A Dream Come True Ch. 06


I arrived home after a long work day to find two very unhappy ladies. Ester took Alice to the doctor today for her checkup and when they tested Alice they found that she is not pregnant. The doctor told them that sometimes the over the counter pregnancy tests will give a false positive.

I noticed after the first week that their mood improved and their conversations seemed to be much happier. They like to speak in Tagalog so I don’t know what they are talking about but I went out and bought the Rosetta stone language discs and I can’t speak the language but I sure can understand what they are talking about now.

I started listening more closely and learned that they were formulating a plan to get me to knock Alice up and to made things convenient, my birthday was coming up on the same weekend that she would be ovulating. The plan started to take shape, they decided that they would prepare study and set up the perfect weekend to celebrate my birthday with some hot kinky role play sex to get the maximum amount of potent sperm filling her fertile womb during peak ovulation.

I have noticed them working together to study my reactions to their teasing. The first week was great, the girls would take turns, one would stroke, lick, suck and fuck me while the other would watch while taking mental notes and then they would switch and try different things to study my reactions and timing.

The one thing I noticed they seemed to be concentrating on was fucking me long and slow and studying the signs of my impending orgasm and learning how to stop me right on the edge of orgasm. I noticed they were researching something called edging on the internet. I read the article they were looking at and it said that if you keep a man right on the edge of orgasm for extended periods of time, when you finally let him cum the orgasm will be extremely intense and will produce a huge load.

I also noticed that they were making sure to display their little shaved pussies whenever I was around. I would see Alice bend over and her short skirt would ride up the back of her sweet little ass letting me see that she wasn’t wearing panties giving me an instant erection.

I noticed Ester when she would reach up to put the dishes away her skirt would raise up in the back letting me know she wasn’t wearing panties. When I came home from work Thursday night the girls met me at the door with hugs and smiles. When Ester gave me a hug I reached around with both hands and grabbing her ass I lifted her up to kiss her and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

While we were kissing I slipped my hand around and found bare pussy, no panties. I slipped a finger between her moist lips while we were kissing making her moan. I set her down and did the same with Alice. After greetings kisses and hugs, Ester said “they would finish getting dinner ready while I took a shower and would have a glass of wine waiting for me when I returned.”

I finished my shower threw on a pair of comfy silk boxers and went to the kitchen to check on diner. Ester said dinner was almost ready and she poured me a nice glass of wine to enjoy while waiting for dinner. I was sitting at the table relaxing when I noticed Alice leaning over the counter doing dishes and I could just see her pretty little peach peeking out from under her short skirt. I walked up behind her and reaching around her I gave her a big hug and a kiss on her neck while feeling her firm breasts and squeezing her hard nipples I pressed my quickly stiffening cock against her sweet little ass and when she felt my erection she wiggled her ass back against me harder and let out a moan of satisfaction.

I was just getting into feeling her up when I felt Ester against my back and her breath in my ear, she reaches around me sliding her hand inside my boxers grabs my cock stroking it to full hardness, then she takes my cock out of my shorts and starts rubbing the swollen head back and forth between Alice’s bare pussy lips until her tiny opening and my engorged cock head are wet and slippery with Alice’s juices.

Then she lines up the slippery head of my cock with the tiny opening and I feel Ester reach around and grab Alice by the hips pulling her back onto my cock as she pushes against my back pushing me further into Alice’s tight pussy. When she has me buried balls deep in her sister she whispers in my ear.

“Alice and I want to make some of your fantasies come true and are going to take really good care of you, Alice is going to ovulate on Saturday and there is a good chance that you could knock her up if you put your cock in her and leak as much as you do when we get you excited. We intend to play out your favorite fantasy and will tease and excite you until you can’t resist fulfilling your fantasy and pumping your potent sperm in her tight fertile pussy.”

I have Alice pinned up against the Kitchen counter with my very erect cock buried balls deep inside her extremely tight silky pussy, I can feel her tight pink tunnel massaging my hard shaft and she is so tight I can feel her heartbeat throbbing around my shaft. Ester isveçbahis is holding my heavy ball sack in her little hand firmly, she whispers in my ear.

