Erotica Wrestling Championship


Erotica Wrestling ChampionshipThe old warehouse was located in a run-down section of town that was full of abandoned industrial buildings. No-one would give the battered warehouse a second look, but tonight, strangely, there were cars parked for blocks all around the area, and if you listened closely you might hear some muffled noise coming from deep inside. If you ventured inside the building, persuaded the guys at the door that you could be trusted, and paid the entry fee, then you entered a different world. Inside the building the noise was very loud indeed, the building was filled mostly with men, sitting around a central floor area with mats on it. Big lights illuminated the mats, and a banner proclaimed “Erotic Wrestling Championship”. There was an air of excitement and anticipation.Suddenly, the referee/announcer strode into the ring, holding a microphone, immediately the crowd hushed. “Guys, tonight we have a special treat for our first match, on my left…” There was a drum roll from the PA system “it’s…THE AWESOME ONE!” Out strode a figure dressed in a red silk robe, with “The Awesome One emblazoned across the back in bright yellow. He grinned and pumped his fists in the air and the crowd cheered wildly. The announcer continued “And on my right, the contender…BIG DADDY!” Out strode a man in a black robe, taller but skinnier, older, again the crown cheered, but some also booed. Big Daddy scowled at them.The two wrestlers stood facing each other and the referee instructed them “Ok, drop the robes gentlemen” The Awesome One slowly removed his flowing red silk robe, reveling his chiseled naked body, glistening under the bright lights. The crowd gasped in admiration as they first saw his slender young torso, his firm stomach, his muscular arms, his sturdy legs, proud penis hanging down between his thighs. Big Daddy ripped off his robe too and revealed his tall, skinny body, his sinewy frame, wiry arms, and his manhood dangling down with his big, hairy balls.As the match began the two men circled each other warily, and the crowd began hooting and hollering. Soon they had their arms on each other, pushing and shoving, each trying to get the other to the ground. Suddenly Big Daddy used his height to his advantage and got The Awesome One down on the mat. He pinned him flat on his back, then straddled him, then maneuvered on top of him, laying full length on him, their two naked bodies pressed together as they struggled, grunting and sweating, in front of the crowd. Big Daddies cock swelled into a full erection as he pushed his naked body roughly against his opponent, and he felt The Awesome One’s cock get hard too. The crowd noticed their boners and cheered and roared with approval. As the two men struggled, their hard cocks rubbed together. Their bodies bucked and humped together on the floor. Suddenly The Awesome One managed to get out from under Big Daddy, he got his legs locked around him in a scissor, the crows went wild as Big Daddy found himself held with his head buried in The Awesome Ones’ crotch, his opponents hard cock and balls, pressed to his face, legs wrapped tight around his head. They struggled for several minutes, big Daddy trying to pry The Awesome One’s thighs apart, finally he broke free, just as the bell went for the end of the first round. Both men staggered to their corner, dripping with sweat, panting, cocks bone hard, the crowd was on their feet and cheering. Round one was declared a draw.In round two The Awesome One got the advantage first, he got Big Daddy down on all fours and straddled him, his cock and balls pressing down on the older man’s back as his arms locked around his neck. But Big Daddy threw him off and he fell to the mat, Big Daddy was on him in a second, he pinned his wrists above his head and lay above him, their legs tangled together, Big Daddy’s hard dick pressed down on top of The Awesome One’s hard dick. The two lotusbet güvenilirmi men struggled, The Awesome One bucking and heaving but unable to break free, Big Daddy thrust his hips hard and fast, using his cock like a weapon, humping and grinding their two cock-shafts together, rubbing them against each other as their naked bodies heaved together on the mat. Suddenly the bell rang. Round 2 to Big Daddy.In Round 3 Big Daddy started off strong, but made a mistake, and suddenly The Awesome one was squatting on his heel with Big Daddy laying on his back across his knee, his other leg scissor over Big Daddy’s chest holding him tightly in position. The Awesome One reached down and grabbed Big Daddy’s throbbing manhood and started stroking it, hard and fast, forcibly masturbating him in front of the crowd. The rules for Erotic Wrestling explicitly state that if a contestant loses control and cums during a match, he or she automatically loses the match. Forcing your opponent to orgasm is considered fair play. Big Daddy thrashed wildly and tried to break free, but he was already on a sexual edge from the competition so far. The crowd were on their feet, roaring their approval. The Awesome one milked Big Daddy’s cock swiftly ad expertly, his hand flying up and down the big boner, pounding it. Suddenly Big Daddy let out a roar and bucked his hips, spurts of hot white cum shot