Club adventure turns to super sexy weekend


Club adventure turns to super sexy weekendClub adventure turns to super sexy weekendIt’s only three weeks ago now, and Zara was getting ready to go clubbing and she had been browsing some porn, getting into party mode.. She was hot n’ wet in anticipation of what was to be, she had showered and was parading around in skimpy white panties, trying on, all the most revealing of her sexiest outfits. I didn’t hesitate and quickly got organized to accompany my beautiful Princess into town. I zoomed about the apartment like the Tasmanian devil, with a twitching stiff cock just wanting my dreams to be reality.So many times I fantasied about Zara being seduced by another girl and had talked of the idea several times but as her love for being fucked was so strong, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that it would happen. Imagine the shock to the system when she suggested we visit some of the lesbian hot spots in Soho for fun.Soon as we jumped on the tube and she was turning heads, she looked just amazing… her long black hair cascaded down her back and her hardened nipples were showing through her flimsy see through white dress, which barely covered her petite frame. She is a very beautiful mixed race 28 year old with dark brown eyes and a smile that would melt the hardest of hearts. Her body language was flirtatious with the look in her eyes that said fuck me. Her bronzed legs seem to go on forever as the dress barely covered he bum and her high heels elevated her height even further. We had to stand because the train was so packed & Zara made sure she positioned herself so she could tease all in her view. She held on to the overhead rail which made the dress material tighter against her skin and exposed the crotch of her translucent hiltonbet giriş damp panties which had moulded into the shape of her smooth hairless cunt.A trendy young French couple feasted on her every contour; their lusting eyes stripped her repeatedly as they whispered to each other. Zara loved the attention and as soon as a seat became available she sat opposite them, giving both ‘come to bed eye contact”. Still on route to our destination, conversation had sparked between us and we learned the couple Jon and Desiree were staying in the Park Lane Hilton, they were on vacation and wanted some excitement, their English was great with the sexiness of the French accent and their great sense of humor had given them even more sex appeal.It didn’t take long before we were all babbling away and by the time we reached our station they asked if we would like to join them for a drink at the hotel, Zara immediately had us all linked, arm in arm and off we wandered, for the Hilton.. on arrival in the door, we had couple of drinks in the residents bar then went down afterwards to the Candy Bar on Carlisle St, where the vibe was electric and our girls were center of attention. The music and drinks had Desiree and Zara grooving on the floor their moves were close and intimate, their bodies grinding, hands sliding over each other, the gay girl customers watched as it was really steaming hot.Female admirers cheered them on to go for it kiss and make out they chanted; Jon turned to me and said I am so turned on by this! Are You? My fantasy, I replied. With those words just only spoken to each other, Jon decided to gather the girls to taxi back to the hotel suite so to have a more intimate surroundings. A bottle hiltonbet yeni giriş of Crystal awaited us in the most amazing room overlooking Hyde Park, the setting was perfect and the audio system was as good as a club’s, the champagne was popped and flowing. No sooner had we all got in relaxed mode, the girls who were lounging on the Queen size bed giggled and started to play, a silly fight over the T.V. remote, Desiree got the better of Zara and had her pinned down but I think it was what she wanted to happen. The sexual tension between them was obvious. We guys just watched as Desiree slid her small hand up Zara’s leg, lifting her dress, sneaking her fingers under the waistband of her panties. She drove her tongue into Zara’s eager mouth, then Desiree letting her finger curl into the wetness of Zara’s sex, her cries of pleasure were drowned by the music beat, they virtually ****d each other, tearing each other’s clothes off until naked, sucking on each other’s pert little tits, kissing with lusting passion every inch of each other’s bodies.It had gone past the point of no return and Jon moved on to the bed, discarding his clothes with haste, revealing a very athletic toned body, a good looking guy dark skinned stunning blue eyes, his chiseled features and tall. He slid close behind Zara and embraced her from behind; one had cupped her breast the other went straight to her already abused honey pot, his fingers probing her sex. Desiree had moved her position to lie between Zara’s legs and lick the length of her pussy. It was so surreal, so very sexy watching my girl getting pleasured by another male and female. Jon was now kissing her neck and Zara beckoned me to come join them. I stripped hiltonbet güvenilirmi before them and had a raging hard on, which I offered to my baby’s mouth. She swallowed my length and Jon instructed his girl to suck on me also, as he took advantage and slid his long thick cock into Zara, pumping her with his solid meat, she gasped with pure pleasure throwing her head back and leaving Desiree to continue blowing me.I have never experienced another woman since Zara and I have been together but I have one craving weakness, that’s tasting pussy and as Zara was occupied, I didn’t hesitate in maneuvering this very fuckable young lady so as I could feast on her sex. She was similar in shape and size, petite, short chestnut brown hair, green eyes, pretty face and hairless in all the right places. It felt so different to experience this guilty pleasure but my beautiful nymph wife was in her element and would glance over at me with smiles of approval. Moaning at me to’ please fuck her.. Make her cum baby! make her cum! Fuck her hard, I need to watch”. I put my heart and soul into it and sucked, licked, fingered, tasted this beautiful girl and as she came close to climax, I climbed on top of her and penetrated her sex… I was fucking another girl in front of my Princess and bringing her to climax.. it was a complete mind fuck to think that I was watching another guy about to achieve the same with Zara about the same time as me by the look of it. Both these beautiful ladies were lying beside each other and close enough for to kiss and when they did, the sight was enough to bring frustrated males shoot their loads into complete strangers , both unleashing at the same moment, for me it felt as if I emptied forever . The girls continued to take control and rode us until they came too! It didn’t stop here the night had only began and swapping over partners had us so stimulated that recovery was quick, ready for more pleasure and fucking. We still keep in touch and our next session already arranged for south of France next year.

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