“Alice and I want to give you a great birthday Saturday but to make it really special you have to promise us that you will not cum until your Birthday Saturday. You can have me or Alice lick suck or sit on your cock anytime you want from now until Saturday but, no fucking and absolutely no Cumming, if you nut before Saturday, no birthday sex and no knocking up my little sister, agreed?”

I had my throbbing cock buried in Alice and I knew what they were planning for my Birthday. I would have agreed to almost anything. I said, “I love you and I promise not to cum until Saturday.” Ester whispered in my ear.

“We are going to have so much fun Saturday”

Then she pushed forward while pulling back on Alice’s hips pushing my cock deeper and rubbing the tip against her cervix, the extra stimulation made my prick jerk hard inside the snug walls of Alice’s wet pussy. When she felt my cock lurch I heard her moan and melt in my arms. I turned to Ester and said I’m hungry and if you don’t let Alice off my cock I’m about ready to nut her right now and spoil the weekend for all of us, with that I gave her a kiss and she backed away giving me room to slowly pull my slippery cock out of her sisters tight little pussy.

I turned Alice around and gave her a hug and a kiss and we all sat down for dinner. After dinner while Alice was busy cleaning up the dishes I had Ester come over and sit on my lap. It only took kissing her and pinching her nipples to get my dick to stiffen. Within three minutes my cock was hard and I pulled it out of my boxers and slid Ester forward until I could feel her hot moist lips kissing the base of my hard shaft. I started kissing her and grabbed her hips and slowly slid her a little at a time back and forth. Each time I would slide her wet pussy a little farther up and down on my cock until I had my cock covered in her juices and was sliding her from the base all the way to the ridge just below the head.

I could tell she was getting close to orgasm and as soon as I felt her start to tense up and begin her orgasm. I lifted and pulled her sweet little ass up until the head of my cock lined up with her pink opening and slipped that tight little pussy slowly all the way on my cock until I was pressed against the opening to her womb. She went crazy and started bucking her hips and kissing me passionately. I could feel her tight pussy gripping and throbbing around my hard shaft and it took a lot of control to sit there with my very excited cock buried balls deep inside Ester’s tight wet pussy while she goes through her orgasm, squeezing and throbbing around my cock without losing control and filling her full of thick potent sperm at the same time.

About the time Ester was finished recovering from her orgasm Alice finished the dishes and grabbing Ester’s hand pulled her off my lap, Alice swung right around and sat down on my lap taking both little hands and starting at the base of my shaft still slippery with her sisters juices she slid her hands from base to tip three or four times coaxing a big white glob of sperm to ooze from the tip. She looks at me with a sly smile and slips her tight pussy down onto my still hard cock, as soon as she feels the head enter her tight opening she kisses me and slowly slides all the way down until her pussy lips are spread tightly around the base of my shaft, after she has my cock buried completely in her tight young pussy she whispers in my ear.

“What could possibly be better than fucking my tight little fertile 18 year old pussy on your Birthday and getting to knock me up too?”

I woke up Saturday morning to the feeling of somebody gently flicking their tongue on the underside of my cock and when I looked down I saw Ester licking my cock and Alice rubbing my legs and softly licking my balls. When they noticed that I was awake they stopped and both said.

“Happy Birthday”

They snuggled up on each side of me to kiss me good morning. We took a nice shower together and took turns washing each other. It felt really nice to have two sets of hands lathering up every inch of my body and having Alice help me lather up Ester gave me one hell of an erection. When we finished showering we had a quick breakfast and the girls asked me to lie down on the bed and relax while they went to get ready. I was laying there relaxing listing to the girls giggling and talking in the bath room, they were talking in Tagalog and I heard Alice say.

“Remember we need to tease him until we get him right on the edge of orgasm and then keep him on edge for 1 hour before we let him cum and when he does it should be enough to impregnate You, me, our two sisters, our mom and the dog next door too.”

“We have to make sure he cums in you and not me, we don’t want to waste this load, and God it’s going to be so hot watching my husband knock you up sis, did you feel the little pinch when you ovulate yet?”

Alice said.

“Yep, that’s what woke me up this morning, isveçbahis giriş I was just starting to wake up when I felt the little pinch and I just smiled knowing that the conditions are perfect to get pregnant today.”

Ester says.

“Well sis, let’s go give him the best Birthday present he has ever had and get him so excited that he will be begging to cum deep in your fertile pussy and knock you up.”

