The Blue Bikini


God, it’s a beautiful day.

I still can’t quite believe we live in southern California. My husband and I have lived in many places over the years, but this weather might convince us to stay put for once.

I sigh.

It’s already Sunday afternoon. Most of my weekend is already spent, and on what? Smaller piles of dirty laundry? Cleaner bathrooms? All I’ve done are chores; what a waste. I deserve to have some fun before another work week starts.

Still staring out the window, my eyes are drawn onto the glistening waters of our backyard pool.

Yes. That’s perfect.

I go searching for my husband, and find him in the garage. He’s hunched over his workbench, closely inspecting his latest project. For once, he’s actually down near my petite height.

“Hey,” I venture, “do you want to join me in the pool?”

My eyes follow as he straightens to his full 6’7″. A dirty hand brushes light brown hair away from his deep blue eyes.

“Sure…” he says, but his eyes dart back to the workbench. “After I’ve finished here.”

I go back into the house to change into my swimsuit. Stepping into the bedroom, I slip my skirt down over the wide hips of my hourglass figure. I take off my top, and let my full breasts tumble out of a pink lacy bra. Looking in the mirror of my vanity, I pull my curly brown locks out of a loose ponytail, and let them fall on my shoulders.

I rummage in my dresser drawer. My swimsuit collection has grown considerably since we moved this close to the coast.

What mood am I in today? Do I want to swim away all my stress in an athletic suit? Lounge in a strapless top?

A tiny peek of royal blue catches my eye from the corner of the drawer.


I shimmy into the blue two piece. I check in the mirror. I’m struck by the contrast with my steely blue eyes; this blue is so much brighter. I like how the color pops against my porcelain skin, too.

Yes. This one will do.

I strut out the back door to the pool. The kick in my step makes my 34DDs sway from side to side; they are hardly covered by two tiny triangles of fabric. My ass is fully hanging out of the tiny thong bottoms. I may be toeing the line of indecent exposure if a neighbor happens to catch a glance.

I descend the steps into the pool, and immediately relish the way my breasts defy gravity in the water. I swim a few lazy laps, soothed by the gentle resistance brushing across my exposed skin.

I hear the door bang shut as my husband emerges in his swim trunks. He briefly assesses his options, and decides a quick entry is best. He dives into the deep end of the pool. I swim to meet him in the middle.

He gives me a suspicious look. “The blue bikini today, huh?”

He surveys my breasts while I give him nothing but a coy look in response.

“Give me a spin,” he says, smiling.

I perform a dramatic 360-degree twirl.

“No,” he says deviously. “Keep going.”

Spinning more slowly this time, his hands stop me when my ass is centered in his view. He palms my cheeks, and squeezes firmly. He hikes my hips up near the surface, then slides his hands to my ankles. He spreads my legs wide, cocking his head to get a better look.

“Swim,” he says as he releases me.

I swim away, keeping close to the surface. I want him to see my ass bounce with each kick. Once I’ve circled back to him, I grasp his broad shoulders like a life preserver. He pulls me close. I slide my hands up the back of his neck, so I can kiss him. At the same time, I wrap my legs around his torso. Now cozy in his embrace, I close my eyes. I carry on sucking his lips and tongue.

Even with my eyes closed, I notice he’s moving us across the pool. I open them just as the wall presses against my back and his aile içi seks hikayeleri hard cock presses into my thigh.

He knows I’m down. My sex drive is like a weird little gremlin — if you put me in water, it multiplies. My mind travels back to our third date — many cities ago — when stroking his cock in a community pool led to him fucking me for the first time. That was just the first of many debaucherous, aquatic adventures over the years.

I snap back to reality when he pulls the fabric away from my hard nipples, and starts twisting them between his fingers. I maneuver my hand into his trunks. I grasp onto his shaft, and start stroking it. He keeps twisting my nipple with one hand. He slides his other between my legs, and slips a finger under my thong. As he glides it across my slick lips, I let out a moan.

He doesn’t go any further. Instead, he pulls his hand away. He nudges the arm I’m stroking him with, and slips my top back into place. Intrigued about what will happen next, I take my hand out of his trunks. He’s still watching my body with a hungry gaze.

“Let’s go inside,” he says.


He removes his trunks as he steps into the steam of the master shower. He proceeds through the water, and takes a seat at the back of the shower. From there, he watches me duck into the downfall.