from his dick, high in the air. The crown cheered and yelled. The first match was over, Big Daddy had lost.The Awesome One stood on the podium to receive his medal for the match; he was now assured a place in the men’s semi final and could hope to make it to the mixed finals. He stood up straight and tall, his penis erect and proud under the bright lights. To his surprise and delight, porn star Amber Rayne came out to present his medal to him. She was totally naked except for body make-up and glitter, her reddish hair and glittery body shining and shimmering under the lights. She lent right up against him as she put the medal around his neck. As the crowd clapped and cheered he could feel her big breasts press into his bare back, her nipples rubbing on his skin. She moved around the front and hugged and kissed him. He felt her warm, hot body pressed to his, felt his thigh press against her hot pussy, felt his throbbing cock brushing against her leg, her hot lips on his lips. She whispered in his ear “I love your body, Awesome One, and your beautiful cock, too you are SO hot!” As she said this she reached down and softly caressed his cock for just a second, then kissed him again, pressing her wet cunt tighter to his thigh. “Um, thanks, you a very hot too, um, call me Richard” he stammered “Ok, Richard“ she said with a wink, and then she was gone.The Awesome One put his cloak back on and made his way over to the competitors area among the spectators, to watch the other matches. His adversary, Big Daddy, was already sitting there, and motioned to an empty seat next to him. As he sat down the older man put his arm around him “Good match, well done“ he said. “You too“ was the reply. “I think we could become friends man”. And so the two men settled down together to watch the next matches.The next day Big Daddy called The Awesome One in the morning. “Hey Richard, I had a fantastic time with you yesterday, and I really, really enjoyed our evening together, wanna hang out again tonight?” There was a slight pause before his young buddy replied “Sure Alex, I would love to, but um, can we still, you know, take it slow?” Alex laughed “No problem man, I like to go slow too, lets have real romantic evening together, man on man, lots of man love, see what happens, no pressure, right?” It was a date.Alex picked Richard up at his car and took him to a secluded restaurant. They had an intimate dinner together, talking quietly of all their likes and dislikes, getting to know each other better, lotusbet yeni giriş and laughing together some too. And sometimes they held hands under the table where no-one could see. Afterwards they drove to a deserted stretch of beach and walked together in the moonlight. No-one was around, so they walked hand in hand across the sand and through the surf. They stood gazing out to sea and Alex put his arms around Richard and kissed him softly on the neck, then nibbled lightly on his ear “I really, really like you dude” he whispered “me too” Richard said, huskily. He turned to face Alex and they kissed on the lips, tasting the salt air on each other. Their bodies pressed together and Alex wrapped his right hand behind Richards head, cradling it softly as he kissed him. His other hand ran gently up and down Richards back. Gently Alex slipped his tongue between Richards lips, their kiss became more passionate. Alex felt a poke against his thigh, he knew what that was! He loved the feel of Richards stiffy brushing up against him, and he felt his own manhood swell and rise, pressing against his jeans, pressing against Richards leg. Both men were breathing a little heavier now, and pressing their bodies tighter together. They moved a little so that their tumescent erections, straining at their jeans, were trapped between the two of them, pressed together between their crotches as they embraced each other. Alex put his hand on Richards ass and squeezed it. His young lover moaned. “Let’s go back to my place now” Alex suggested.In the car they could hardly keep from touching each other on the short ride back to Richard’s hotel, rubbing each others thigh, touching each others arm, holding hands. As soon as they got through the door of the hotel room they fell into each other, kissing, hands all over each other. They kicked their shoes off and socks came off too. Somehow they made it over to the bed, and fell on the big king size bed together, holding each other tight. “I think I love you Richard” Alex said “I think I love you too” was the emotional reply. Alex kissed Richards neck, then very slowly began to unbutton his shirt, kissing further and further down as he opened it up, kissing his chest, his nipples, licking and sucking his nipples, kissing his belly, his belly button. He sat up and pulled his own shirt off and then lay next to Richard again, now they were both bare chested, and their bare chests touched, skin to skin. They kissed on the lips again, hungrily, mouths open, tongues probing, Alex’s hand ran up his lovers thigh, over the rough denim of his jeans, to his crotch. Gently he caressed his crotch, rubbing him through the denim. Richard moaned with pleasure and reached out to do the same to Alex. Very gradually, Alex moved his hand to the zipper, and slowly undid Richards fly. He