A few minutes later they emerge dressed in matching school girl outfits, Alice in pig tails and Ester with a pony tail. They both looked so fucking hot and sexy as they climbed on the bed on either side of me and snuggle up, they are both wearing perfume and they smell great as they get their lips close to each ear and at the same time whisper.

“Are you ready for some tight wet fertile Birthday fun? ”

“You can have one Birthday wish from each of us and then we get to play. But first we get to tie you up so we can be in control, we know after 5 days of no sex and plenty of teasing you are so horny that if you’re not tied down as soon as you get your big hard cock in one of us, you’re going to grab on and pound that little pussy until you nut and then the fun would be over in ten minutes.”

I said “ok, after I get my two wishes you can tie me up.” For my first wish I want Alice to sit on my cock and lay back so you can lick her clit while I tweak her nipples until she cums all over my cock and then I want you to get on top of me in a 69 and suck all your sisters juices off my cock while I look up and watch Alice lick your sweet pussy right in front of my face. I thought they might object. I was pretty surprised when they just looked at each other with a sly smile and said.

“Ok, but don’t you dare cum.”

Ester licks my ear and whispers.

“We are going to have so much fun today and it’s so sexy knowing Alice ovulated this morning. I can’t wait to see your cock jerking and pumping out a huge load of thick potent sperm balls deep inside my fertile ovulating sister. It would be so hot to hold your sperm filled balls in my hand and feel them pulse as you empty your nuts in my sister’s tight fertile pussy and knock her up.”

Alice wraps her soft warm hand around my very hard cock and lightly strokes up and down the shaft and whispers in my other ear.

“Your big hard cock is going to feel so good buried deep in my tight little pussy, are you going to be able to control yourself or will you give in and fill my fertile pussy full of thick potent sperm?”

Just thinking about filling Alice’s sweet little pussy was enough to make my dick rock hard, but having both girls whispering in my ears and smelling so good with Alice stroking my cock was making precum ooze from the tip. In the sweetest voice Alice whispers in my ear.

“If you do cum in me, please make it a big one and pump it deep”

Ester gives me a passionate kiss and starts slowly kissing her way down my body paying special attention to my sensitive nipples. When she reaches my stiff dick she wraps her soft hand around the shaft and then while looking into my eyes, slowly swirls her hot wet tongue around the head.

Alice licks my ear while watching Ester sucking my hard cock and when Ester has it nice and wet she wraps her little hand firmly around the base and while holding it straight up she looks at Alice and says.

“Get your little pussy over here and sit on this big hard cock.”

Alice gives me nice kiss and sits up swinging her leg over me to straddle my chest and then scoots back placing her beautiful young pussy just inches above my face. Just when I felt Ester with her lips on one side of my shaft and Alice’s lips on the other I grabbed Alice’s sweet ass cheeks and pulled that tasty pussy down onto my tongue and dove right in. She tasted really sweet and she was so wet and ready to take my hard cock deep inside her very fertile pussy.

I was really enjoying licking Alice’s sweet pussy while the girls slid their lips and tongues up and down each side of my hard shaft. When they would get to the head they would both kiss and swirl their tongues around the tip of my cock. In no time at all my cock was rock hard and as soon as Alice tasted the precum oozing from the tip she paused and said to Ester in Tagalog.

“He’s starting to leak precum and his cock is rock hard, we have to be very careful and watch for the signs to make sure we don’t let him cum too soon.”

Alice pulled her tight wet pussy off my tongue and slid forward until her little pink opening was poised above my rock hard cock. It was a beautiful sight to see, my hard cock with Ester’s soft little hand wrapped around the base holding it straight up while Alice lowers her wet fertile pussy until her soft puffy lips surround the tip.

I reached for Alice’s hips and slowly eased her tight wet pussy all the way down until her soft warm lips kissed the base of my ridged shaft. As she hit bottom she let out a soft moan and held her breath for a moment as she adjusted to my thick rod filling her tight pink tunnel. I slid my hands up from her hips to her nice isveçbahis yeni giriş firm breasts and took each nipple between my fingers just as I felt Ester’s tongue work its way across my balls to the base of my cock and then up to Alice’s sweet pussy. A soon as Alice felt Ester’s tongue on her clit she leaned back and melted in my arms. I could feel her nipples thicken between my fingers and her pussy getting wetter and hotter as Ester built her up towards orgasm. I felt Alice’s tight pink tunnel pulsing and squeezing my hard member as she approached orgasm. When I could tell she was close I pinched her nipples a little harder and whispered in her ear.

