my son jimmy

Amanda Lane

my son jimmyMr. Carr was the neighbor’s name and he showed up on our door step pretty unhappy. He asked if Jimmy’s father was home. Since John was out of town I told him not at the moment, but that I was Jimmy’s mother Kate.I was surprised then to hear him say that I better keep my son away from his wife if I knew what was good for me and especially for Jimmy. I listened to him rant and rave for sometime talking about how my son was hanging around his house during the day trying to seduce his wife. Then as he wound down I tried to assure him I would look into it and take care of the matter immediately. He left soon only somewhat mollified, muttering more warnings.After he was gone I sat over coffee and thought about my handsome young son. Jimmy was 17 and he was, in the vernacular, a real hunk. He was into sports big time and had a delightfully well developed body. He was tall, 6 ft., handsome and so damned charming and I didn’t doubt for a moment that he and Sherry across the street could have gotten involved. Sherry was a sexy looking young thing in her early twenties, who looked even younger. She was just recently married to Joe who was about my age, 35. Sherry had a great body that she loved to show off around the neighborhood in her tiny string bikini. There were rumors about several of the neighborhood men spending a lot of time with Sherry, allegedly in bed. I had wondered if my own horny husband had visited with her. I had caught him leering at her several times and had k**ded him. Of course he had denied any interest, saying I was a lot sexier than she was anyway. I agreed with him about that, I am, but I also knew that most people, male and female, like variety in just about everything, especially sex. I had never assumed for a moment that my John was going to be monogamous. I had never expected that. Especially as much as I loved sex. I had had a few affairs of my own from time to time as the opportunities arose.But back to Jimmy, I was well aware that my son was sexually active. He had been for a couple of years now. The girls his age chased him unashamedly. Some of the notes I have retrieved from his jeans pockets before I washed them would curl your hair as they left nothing to the imagination. Some of the more explicit ones turned me on when I read them. At first I thought it was funny that my son was so careless in leaving these notes for me to find. Then I realized he had to be doing it on purpose, maybe to show off to his mom about his luck and skill with the ladies. To prove he was grown up. The notes ranged from those telling Jimmy what the writer would like to do to him if he asked her for a date, to others saying how much they had enjoyed the great sex with him on their date. How much they had enjoyed his tongue and his big cock. Yes they were often that specific.Over the years I had seen that cock many times in all states, the one they seemed to enjoy so much. On numerous occasions in the mornings when I woke my son up he would have an erection. His cock was as large or larger than his fathers and it was beautiful. He was hard most mornings when I went in to wake him. He usually slept nude and always seemed to kick the covers off in his sleep, so I was greeted with this perfect view of his hard monster most mornings. I know I could have yelled at him from outside his room to wake him up but to tell you the truth I liked going into his room and waking him. I wasn’t the least ashamed of the fact that I enjoyed looking at my son’s erect manhood. It took me a little longer to realize that down deep part of me wanted to do more than look.When I woke him he would usually say something about being sorry about his erection. But he always had a proud smile on his face when he said it and he made no effort to hide it. I often wondered what he thought about on those mornings… if he had ideas about his own Mom? Jimmy and I were always very close and very open with each other and yes we did talk about everything. I even teased him about his big hard tool. Telling him he was real bad to keep showing it off to his mother. His response usually was that most of his lady friends loved to see it. I always told him, “In your dreams cowboy.” But I knew what he said was true.My son was well aware that his father and I enjoyed sex a great deal. We had always been open about those things around our house. Plus I am very noisy during sex. Our son has heard me screaming many times. Jimmy now seemed to want to be thought of as at least as active as we were. He wanted to be accepted as a sexual male. Well he certainly was that. I finally admitted to myself after a lot of denial, that he turned me on. I know I shouldn’t admit that but it is the truth. Many times as his father made love to me I was thinking about Jimmy’s big beautiful cock and wondering what it would feel like buried to the hilt in me.. I told myself it was a harmless fantasy… nothing like that was ever going to happen.I knew I had to talk to my randy son about Sherry Carr. I smiled as I thought about it and knew that in spite of my nervousness about the subject matter, I was really