, added, “It wasn’t the milk, it was the principle, obviously.” I could already see what Marco saw in this guy. Obviously smart as hell, pugnacious, yet much more calculating and in control than I’d expected. And, contrary to what Marco had said, there was something shockingly sexy about him too — shocking because he didn’t seem like he should be sexy. But he was. “What’s the key to winning the game?” I tried a different tack. He paused. The boy’s face was so expressionless I could read nothing, but I imagined a bit of a struggle gong on in him. I imagined his natural urge to brag a bit might be battling with the preternatural caution that seemed his dominant mode. “I outthink `em,” he finally replied dismissively. “Come on, it’s not chess. You’re on a tiny island, naked, no place to hide, and some older guy horned up and ready fuck has an entire day to catch you. What does brains have to do with it?” I wanted to see if I could draw him out. No dice. He just watched me. Finally: “You think I need to impress you?” Although his face was impassive I could hear the sneer in his voice. I hadn’t fooled him. I changed tactics. “You already impress me.” I paused. He waited, apparently unaffected by my flattery. “You’re a reader, right? You understand that every man has to tell his story.” Joon stretched, shifted in his chair, and then looked at Marco. “Are we done?” He had dismissed me. I wasn’t going to let this slip away. “I want to ask you about your family.” Light suddenly flashed in his eyes, then instantly the blankness returned. “They’re boring.” he said flatly. Unexpectedly, Marco stepped in, “Joon, I think it might help people understand more about Young Lovers if they knew something of the boys’ backgrounds who come here. Yours is actually a pretty interesting story.” Joon stared at him a moment. “What do you want to know?” “Ummm, you’re Korean, right?” “Yeah, that’s why I speak native, unaccented English.” Even his sarcasm was delivered without facial expression or much vocal inflection. “I’m American, of Korean ancestry.” “Why are you here?” “My father’s an ignorant, racist, homophobic asshole, my mother’s a pathetic weakling, and my sister’s existence consists of brainless social media posts and stressing over AP exams. So, when the chance came to get the hell out and make a pile of money, I took it.” “You describe your father negatively as homophobic, but earlier you called the customers here fags. Sounds kind of homophobic to me. Are you gay yourself? “Fuck no. And I’m not homophobic either. That’s just fucking ignorant. Gays are OK, I just don’t like fags. They have no self-respect. These guys who come here are so fucking desperate. I mean, have some dignity.” I digested this. There was a kind of flinty, heartless integrity somewhere inside this strange, interesting boy. “What would you do if you won?” “Get the hell out of here, buy a mountain of weed and spend the rest of my life reading and smoking.” His tone suggested he was completely serious. “But now you’ve blown it.” He looked away and said nothing. “Joon is glossing over some important details,” Marco interjected. “Like the fact that the first pedo retreat he went to was — shall we say — a lot different than this one. Like the fact that his father was violent and abusive, and that’s why he left without really researching his options.” For the first time Joon’s voice held a hint of vulnerability, though mixed with irritation. “Shit, can we not . . . ?” “Bad memories?” I asked. The boy stared at me and I felt like an idiot for about the fifth time in the last ten minutes. “Well, do you mind telling me about the other place? Where was it?” “Mexico. It was called Boys From Paradise.” “How was it different than here? People weren’t as nice?” “People are people. A few decent ones, the occasional one with a brain, but most of them jerks and idiots. Same as here.” The boy’s world-weariness was oppressive. “Well, what was the difference then?” “They had no Game. They advertised that they did — it’s a standard feature of these boy-fuck resorts, I guess. But when I got there the assholes didn’t have one. They just wanted me to smile sweetly for the customers and then let them fuck me, while acting like I was I heaven because of the wonderfulness of their cocks.” “You didn’t enjoy it.” He snorted. “I didn’t do it. I don’t suck and I don’t get fucked. The only sex I had in weeks was with some guy who wanted me to fuck him. Finally they got sick of me and kicked me out.” “After you got into several fights,” interjected Marco. “A familiar theme.” “I don’t start `em. I just finish `em,” Joon replied, not without a bit of pride. “You also had a friend there,” Marco observed. “Yeah.” “Was he another Boy From Paradise?” I asked. “”He was a kid who lived near me. We left L.A. together.” “He had a tough family too?” “Just a stupid one. They rejected him because he’s gay. He was a FOB, hadn’t even been in the U.S. a year. He hung with me cause I spoke his language.” “Korean.” “Korean, yeah. He’s three years younger than me. Tough little bastard though. He took all my crap. When I told him I was leaving he begged me to take him with me. I’m not sure it was really to get away from his parents — I think he just wanted the adventure — and to get fucked a lot. He was only eleven then.” “Gay, but not a fag.” “Exactly,” I sensed a hint of approval in his voice. “So you being the butch top and him craving sex, you must have had some good times together, right?” “That’s none of your fucking business, actually,” Joon snapped. A sensitive topic. He had a soft spot for his little friend. Maybe not sexual, but something. “Was it hard to get parental approval?”: “His parents? Yeah, but mostly it was because they spoke no English so it took awhile to get through to them. They loved all that money the company promised them. You know Asians. And my parents? Hell no. My father was thrilled to be rid of me.” “And your mother?” Joon made a disgusted noise and said nothing. “So what happened to your friend when you got kicked out of the Mexican place? Did he leave too?” “He left before I did. About two years ago now. The organization sent him somewhere else. I guess they’ve got a bunch of resorts all over the world. Mostly Asia. He was in demand because he’s young and is fluent in Korean. He didn’t want to go, but they made him.” “Tough to see him go?” I instantly regretted asking that, and, as I should have expected, konya escort the kid just stared at me. “And now I guess you’re on the move again