5 COURSE MEALThere are a group of people I regularlly swing with. This 1 night I got a phone call from one of the women named Susan who asked me if I would like to come over. She told me sh had a few friends over and they wanted some fun. None of their husbands artemisbet yeni giriş were there. I asked susan if I could bring a friend and she said of course. She knew who exactly I was going to bring, mt t/s girlfriend. We artemisbet giriş got there and we all starting talking. Everyone was so horney that my friend went right over to one of the women named Nancy and started to feel her up. Nancy artemisbet güvenilirmi reached down expecting to feel a pussy but instead felt her cock. Nancy was shocked. Susan was sucking my cock while I was watching this whole thing, when Tabatha and Gloria started eating each other. Tabatha and Gloria couldnt take it anymore and went over tomy friend and took her cock and took turns sucking it.I started to cum in Susan’s mouth and Tabatha and Gloria got a full facial. We cleaned up and started all over again until the morning came.

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