looking forward to the conversation with my son. When he got home from school that afternoon it was about an hour before dinner. With John out of town I figured this was a good time. I went upstairs expecting to find Jimmy in his room. As expected he was there… he was laying on his bed looking at a Penthouse magazine. The fact that he was half hard didn’t go unnoticed by me.I sat on the foot of his bed and he looked up at me and laid the magazine down beside him on the bed so I got a good look at the open shot of the centerfold’s wet pussy staring up at me. I understood why he was getting hard, that was some picture. He looked at me and smiled and moved his cock in his jeans as I watched. Then I laughed and said, “Is that thing always hard?””Almost always Mom.””Actually that’s why I’m here sweetheart, Joe Carr from across the street was here earlier raising hell, something about you trying to seduce his wife.”He looked like a trapped a****l for only a second then just grinned bigger and said, “I’m sorry you got his crap Mom but Sherry sure isn’t complaining. She can’t get enough of this thing.” He stroked his hard cock through his jeans.”Jimmy stop that,” I protested weakly. “So you are sleeping with the sexy Sherry?””Hell no Mom, we haven’t ever slept in her bed. We have sure done a lot of other things but no sleep. She does that with her husband. And that’s about all she does with him according to her. Am I in trouble?”I laughed at my randy son and said, “Jimmy, what am I going to do with you… no on second thought don’t answer that. How long has this been going on with Sherry? How did it happen?””It’s been going on about six weeks. It started one day when I was mowing our yard. She came over in her bikini, the one that shows just about everything. I stopped mowing as she walked up to me and she talked with me for awhile. She posed and bent over this way and that showing me about everything. W”hat was I to do Mom? Then she said she bet I was thirsty, that if I wanted to go home with her she would fix me a coke. I followed her home wanting more than a cock. Once inside she turned and just looked at me for a long time and then said it, asked me bluntly if I wanted to fuck her. I’ve been at it with her almost everyday since then. She is good at everything.” Then he repeated his earlier question, “Am I in trouble?”I smiled and told him I didn’t think so. There wasn’t much Joe Carr could do about it. I told him that while I was aware he was sexually active, and I was OK with that, he really should be a little more careful güvenilir bahis siteleri at it.His story was about what I expected. But then I couldn’t resist asking if it was true that she was sleeping with half the neighborhood. He laughed and told me it was more than half according to the stories Sherry loved to tell. I wondered about Jimmy’s dad and Sherry, but I was afraid to ask. I was pretty sure both dad and son had now sampled Sherry’s goodies. The truth was I really didn’t mind either of them visiting her discretely. As I said earlier I expected the men to look around. But now we had this problem with Joe Carr.I spoke up, “Honey, Joe was really pissed. Maybe you ought to cool it with Sherry for awhile.””Yeah I guess so mom, that’s OK. There are other married ladies I want to try.””Jimmy… sounds like you like married women?””I do. They have all been so good and so eager to please.” Then he paused and ran his eyes over my body slowly. I keep in shape and had a lot to show. The way Jimmy looked at me made me shiver. I honestly didn’t know what I would do if he made a move on me at that moment. The idea of my son and Sherry really had me stirred up. But I said, “All? How many married women have you been with honey? When do you have time for everything?” The truth was I was horny and wet from this conversation. I wanted to hear more. I fantasized about suggesting he try me next but I restrained myself. He laughed and said, “Are you sure you want to hear this? Most of them are your friends.”I grinned and knew my nipples were as hard as rocks and I was soggy wet as I said, “Oh yes I do. Who? What got you turned on to my friends?””Hell Mom, living with you and Dad turned me on to ladies like you. I have heard you and Dad at it so many times… for years. Then I started watching you through the door. Man you really are something Mom. Your body is unbelievable and you are so hot. You obviously do love it, no question about that. I would watch you and Dad and then go find one of my girl friends and fuck her silly. But she was never as eager or as hot as you. “I had to tell her what to do. But not you Mom, man the way you sucked dad’s cock and fucked him drove me crazy. Then it dawned on me that only a mature sexy woman like you could really make me happy. That was when I started hitting on married women, most of them friends of yours.”I was more than a little startled at his comments, his language. That plus his big hard cock was clearly outlined through his jeans. The head of his cock looked so big… so good. When I looked up from staring at his cock I sort of chocked out, “You watched your Dad and I in bed? Honey