yourself? Starting over?” Joon stared at the floor. As I watched him I couldn’t believe how much this kid turned me on. Was it that his toughness was a challenge? Was it the veiled vulnerability? Or maybe it was that elegant bald head, the delicate ears, the skinny neck, so like–what? Like a Japanese slave boy’s, or something? There was some dark corner of me that I needed to fit this kid into. I took a deep breath. “I have to confess something to you, Joon.” He looked up and his dark eyes bored into me. “Even though I’ve just met you this evening, I’ve seen you on video.” He waited. “You know the surveillance camera caught your fight today, right? And I also saw video of you sparring in your martial arts class. And I’ve seen pictures of you too — hot ones. I already decided before I even met you that I wanted you. And now that I’ve met you I want you ten times more.” “I’m not for sale,” his voice was as expressionless as ever, but he watched me intently. “No? But you’re still available to be caught.” “You?” he asked. He seemed shocked. “Don’t act so surprised. I’ll bet I can chase your ass down on a little island.” A sour smile crossed his lips. “Not if I see you first! Plus, you’re just a reporter. You haven’t got the cash to pay for the Game on your salary.” The kid was sharp, and he was feeling smug. He had no idea what was about to hit him. My voice softened. “I don’t have to pay Young Lovers, Joon, because they don’t have to pay you. Your contract is null and void. You’ve violated the terms of it several times. Mr. Kramer explained this to me this afternoon. There’s gonna be no more `don’t let it happen again’ for you. They’ve had it up to here and beyond with you. They’ve agreed with me to take you out to that island one last time, and I’m gonna chase you down . . . for free. Because of your own obnoxious behavior you’re of no value to them now, so why should they care what happens to you? You can’t earn a dime on that island now — all that’s in it for you is to keep your ass virgin. And all that’s in for me is the fun of giving you the fuck you so desperately need.” I stood, enjoying the boy’s speechless, slightly openmouthed stare. “Get a couple good nights’ sleep, Joon. You’ll play the Game one last time day after tomorrow. With me.” ***************************************************************** If it hadn’t been for Mike Landry I might well not have had a chance to win the Game. The day before, after my little showdown with Joon, I had been sky-high with confidence. Everything I’d heard made me think that my chances of winning were excellent. After all, I was younger and in better shape than a lot of the guests at Young Lovers — I had seen that already. And apparently the guests almost always won. But waking up this morning, thinking about what tomorrow would bring, things looked a bit different. For one thing, I may not have been the ordinary island guest but Joon was no ordinary island boy either. He had already won four times. Plus, there was the little matter of his martial arts skills. If I succeeded in chasing him down, did I really want to take him on? The video I’d seen of him in his martial arts class showed him to be ridiculously fast and stronger than he looked. I saw him effortlessly dispatch two opponents, both much bigger than he. Of course in the class students were not allowed to use dangerous force, but it was clear he could have seriously injured either of those kids if he’d wanted to. I figured could hold my own in a fight with regular guys — but Joon was a wild card I had no clue about. So, as time grew closer for my little expedition, i figured I could benefit from some insider advice. And, lucky for me, that’s exactly what I stumbled on. Poking about the maintenance yard and shooting the bull with the mechanics and handymen was allowing me to flesh out the article I was working on, and that alone made for a very worthwhile morning. In addition, however, it yielded up Mike Landry. Mike, according to his own possibly exaggerated account, had worked on engines of every kind from Jakarta to Manaus, but at the present time he was primarily responsible for the care and feeding of the seaplane Young Lovers used to, among other things, ferry predator and prey to the island for the Game. “It’s an old piece of shit,” the chunky, bearded pilot opined, gesturing broadly to a white and red seaplane moored at the small dock, “but it’s my piece of shit.” After telling me a few stories about the seamier side of life on the island, he peered at me skeptically from under the brim of a impossibly grungy baseball cap. “So I take it you’re going to be my passenger tomorrow out to St. Steven’s.” “If you mean the island where they play the Game, then yep, I’m your cargo.” “I don’t know why the hell you’d do that. It’s hot as fuck out there, mosquitoes everywhere, no food for a whole day and you’ll be busting your ass and skinning your knees. And for what? You’ll be chasing down some clueless kid, and when you catch him, you’ll try to fuck him on rocky ground without any lube. Back here you could have your pick of the stable in semi-air conditioned comfort.” He shook his head. “So who’s the lucky winner?” “Kid named Joon Tiang.” Mike’s eyebrows shot up. “Oh ho ho!” he cried. “You’ve picked yourself the biggest asshole on the island — congratulations!” “You know him?” “Sure! I’ve hauled him out to St. S. four times and back again. Every time out I’m hoping somebody fucks the shit out of him, and every time, 24 hours later he gets back on the plane giving me this little smirk.” “Maybe it will be different this time.” He eyed me skeptically. “Maybe.” I had an idea. “Listen, Mike, it sounds like there’s no love lost between you and this kid. Do you have any tips for me? If it was you, how would you go about it? I mean, you know the lay of the land a little bit, right?” “Well, for starters there’s no way it would be me, because that scrawny ass isn’t worth my dick, and I say that in all humbleness. Seriously. But, yeah, I do know the lay of the land alright. I probably know that piece of jungle about as good as anyone.” “Paint me a picture. What’s it like?” “It’s a good sized island, we just own the southwest corner. It’s fenced off, the rest of the island is inaccessible. We’ll land in a little horseshoe bay, there’s a good sized beach, and then pretty much solid jungle.” “What would be your angle?” He paused a moment in thought. “Yeah, what would I do . . . IF I was interested, which I am NOT!? Most kids get out there, they look for a place to hide, or they try to keep moving. The two dumbest things you can do, There isn’t a place to hide, and when you move you’re easier to spot — duh. This kid’s smart and he’s been successful — so what would he do instead?” “One thing he said to me sticks in my mind. I said something like, I’d see him on the island, and he said, `Not if I see you first.’ I’m wondering if his strategy will be to tail me — you know, keep an eye on me from a distance, always stay behind me, turn when I turn, and so on. It’s what I’d do.” Mike grinned and jabbed a finger at me several times, as if to say, “You’re on to something.” Then he said, “OK, tell ya what. I’m thinkin’ you get off the plane, he’s already watching from a hide. But he has to be a ways away — the beach is too big for him to be close by. He’s probably toward the left side of the plane, because there’s more elevation there — a better view, plus the jungle’s a little closer there. So what you do is, you take off at top speed, and you go to your right, countercockwise, follow me? Around the perimeter of the island. He won’t be ready for that speed, so with luck you’ll lose him. Just run like hell. In maybe 5 to 6 minutes you’ll come to a stream bed. This time of year it’s dry. Turn inland and follow it. You’ll come to a little ridge, and over it is a pool fed by a little waterfall. The pool isn’t big but it’s pretty deep in spots. It’s pretty rocky there, and there are a couple of good-sized ledges, maybe 10 feet above it, 15 tops. Hide yourself there above the pool and wait.” “What makes you think he’ll come?” Mike grinned. “Do you have any idea how hot it’ll be out here on that island all day? He’s stark naked, except for these moccasin things they give `em to wear. He has no water. Sooner or later he’ll have to drink, and that pool is the only fresh water on the island. Oh yeah, sooner or later he’ll come. He’s got to. And then you’ve got him.” “Although why the hell I’d want him you do not know,” I grinned. Mike grinned back, ” I do not know why the hell is right!” “Maybe I like a challenge.” “Well, you’ve got one. But you’ve also got a plan. And it just might work!” *************************************************** In the dining hall Marco plopped his lunch tray down next to me. “Hey, you game for another new boy?” “Always!” I smiled. “A fourth boy in four days? You are the man!” he laughed. “A lot of guests who go out for the Game kind of rest up the night before.” “Why? That’s tomorrow. Tonight’s tonight.” “OK! Today’s Saturday so there’s no school, and I bet I know where you can find Ronny. He’s a sports nut and he’ll be playing either basketball or football with some of the other kids. You can check him out.” “In this heat?” The weather had of course been warm and humid since my arrival but as that morning turned to afternoon it had heated up even more. “Most of the boys stay indoors on afternoons like this, like any rational person, but a few of them will be outdoors 365 days a year if they’re not otherwise occupied.” “Tell me about Ronny.” “He’s your All-American boy. Happy-go-lucky, eager, loves sex almost as much as sports. Beautiful body, friendly face, big smile, floppy hair. Nice cock, of course. I can show you pictures.” “No need. I’ll be out on the basketball courts to have a look soon enough.” A few minutes later I found a group of boys playing a surprisingly energetic game of three-on-three. I leaned against a nearby equipment bin and watched. All the boys were pretty nice looking, of course, and it didn’t hurt that they were all shirtless and dripping with sweat. But it didn’t take long for me to zero in on one boy who I felt sure must be Ronny. What I first noticed was how he moved. i’ve spent enough time around athletes to know that, while some boys can excel without it, most outstanding athletes move with a fluidity, an ease that sets them apart. Watching this boy there was never an awkward movement, a clumsy step, a misdirection. The smoothness with which he passed, cut, dribbled, positioned himself, shot the ball, and played defense was beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, his body was that of a 14-year-old boy at the peak of his attractiveness. Rather broad shoulders, slender waist, small but defined pecs, small, firm ass, long, lean legs flexing with definition, deeply tanned skin, probably getting browner by the day — my mouth was dry with desire just looking at him for two or three minutes. His face I couldn’t really see well, but seemed pleasant enough. After a few minutes one of the boys announced he had to leave. As he picked up a discarded shirt at the edge of the court his friends pestered him. “Come on, keep playing!” “You don’t gotta do anything else!” “Now somebody has to sit out.” “Come ON!” I saw my opportunity. “Hey, do you guys let old men play?” I called with what I hoped was a disarming grin. They looked at me. I noticed the kid I thought was Ronny grinning. After a pause that stopped just short of embarrassing, one kid said, “Sure, OK.” Somebody else said, “Yeah.” A lukewarm reception, but good enough. “I’m Mike,” I announced, extending a hand to the nearest boy, tossing my shirt aside. All dutifully shook my hand and introduced themselves. Ronny was in fact Ronny, and although I wanted to believe he held my grip a fraction longer than he had to I don’t really think he did. I did receive a disarming, lopsided grin, however. Two boys named Isaac and Andrew were to be my teammates. Ronny’s team had the ball, and I quickly went over to him to guard him. The game began. It was immediately clear that the pace was going to be fast. Hours in the tropical sun had done nothing to faze these boys, and I was immediately huffing and puffing as I tried to match their pace. Thankfully it was only a half-court game, as 3-on-3 games often are. Although i was often a step slow guarding them, I was bigger and stronger, and so I had an advantage shooting and rebounding. I was not shy about exploiting it, and after a few minutes of play, thanks mostly to Isaac’s excellent outside shot, my team was in the lead. At one point I found myself guarding Ronny as he dribbled across the top of the key. I placed my hand lightly at his waist as I stayed in position, moving laterally with him. So fluidly I wasn’t ready for it he glided to a stop, flowed easily into a jump shot, and swished it from about 16 feet. In an instant I took in all of him — his tight belly, the small tufts of damp hair under his arms, the firm, focused