1 nite passion


1 nite passionme being da dj n at my party was djing most the night sow these sexy lokkin chicks evrywere but this 1 she looked at my eyes gave me da fck me look looking up n down at me sorta thing like anyways im drimnking smoking having a gd time then this gawjus looking gal comes upto me and ses if u do a shot of tiquila i will get off with u so i sed y not then thois gawjus gal starts sexy kissin me on the couch wee cant stop kissing she grabs my hand takes me to my room so we doing the sexykissin isveçbahis yeni giriş n she puts me straight agenst da wall she den kisses down my chest unbuttoning my zib she then puts her hand inside my jeans and rips out my big one she ses its true u are huunglike a horse n ses i wont be able to handle her i sed i bet it will be the other way round she starts hetting my cock out and tosses me of up n down whilst sucking the end of my cock n going up n down my shaft i start isveçbahis giriş i put her on the bed stat kissing her neck whilst unbuttoning her cotton pink shirt then kissing round her bigg dd tits then using my tounge the nipple n turning her on then taking off her sexy frilly pink panties using my tounge on her clit licking up n down faster n faster i have a veryflexible n strong tounge so she starts orgasming n ses stop had to give her her a fewmins rest after 3 mins of my tounge isveçbahis güvenilirmi den i lay down and she rides me i go with the flow of the beat and she gets hornier n cums she must of cum 4 times by now so i start holding her love handle and start doin her doggy start of slow den go faster n deeper she ses she can feel it go passed her belly button y its in her den she has to have a rest half n haour she lasted i turned rounfd and sed i told u n u sed people cant handle u in bed but u cant handle me she replys i jst about can with that big thing of urs i laff have a fag talk n listen to her den fall asleep round 2ish am as she fell asleep befor me single as a pringle n ready to mingle lol 😉 i done so many sex possitions eaven the kamasutra book has run out of idears lol

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