that wasn’t very cool.””Oh yes it was… so cool. Mom, I loved the show you guys put on but I got so hard and I was started wishing I was Dad.””Jimmy honey, You’re not saying you wanted me?””Why wouldn’t I. You are so beautiful, so sexy and hot. I sure did Mom. I didn’t know what to do about that… I was afraid you would be pissed if I said anything about sex with you… but then Joey’s Mom, Elaine, let him have a party at their house one night when her husband was out of town.Elaine had always been pretty friendly with me, even flirted a little. I never thought too much about it until that party. I knew I wanted someone like you Mom. She is a great looking lady too and so I started sort of hanging out with her at the party. Then I noticed her brushing against me and touching me over and over. When she went inside to get more goodies for the party I followed her inside. The music was playing and she was sort of dancing to it as she smiled up at me. Man she looked so good in the thin little dress she had on. I just pulled her into my arms and we danced slowly. I felt her body mold against mine and my cock jumped to full hard. She looked at me as she felt my hard on against her and she just smiled… so I kissed her. After the kiss she said, “Jimmy honey, do you know what you are getting into?” I answered her with, “You I hope Elaine.”She stared at me for a moment and then kissed me with lots of tongue. When we broke she said, “Can you keep this to yourself? If you can we can have a lot of fun.”I just nodded and she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. After she locked the door, her dress and panties and bra hit the floor and my lessons in sex really started. She was so randy and ready. She showed me how to do it all a number of ways. Oral, vaginal, even anal.We fucked regularly after that. Every time her husband left town and some afternoons while he was in town too. Hell she even told me which of your other friends would put out for me. She was never wrong and I added a number of your friends to my list of lovers Mom. It was easy to get them in bed… just like Elaine.I knew my breathing was erratic. I was so hot. I had been friends with Elaine for years and never would have expected this. I realized I was strangely proud of my son the lover. Glad he had enjoyed my friends. But I felt left out. And for the first time I admitted to my self that I wanted my son. I looked at him and asked, “Who else?”He smiled at me and asked, “Is this turning you on Mom, you look real hot and flustered?”I closed my eyes briefly and calmed down a little and then said, “I’ve never lied to you honey, so I won’t now. Yes I find this pretty damn stimulating. Go on… who else?””Melanie Harper.” His football coach’s wife and one of my best friends. She was fucking my son and going shopping with me. Both pretty often according to my son. “Jean Collins” his High School Principal’s wife, another friend of mine..”Pat Robins.” I gasped, “You fucked the Mayor’s wife”? He just smiled.Then he floored me as he said, “Aunt Kathy.” My younger sister, two years younger than me. I knew Kathy had eyes for Jimmy. She had told me but I never thought she would follow through on it. Her conservative husband would have a fit if he knew. I just stared at him and after a minute he asked softly, “Was that a mistake with Aunt Kathy?”I sat there for a moment and then said, “No honey… I guess at your age, the way your hormones are raging everyone is fair game. I’m sure Kathy loved it.”I looked at my son and all I saw was a busy young man getting more sex than I ever could have imagined. I was on the verge of taking him to bed myself. Some part of me hesitated and I said, “Damn Jimmy, I think I need a cold shower. Your stories are too much for me. Understand that I’m not mad. Sort of blown away at how active you have been but I can accept that. I have to cool down though.” and I walked out of the room knowing it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to jump my son’s hard cock.I closed my bedroom door behind me and stripped. I stood looking in my full length mirror at my nude body. My breath was irregular and my full firm breasts raised and lowered with each breath and I said aloud, “You have a better body than any of them. But you cannot fuck your own son.” The cool shower helped a little. My fingers exploring my wet cunt helped a lot more and I groaned loudly as I came. I wondered if I wanted Jimmy to hear.Later my son and I sat down for dinner and I talked about a lot of things. I knew I was talking a mile a minute and then I stopped. The room was silent and I looked over at my handsome son. We just stared at each other for several minutes and then I said softly, “Jimmy, my sweet sexy son, you know you turn me on, just like I turn you on. Only it can’t happen. Not for any moral reasons. I gave up on those years ago. We can’t do it with each other cause if I started with you it would never end. I could not control anything. I fear it would be the end of my marriage to your father and the canlı bahis siteleri end to most of my family relationships. As much as I want to go to bed with you darling