expression on his face, the drops of sweat flying from his body, the tendrils of brown hair plastered to his forehead as he rose to shoot, released the ball, and landed. My defense was too little, too late. “Very nice,” I said quietly. He looked at me, interested, and smiled generously, “Thanks.” Pleased but not surprised. As poised in conversation as in his play. The next possession I took a pass from Andrew and quickly cut to the basket, Ronny was surprised, I think, at more speed than I had shown this far, and I was able to get past him for an easy layup. “Very nice,” I heard him say behind me. I turned and we shared grins. “Thanks.” From that point on, while the two teams competed against each other, Ronny and I were in our own little game. We each guarded the other the whole time. We competed with each other in how well we could set up our teammates, how accurately we could shoot, and how well we could defend each other. Though I was many years his senior we were very evenly matched. Finally we finished the fifth game to 25,. My team had won twice and Ronny’s three times. We stood on the sidelines sucking down sports drinks from a little cooler the boys had. I exchanged high fives and fist bumps with the boys, and it felt good to see that they seemed to accept me as a legitimate player. At last I turned to Ronny and locked eyes with him. “Can I talk to you a minute?” “Sure,” he grinned. I motioned with my head and we stepped a few feet away from the others. “You’re really a good player,” I began. “And I gotta say, you’re really hot.” He beamed a thousand watt smile. “Thanks and thanks! You’re pretty hot too!” This was going to be so easy. “I have to confess I already knew who you were,” I said. “Yeah?” “Yeah. You’re my boy for tonight.” His eyebrows shot up in surprise. His smile seemed to get even wider if that was possible. “Cool! Do we have to wait for tonight?” “I LOVE the sound of that question,” I laughed, and grasped his bicep gently. “You know what I really like?” “What,” he asked. konyaaltı escort “Sex when I’m all sweaty.” “I never tried that,” he murmured, his smile dreamy, his eyelids drooping sexily. I wasn’t completely sure how amorous island guests were allowed to be in public with the boys, and I decided at that moment I didn’t care. I stepped forward, gripped his chin with one hand, slid the other down his lower back, inside his shorts and gripped his moist ass, and kissed him hard. He rose up on his toes and kissed me back enthusiastically, hugging my back hard. I broke the kiss at last. I grabbed his hand and gave him a leer. “Let’s go!” I said. He stooped to grab his bag. “What’s your apartment number?” he asked. I told him. “Race ya!” he yelled, and took off like a shot. He was fast, but at first I thought I had a chance to catch him. However, his long strides and agile dodges of shrubbery, small buildings and the occasional startled guest proved too much for me, and he was waiting with pretended impatience at my door as I ran up panting. Between being out of breath from my run and being out of my mind with excitement at the prospect of making love to this delicious boy it was all I could do to get my key in the lock. “Come on!” he yelled in excitement. “Man, I hope it’s not as hard to open you up as it is to open this damn door!” I laughed. His charming response was halfway between an adolescent snicker and a boyish giggle. We were no sooner in the door than he was all over me, kissing, hugging, pawing, squeezing everywhere. “Wait, wait,” I laughed, pulling away. I knelt, ripped open his sneakers and pulled them off. He quickly bent down and began pulling off his socks, hopping on one foot and laughing hilariously as he lost his balance and nearly fell over. No sooner had he got the last sock off than I yanked his white gym shorts down, revealing a sky blue thong, bulging and featuring a big wet spot in front. He tried to twist away but the shorts around his ankles caused him to stumble again and then, howling with laughter, he fell on his butt. I pulled his shorts off but not before quickly caressing the fine, sweat-slicked brown hairs along his shins. I yanked off my own clothes in record time and then pounced on him. We rolled around on the floor, rubbing our sweaty bodies against each other, me nibbling and licking everywhere and he chortling and gasping as he pretended to try to get away. “Mmmmm,” I moaned as I nuzzled his neck and then proceeded to lick his face all over. Peals of his laughter filled the room, as he struggled, then succeeded in rolling me over and lying on me. He began to return the favor, licking me with wet lashes of his long red tongue. He buried his face on my crotch. “MMmmmmm, sweat!” he cried, then laughed hilariously some more and began licking my blazing hot cock. I caressed his back, then hooked my thumbs in his sweaty armpits and pulled him up so we were face to face. I licked his eyes, bit his lips, sucked his nose, all the while murmuring with pleasure and massaging his sticky back. He squirmed away, then sat up on me, put his thumbs into his groin and shoved the tightly packed thong down to his knees. Before i had a chance to admire it he shoved 7 inches of hot boy meat toward my face. Grabbing him around the waist I spun him around so he was on his back again and then began licking his hot organ. I licked up into his sparse pubes and then into his salty, hairless groin. Dragging the thong completely off him so he was totally nude I ducked down and gobbled his sweaty balls, one at a time. “Yeeow!” he cried, arching his hips. Grabbing his calves I shoved his legs apart and then dove for his asshole. I smashed my open mouth against it and began lapping my tongue against him ferociously. I felt his hands roughly pushing the back of my head into him as he moaned. After a minute filled with yells, groans and chortles from both of us I popped up, braced myself on my extended arms and allowed my cock to wave in the air above his face. He immediately grabbed it, strained his neck upward and forced the first three inches or so into his mouth. He was sucking like he wanted to pul my balls out through my cum tube. I grabbed his hair with one hand and roughly yanked it, to see how he’d react. He dropped my cock from his mouth and frowned. “Hey, come on!” “Sorry baby, some guys like that. Just learning about you.” I kissed him on the cheek, then stuck my tongue in his eye to show I wasn’t upset, and he giggled loudly and squirmed away. I grabbed him by both wrists, held his arms