A busy Friday night. [CD/Gloryhole/neighbor]


A busy Friday night. [CD/Gloryhole/neighbor]I had been looking forward to this weekend for a month. My wife was going to visit some friends in NYC, and I was staying home, by myself. Yup, just me and all of my favorite things, like stockings and panties, and sexy little outfits. The torture was finally over, and the Friday she was to leave, arrived. I was still at work when she called me to tell me she was on her way up rt. 95. I wished her safe travels, and told her I would talk to her tomorrow.I immediately left work, and headed for my car. I was so excited that I practically ran out of the office. I was going to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies, and dress up like a sexy slut, stroke my cock, and toy my ass all night long. On the way home, I started rubbing my already stiffening cock through my pants. I decided to make a quick stop at my favorite adult bookstore to pick up a few supplies, and maybe cruise the booths for some quick cock.I parked my car, entered the store, immediately bought some tokens and headed for the rear. I dropped my tokens, and my pants, and started stroking to some very hot gay porn. While I was enjoying myself, I heard the door of the booth next to mine open, and the faint light of the screen spilled through the gloryhole. I immediately dropped to my knees, and hung my finger on the hole to let my neighbor know he could drop his load right here. I was instantly rewarded, and a thick veiny cock was stuffed through the hole. I licked my lips, and buried that sweet meat deep in my throat. I took the whole thing in my mouth, and just let it sit there for a minute. I felt the semi-firm cock start to pulse and grow as my buddy started to slowly pump my face. As he started moving faster, I could tell this guy didn’t want a slow BJ, he wanted to cum. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and started bobbing my head up and down in a steady motion. With each stroke, I took his meat a little deeper down my throat. I removed my hand from his shaft and started playing with his balls as I sucked on him. With each stroke now, I was taking the full length of his cock. I was choking a little, but I was loving every bit of this dick. It only took a few minutes until I felt his balls start to tighten, and I prepared myself for his cream. I started to slow my own bobbing motion, and allowed him to set the pace of his orgasm. He started pumping my face franticly, and I could hear his body slamming the thin wall that separated us. I heard a grunt, and with one last deep thrust, he was unloading his sweet man juice down my throat. As his spasm subsided, I started slowly sucking on his cock again, milking out the last few drops of his tasty load. Unfortunately, as it goes with most gloryhole experiences, my buddy quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth, and back through the hole. I knew he was straightening himself up, and would soon leave the booth. I was rock hard, but decided to wait until later to really pleasure myself. I pulled up my pants, and wrestled with my rigid cock, to put it away. I left the booth, and went to buy some poppers, and a new dildo for later. I only saw one other guy in the store, and he was heading for the exit. I assumed he was the owner of the cock I just sucked. I watched him artemisbet yeni giriş make his way toward the door thinking there was something familiar about him. As his hand touched the door to exit, he briefly glanced over his shoulder and saw me looking. Holy shit was I embarrassed when I recognized him. It was my neighbor, Brady. I didn’t know what to do, and I could tell he didn’t either. We didn’t acknowledge each other, but the expression on his face said everything I needed to know. He was just as embarrassed as I was, and he quickly left. By the look on his face, I could tell we wouldn’t be talking about this at the next back yard BBQ. Oh well, I did my shopping, got back in my car, and headed home for a night of edging, dressing, and dildoing. I walked in the house and set to work. I drew all of the curtains, put some background music on, and opened my laptop to X-Hamster. I also got my camera ready. I stripped out of my clothes and went to my closet. In the bottom, I have a trunk with all of my girly clothes and toys. I laid out a sexy outfit of a black garter belt, red sheer stockings and a black and red sheer lacy bra. I decided I would wear my Lucite 5 inch platform heels, a black skirt, and a sheer white long sleeve ruffle blouse. I picked out a long black wig, and a few pieces of costume jewelry. I also laid out 3 sizes of butt plugs, a jar of lube, nipple clamps, and the large black dildo I just purchased. Just looking at all of this laid out on the bed made me hard, but I needed to be patient and take a shower. Also in my trunk, I had about a half ounce of premium hydro. I packed a bowl, took a few long tokes, and headed for the shower. I gave myself an enema, showered up, shaved, and then headed for the kitchen where I took a bottle of vodka from the freezer, and had a nice long pull. Within a few minutes, I was really buzzing and feeling warm. Back to the bathroom, now that the steam cleared, and I helped myself to some of my wife’s makeup. A little foundation, some eye shadow, eye liner and mascara, some blush, and a healthy dose of pink lipstick. I went to the bedroom, and put on my wig. Damn I was horny! I kept looking at myself in the mirror, and stroking my rigid cock. I put on the bra first, and being a little chubby, my man-boobs filled it out nicely. I then put on my garter and stockings, slipped into my skirt, and eased my sheer white blouse onto my body. My cock was pushing against my skirt, and for a minute I considered wearing a pair of panties, but I just figured they’d be off in a minute anyway. I then took the poppers I just bought, unscrewed the cap, and took a few deep whiffs. I instantly felt the warm rush, and reached for my lube, and the smallest of the butt-plugs. I lubed it up, and slid it into my hungry little asshole. I find that using a small butt-plug while dressed, helps add a little wiggle to my walk.I swished into the living room and started filming myself. I posed on the couch, walked around, and stroked my cock. I also went back to the kitchen (where there are no curtains) and helped myself to a little more vodka. I stood around in the kitchen, making myself vulnerable to anyone who may be looking, but the truth is, even for all the windows, artemisbet giriş there’s really no one in direct sight.Back to the bedroom, and I change out butt-plugs, and