it just can’t be.”He looked at me and smiled and blew me a kiss and said in his deep resonant voice. “OK Mom if that is the way you want it. We would be great. You know that don’t you?”I nodded silently and after a moment got up and started clearing the dishes. My son shocked me as he silently started to help. We brushed by each other and my breasts touched his arm and I sucked in my breath loudly. He smiled and said, “This is going to be tough on both of us.”I looked down and he was fully erect. I closed my eyes trying to let it pass. Then I rushed to my bedroom and closed and locked the door. God I wanted him. Later I heard the front door close and knew he had left. Returning to the kitchen I planned on finishing the cleanup job. To my delight Jimmy had done it all.I poured myself a class of wine and sat down thinking about all that had transpired. I knew I was right in my stance. If I ever started fucking my dear son I knew I could never refuse him anything. What kind of a mother would that be?I undressed, slipped into the short thin nighty I usually wore when Jimmy’s father was home. I knew was transparent and showed everything and went back to bed. I tried to read a book. After staring at the pages for almost an hour I heard the front door open and close. Jimmy was home. As usual I called out, “Is that you honey?”I heard his voice as he walked toward my bedroom, “Yeah Mom.” Then without knocking he opened my bedroom door and walked in. He stood beside my bed and ran his eyes over me and said, “Elaine should thank you. You keep turning me on and she is going to get fucked a lot.”I laughed and shifted my position posing. I knew I was teasing my son and I knew I wanted to. He could see my hard nipples clearly. I just said I couldn’t fuck him. I didn’t say I couldn’t try to drive him crazy.He smiled and said softly as he looked from my exposed tits to my revealed bush, “I drove over to her house and rang the door bell. She answered the door and was obviously glad to see me. She stepped outside with me and closed the door. Her front porch is totally screened from the neighbors and the road and she kissed me lightly with a little tongue and then said she had missed me and it was good to see me again, but her husband was in the den watching the ball game. “I told her I needed her, right then. She looked around nervously but I knew she was getting turned on too. She has a quick trigger like that. She told me she liked that idea but she really couldn’t because he was at home just inside. For me to come back the next morning when he was at work. I told her I had to have her right then and ran my hand up under her skirt. Her panties were damp already. “As she spread her legs to give me room I stroked her sweet pussy through her panties and she moaned softly. I slipped my fingers inside the leg of her panties and up her wet slit to her hard clit. She gasped and looked at me as I toyed with her clit and then just asked, where can we go?. I led around her the side of their place to their pool house. Inside I bent her over the couch, pulled her skirt up and her panties aside and thrust into her wet ready cunt. She started coming immediately and I continued to fuck her so hard. She came again a couple of times and then I dropped my load. It took no more than ten minutes for the whole thing. “It was great with Elaine but I thought about fucking you the whole time Mom. I wanted it to be you I had my cock inside. I kissed Elaine and she straightened her clothes and walked back to her front door with me. She kissed me good bye real hard and wet and said thank you, she loved surprises like that. As I walked away I heard her open the door and say to her husband it was a very persuasive salesman at the door and she grinned at me.”Now it was his turn to drive me crazy.He blew me a kiss and said, “I’m going to have you Mom. Sooner or later.” I smiled and kissed the air back at him and said, “Honey, you know I want you too, but it just can’t be.” He left and we both tossed and turned all night. Fortunately my husband, Jimmy’s father was due back the next day. He got a royal welcome in bed that night and I wore him out to his delight. But I was thinking of Jimmy. I kept wondering if my son was watching. I know my enthusiasm and ardor was unusually high for all of those reasons. But mostly to impress my son as he watched his parents fuck wildly.The next few days were both fun and crazy. Jimmy told me about all of his dates, about stopping by and seeing several of my married friends he was enjoying. Each time he related his sexual activity I got soaking wet wanting him. But then it became a game. We teased each other unmercifully. Me with his Dad as I knew he was watching. Jimmy with his ladies. Then one evening while his Dad was out in the back yard I told him what had happened to me that afternoon while he was in school. My old boss came by that day. He was my age and had hustled me hard when I worked for him but I didn’t want to screw my boss. Then I blew my son’s mind as I told him that I had let him fuck me all afternoon.My son turned red and turned and walked out angrily, slamming the