above his head, then dove into his armpit. As he shrieked and struggled I carefully licked him clean of his sweat, sucking on the two inches of light brown hair until it was soft and shiny. i did the same on the other side. By the end he was cooing and chortling. I sat up, “OK, suck me some more. Show me what you’ve got, Ronny.” And he did. After about five minutes in the paradise of his hot little mouth I was climbing the walls. “Come on, don’t come yet,” he complained. “We’ve got too much stuff to do yet, and old guys can only go once!” “Oh, ho, that’s what you think, you young whippersnapper. I’ll teach you to respect your elders!” I crowed. I pulled him to his feet and dragged him into the bedroom. I sat down on the bed and pulled him face down over my lap. “Time for your punishment!” With that I began spanking him, not too hard but hard enough to bring some pink to his hairless golden brown cheeks. “Ow, ow!” he cried, feigning pain. I stopped and began stroking his butt. His firm little melons quivered slightly. “Have you learned your lesson?” “Oh yes sir!” I ran my index finger slowly down his wet crack. “And what is that lesson?” “Um, to always be nice to my elders . . .” I let him up. “Very good.” “. . . because they can hardly do it any more!” he cried, then leaped easily out of the way as I grabbed at him. There then ensued a three minute chase around the apartment, out the door, and across the lawn, both of us stark naked, Ronny zigzagging this way and that and me in hot pursuit but by no means gaining on him. At last rounding the corner of a building as Ronny approached were two men walking with two boys. “Hey, grab him!” I yelled, as Ronny was just about on them. “Noooooo,” he cried, trying to dodge out of the way, but one of the men reached out and easily corralled him, and laughingly held him until I arrived, puffing. “Thanks fellas,” I grinned, as I grabbed Ronny’s arm. “He’s been a very bad boy.” “He needs a good spanking,” laughed the other man. “I tried that but it didn’t work. I think maybe It’s gonna take a good fucking to teach him who’s boss!” :”Well, you’re the lucky one. You’re a real beauty, kid.” Ronny smiled and blushed. “Hey!” one of the two other boys protested with a crooked grin. “What about us?” The man pretended to to be disdainful. “I guess you might be OK if a guy likes boys with small dicks!” The boy cried, “Hey!” again and punched the man in the shoulder. The man got the boy in a headlock. “They just need discipline, see,” he laughed. “And that what this one’s gonna get,” I rejoined and, holding Ronny by the upper arm, I led him away. “Are you really gonna fuck me to punish me?” Ronny grinned. “No, I’m gonna fuck you because you’re hot as hell!” Ronny said nothing but I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a self-satisfied smile. And fuck him I did. On the couch. On the bed. On the floor. In the shower. I also sucked him, rimmed him and kissed him exhaustively, and I must say, Ronny gave as well as he got, sucking like a vacuum cleaner, rimming like a starving dog and, finally, after begging me sweetly, fucking me with smooth, confident strokes. Only at the end did his emotions overwhelm him and, losing control, he came unexpectedly. Of course, it being his fourth orgasm of the afternoon, a lack of control might have been to be expected. Finally we lay on the bed together, our sides comfortably touching, at ease with the silence, exhausted. There was a knock at the door. Who could that be? I had already learned that no one ever came to visit a guest’s cabin except the boys, and I already had my boy for the evening. I swung up from the bed and, still naked, answered the door. There in the twilight stood Donte. ******************************************** “Well hey Donte, this is a nice surprise! Come on in.” The boy’s eyes went to my cock, then he dropped his eyes. “Um, are you busy?” “Not too busy for you. Come in!” He stepped forward then looked past me just as Ronny approached. “Hi Donte,” he said cheerily. Donte hesitated. “Oh. Um, hi. Um, maybe I shouldn’t have come.” “Nonsense,” I replied. The more the merrier. Come on. I was just gonna have a coke — do you want one?” “Um, no thanks.” “Ronny?” “Sure.” I went to the kitchenette to grab the drinks, and then the three of us settled down in the living room. I took a seat in the chair rather than sit next to either boy; they sat together on the couch. I decided to break the ice. “Man, Donte, Ronny and I had some great sex today. It reminded me of what a good time you and I had the other night.” Immediately I saw from Donte’s face that was a mistake. His eyes flicked rapidly from Ronny to me to Ronny, then down. He twisted his hands and said nothing. He was obviously still very uncomfortable with sexual matters, and Ronny’s presence was only making it worse. “We were just about to take showers, but I can wait awhile. Ronny why don’t you go ahead.” I looked at him meaningfully. He got the hint. “Good idea. I love a nice long shower after, uh, exercise.” He darted out of the room. “Donte, I’m glad to see you, but I don’t think you just came over to hang out, am I right?” “Uh-huh.” “What’s on your mind?” He was silent, twisting his hands, staring at the floor. I got up and went over to the couch and sat next to him. I put my arm around his shoulders. “Donte, you know you don’t have to be shy with me. You can trust me. I can tell something’s bothering you. Let’s talk about it.” He took a deep breath and let it out. I felt him relax a bit. “I’m afraid I’m gonna change and be gay,” he finally blurted out. “Hmm. Last night you seemed OK with the idea that you could enjoy sex with both guys and girls. What’s different now?” He paused, as if gathering courage. “This morning something happened.” I waited. “I was taking a shower in the dorm and this one guy Nathan was there too. He was, like, looking at me.” “And . . .?” “He was, like, hard, and, um, he came over to me and, um, touched me.” “And you got hard too?” I guessed. He nodded. “And then you guys did stuff. And you liked it.” “I guess.” “Well, did you cum?” “Yeah.” “That usually means you like it!” I smiled. He said nothing. “What turned you on the most?” “Well, all of it, I guess.” “You know, you’re worried that if you like sex with guys then you can’t also like girls. Probably if you’d ever had sex with a girl you wouldn’t worry about that.” “I know there’s supposedly bisexuals, but — I don’t know — I don’t really believe in that.” “You’re afraid you liked it too much. That if