A Day on Ellen , Ken’s Farm Ch. 02

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Previous chapter – Ken and Ellen have invited her sister Susie and boyfriend Billy to visiting them on the farm. They have enjoyed watching them and being watched. Ken and Ellen have started to partake of their guest anyway that they can! They are hoping Suzie and Billy will return the favor!

When the timer cut the suction to Billy’s cock “milker” he was able to untied Suzie, but only after he watched her cum twice more on the devilish suckers Ellen had left working on her. The laid in each other’s arms, exhausted but not too exhausted to start planning ways to get even with Ken and Ellen.

Ellen returned to the farmhouse to tell Ken what she had done to her sister and Billy in the barn. Ken wished he could have watched Billy with his cock being sucked on by the milking machine, Billy moaning as his cock got long and hard as he was sucked deeper and deeper into the nozzle. Poor Suzie would have been wild with lust as she got the same treatment on her nipples and slick pussy lips. Just thinking about it made his cock start to surge in his shorts. What a great slut his Ellen was to do that to her sister and boyfriend!

“Lets head up to our room … I feel like fucking you for a while, and know JUST how I want to do you!” Said Ellen, as she ran her fingertips over the bulge in his shorts.

“I was hoping you would say that, what kinky thing do you have in mind dearest?” Ken asked as he followed her tight ass down the hall.

“You head into our room, I’ll be there in a minute” Ellen replied as she headed toward Suzie and Billy’s room.

Ken entered their bedroom and quickly stripped. Ellen entered with a hand full of clothing.

“Here is Suzie’s “Victoria’s Secret” thong, garters, stockings and camisole. I want you in them and want to take you like the cute little bitch you will be in them! PLUS I want to handcuff you to the bed and have my way with you!” Ellen said as she threw the clothes to Ken.

Ellen helped erotik hikayeler Ken slip into the stockings and garters. His cock pushed the thong out, as he was so hard dressing like a little slut bitch. Once he was dressed Ellen handcuffed him to the end of the bed. Ken looked so cute, all dressed up and ready to be played with. He could hardly wait!

“I will be back as soon as I find my toys, so think nasty thoughts about all the fun I will have!” Ellen said as she headed to the spare bedroom to change and get ready.

Billy and Suzie had been watching from outside the bedroom window.

“I have an idea.” Suzie whispered, as Billy was busy playing with her rock hard nipples. “I will follow Ellen and she what she is going to do, you go in and do whatever you want with that slut Ken or rather Kendra“. Suzie gave his hard cock a squeeze.

“Remember, he was the one who made those milker’s that worked us over so well!”

Billy and Suzie got to the hallway. Billy watched as Suzie headed into the guest bedroom and he entered the bedroom looking for his little slut Kendra!

“Now what do we have here? Looks like a slut ready for the taking!” as Billy slipped out of his clothes, his cock already looking hard and ready.

Ken felt a slap on his ass, and was surprised to find Billy there, naked and hard. He knew what happened to tied up sluts like him, that they would find all their holes filled with cock at one point or another.

Billy stood behind Ken and slipped his arms around his waist, pulling him backwards, pulled tight against the cuffs, and even tighter against the cock laying between his cheeks.

“I will call you “Kendra” slut and want you to beg for me to fuck a sweet whore like you hard! As Billy worked his hardon up and down the crack working the thong against “her” hole.

Kendra could only moan as she strained against the cuffs, her clit cock sticking out as her thong was worked back and forth over her ass pussy.

Billy could see in the mirror the look on his sluts face as her got her more and more worked up. Then he heard the sounds of someone getting fucked hard from the other room.

“That you Suzie?” Yelled Billy

“Sure is!” replied Suzie as she opened the adjourning door between the bedroom.

There tied to the end of the bed was Ellen, tied just like the slut Kendra. Her mouth was filled with a dildo, taped in place. Suzie had a black strap-on ready to bury in her sister. She had surprised Ellen and before she knew what happened found her self handcuffed to the bed just as she had left Ken. Billy could hear the sound of flesh on flesh as she worked the rubber cock in and out of her.

“Oh yeah! Work that in her, get her nice and fucking wet, so we can trade places and you can use my slut too!” Billy said as he got on the bed, grabbing the back of Kendra’s head.

He started working Kendra’s mouth up and down the tip of his cock, back and forth on the first 3 inches. He could feel her chewing the head, her tongue working his pee hole. What a filthy slut, he was going to enjoy feeding her all of his cock!

Ellen could only watch as Suzie worked her hole so well, teasing her with the head and then to bury the whole shaft deep within her. Harder and harder she was fucked. She watched as Kendra was being feed Billy’s cock. With each stroke a little more was going in. Then she saw how hard Kendra’s clit cock was! The little slut loved it! All dressed up sucking cock and hoping someone would start sucking that boy clit. At the thought of that Ellen started to cum.

Suzie could tell Ellen was cumming, as her dildo cock got wetter and wetter. Time she decided to let Ellen have some Kendra pussy!

As she un-cuffed Ellen from the bed she re-cuffed her hands behind her back. She removed the dildo from her mouth and led her into the other bedroom.

“Ok sis, time for you to suck some boy clit, and you can even suck and chew it right thru my yellow “Victoria’s Secret” thong she has on!” As Suzie pushed Ellen to her knees

Kendra started to moan loudly as the sensation of her clit being sucked and chewed joined the feeling of Billy’s cock filling her mouth. Whoever was sucking the hard clit was also working over the balls also. She could feel the teeth thru the thong, nipping her clit.

Ellen looked up, to see Kendra taking all of Billy’s cock; Billy’s head was back, his eyes closed. The look of lust on his face as he slide his cock down Kendra’s throat. Ellen felt the thong being pulled down and knew that Suzie was getting ready to do Kendra’s boy pussy.

“Everyone don’t move!” Yelled Suzie. At that Billy and Ellen froze. Suzie worked the first 3 inches of the cock up Kendra’s pussy.

“Ok bitch, time for you to do all three of us at once! Want you to stroke back and forth on my cock and Billy’s cock, while my darling sister gets a load of girl cum from you!

Kendra started back and forth, first some cock from Suzie, then some cock from Billy. Back and forth, spreading her mouth and ass wider and wider.

Kendra could feel Ellen’s head between the bed and her hips, so as she fucked her face she was forced to take all of her boy clit.

Billy and Susie watched in the mirror as Kendra started a low moan that got loader and louder as she fucked herself on the cocks. She was taking all of it at both ends and face fucking Ellen to boot.

With a scream, Kendra pulled her mouth off his cock and let loose a long thick stream of girl cum that filled Ellen’s mouth, running out of the sides.

As Kendra slumped over the end of the bed, Billy and Suzie headed to their room, for a well-deserved night of rest. Ellen untied Kendra and stripped her of her clothes and snuggled up to her. Soon Ellen and Ken were asleep, dreaming of more fun for tomorrow!

Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter, feel free to tell me any ideas you may have and of COURSE cast a vote for the story!!!

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