front door behind him. Oh shit, I thought, I had screwed up.John my husband and I had dinner alone. He wasn’t feeling well as he was coming down with a cold, so he went to bed early after taking some meds that knocked him out for the night. I slipped into my sexy nighty and also a light robe that hugged my curves. I made a pot of coffee and waited for Jimmy to come home. I drank all the coffee I could stand and he still wasn’t home. I was getting damn sleepy but I had to talk to Jimmy. I cleaned up and went to my son’s bedroom and laid down on his bed. I fell asleep and was waked later as I heard Jimmy in the room. I opened my eyes and it was dark. I could make out his movements in the moonlit room as he stripped. He stood nude beside the bed and I smell the aroma of sex. He had obviously dipped his cock in someone while he was out.I said softly, “Jimmy.”He jumped, startled, aware for the first that I was there. His body was in profile and could see his cock start to raise in spite of his obvious sexual activity that night. I spoke, “Honey, I’m sorry I told you about my old boss. It was c***dish of me. You had been telling me of all your conquests and I was feeling hot and randy. I think I let him fuck me to try and keep up with you and your ladies. It was foolish and I’m sorry. Your action turns me on when you tell me your stories. I thought maybe you would like to hear about some of mine.”He stood there silently and I could see his cock standing up completely hard. He stroked it in his hand and then said, “I understand Mom. I just got angry cause I want to fuck you so bad and you won’t let me. Then you fuck this stranger and tell me about it. I tell you about my sex cause I want you. You’re telling me about giving it to someone else and not me is different.””Sit down here honey.”He sat with his back to me. I sat up and wrapped my arms around his chest from behind. I knew my large firm breasts were digging into his back. At that moment I didn’t know where this was going. I told myself I was not going to let him fuck me. I held him and said, “I’m sorry darling. I love you so much and don’t ever want to hurt you. You know I want you as much as you want me. I just am just so afraid I will go totally wild if I give in.”There was a long pause and I realized I was stroking my son’s bare, hairy chest and tummy as I held him silently. bahis firmaları My hand dropped lower each time crossing onto his abdomen. Then I asked, “Where did you go?””To Tedi’s house.” Tedi was his regular high school girl friend. He had told me of their open sex many times. They both enjoyed sex with others as well as each other. Then Jimmy said, “I went over to her house cause I needed to get laid. I wasn’t sure she would be there but she was. So was her Mom, her Dad was out. Her Mom went upstairs and Tedi and I started making out on the couch. We had fucked many times like that with one or both of her parents upstairs. She told me her folks knew she fucked around and were OK with it. Her Mom looks as good as Tedi, same sexy body. “Tedi was giving me great head when I noticed her Mom standing in the shadows watching us. She watched as I came in her daughter’s mouth. Then I went down on Tedi and her Mom continued to watch us. I was fucking Tedi in the middle of the floor dog style and knew her Mom was still watching us. After we both were totally shot and laying nude in the floor beside each other her Mom’s eyes met mine and I saw her smile and blow me a kiss as if to say well done. I have decided I am going to fuck them both, together. Mother and daughter.”As he told me his latest fuck story I got hotter and hotter and my hand dropped lower and lower. When I felt my fingers in my son’s pubic hair I just moved it the little distance left and wrapped my hand around my son’s hard cock as he finished his story. I squeezed his still sticky cock. Sticky from his cum and Tedi’s pussy juice. I slowly stroked his big cock. Masturbating my son. I was dying to suck it. To have him cum in my mouth. I could feel it entering my wet cunt almost. After a long time he sighed, “Oh shit Mom, I love that. I love anything with you. I don’t mind that you fucked your ex-boss. I am just jealous. Did you enjoy him fucking you?”I ran my finger over the bulging head of his cock and found a small puddle of pre-cum there. I ran my finger in it and then around and onto that special spot just under the head. My slick finger tracing back and forth there brought a moan from my darling. I loved giving him this pleasure. Then I said, “Yes, I loved fucking my ex-boss. He had a nice cock and was good with it. But I thought of you and this.” and I squeezed his cock. After another pause as I jacked his cock he said, “Mom, I don’t understand why you wont fuck me. What do you mean you are afraid you will go completely wild.””Jimmy baby, you have to know I adore sex. I fantasize about sex with almost everyone, male and female. I can control myself and can have an occasional fuck on the side and be OK. If I started fucking you, I know we would end up fucking everywhere and everyone possible. You and I are just alike. We would want to try it