“Take off that bikini,” he says with a mischievous grin.

I’ll give him the show he’s looking for.

I pose deliberately in front of him. I arch my back to accentuate the contour of my ass. I hold the thong taut as I slowly slide it over the curve of my cheeks. When it reaches my thighs, I let it fall to my feet. I reach around my back, and start to untie the top. I turn around to face him, I strategically pull on the straps, so my breasts are pushed up and into each other. I let the water fall across my cleavage for a moment before I let the top come away. My breasts bounce as they’re released.

His finger beckons me toward him. His mouth suddenly grasps onto my left nipple; while the right is squeezed sharply between his fingers. I feel a shiver shoot down my spine. The movement of his tongue is enchanting. I melt into him, feeling the heat building between my thighs. He has me now. I will do anything he asks.

He must sense the shift in my demeanor, because he abruptly releases my breasts.

“You’re clean enough,” he tells me.

He pushes open the shower door, and motions for me to step out first. He follows me as he grabs a towel off a nearby wall hook. I stand motionless — awaiting his instruction — as water drips off my body.

He swipes the towel over my shoulders and slowly down my back. He reaches his long arms around my torso, and — with a towel’s end in each hand — fondles my breasts. He looks for a reaction on my face in the mirror. I bite my lip as I look back into his eyes.

He draws the towel down the outsides of my hips, thighs, and calves. He pauses a beat before he slowly glides it up the inside of my legs. I’m left wanting when he stops just above the knee.

He stands upright, and thrusts the towel out toward me. The cocky expression on his face dares me to defy him

I timidly take the towel, and rub it slowly across his back and butt. Moving in front of him, I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach his shoulders. From there, I let the towel drift across his pecs and stomach towards his cock; I deliberately avoid it, drying his legs instead. I end in a kneeling position in front of him.

“May I please you with my mouth?” I ask.

“No.” He says sternly. “Go to the bed.”

I quietly stand up, and walk to the edge of the bed. He follows behind me with the towel back in hand.

“Put in your plug,” he instructs me.

I obediently retrieve my anal plug from our toy collection.

I bend over the edge of the bed, ensuring he has a good view. I let lube pour from the bottle onto my middle finger, and reach it behind me. I circle the edge of my asshole with my fingertip. I dip my finger inside to provide a slick passage for my plug.

I start to slowly push the plug into myself. It has a bulbous tip that stretches my hole to a point verging on painful. I drive the widest bit through, and the rest slides quickly into my ass; it gives me a little thrill. I pull a cheek to the side, showing only the toy’s base still outside of me.

My husband places the towel next to me as he walks around the bed. He settles into a reclined position on the other side while I wipe off my fingers.

“Into my lap,” he commands.

I crawl across the bed to him on hands and knees. My nipples brush his stomach as I stretch my arms over his hips, leaving me in a crouched position across his lap. His hand slides onto my left buttock, and cups it gently. He gives it a light smack — just enough to make it bounce. I know he’s going to spank me hard, but don’t know how long he’ll make me wait.

Today, he doesn’t hesitate.

A sharp sting reverberates from my backside through my body. When it reaches my throat, I let out a quiet gasp. I feel giddy picturing the glowing red imprint of his large hand on my backside, but I notice his hand hasn’t returned there. Wondering why, I look to him.

The aggressive gaze staring back is not looking into my eyes; it’s fixated just below them.

“May I please you with my mouth?” I ask.

His hand brushes up my back, and tangles itself into my hair. He guides my head back towards his erect cock. My greedy tongue extends toward it, but I feel his grip tighten; he’s holding me just out of reach. I don’t have his permission yet. My begging eyes look back to his face.

“You may,” he says as his hand releases my head.

I let my tongue find the head of his circumcised cock. I give it a quick kiss, and then slowly slide my tongue down the full length of it. I drag my barely parted lips up and down the underside, and lick my way around his shaft with broad strokes of my tongue. Approaching his head again, I flick my tongue’s tip across his frenulum.

Satisfied with how slippery I’ve made things, I maneuver so I can take him into my mouth. Instead, I freeze when I hear his voice.

“Show me those pretty blue eyes.”

I eagerly climb away from his side and down between his legs. I tuck some of my loose hair behind my ears. Now he can see my face as I spread my lips over his tip and slide them down his shaft. As I begin to suck him, I look up with a question in my eyes.