slipped two fingers inside and caressed Richard through his underwear while he kissed him, using only the gentlest touch of his fingertips. Then he unbuttoned his buds jeans and slowly pulled them off, stripping him to his underwear, which was sticking up in front with a magnificent tent. Alex softly caressed and fondled his lovers through his underwear, gently rubbing him through the fabric, as he kissed him all over his young body. Then Richard sat up, and reached or the waistband of Alex’s jeans. He undid them and pulled them down, revealing tight white bikini briefs with a huge bulge straining at the front. They lay down together again in their underwear, hands caressing each other all over, kissing each other all over, rubbing their underwear bulges together, feeling each others hard manhood pressed against each other through their underwear.Alex moved to the foot of the bed and took one of Richards feet in his hand. He kissed it, then sucked on each of his toes, one by one. Then he slowly ran his tongue up Richards leg, from the ankle, up, up, to lotusbet giriş the thigh, up the inside thigh, higher, to his crotch. He kissed his new lover through his underwear. Kissing the outline of his rigid young man-tool, kissing the tip of it as it poked up in his undies. Richard gasped with pleasure. Alex slid one hand inside the leg opening of Richards underwear and gently reached up and caressed his testicles with his fingertips, then bent forward and closed his lips over the tip of the cotton tent in front of him, lightly sucking on the very tip of Richards penis through the cotton. The young man closed his eyes, threw his head back and moaned loudly. Alex reached up for the waistband and slowly, slowly, slowly eased his lovers underwear down, down, down, exposing his thighs, his pubes, his magnificent, fully erect penis, his swollen testicles, pulling his underwear right off, stripping Richard totally naked, feasting his eyes on the young man’s magnificent body, admiring his gorgeous cock. Reaching out Alex softly caressed Richards throbbing cock with his hand, running his fingertips up and down the shaft around the head, over the piss slit. His other hand caressed his lovers balls, softly squeezing an massaging and tugging them as he kissed Richard on the lips again. Then he circled his thumb and forefinger around Richard’s dick and began to slowly masturbate him while they kissed.Richard reached for the older man’s crotch, feeling him up through his briefs, feeling the outline of his big phallus through the cotton. Both men were breathing heavy now, moaning with sexual excitement, the sounds of each others heavy breathing and moans turning each other on almost as much as the sight of each others masculine body, the feel of each others body. Richard reached with trembling hands and pulled down Alex’s briefs, revealing his big boner and his hairy balls. Alex kicked his briefs off and the two men embraced, totally naked, true lovers at last, their tumescent penises pressed to each others bare flesh. Then they lay entwined together, hands on each others rock-hard cock, slowly and gently masturbating each other as they kissed, moving their fists in unison up and down each others cock-shafts, up and down, up and down, long strokes, short strokes, as they kissed and kissed, jerking each other off, jacking each others big cock, wanking each other off, moaning, kissing, stoking, their other hand all over each other, caressing each others balls, rubbing each others nipples, running over each others ass, as they masturbated each other together.Finally Alex moved over above Richard and put his cock right next to the younger man’s, so the two shafts were side by side, touching, the cock-heads side by side too. He wrapped his fist around the two shafts and began to stroke the two cocks together, double jerking them. They both looked down and watched their two penises in one fist, being jacked together, it was sooo hot. As they both got closer and closer to climax Alex released his grip and lay full length on top of his friend so that their cocks were side by side, trapped between their bellies. They wrapped their arms around one another and hooked their legs together, then they began to rock together, sliding their cocks against each other, between their bellies, humping an grinding against each other as they kissed again, their lips locked together. Faster and faster they humped together, louder and louder they moaned, harder and harder they ground their cocks together, thrusting their hips together in frenzy, clutching each other tight. Suddenly, the two lovers reached climax at exactly the same time. A huge wave of orgasm swept over both of them, their asses clenched, their backs arched, they both yelled out, and shot load after load of thick, hot cum between their bellies, all over each other.After this incredible sexual climax Alex tenderly asked Richard if he was OK. He had not meant to go so far yet, but they had both got carried away. There had been no penetration, or real sucking yet, but they had still had incredible sex together. Alex replied that he felt wonderful. They cuddled together on the big bed and fell fast asleep in a sticky heap.

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