all. We would be discovered and your Dad would divorce us, my family would disown me, except maybe my sister Kathy. You see honey, it’s OK for you to chase all the pussy in town but not me with the cocks. I’m married to your father and I love him too.”Jimmy twisted and somehow I was laying across his lap facing him, with a death grip on his big cock. He held me in his arms and then our lips met. It was a deep wet tongue kiss and it went on and on. I thought about his Dad just down the hall and was glad the antihistamine knocked him out. Then I felt Jimmy’s hand on my leg. I stiffened momentarily and squeezed his cock. His hand moved under my robe and nighty, up my thigh and hit my closed legs. He broke the kiss and whispered, “Open for me Mom.”I sighed and slowly let my legs spread wider and wider as I felt his hand find my wet bush. He teased my labia, my clit. He finger fucked me my cunt and my ass hole. I was grunting and hunching to meet his hand and fingers. Then he said, “I’m going to eat your pussy Mom.”I groaned wanting it but said, “No baby, you know how loud I am when I cum.”He was undoing my robe and I let him. He slipped my robe and nighty off of me and I let him. He pushed me down on my back and then he laughed and said, “You can’t be too loud with my cock in your mouth.” and he straddled my head as his mouth found my swollen clit. I took his beautiful cock in my mouth the way I had wanted to for so long. It felt and tasted so good. He ate me expertly. Damn he was good and I came and came. He was right. His cock deep in my mouth and throat as he fucked my lips kept me quiet.When he finally turned back around and kissed me deeply his tongue found a lot of his cum still in my mouth. We played with it and then I swallowed the last of it as I had the first. We lay in each other’s arms and talked. Actually he was between my legs, his limp cock laying along my outer labia. I chuckled and said, “I could taste Tedi on your cock.””Did you like it?””Yes, I have enjoyed a few women lovers.””Tedi is bi, I would love to see the two of you go at it.”I hugged him close and then said, “See that’s what I mean. If we really had free sex honey, we would do a lot of things like that, like sharing Tedi. And others.””So, what’s wrong with that Mom?””Well nothing until we get caught. If you ever got that big cock in me I would want it regularly. You would want to add more and more wild stuff and I would agree. We just can’t go wild darling.”I felt his cock begin to harden. I was well aware that all he had to do was raise up and guide his cock into me. I couldn’t stop him. I knew I wouldn’t even try. He kissed me deeply and I hugged him tightly. Her kissed my nipples and sucked first one then the other then kissed me again. I was his. I knew it and he knew it. I was dry humping my pussy against his cock. Then the little shit broke the kiss and said, “Put it in Mom. Start my cock in you so I can fuck you good.”I was thinking, No I can’t but my hand was between us and wrapped around his cock. He raised his ass and I guided him into my eager cunt. It slid in like it belonged there. He hit bottom, completely in me. I felt stretched… but oh so nice. He flexed it inside me and said, “Too late Mom, I am going to fuck you every chance we get. And we are going to go fucking wild. We will make fucking history.” He started stroking into me with long thrusts that I met with my hungry pussy. I wrapped my legs around his cute ass and answered, “Oh I know baby. I am ready. I will do anything you want.”I came and came and came. He had endurance like I had never enjoyed before ever. Finally he flooded my pussy with his hot cum and it gushed out all over his sheets. I giggled and said, “Serves you right to sleep on wet sheets for fucking your Mother.”But I later went down the hall, checked to see that my husband was still asleep and then brought clean sheets for his bed. I changed the sheets and as I bent over finishing the job I felt his hard cock against the lips of my pussy from behind me. He caught my hips in his hands and thrust into me. I gasped with pleasure and laughed, “Again so soon?” But I loved his cock so deep inside me.Later, after sucking his sweet cock again I made it to the shower and back to my bed with my dear JohnThe next morning John showered while I headed down to wake Jimmy. He was awake and waiting for me. He lay on his bed nude playing with his hard cock. I smiled and dropped to my knees beside his bed and swallowed that beautiful thing. He had just cum in my mouth when I heard John call me. I swallowed and answered, “Yes John, I’m in Jimmy’s room. Be right there.” I patted Jimmy’s limp cock and smiled to myself as I walked down the hall thinking, “Things are going to be real exciting.”Jimmy stayed home. After John left for work he pulled me to the floor in the kitchen, and the living room, the bathroom as we showered. On the dining room table, the front hall. He was insatiable and I knew I would need lots of help. That’s when I thought about Kathy. Jimmy finally took a nap after lunch and I dialed my sister’s home.

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