A Frozen Tittie Night


Damned itching. I was going nuts, scratching — on my arms, my legs. Doc said it was nerves.

Nerves. Ha! I needed something sweet, is all. Something to fill the emptiness in my stomach.

I slipped my hoodie over my bare titties and pulled on my jeans. I wasn’t staying in the house just because my arms and legs were covered with this damned red rash.

A quart of ice cream would do the trick. So it’s thirteen degrees outside. Ice cream always works.

The 7-11 is usually busy on a Saturday night, even at eleven p.m. Not tonight. I guess the cold weather kept everyone at home. So I had the place all to myself…well, the night clerk was reading the paper.

Ohhh, my nipples were really hard! And my hoodie wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping them warm. As I leaned over and into the ice cream case, my titties really started to hurt from the extra cold.

It was my first reaction, honest. I stood straight up and put my hands under my hoodie to rub my nipples.


Just at that moment I happened to look over the top of the ice cream case and out the front window. A cop was sitting in his car watching me rub my titties. Oops. I turned around very quickly and in front of the night clerk. He raised his eyebrows and cocked his head to the side, a huge smile on his face. I looked down and realized I didn’t just have my hands on my titties — I had raised the front of my hoodie over my bare titties and was rubbing them where the cop and the clerk both could see.

Well, what a blonde I am!

“Uh. My titties are cold, and my nipples ache. Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize to me, Sweetie,” he said. “Those are the biggest, prettiest jugs I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

I shrugged. “I can’t seem to get them warm,” I said. “Huge problem.”

“I have a space heater in the back room, if you’d like to stand in front of it for a moment,” the clerk offered.

What isveçbahis a sweetheart, huh?

“Wow. Thanks so much. I wouldn’t normally, but my titties really hurt from the cold. I guess I should have put on more clothes before I left the house…but I’m really craving something sweet, and I was in a hurry. I even forgot to put on panties!”

The night clerk cleared his throat and showed me into the back room. Oh, the heat felt so wonderful! First I lifted my hoodie out away from my belly, over the space heater on the floor. It stood about three feet high, and blew hot air up and out, like a heat umbrella.

“You can take it off, if you like,” the clerk said. “No one out front can see you, but — if you don’t mind — I would like to watch from my stool behind the counter.”

Why, no, I didn’t mind! I love to show off my titties … and he’d been so generous with his space heater. I slipped my hoodie off over my head, and leaned into the heat, slowly rubbing my nipples and feeling the warm air dance around my skin. Oh, this was heaven! As my titties warmed, though, I realized my ass was frozen, too. And while he watched from behind the counter, I slid my jeans down around my ankles and turned my bare cheeks into the heat. I was almost dizzy with delight at thawing out, so I stepped out of my jeans and crooked my finger to the night clerk.

When he stood up from his stool, I could see he had a marvelous woody. Would he? I bet he would!

I turned to face him fully, dampened my fingers with my wet tongue, pulled my cunt lips open, and spread my legs. Then I turned around and bent over with my ass in the air, looked over my shoulder and winked at him.

“Would you care to play?” I asked.

His head bobbed up and down, but he couldn’t speak at first. He ran his tongue over his lips and cleared his throat again. Tongue-tied? I’d love to have his tongue tied around my clit, for sure.

“I…uh…I isveçbahis giriş gotta lock the front door first. Uh…um, I can’t have anyone come in the store if I’m not behind the counter.”

“Well, hurry, Sweetie. I’m desperate!”

I heard the bell ring above the door.

The police officer stepped inside and said, “Don’t know if you know it or not, Son….but that little lady in your back room can be seen clear as day on that video monitor above your cash register…and I been watching her from my squad car. She looks like she’s in terrible trouble, and I aim to help. Now you just stay out here with your store, and let a man handle this.”

Mmmm. Officer Perkins (I saw his name tag) walked passed the counter and into the room with me. He reached up and turned off the video cam as he walked into the store room. Oh, goody! Another woody! And his was fully exposed by the time he straddled my thighs. He placed his hands firmly on my ass and opened my cunt. In and out, in and out…hard and firm into my wanton wetness. I fucked with abandon. Officer Perkins reached around and grabbed hold of my titties. He knew just how to squeeze my nipples, and held held them with his big hands.

Oh, I really need to get out more often! I’ve been missing way too much in my sheltered life.

He fucked me sure and easy, till my cunt grabbed his cock and I came really hard. Then he shot inside of me, pulling my ass up tight against his balls. “See, you need a man to handle you, Girly Girl. You oughtn’t just go after any cock, no matter how bad you need fucked. But I want to see that kid in there suck your cunt. Get in here, Boy…and down on your knees. Eat this little woman and suck on her clit. You do know what a clit is, right?

The clerk nodded his head really fast and dropped to his knees. Oh, he knew exactly what a clit is and he sucked and kissed mine until I came a isveçbahis yeni giriş second time. Officer Perkins sucked on my nipples like a pro while the clerk licked and sucked every last drop of cum from my cunt.

“You might wanna give the kid a blow job for all his trouble, Missie,” Officer Perkins said.

I nodded in complete agreement, reached for the zipper on the clerk’s jeans, and willingly pulled his cock from his pants. It was huge! Pre-cum dripped off the end, and I lapped it off with my tongue. Yummy! Better than ice cream! I sucked that sweet boy until his cum erupted in my throat,

and only then did I realize Officer Perkins was fucking me from behind, one more time…

My knees were weak, and I collapsed on the floor, unable to stand.

“Sonny, get a clean towel and wipe Girly Girl’s cunt. Help her get dressed, too. I gotta get back out on the road.”

Officer Perkins put his cock back into his pants, zipped up, and walked out into the night. Oh, I hope I get to see a lot more of him.

The night clerk did as he was told. He brought a hot, wet towel and cleaned my cunt very thoroughly. Occasionally, while wiping me, he would bend over and suck my titties. I didn’t have the strength or the inclination to tell him, ‘no’. He sucked really good, too. Softly. Tenderly. Perfect. Mmm.

He helped me into my jeans, stood me up, and just before pulling my hoodie over my head, sucked my nipples again for good measure.

“You’re welcome to come back anytime you like, Miss. You’ll always be my favorite customer.

“Uh…do you still want the ice cream? I’ll give it to you — free of charge.”

“What time do you get off your shift?” I asked.

“In about thirty minutes, why?” he said.

I wrote my address and phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to him. “Bring the ice cream by my house on your way home? I’d like to eat it off the end of your cock, if you’re willing. And I’d like you to suck it off my titties…”

The gleam in his eyes and the smile on his fabulous mouth told me he would be there, post haste.

Oh, yes — and that horrid itchy rash had completely disappeared!

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