a guy likes sex with guys that much he couldn’t like girls too.” “Yeah.” “Too bad there’s no girls on the island. If we could find one who wanted to mess around with you I think your worries would be gone.” “Yeah.” He didn’t sound convinced. “Well, you’re 17, so it won’t be long before you’re back in civilization, hopefully with a bunch of money you made here. Then you can test out your hetero side.” He sighed a big sigh. Just then Ronny appeared, nude, toweling his hair, his half hard cock swinging as he walked, cream and pink and beautiful. “My turn?” I asked. “Feels great,” Ronny grinned. I decided I’d done what I could with Donte. “Ok, you guys visit with each other a little bit, and I’ll be back in five minutes,” I announced, heading for the bathroom. I was gone a bit longer, maybe 10 minutes, and I decided to do as Ronny had done and return to the living room nude, drying off. I expected and hoped that the boys would be getting along, maybe chatting or playing a video game. Instead, what I encountered was a bit different. There, sprawled on the floor, were two naked boys, engaging in a slow, gentle 69. Smiling to myself I approached them. “Hey, boys,” I said softly. They ignored me. Chucking to myself, I knelt behind Donte and spooned against him. At that he took a last long slurp of Ronny’s engorged cock and turned and looked at me with a sheepish half-smile. “Having a good time?” I asked, with a grin. Before Donte could answer Ronny piped up, “Yeah! I really like Donte’s cock!” “You do?” Donte seemed bewildered. “It’s not as big as yours.” “Who cares? It has these big bulgy veins. Very hot. I’m gonna really make you cum!” I chuckled to myself, realizing that, just by luck, Donte had run into the perfect kid to show him how to be comfortable with gay sex. Ronny seemed to be Mr. Positive. I snuggled up behind Donte and, as Ronny went to work on his cock again, I wrapped my arm around his chest and began nibbling at his ear and kissing his cheek. Then I scooted up so I could get at Ronny’s goodies. “You suck him some more and I’ll suck his balls,” I said to Donte. Donte was good with that, and as I began to work Ronny’s scrotum over I saw out of the corner of my eye Donte very carefully licking Ronny’s raging organ, his long tongue, stroking up and down the rough red side of Ronny’s cock. Then he swooped up, laved Ronny’s corona, and then slurped the head into his mouth, caressing it first with his wet lips. Meanwhile I shoved my face right next to his and into Ronny’s tight ball sack, licking the wrinkled pouch aggressively, shoving his balls from one side to the other. Ronny’s pouch was pulled up fairly tight but after a few minutes I’d succeeded in loosening it enough that I could suck one ball into my mouth. “MMmmm,” Ronny moaned around Donte’s cock. Donte was beginning to writhe and moan a little himself. Ronny had already gotten off several times that afternoon but as far as I knew Donte hadn’t cum since his morning shower, and he seemed close. Ronny may have sensed that because just at that moment he pulled off of Donte’s cock. “Donte,” he panted,”will you please fuck me?” Donte looked surprised. “Me?” “Yeah, you!” Ronny laughed. “Come on, man, I want that sexy cock all the way in me.” “Um, OK,” Donte replied. Ronny lay down on his back and pulled his knees back. “I’ll do the honors first,” I volunteered, and proceeded to thoroughly wet Ronny’s hole. “Let me get some lube,” I offered, getting up. “I don’t need lube, Donte’s full of precum. Just use that.” Knowing what a leaker Donte was that made sense to me, so I squeezed Donte’s cock a couple of times and milked a good two teaspoons of lube out of his flaming red organ and I slapped it onto Ronny’s asshole. I milked Donte again and got another teaspoon and rubbed it all over the boy’s cock. “OK, I’m ready. Do it Donte,” cried Ronny. Donte carefully searched with his cock for Ronny’s hole. He spent a moment lining it up just right. “Come ON, man!” cried Ronny. “Just ram it in — I can take it hard.” “OK,” Donte said uncertainly, and he leaned his weight into konyaaltı eve gelen escort the other boy. Slowly his organ begin sinking in. “Yeah,” Ronny hissed as the first two inches impaled him. Donte stopped. “Is it OK?” “Shit yeah, it’s OK! Give me more! I want it all!” Donte drew back a bit and then, gritting his teeth, began shoving more in. He threw back his head with pleasure as he sank in to his balls, and Ronny gasped, “Yesssssss.” At that point nature took over, and Donte began to withdraw and sink in, withdraw and sink in, going slowly at first, then building up speed. It all looked way too hot for me to sit on the sidelines, so I began to finger Donte’s crack and caress his balls as he thrust into Ronny. It didn’t take more than a couple minute before Donte suddenly yelled, “AAAAAHHHHHHH,” rammed his little butt hard into Ronny and kept it tucked in there as he came. “AAH, AAH, AAH, AAH, AAH,” he shouted, eyes closed, little butt flexing, bear hugging Ronny, legs spasming. Finally he was done, and he rolled off, exhausted, and lay on his back, panting. After a quiet moment Ronny got up on his knees, leaned down, and surprised me by giving Donte a hug and a big kiss on the cheek. “That was fucking hot. I never cum when I get fucked but I almost did this time — if you’d kept going another minute I’d have creamed all over myself.” Donte smiled, looking wonderfully relaxed. After a few minutes the three of us were all sitting together on the couch naked watching TV. Neither Ronny or I had cum, but we had both had so much sex earlier in the day it didn’t seem to matter to either of us. I had my arm around Donte’s shoulder on one side and Ronny snuggled into me on the other. We were watching some boy-girl romantic comedy. There was one scene when the girl did some particularly ridiculous thing — I don’t even remember what. Ronny snickered. “I’d never have a girlfriend who’d do that.” Surprised, I asked,” Have you had a girlfriend?” Ronny smiled. “Sort of. She was, like, a friend with benefits.” Donte turned and looked in surprise. “You, um, had a girl you had sex with?” “Course. I even had two at once one time.” “No way!” I replied, shocked that even a kid as cute and self-confident as Ronny would have had a three-way at such a young age. “Sure. Wanna see?” “What do you mean?” Ronny chuckled and sat up. “I’ll show ya. Can you unlock my phone?” He drew his device from his gym bag and handed it to me. I typed in the passcode Marco had given me. The boys were allowed