“Yes, much better,” he says with a smirk.

Relieved, I focus my mental attention back on his cock. I suck deeply, and squeeze my lips along his shaft as I move. I keep my eyes on his while my head bobs in his lap. My tongue presses his tip into my soft palate, and my mind envisions sucking the cum right out of him.

Spurred on by that thought, I ram his cock into my throat. I love the way his head fills me up when I go this deep. I love it so much that I get lost in the sensation — pushing it in again and again. I have to remind myself to breathe.

I urgently draw small spurts of air through my nose, and they spill through the edges of my lips as an uneven, slurping chorus. I realize there’s slobber all over my face and my hair has been unsurprisingly jostled loose.

Shit. I need a break to regain my composure.

I slow my pace, and gradually bob my way back up his shaft. When I reach his head, I swirl my tongue around it before slowly taking my lips away.

“May I ride it?” I ask.

He pauses to assess his options.

“Yes, but give me that face first.”

I climb into a straddle over his hips. He angles his cock to rub across my clit, and then pulls me in for a deep kiss. I grind my sopping wet pussy against his cock, but my attention is fixed on the sensation of his tongue dancing on mine.

I’m so startled when he plunges his cock deep into my swollen folds that I want to yelp, but he refuses to let my lips break free from his. I let out muffled moans as each strong thrust kneads the back of my pussy against the plug in my ass. I squeeze to keep the bobbing plug secure in my hole, and start to quiver.

He keeps his lips locked on mine while I strain to stay below the threshold of climax. I don’t want to come yet. I should only indulge at his wish.

He knows I’m close. I can see the enjoyment in his eyes as his continues to torture me. I squirm in his grip while he keeps thrusting hard and deep into my tight pussy. After what feels like an eternity, he finally lets go of my face.

With his newly freed hands, he flips me onto my back beside him. He growls as he reaches across, and throws the towel at my bottom. I thank god for this sign. My husband knocks my legs apart with his knees, and yanks my feet to his shoulders.

He forcefully reenters me, and pounds me with a frenzied pace.

My whole body tightens; my back arches like a bow about to release an arrow. I scream as the tension breaks and my fluids gush between us. My body convulses as I come over and over with every few thrusts. More juices squirt free from me, trickling down onto the sacrificial towel which saves our bed from my shameless drenching.

My level of pleasure gradually ramps down, and I regain control of my muscles. With a deep sigh, I unleash the breath I’ve unconsciously held in.

With my feet still at his shoulders, he pulls away from me. As his cock slips out my punished pussy, I feel him grasp the base of my plug. He quickly plucks it from me, and fills its place with the tip of his cock.

He leans in and asks, “Whose asshole is this?”

“Yours,” I reply softly.

The intensity behind his eyes changes. I swear they’ve gone darker. He knows I’m totally vulnerable to him — that he could do anything to me.

He leans his chest onto mine, and pins my legs down at my sides; I’m totally folded onto myself. He stares intently at my face while he pushes the head of his cock through my sphincter. My face flushes, and I turn my head away. He twists me back to face him.

He carefully watches the change in my expression as he steadily digs his cock deeper and deeper — until his full length is buried inside my ass. My face instinctively contorts into an almost pained expression. He likes to watch as he pushes me to my absolute limit.

Each throb of his pulsating cock seems to stretch my hole just a tiny bit more. My breathing is raspy, but it has a clear rhythm. He knows I can take more.

He fucks my ass without holding anything back. His cock swells as it repeatedly invades me. My defenses are futile, but my asshole tries to slow the onslaught by clenching down hard. The intense pressure is almost more than I can take. If my husband changes his pace even a tiny bit, I know I’m going to come again.

He tenses, then erupts. Feeling his cum pump into me propels me into ecstasy. Every surge makes me whimper, but my body remains tight — determined to take every last drop.

Once his balls are emptied, he begins to slowly withdraw from me. I’m still overwhelmed by the feeling of him inside me. I have to very deliberately relax as he pulls back from deep within my ass. I tremble one last time as his spent cock slips free from my sensitive hole.

He lies down next to me with a gratified sigh. His cum seeps out of me as I turn blissfully into his arms. He strokes me tenderly.

“Good girl.”

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