A Different World


The longest bus ride to Point West High School is the 17 route from Hidden Cove. I live with my mother at Hidden Cove and I ride the bus each school day. It is a long boring ride along the coast, with too many twists and turns to allow for reading.

I board the bus along with Aubrey and Melissa each school morning. If I get a ‘hello Gary’ from either girl it is an unusual day. This is not good, as both girls are really hot babes and I would like to know either or both of them better. However, the rumor around school is that they like each other, not boys.

We would ride the bus for a while and then the bus would stop and pick up Dean at Wilson’s Hollow. Dean is an ass hole and causes nothing but trouble. He has harassed Aubrey and Melissa for quite some time until the School Board threatened to kick him off the bus. Now he just goes and thrusts himself at each girl with a big grin on his face until the bus driver makes him sit in his seat.

Dean tries the grin in the face thing with me once. I just ask politely if he wants me to remove all those teeth for him? I am a second degree black belt. Dean doesn’t want me to do any unlicensed dental work.

With a couple of weeks left in school something happens between Aubrey and Melissa. I didn’t know what happened, but they had always sat together and now they make a point of sitting apart.

Aubrey starts saying hello to me each morning. I say hello back, but then she makes a point of walking away from me. I do not press the issue as I had not been invited to Aubrey’s 18th birthday party and I do not feel that she has any real interest in me. I had also not been invited to Melissa’s 18th birthday party, but then I knew Melissa doesn’t like me.

The situation comes to a boil on Wednesday, the day after my 18th birthday. Dean decides to make a play for Aubrey. She tells Dean to go away and he gets loud and nasty with her. By the time we get to school, Dean has threatened Aubrey and I walk her off the bus, just in case.

Dean’s brothers Tom and Wesley are waiting as we all get off the bus. It is an ambush and there is no way out without violence. I tell Dean, Tom and Wesley that Aubrey and I are just going to go to class and they can just leave us alone.

Tom says that he is going to beat the crap out of me and then deal with the ‘uppity bitch.’

It is short, but not sweet. I use the momentum of Tom’s charge to throw him against the side of the bus. Wesley charges at my back and gets my elbow in his face. Dean uşak escort comes at me with a knife and I break his arm, twice. Tom gets back up off the ground and tries to bite me on the foot. Actually, my foot is moving quite rapidly at that point and Tom loses teeth. Ok, he loses several teeth, but he still has quite a few left.

I get a ride home with the police. It would have been a lot worse, except that all of the rest of the kids who ride the bus told the school that the three brothers had started the whole thing and that the same three had threatened everyone on the bus at one time or another.

That night, Aubrey comes to see me and to thank me for ‘putting myself in danger.’ I hadn’t realized that I was in danger from three punks, but it is a good point and I will use it at my hearing. However, I do use the opening to have the first real talk I have ever had with Aubrey. Things go well and we seem attracted to each other.

Aubrey and I go for a walk on the beach that night and the talk we had previously has begun to grow into perhaps a relationship.

She tells me that she is going through a difficult time and that she has no idea what she is going to do. She and Melissa had a big fight and Aubrey does not want to talk about it.

We talk about other things but I never really find out what was bothering her. I do make a date for Friday night after graduation.

Aubrey has red hair and very fair skin. Melissa and I both have very light blonde hair, almost white, and very fair skin. None of us goes out on the beach in daylight due to the sunburn problem. This little problem sets up a romantic nighttime first date for Aubrey and me.

We go to the last fire ring and cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows. Aubrey wears the tiniest bikini imaginable and I have my hopes up.

I bring a radio and we dance a little. Aubrey comments that I seem more interested in her breasts than in the dancing. With that, she takes off her top and invites me to ‘have a good look!’

Not only do I look, I also feel! One thing leads to another and we wind up nude in the water. I am hard and Aubrey kind of impales herself on my throbbing rod.

It is her first time and she manages to mostly smother her cry of pain. We continue to fuck with Aubrey’s legs wrapped around me and most of her weight supported by the water. It is a little awkward, but Aubrey is very tight and I quickly began to get excited. I want it to last longer, but we finish all uşak escort bayan too quickly. I shoot my cum inside Aubrey and she cries out again, but not in pain this time!

