A Favor for Dorine


Okay. I have no excuses. I won’t even try to defend myself. But I don’t really feel I have to either.

I’m just an average manager at a music store. I’m in my early twenties and not all that bad looking of a guy. I can’t be, and have the girls chase after me. Maybe they just want a free CD, I don’t know.

My life was going fine. No serious relationships, although a lot of fun ones. Job was going great, I was Mr. Popularity down at the shop. Everyone that worked for me loved me. I was such a “cool” manager, or so they said. But no matter what the cause, my store ran like clockwork with no stealing or fighting from the employees.

Dorine. If anyone is to blame, it’s her. Dorine was a friend of mine with wild red hair, vibrant green eyes and a body that made me want to sit up and beg. A body, I might add, that I never got to get close to. Dorine was in control of her game and nobody played unless she let them. So far, I hadn’t made the cut. So, when she came to me six months ago with a request, there was no way I was going to refuse her.

“Hey, Greg. I gotta favor to ask you.”

“Dorine, name it and it’s yours.” I expected something sexual and hot, but I was sorely disappointed.

“It’s my niece, Stephanie.” I groaned and rolled my eyes. I knew what was coming next and it wasn’t me. “Honey, you gotta help her out. She’d make a perfect cashier for your little store here.”

“Little?” I raised my eyebrows. “Baby nothing I got is little.”

She smiled and her eyes glittered. “Greg,” she purred, “She’d be perfect for the shop. She knows just about everything there is to know about music, and she needs a job.”

“And just how old is this musical encyclopedia?”

“She just turned eighteen.”

I let out a breath. “Dorine, if it were anyone else I’d say no, flat out. But bring her in tomorrow and I’ll try her out.” Her smile lit up her face so I held up my hand, “No promises.”

She wound her arm around mine as she pressed that fabulous 36C chest against me. “I really appreciate it, Greg. And, if she gets the job, I’ll show you exactly how much.” She bent forward to kiss me, running her tongue lightly over my lips before they darted in for a quick, scorching kiss.

As she walked away I noticed how deliciously her hips swayed under her tight jeans. I had to leave the store in the hands of my faithful employees while I went to the back to calm down. It must have been the sway what did me in, determined to get Stephanie on my payroll so that I could get her aunt in my bed.

Dorine brought Stephanie in the next day, true to her word. This time, Dorine opted for a sexy little black number that dipped low in front and showed a lot of leg. I nearly hired Stephanie before she even got out a hello.

And it didn’t help that Stephanie looked like a teenaged Dorine. She had auburn hair that fell all the way to her waist, and she had the same amazing green eyes. She was petite though, not much over five foot tall, when Dorine was nearly eye level with me. It was like she was much younger than eighteen, and I felt like a child molester as I stopped my physical investigation just short of her own perfect 36Cs.

“Greg, this is Stephanie.” Dorine nudged the younger girl a bit, and she extended her hand. I took it, trying not to notice how soft her hand fit in mine. Visions of that same small hand clasping another appendage leapt in my overheated brain, and I had to beat it down. I wanted Dorine. I had chased Dorine. I wasn’t going escort seks hikayeleri to let this young piece of ass derail my plans.

“Hi, Greg.” Damn. Even her voice was soft.

“So,” I began, trying my best to regain control. “I hear you’re a musical expert.”

She blushed. “Sort of.” I quizzed her over old music, new music, rock, rap – even the country questions she answered without trouble. There was no “sort of” about it. This kid knew her stuff.

“How’d you get so good?”

She just shrugged. “Dad’s a DJ and mom’s a dancer. My whole life has been one big soundtrack.”

“Well add another track. You’ve got the job.”

Dorine and Stephanie smiled in unison. It was Beauty in Stereo. I gave Stephanie a schedule, making her my closer, and the two women departed. I went to my office to dream of how exactly Dorine would thank me for being so generous to her niece.