move up a size. This one gave me a little more trouble, but I took my time, sniffed some poppers and smoked a little more weed. Once it was in, I stroked myself almost to the point of orgasm, but found my self control, and eased off. I was really flying high now, and was super horny as my body tingled, my cock throbbed, and my head buzzed.In the living room, I was on the couch filming myself as I watched porn, and eased the plug in and out of my ass. I was buzzed and feeling no pain and it was only about 9:30pm. I had some hot tranny porn playing on my laptop as I stroked and writhed, and as I felt up my body, clad in sexy women’s clothing. I was starting to get into a rhythm, and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I shot my load. I started talking dirty to the camera. I was calling myself a “cock loving sissy” and repeating how much “I love cock”. This really gets me off when I watch it later. The plug was planted deeply as I straddled a padded ottoman and moved my hips so that my prostate was stimulated. I was starting to stroke faster and faster losing myself in the ecstasy of being dressed as a sissy. My stockings felt so good as they rubbed on my leg. I felt the tightness of my high heels as I rocked back and forth. The sheer blouse was rubbing against my body, and as I glanced in the mirror I couldn’t believe how slutty I looked with my skirt hiked up, legs spread, and stroking my cock. This was it, and I looked into the camera and started moaning like a little bitch. “I’m going to cum and lick…” I started to say, when the doorbell rang. I felt this weird sensation of time stopping, and I just froze. Although I was sure I hadn’t been seen, I felt like I was busted. The feeling was both scary, and a huge turn-on. I sat there for a minute, not sure what to do, and the bell rang again, this time followed by a knock, and an announcement. “Hey, you in there, it’s Brady from next door” I heard the voice say. I straightened myself a little, stood up, walked over to the door and answered, “Hey Brady, I’m a little busy right now” He replied, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I think we really need to talk”. Shit, I thought to myself. What was I going to do? Fuck it, I’m going to answer the door.I peeked out the peep hole and saw Brady standing there alone. I took a step back, smoothed my skirt, fluffed my wig, and found the courage to open up. The look on his face was priceless as I said, “come on in Brady”. He started to mumble something when I said, “Look, we know each other’s secret now, and I hope you can keep mine as much as I know I can keep yours, ok”?“Yea sure” he mumbled, and I could tell he was in shock. I offered him a drink, and asked if he wanted to sit down. He accepted, and sat on the couch, as I went into the kitchen. I grabbed a beer, a couple of glasses, and the bottle of vodka from the freezer. I decided I was going to have some fun, so I ramped up my sissyness, and wiggled my way back into the living room. I offered him the beer, and like a good hostess, I poured it into the glass for him. I sat down next to artemisbet güvenilirmi him on the couch, and felt my but-plug rub against my prostate. I was having such an incredible thrill from this! We sat there for a minute, not saying anything. Brady then said, “OK, I am at a total loss for words” I replied, “Well, we really don’t need to talk much, we could always just pick up where we left off earlier today. I could really use that big hot cock of yours in my tight little ass, Brady.” I stood up, undid my skirt, and let it drop to the floor. My cock was standing straight as I started to stroke it a little, and I turned around, I was giving Brady quite a show. I bent over and slid my other hand between my legs and up to my ass where I started to slowly ease out my plug. “I’m ready for your cock, Brady. Do you want to fuck this sissy bitch”? Within seconds of removing my plug, Brady had his pants down and started moving up behind me. I let the plug drop to the floor and quickly spun around to show his cock some love. He was already hard. I started sucking the dick that had cum in my mouth just hours earlier, but this time I could look up and see the pleasure on his face. I was sucking hungrily, and Brady put his hand on the back of my head to force me deeper. I let my hands roam under his shirt and I reached up to feel his hairy chest, where I gave his nipples a little tweak. Brady was gaining some confidence as he pumped my slutty, sissy mouth. “I want to fuck you now” he said, and I got on all fours, perched on the ottoman. My ass was already stretched and lubed so Brady’s thick 7-inch cock slid right in. “Oh fuck yes,” I moaned as he started to pump my ass and rub his hands on my stocking clad legs. “Fuck me Brady, fuck this little sissy whore,” I said loudly as he drove his cock home. “That’s it baby, give it to me, give it to me like the sissy I am” I was really talking dirty now, and completely forgot that this was my neighbor. His cock was so hard, and he was fucking my ass like a jackhammer. All of a sudden, he stopped and pulled his cock out, “Catch it bitch” was all he said. I spun around and threw myself at his cock. I tasted my ass and the lube, and I stroked myself furiously as I sucked him. It wasn’t long until I felt his body tense up, and he began cumming in my mouth. He was moaning loudly as he shot another big hot load in my throat, “Take it, take it” he moaned, I took it! I was about to cum myself so I stood up in front of him and moved my cock near his. “I want to cum on your cock, baby. I want to cum on your cock and then lick it off” I was jacking like crazy now, and I started to moan, and squirt my own hot cum load on Brady’s now softening dick. My orgasm was fantastic as I shot glob after glob of hot cum on his dick. I felt light-headed as I fell to my knees to clean up my own mess. I took his cock back in my mouth and sucked it slowly and lovingly, enjoying the mix of flavors. The two of us just stayed like this for a long moment; his soft dick resting against my cum covered face, in the middle of my living room.Finally, I dragged myself up and plopped myself on the couch. Brady bent over and pulled up his pants and said, “I have to get going”. I said OK, told him to show himself out and said, “don’t be a stranger”. I felt so good sitting there, a little embarrassed, but feeling good and high from being buzzed and well fucked. I started to pull my shit together, when I realized my video camera had been rolling the whole time. I couldn’t ask for a better Friday.

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