“I’m going to pump my sperm deep in your fertile little pussy and make your belly swell with my baby.”

I flexed my muscles making my cock thicken and jerk deep inside Alice’s tight wet pussy and that’s all it took to send her over the edge and start her pulsing and squeezing my hard shaft as she surrendered to a powerful orgasm. I thought I had it under control until Alice’s tight sheath started convulsing around my hard cock and Ester grabbed my balls and started licking the base of my shaft where Alice’s juices were leaking out. My overexcited cock gave a small jerk and oozed a little cum before jerking really hard and launching a good size blast of sperm straight into the back of Alice’s tight fertile pussy before I could regain control. When Alice recovered from her orgasm she turned her head and said to me with a sexy smile.

“That last squirt felt really hot”

Alice sat straight up and pulled her tight little pussy off my still hard cock to make room for Ester to get in to position and lick the juices off my cock while I watch Alice lick her sweet smooth pussy. Ester’s mouth felt so hot and wet as she swirled her tongue around the tip and slowly sucked her sister’s juices from my cock. I looked up from Ester’s amazing blow job just in time to see Alice slip her tongue into Ester’s sweet pussy. As I was sliding my hands all over Ester’s hips and ass I watched Alice eat that little pussy and I felt Ester flinch slightly and heard her moan. She was too busy sucking my cock and distracted due to Alice working her towards orgasm to think about it.

I knew she was due to ovulate soon and when I felt that twitch I knew she had just ovulated and the thought of knowing she was fertile without her realizing it made my cock jerk and leak a little cum onto Ester’s tongue. When she felt my cock jerk and leak a big thick drop of nut juice onto her tongue she stopped quickly to keep me from blowing my load right as Alice brought her to a quick intense orgasm. It was so hot watching Ester cum. I could see and feel her whole abdominal area convulsing and twitching in orgasm as Alice finished her off by sucking her clit firmly and attacking the tip with her tongue. Alice pulled her mouth away from Ester’s pussy to let her calm down from her orgasm and leaned down kissing me with intense passion.

My cock got harder than ever as Alice kissed me and shared the sweet taste of Ester’s pussy on her lips and tongue. When Alice stopped kissing me she lay down beside me with her head down by my crotch next to Ester smiling at each other as they caught their breath. Alice was lying on her side next to me with her fertile young pussy only 12″ from my face. As I turned to look at her sweet little pussy and run my finger between her moist lips I noticed a thick white trail of sperm that had leaked from her tight pink opening and ran all the way down to her knee. That was the turning point when I decided, fuck it. It’s my Birthday and I have one beautiful fertile 18 year old that’s begging me to knock her up and I already pumped enough potent sperm deep in her little pussy to possibly impregnate her. I knew if she got pregnant from just a little stray blast I would regret it for the rest of my life.

If she was going to get pregnant with my baby it was because I was going to plow her little pussy hard and deep pumping her womb full of my potent sperm with the intent to impregnate her. I also have my gorgeous petite sexy wife who’s been intentionally trying to get me to knock her up again too. For the last couple of months I have been lucky and somehow missed impregnating her. I know my luck will run out real soon so I decided I would do it my way. It’s not that I don’t want more kids I just wanted to wait until our daughter is a little older to make it easier on Ester but now that Alice is here they can both help each other.

It’s the right time to give them what they both want and I very much want to be the one to fill them with my thick potent sperm and watch their bellies grow with my babies. Ester hasn’t realized that she ovulated yet and I am going to have some fun and surprise her with a little Birthday present of her own. After both girls had time to rest they sat up on either side of me. Ester leaned down and started kissing me while Alice grabbed the silk ties. When they started to tie me up I said “wait, you’re not doing it right, let me show you how.” I told Alice to lie down on the bed face up so I could show them how to properly tie someone up. I took the silk ties and securely tied Alice down. Ester and I both sat back and admired how sexy and vulnerable Alice looked. I looked over at Ester and grabbing her ponytail I pulled her to me and kissed her.

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