to keep their phones when they came to the island but they were strictly prohibited from using them, which seemed a little odd to me. There followed several minutes in which he synced his phone to my laptop and the video monitor. Finally he was ready. “OK, watch this.” He pushed a button and after a minute a video opened on the big screen monitor mounted on the wall across from the couch. It showed a bedroom with three giggling teenagers, one of whom was unmistakably Ronny, looking slightly younger. The others were two girls, one wearing a bra and panties and the other just panties. Her small budding breasts jiggled a bit as Ronny laughingly poked at her, trying to tickle her. It was hard to make out sound in the video — it was mostly a jumble of voices laughing an interrupting each other, including one slightly deeper male voice, obviously belonging to the individual holding the camera. After a couple of minutes of goofing around the camera jiggled, one of the girls took it and there appeared on the screen another boy. He looked older than Ronny and was not particularly attractive. He and Ronny laughingly began shedding their clothes, and in a minute both were naked and semi-erect. The three youngsters sat down on the bed, and while Ronny kissed the girl the other boy began fingering her. He eventually lay down next to her and began kissing her body. Ronny began masturbating the other boy, who stopped long enough to make an unintelligible joke. Eventually as the girl and boy made out Ronny began blowing the boy. After a moment a girl’s voice said, “Ok, switch it up!” All three sat up, then Ronny took the camera, and the two girls began working the boy over, one sucking his cock and the other kissing him. As the video continued to play and the kids became more passionate, I watched Donte out of the corner of my eye. His cock was hard again, and he was surreptitiously fingering it. I decided to make things easer for him. “Man, this is making me horny. I hope you guys don’t mind if I jack off a little bit while we watch!.” I began jacking off slowly, and at this both boys began playing with their cocks openly. Eventually the four kids in the video changed roles again, and this time the other boy held the camera again. Ronny began eating the pussy of one of the girls while the other sucked his cock. Eventually he slid up farther and began sliding his cock into the first girl. “Oh, it’s big!” she shouted. “That’s right, baby!” Ronny laughed as he slowly eased into her. “Aaah, yeah!” The he began fucking her. The boys next to me were each picking up their pace. The other girl alternately kissed her friend and stroked Ronny’s back and butt as he fucked the girl. He fucked like he moved on the basketball court: smoothly, gracefully, his muscles flexing and relaxing beautifully, his butt cheeks hollowing as he drove into her over and over. “Fucking hot, Ronny,” I murmured, kissing him. “Come on, Donte, get in on this too.” Donte leaned over me and began kissing Ronny as well. “Stroke his cock, Donte, he hasn’t cum for awhile.” Donte complied, and drool began leaking from Ronny’s engorged organ. “Aaah, yeah,” he breathed, leaning back on the couch. I began kissing Ronny’s beautiful, lightly muscled chest, sucking his nipples as I played with his moist balls. My head bumped Donte’s and I realized he was kissing Ronny’s chest too as he jacked him. Eventually I gently gripped Donte’s hair and gently pulled his head up. “So how does it feel to watch Ronny fuck that girl?” I breathed in his ear. “I don’t know. Confusing.” “Is it hot, though?” “Yeah.” “Notice he has sex with boys and girls both? And loves it?” Donte looked me deeply in the eyes, swallowed and nodded. “Imagine a boy sucking you, then you fucking a girl, then you getting fucked by the boy. You can have all that and more. That’s you in another year, once you get off the island.” He looked at me, emotions chasing each other over his face. He finally nodded and smiled gamely. On the screen Ronny had lifted the girl’s knees up to change the angle and was really plowing into her. Then he pulled out, turned her over so she faced the camera, and entered her from the rear. The girl gasped and Ronny yelled, “Yeah,” and banged into her hard. The camera closed in on the girl, and we could clearly see Ronny’s hands roaming her body as he fucked, first caressing her nipples, then stroking her belly, then finding and fingering her clit. I grabbed Donte’s cock and began squeezing it rhythmically. “Look at that body, Donte,” I purred in his ear. “See how soft and smooth her body is? And how much she wants it? She’s loving that hard cock in her. That’s gonna be you pretty soon.” Donte was breathing harder, is eyes glued to the screen. “Yeah, Donte. Just imagine it. Do you want that? Do you want to fuck her?” “Yeah.” “Yeah I want to fuck her!” I said more loudly. “Say it!” “Yeah I want to fuck her!!” he yelled. “Yeah. Keep stroking yourself but don’t cum yet. Keep it going. The longer you hold off the more intense it is.” For several more minutes we watched as Ronny fucked, kissed and caressed his hot little friend. “You’re such a fucking stud,” I murmured in Ronny’s ear. I nibbled on it, then turned his head to me and kissed him passionately. He responded, grabbing my head and twisting his body toward me. He grabbed my cock and began stroking as he kissed. Finally we broke the kiss. Back on the screen, as if to underline what i was saying to Donte a moment earlier, the other boy had joined the couple on the bed, and was fucking Ronny at the same time that Ronny fucked the girl. The pile of sweaty bodies squirmed on the bed, and their groans and gasps were clearly audible. “Look at that, Donte,” I murmured. “Man, that looks incredible, Ronny. I didn’t know kids as young as you ever did that.” “Sure. We could do it right now if you guys want.” “What do you think Donte?” I resumed fingering his splitting hard erection. “Looks like Donte junior is interested!” “Umm, I guess. Where, um, should I be?” he asked, awkwardly. Ronny laughed. “Man, there’s no rules! Where do you want to be?” “I – I don’t know,” Donte replied. “Will you trust me to decide?” I asked him. He nodded. “OK, Ronny, you on the bottom. Spread your knees wide, stick out that sexy butt and arch your back. That’s it. OK now Donte, you’re gong to fuck him. Here’s some lube. Go ahed and lube him up.” I watched as Donte carefully applied a gob of lube to Ronny’s hole. It was pink and partially open from all the fucking we’d already