A Birthday Surprise (True story)


A Birthday Surprise (True story)A dear friend of mine, Marie, had been down on her luck. Her ex had been a dick to her and her and now she was struggling to sleep. I invited her round a few times that week and she slept ok most of the time. My own girlfriend at the time, Carly, wasn’t fussed at all. She knew I only had eyes for her. The night of my birthday came about and once again Marie had asked to come over. We three snuggled down and I could feel her bare legs against mine. Carly too was wearing just a pair of knickers and I was getting a hard on just assessing what was going on. I turned on my side to face Marie and suddenly found myself face to face with her. Her dark brown eyes were fixed on mine and I could feel her breath on my face. She was panting, as if she could read my mind, I knew it was wrong to want her with my missus right behind me and yet I couldn’t help myself kiss her. I opened my lips, and Marie’s tongue licked at mine, we got more betsobet yeni giriş passionate, and it was then that I knew we’d gone beyond the point of no return. I held out my left hand and found Carly, half asleep wriggling at the commotion Marie was making. I broke off my kiss from Marie and pulled Carly’s head over my shoulder to kiss her passionately. In an instant she was awake and aware of what was going on. I should have been afraid she’d be upset, but I wasn’t. She looked at Marie for a second and giggled. “Oh why not?” she said grabbing at my shorts to pull them down. In an instant my rock hard member fell down to Marie. She grabbed it lustily in her hands and disappeared below the sheets. I felt her lips and tongue caress me, whilst Carly climbed over me and pushed me onto my back to kiss me. I stripped her from her clothes and asked if she’d swap with Marie. She nodded and with a cheeky smile disappeared too. The betsobet güvenilirmi too started moaning at each other, almost fighting over who should be allowed to suck me off. Finally Marie reappeared naked as her name day; I pulled above me and twisted so I could get my tongue between her legs. She gasped as I lapped at her clit, moaning with pleasure. “Fuck me… please… now.” She gasped. Carly must have heard her as we all started moving around the bed. Marie was sandwiched between us and I lay behind her. It wasn’t difficult to push myself into her and I started pounding her hard as Carly kissed her neck and breasts. Marie was gasping, screaming out in ecstasy in alternate breaths as she came to climax. Carly seized the opportunity and pulled Marie out of the way to straddle me. We fucked and I heard Carly groan in the darkness as Marie straddled my waist. She reached around Carly and I could feel her knuckles on my thighs as betsobet giriş she pushed a cheeky finger up Carly’s arsehole. It was something that always excited her and I couldn’t help but get excited myself that another girl was kissing and fingering my girlfriend. Marie’s ass bobbed on my stomach and I felt a sudden urge. Pulling her by the waist I pulled her into a 69 like position and went down on her again. She screamed with delight as she came again, causing Carly to come hard too. Suddenly I was in a panic. I was about to come myself. Carly’s twitches and Marie’s gasps sent me to the edge. They must have sensed it as they both leapt off my body. I knelt over them as they lay next to each other, playing with each other and occasionally kissing. “Give it to us, baby.” Carly purred, I could see her smile and it was filled devilment. Marie opened her mouth and panted deeply, as if she was on a run. I climaxed over them both, spraying breasts, throats and mouths alike. Then I collapsed and still covered in my seed, they both clambered up beside me like too content little kittens. Marie slept perfectly that night. I stayed awake for a while watching them both sigh in their sleep then went off to my own dream world to relive it all.

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