Afterward, we wash in the water and then Aubrey wants to go back to shore immediately. Once we get back to the fire she wants to put her bikini back on. I was hoping for a second helping. However, no such luck.

Aubrey then wants to walk back to the houses. I think she is mad at me. It is worse. All Aubrey wants to do is to talk about Melissa. It seems that Melissa has never had a boy. Now Aubrey has had a boy and that bitch Melissa doesn’t know all there is to know! Other than to talk about Melissa, Aubrey pretty much ignores me.

I get the feeling that I am sort of a walking dildo that Aubrey has used and now wants to get rid of. My feeling intensifies when I am unable to make another date with Aubrey. When we get back to Aubrey’s house, she mumbles something about a nice evening and then she is gone and I am alone.

Aubrey, Melissa and I all have to work in the city during the week and nothing happens until the next Friday.

Aubrey and Melissa take a picnic basket and walk to the last fire ring.

I can not help myself and spy on them with a pair of high-powered binoculars.

The two girls do the same routine that Aubrey and I had done last Friday. After the cookout, they seem to kind of tease each other and then Aubrey once again removes her bikini top. Melissa does the same and both girls kind of display themselves to each other. I am not too surprised at the topless display, many of the Hidden Cove ladies sunbathe topless during the day when there are only a few stay at home ladies in the cove.

However, the topless display then leads to Melissa caressing Aubrey’s breasts. Aubrey then moves in and kisses Melissa. The two topless girls are tit to tit and it is obvious that it is a tongue kiss. The two bodies mold to one another. The intensity makes me wish it was me with Aubrey.

I can not see exactly what happens next, because the girls have turned slightly and Melissa’s back is mostly toward me. However, it appears that Aubrey has reached into Melissa’s bikini bottom, judging by the fact that the back of Melissa’s bikini also moves down. Melissa then falls to her knees and pulls Aubrey’s bikini bottom down and moves her face into Aubrey’s pussy.

From the expression on Aubrey’s face, Melissa has to be eating Aubrey’s pussy! Aubrey holds escort uşak Melissa’s head in her hands obviously in a state of passion. Aubrey clearly surrenders and lets Melissa have her way. Melissa is eating Aubrey’s pussy while working on her own pussy with her fingers.

I am so damn hard I have to work on my cock with my own fingers.

Finally, Aubrey appears to climax and sort of collapses back onto the sand. Her bikini bottom is down around her ankles.

Melissa remains on her knees and continues to work on her own pussy with her fingers and then apparently climaxes and also collapses onto the sand.

After a time, both girls get up and remove the bikini bottoms that no longer cover anything.

Hand in hand, they stroll down to the edge of the water, away from the light of the fire.

I can no longer see much in the way of detail, but it appears that Aubrey kneels down and returns the pussy eating favor that Melissa had given her earlier. The action continues until both girls are tumbled into the water by a wave.

The girls get up and wash themselves in the surf and then walk back to the fire ring as naked as when they were born.

I think that they will now put their bikinis back on and then walk back to Hidden Cove.

However, they spread out a large beach towel or a blanket and sort of semi-recline on the mat. They are obviously talking about something and then Melissa gets up and starts gesturing. I do not know what she is doing until she mounts Aubrey so that Melissa’s mouth is over Aubrey’s pussy and Melissa’s pussy is over Aubrey’s mouth.

The two girls have a hot 69 as I watch the flickering firelight play upon their pale young bodies. I don’t know how long it lasts as I am a slave to the scene in the binoculars. I can only watch as two young girls writhe in the throes of passion. The firelight makes it seem like some sort of primitive jungle scene.

Apparently they finish with a mutual climax. Then Melissa rolls onto the mat next to Aubrey. The nude girls then cuddle for a bit. It is difficult to tell even with the binoculars, but it appears that Aubrey and Melissa are talking animatedly.

Finally the girls get up and go back into the surf to wash.

By now it is fairly late and they come back to the fire. They gather up everything and start to put their bikinis back on. They do put on the bottoms. However, after a great deal of discussion and posing they finally stuff the tops defiantly into the picnic basket.

The two topless girls then put out the fire and start back. I try to think of what I might say to Aubrey the next time we meet. However, I realize that it would be useless. The two girls are in a different world.

I slowly put the binoculars back in the case and turn and go home by myself.

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