done. There were just a couple of light brown hairs in his crack, wetted down now by the lube. I noticed his ass was small, hairless and muscular, the sexiest possible combination to me. Donte then quickly lubed up his cock, then looked at me questioningly. “Ok guys, here’s how we’re going to do this. Donte, when you’re ready you’re going to slide all the way in and hold it there. Then I’m going to put just the head of my cock into you. You’ll go into Ronny easily because we’ve both already fucked him, me a bunch of times today, but you’ll take longer to open up, so we’ll go very slowly at first. Once the head of my cock is in you then we’re ready to start. I’ll start to count `one . . . two . . . three . . . four’. As I start counting Donte you start pulling out of him, and by `four” just the head of your cock will be in him. Meanwhile, as I start counting I’ll drive into you, and by `four’ I’ll be all the way in.” “Oh, wow,” exclaimed Ronny, excited to encounter a new sexual experience. “How does that sound, Donte?” Donte gulped, “Um, good I guess.” “A little scared?” He nodded. “A little excited?” He grinned a crooked grin, shrugged and nodded. “Ok, here we go. Ronny, ready for this beautiful sexy cock?” “Ready,” he cried enthusiastically. Donte placed the flaring head of his cock at Ronny’s back door. Ronny reminded, “Donte, you know I like it hard!” “Yeah, see if you can take him all in one shove,” I urged. Donte gathered himself, gritted his teeth and in one mighty stroke drove all five hot hard inches into Ronny’s bowels. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, YEAH,” Ronny shouted, as Donte’s ass flattened. Donte threw his head back and let his breath out with a whoosh. I hugged Donte. “That’s it, make him feel every inch, baby, ” I urged. “OK, now just hold it there. Now bend forward. That’s it, grab his hips. Let me just find your hole. No, don’t pull out at all, stay all the way in.” I probed Donte’s moist crack gently. “Spread your knees out a little more if you can. That’s it.” I located the opening with my fingertip. I tickled it a bit, then withdrew, lubed his hole and my index finger and, using the finger of my other hand to spread his cheeks, began working my way in. “Remember to relax and let me in. That’s it. I’m going in a little farther now.” He gasped as I eased my finger all the way in. I worked it back and forth a few times, then tugged at the sides a bit, then withdrew.” “Now for the real thing,” I said, as I lubed my cock and placed it at the opening. “Just like we did it before — piece of cake. Ready? OK, push!” His asshole opened slightly and I twisted and wormed the head of my cock almost all the way into him. “Ow,” he cried. I kissed his shoulder. “It’s OK, don’t fight it, just relax.” I waited as he took some deep breaths. “Tell me when you’re ready for more. Ronny, are you OK?” “I’m great! I just can’t wait for Donte to plow me open, man!” “He’s good at fucking, as you know!” I said, hopefully boosting Donte’s confidence. “OK,” Donte called. The rest of my cockhead slipped in easily. “No problem, right?” I asked. “Um, no. You can, um, go ahead,” “OK, guys remember how it goes. We’ll start on `one’ and finish on `four.’ Then pause and I’ll count again. Donte, I’ll be going a little faster than you because my dick’s a little longer. Here we go! One . . . ” We started nice and slowly, and then picked up speed gradually. With only a couple of stumbles that had us all laughing we found and maintained our rhythm, and then I began counting a little faster. When I saw the guys could keep up I said, “OK I’m gonna stop counting. Let’s just do it!” Before long we were going like a house afire. Ronny was a mass of moans and groans, and Donte soon became more vocal too, which I was glad to hear. Eventually our climaxes were near. “Donte, Ronny might need help cumming! Grab his dick!” Before Donte could comply Ronny yelled, “No, no, I’m almost there! I’m gonna — AAAAAAHHHHH!! FUCK! FUCK ! AHHHHHH!” Hearing Ronny cum brought me right to the edge, but as I slammed into Donte time and again I was determined to hold off until he came. I didn’t have to wait long. Donte’s asshole suddenly began spasming around my cock. A mass of expletives I’d never heard from him before burst from his lips as he came. “AH!! OHH!! FUCK!! SHIT!! FUCK!! AH FUCK!! “DO IT!! DO IT!” I yelled in his ear. “YEAH!!” While he was ejaculating I slammed into Donte with redoubled force, and then again, even harder. My fifth orgasm of the day hit me hardest of all. “AAHH FUCK! FUCKING YOU, BABY! YEAH BABY! THAT’S MY BOY!! AAAHHH!” Donte was still cumming. “YEAH! AH FUCK!! OH!!” And then “AAAHHhhhhhhh,” his voice softened, as he finally slumped onto Ronny’s back. I slammed into his inert body one more time as my own orgasm subsided. “SHIT,” he murmured after a moment. We lay there in a pile, spent. After a moment I asked, “Ronny, are we too heavy?” “Kinda heavy,” he agreed. “OK, Donte, let’s let him up.” I pulled my still semi-hard cock out of him slowly, as he gasped. The he withdrew from Ronny. Gradually we all sat up and looked at each other. I saw the slack faces of two very relaxed boys gazing back at me. I put my arms around each of their necks and drew them toward me,. I kissed each of them tenderly on the lips, then drew them even closer, mashing all of our lips together. Ronny, apparently always ready to plunge himself into any new experience, began kissing each of us at once, and I joined in. Soon Donte was getting into it as well, and we were enjoying a prolonged and tender three-way kiss, tongues squirming, lips nibbling, our hands stroking each others’ hair and necks. Eventually we all collapsed in exhaustion and lay comfortably tangled together for several minutes. Suddenly Donte sat up like a shot. “Oh man, I’m late! he cried, stumbling to his feet and searching for his clothes. “Where are you going?” I asked. “I have to, um, meet Marco.” “Marco? At this time of night?” “Yeah. He’s gonna –um, you know . . . ” “No, I don’t know.” “Well, I told them this morning that I was ready to be, you know, a fuckboy. And so he’s gonna, like, test me out.” “Wow! He’s giving you a chance already! That’s great!” I said. “No more kitchen duty for you!” “Yeah, but after all this you still gotta be able to cum!” Ronny reminded him with a grin Donte paused putting on his shoes and gave us a strange little grin I’d never seen before. Then he winked and snapped his fingers. “Not a problem!”

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