When Stephanie arrived the next day at three o’clock sharp, I realized Dorine better come through soon. Otherwise I was going to mess up all my chances by jumping her hot niece. She showed up in tight black jeans and one of those sleeveless turtleneck sweaters that clung to every curve. I handed her the nametag and some paperwork.

She turned over the nametag with a curious grin. “Stevie?”

“Yeah. Couldn’t fit Stephanie on the space and I never liked Steph. So I went with a rock-n-roll name. You like it?”

“Yeah. Makes me feel famous.” I put my arm around her shoulders so that I could introduce her to the rest of the gang. She blended really well, and she was a quick learner. She played gofer for the night and ended up leaving about a half hour before we actually closed.

John, who was my closer for the night, came up to me after she left. “God, man. She’s hot!”

I laughed a little. “You should see her aunt.”

“Oh no, man,” he said with a smile. “Go for the young stuff. It’s tighter and fresher.”

“Oh really? And how many older aunts have you tried out?”

He just blushed. He was all of eighteen himself. “I wouldn’t mind trying out Stevie that’s for sure.”

I considered what he said and remembered how I felt when I first saw her. Had I been John’s age, I’d have had her in bed before she could have filled out a W-4. But I was older now and had better fish to fry.

Over the next week, Stevie really came into her own. She learned the register and started closing three nights a week. Unbelievably I came to realize how much we had in common, liking the same movies and the same music. Even though I felt like a grandpa next to her. But her sense of humor and her quick mind made her seem ageless to me. After a month, I was really super attracted to her, and the fact that Dorine had been to busy to take my calls for that return of her favor didn’t help.

Three days ago I left Stevie in charge of the shop for the last half hour. I was unbelievably horny from being around her all day. Watching her swish and sway in that denim mini skirt, black boots that reach up to her milky white thighs was akin to torture. And when she bent down I could see straight down into what a bra should have been covering – only she was so young she didn’t need anything to hold anything anywhere. And man, when she smiles those full lips just beg to be kissed. As I was passing her in the back room where there was only room for one to pass, I could tell I was in dangerous territory. We sort of stood still for a minute, neither of us moving, but both of us keenly aware of each and every contour of the other. She looked up at me, her green eyes bright and wide, and she bit her lip just a bit.

I had to get outta there. I had to get a piece of ass before I did something I was going to regret.

I called Dorine on my cell, but she wasn’t answering. I cursed and threw the phone down on the car seat next to me. I was going to explode. I rolled down the window and stuck my head out to get a breath of cool, fresh air as I sped down the Boulevard. On the sidewalk were working girls, and it crossed my mind only for a moment. But I’d never before paid for sex, I wasn’t going to start now.

I drove like that for at least an hour, hoping I gave Stevie a chance to close up and leave. Finally I pulled up to the store, and there were no lights on inside. I let out a sigh, but still didn’t feel any better.

I let myself in and to my surprise was met with music playing from the back room. It was slow and seductive, one of my favorites. There were lights flashing in the back, like a strobe. That was new. And I was curious.

As I peered into the back room I was surprised not only to see Stevie but to see as much of her as I was seeing. She was dancing to the music, only this time she’d taken off her miniskirt and even her top. She stood there dancing only in a g-string and those thigh high boots. Her hair was long and wild over her perky breasts. She gyrated around, lifting her arms above her head and grinding her hips as she licked her lips. “Like what you see, Greg?”

My heart stopped. How did she know I was here? She hadn’t caught sight of me and the music was pounding so loud I know she couldn’t hear me. Then I realized… she wasn’t talking to me. She was fantasizing about me.

This young, hot girl I’ve been driving myself crazy to stay away from was fantasizing about *me*! My rod jumped to attention and I sat down hard in a chair that was out of her view. It was the first time I’d ever been a voyeur but boy what a way to start.

I thought my cock would explode as she ran her hands down her taunt stomach and over the satin front of her panties. She groaned, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. She tossed her hair back and I could get a full view of those erect pink nipples that one of her hands snaked back up to brush over, then pinch. She gasped and groaned, “I can’t wait anymore.”

