A Fling Under Construction


The sweltering heat in the concrete jungle is horrendous and top that with the humidity of the maximum city, it becomes unbearable. Even with its drawbacks, I had learned to be appreciative of this concrete jungle, considering it provided me my bread and butter quite literally. My job entailed showing super rich people unaffordable under construction flats and convincing them to buy them. This meant I had bear the brunt of the extreme weather along with the dust of the site. These factors I could brave but the tantrums of these super rich was a different ball game altogether.

Well, this story happened a few years back when I was showing a really expensive condominium to a ultra rich middle aged couple. I was waiting for them in the lobby of the under construction tower dragging cigarette after cigarette in the melting heat of late afternoon. The heat, the cigarettes, the hot winds and the dust was pushing me in a foul mood with each passing minute. I tried calling them time and again but my calls went unanswered. Cursing under my breath, I decided to leave by the end of my current cigarette. As soon as I stubbed out my cigarette and looked up, I saw a High rolling car stop in front of me. From within stepped out a fair lady in her mid thirties, tall, average built(not too thin), well endowed, long brown hair tied in a bun, big black sun glasses, long nose, pushed up cheeks and in an olive green sleeveless knee length dress with buttons in the front and a black belt on the waist. The compliment her look she was wearing black slippers and no jewellery.

Not that I had not seen women as gorgeous as her before, but every time some dame stood in front of me I would be tongue tied for few seconds. So after some initial hesitation, stuttering and calming of nerves I managed to exchange pleasantries. She definitely did not seem impressed.

I asked, “Will your husband be joining us madam? I have been trying to reach you both for a while”.

The look on her face gave the impression that she was not interested in answering my questions and just wanted to get this done with. I guided her towards the lift and tried to get her interested in the deal by indulging in sycophancy. My indulgence was barely short of servitude. All through the isveçbahis journey upstairs in the lift, I barely took my eyes off her. The fact that I was in such close proximity with hot lady in an enclosed space made my heart beat faster.

The elevator was dimly lit and not very well ventilated considering it was still work in progress, which made us sweat profusely. I could feel my shirt clinging to my body and could observe the drops of sweat rolling down her arms and on her brow. As soon as we stepped out of the elevator a blast if hot air hit us, we squinted our eyes and moved towards our destination. I showed her around trying to help her visualise the accommodation after completion as much as I could. But she looked zoned out.

When she finally spoke, she said, “Show me something on upper floors.”

I replied, “Those aren’t ready yet and the floors above are not accessible by the elevator. We will have to climb the stairs.”

Without a word she moved towards the stairs and started climbing them and I followed hurriedly. Since it was a Sunday, the site was sparsely occupied.

By the time we stopped, I was drenched in sweat and panting lightly. She must have worked out regularly as I could not notice a hint of heavy breathing from her. Though she too was drenched. Her olive green dress had turned dark green near her top back and front. I could clearly make out the outline of her bra. Basically there was no imagination required it was clearly visible. She caught me staring at her but chose to ignore. She started looking around which brought me back from my trance and I started speaking again helping her visualise the place. After a couple of minutes she asked me for a smoke. I willingly obliged and also lit it for her. After she had taken a couple of drags, I started speaking again.

But then she curtly said, “Shut the fuck up!”

I wasn’t used to such uncouth language by a lady of her stature. I unwilling obliged though there was an undying want to retort.

We stood in silence for a while, she was busy smoking and looking at the vast expanse of the city from the vantage point the tower offered and me shamelessly letching at her. After a while, she turned around and signalled me for another one. isveçbahis giriş I again gave one to her and lit it. The wait seemed unending and annoying but I really wanted to convert this deal desperately.

After she stubbed her cigarette, she turned around and started walking towards me. I was dumbfounded staring at her approaching me. She was very closed to staring me in the eyes. She pushed me aside with her arms and walked in another room. I stood there dumbstruck by her touch and then after a few moments went looking for her mutely.

I found her in the room with the largest view sitting on a makeshift table. She had her sunglasses off and was looking in my direction with her kohl eyes. The kohl seemed smudged from the distance either because of sweat or tears, I couldn’t say, but she looked mesmerising. She was leaning back on her hands and her feet were dangling. She seemed to invite me.

I walked up to her gauging her reaction but her expression remained unchanged. I gathered courage and walked up close to her. I was very close to her now. I could make out the tautness and flawlessness of her milky white skin. I slowly leaned in waiting for her to make the move. After a brief moment which seemed like an eternity for me, she leaned forward and smooched my lips. I fervently grabbed her face in my palms and started smooching. We were busy smooching with our hands roaming and feeling each other. I moved to the top of her dress and started unbuttoning it. Then my hands unbuckled her belt and lastly unbuttoned the rest of the dress. All this while we were smooching each other lustily with the expanse of the city as our backdrop.

I pulled away to enjoy the sight in front of me. I lustily drank the view she offered – that cyan blue lacy push up bra with those milky white boobs in them. The fair flawless stomach with all its curves and folds and the slightly moist matching lacy panty. I kept staring at her love hole. She pushed herself up and I pulled the panty down and out. I kept it aside on the table and pushed her legs apart and dived in. I was licking that clean shaven musky smelling pussy with entire length of my tongue, drenching the velvety inner lips. I lapped up all the juices she had to offer. I could hear isveçbahis yeni giriş her moan and clench and scrape the table now and then. Intermittently she would push and guide me by pulling my hair if I wandered away from her spot. She was in throes of passion and opened her floodgates on my mouth by cumming hard. She was yelling out loud. She held my head in place until her orgasm subsided.

As soon as she let my head go, I got up and unbuckled my pants and then pulled down my pants along with my boxers. As soon as she saw my semi erect cock dangling, she grabbed it and gave couple of long and hard strokes which got it all worked up and erect. Then she pulled it hard and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. Without much ado, I grabbed her naked ass, pulled her up and forward and started pushing my dick in those smooth, silky and velvety folds. The warm pussy wrapped around my cock was heavenly. As soon as I was fully in, she gave a loud rasp and wrapped her legs around my hips.

Slowly and steadily I started ramming her pussy. She started moving her hips to match my thrusts. I could see her breasts move in her bra in unison with our movements. There were streams of sweat rolling down her heaving breasts. We were so engrossed in our session that we did not realise a lady construction worker was staring at us through the passage adjacent to the room. Maybe the ruckus we were creating brought her there. I signalled the construction lady to be silent and leave with my finger. She smiled at me and hurried off.

In the meanwhile we continued fornicating. Intermittently she would muffle her loud moans by biting my shoulder or smooching me. The portion if the table where we were fucking was wet with our juices. My palms were sweaty and greasy and I was having difficulty keeping a grip on her. I picked her up in my arms and carried her towards the wall with my dick still in her giving her a deep kiss. I started banging her against the wall. The eroticism of the position and the sound of our bodies in motion was too much to handle and we both came hard with loud guttural moan.

We both stood there for a while catching our breath and reeling in the aftermath of the orgasm. She pushed me aside, buttoned herself and wore her sunglasses. After that she came near me and stuffed her panty in the chest pocket and whispered in my ear, “You will hear from my husband soon!” and walked off with the sun setting in the background . By the time I could come to my senses she had left.

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