She walked over to the couch I kept in my break room, sat down and spread her legs wide, giving me a clear view. I unbuttoned my pants and released my swollen cock from my pants, wrapping my fingers around the hard shaft and stroked it as she reached down to push her panties aside. I watched her finger slide around her slippery wet hole. I could only imagine what it would be like to shove my dick deep inside her. “Oh Greg,” she moaned. “I know you want to eat my pussy. What are you waiting for?”

Good question. As I sat there with my dick in my hand, I wondered the exact same thing. There she was on my sofa, calling my name, wanting me to suck her pussy.

I was only to happy to oblige.

I stood up and approached slowly, disrobing as I went. She had her eyes tightly shut, lost in her fantasy, not even hearing me there with her at all. I knelt down between her legs and watched her fingers rub against her hard clit. She shuttered, and then her whole body convulsed. Right in the peak of her orgasm, I dove in, wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking hard.

Her eyes popped open, her jaw dropped but she went directly into another orgasm and her scream couldn’t be contained. I shoved my fingers into her hot tight cunt, and nearly came as I felt her contract around me.

The last shudder passed and she remembered that she should be embarrassed. “Greg, I…”

I just leaned up and kissed any apology or explanation away. To hell with it. If Dorine didn’t’ know how to answer a phone, it wasn’t my fault.

I was surprised how expertly she kissed me back. She must have taken lessons from her aunt. I felt her breasts pressed against me, and at last I let myself cup them, squeeze them and finally, let my tongue wander all over each luscious inch. One of her hands wound in my hair, pressing me into her chest. The other disappeared between us as she grasped my raging erection. My cock felt ten feet long and five feed thick it was so hard. She groaned as she felt it. “Dorine didn’t tell me you were so big,” she whispered in a little girl voice.

“Dorine doesn’t know.”

I nearly dropped over dead of a heart attack as I heard, “I do now.”

The next thing I knew some familiar 36Cs were pressed into my back, and two arms encircled my middle to add an extra hand on my cock. Dorine’s lips pressed against my neck, sucking the soft skin there. “I knew you’d teach her right,” she whispered. “I tried, but there was one thing I couldn’t give her.” She grasped my cock as she said it. “Fuck her, Greg. But save some for me, okay?”

I lost it. I plunged quickly into Stevie and she screamed as her pussy swallowed all I had to give her. I started bucking her hard, and she was right there with me every step of the way. Dorine went to her and I realized she was in a g-string and thigh high boots herself. Dorine coaxed Stevie to lay further out, and then Dorine straddled her niece’s face. Without hesitation, and with a little more than some experience, Stevie pushed away those skimpy panties and dove her face right into Dorine’s snatch.

Like a madman I pumped into her, holding her legs up and plunging deep. I watched Dorine as she cupped her breasts in front of me, pinching her nipples and groaning as she ground her pussy down in Stevie’s face. She watched me intently, like seeing me fuck her niece got her off. And soon, it did. With a shrill scream she came, and I felt Stevie shudder beneath me. How hot it was to feel her cum just because she got her aunt off. I was insane by then. I had to have her. I lifted Dorine off and turned her over so that she could lap up Stevie’s pussy in return.

I started to slide into her but she reached back with her hand. “That’s not where I want it,” she said, and guided me to the her tightly puckered ass. Both her hands cupped her ass cheeks as she opened up to me, and I guided myself into her. She shoved down on me, taking all of me without effort and I nearly exploded. Her ass was so tight it felt like a vice. I began fucking her harder and harder as she urged me more and more. Just as I was about to explode she lifted away, and both she and Stevie knelt before me with their lips parted. Their hands grasped my cock and stroked me off till I spilled my cum all over their open mouths. When it was exhausted, I watched them kiss each other, licking it from each other’s faces.

Though I had just come harder than I’d ever come in my life, I felt myself stir. Neither of them noticed, they were lost in their own thing, and I didn’t mind watching, one little bit.

It was going to be a long night. Maybe I’ll tell you about it later. Right now they’re waiting for me. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s my turn to return the favor.

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