Never Say Never Pt. 03


Well, as you can see, Rachel made the transition. Lucky me. Sex with Rachel has always been great, but anal sex has added an entirely new level of enjoyment. According to Rachel, her orgasms while having anal sex are off the charts.

We still very much enjoy regular vaginal intercourse, but we definitely like to delve into anal play. It is more work, so to speak, because of the preparation time needed, but prep time is fun too. Prep time is like foreplay and helps build up sexual tension.

Prep time you ask? It goes back to the initial inhibitions Rachel, and even I, had against anal sex. Dirty, smelly, nasty. Remember? Our anal sessions are always preceded with a poop, enemas until clear, messing about and teasing one another while doing the enemas, and showering clean. Then there is nothing dirty, smelly or nasty about it. Just great fun and intense orgasms.

We’ve been enjoying anal for a couple of years now and our play has evolved over that time. Once Rachel got into having her ass fucked, her inhibitions about anything sexual, perceived as kinky or otherwise, evaporated. If we think of something new to try, we broach the subject, talk about it, and if no one vetoes it, we give it a whirl. If it works, we do it, if it doesn’t work, we move on.

During one of our prep sessions, after Rachel’s last enema evacuation was clear, Rachel took the full enema bag from my hand, pointed the enema tip towards my ass, and looked at me expectantly.

“What?” I asked.

“Your turn. Lets see how you like it.”

“Been awhile since I’ve had an enema, but, OK.”

I knelt before my wife and presented my ass.

She reached between my legs, briefly caressed my hanging cock and balls, then pressed her soapy index finger against my anus. My muscle involuntarily twitched in response to her touch.


“Yes. Sure. Go ahead.”

The tip of the enema pressed against, easily opened my anus, and slid into my rectum. I heard the click of the clamp and felt the rush of warm water enter and begin to fill my rectum and bowels. A very warm, odd, nice sensation filled my lower abdomen.

The clamp clicked closed. I felt Rachel slowly pull the enema tip from my rectum. I squeezed my ass tight, stood, stepped to the toilet and let the water rush out of my ass. We repeated the process a couple of more times. Rachel let more and more water flow into me each time. The sensations of the warm water filling my bowels were new and oddly stimulating. It was all very erotic because my love was in control. She intently watched my ass as she applied the enema and also occasionally caressed my cock and balls while the enema water flowed inside me. I liked being watched.

“Jess, you’re gaziantep escort bayan leaking from your cock.”

I looked down and saw a long stream of precum hanging from the tip of my partially engorged dick. Rachel moved the enema tip deeper into my rectum. It pressed against my prostate and another big glob of clear precum oozed out and plopped to the shower floor. I groaned.

“Did I hurt you?” Rachel asked with concern.

“No, no. It felt strange, but good. The tip pressed against my prostate. That’s when another big stringy glob of precum came out.”

“Really? Hmm.”

Rachel pushed the tip down against my prostate again and gently rotated the tip. More precum oozed and stretched from my turgid cock.

“Umm, softly, the tip is kind of hard.”

“Sorry,” Rachel said as she took the pressure off my prostate.

“No, it’s ok. It feels good. But if you press too firmly with the hard tip, it gets a little uncomfortable.”

The clamp clicked open and I felt more water rush in, filling and stretching my bowels.

“You’re right. Oddly pleasurable, especially when you are doing it. Very erotic having you behind me kind of fucking my ass,” I chuckled. “You like fucking my ass Rach?”

She pushed the tip in and out of my ass. “Yeah. I kind of like fucking your ass. You’re my little fuck slut babe.” The clamp clicked closed and i felt the tip pop out of my anus. “OK big boy, go do your business and get back in here.”

I proudly told Rachel that the evacuation water was clear. We showered quickly and jumped into bed together.

We snuggled and made out for awhile. Rachel put her fingers in my ass crack and tickled my anus.

“How’d you like that Jess?”

“Um, I did.”

“You sure leaked a lot of precum.”

“Yeah. Pressing against and messaging my prostate seemed to really make me leak a lot.”

“I love the taste of your precum. Its one of the reasons I like sucking your cock so much.”

“Hmm, glad to hear that.”

Rachel pulled her hand from my ass crack, touched her pussy, then pressed her pussy juice lubricated index finger firmly against my anus. I felt the tip of her finger probe and stretch my anal muscle and then slip inside my ass.

“Hmm, “I moaned softly.

“I want some precum. Think I can milk some out of you?”

“Won’t know until you try.”

“Get on your knees,” she instructed as she rolled onto her back. Rachel gently guided me to straddle her face with my cock and balls hanging over her face.

“Umm, fun,” she said as she reached up with her right hand and tickled my anus with the tip of her finger. “Squeeze some KY on my fingers,” she requested.

I squeezed a generous glob of the clear jelly on her outstretched hand.

I felt her rub the cool jelly on my anus. Her finger pushed firmly against my anal opening and slipped inside my ass. She pushed another finger through the tight sphincter. Her fingers explored my rectum and probed for my prostate. Contact. I moaned as her fingers gently traced the outline of the sensitive organ.

“Is that it?”

“Oh yeah. That’s it I moaned,” as she gently explored the round firmness.

“Ooh, it is a firm, round little guy isn’t it?”

“If you say so,” I grunted.

“Oops, oh my!” she exclaimed with surprise.


“I just got a big glob of precum in my face. Mmm, good,” she said obviously licking her lips.

“Oh god, umm. That feels strange, but good strange.”

Rachel probed and rubbed more forcefully.

“Wow, that’s it.” Slurp, smack, slurp. “Yum, that’s good. Wow, look at all of it running out of you!”

I watched as my cock oozed and dripped more and more of the clear liquid onto her face and into her mouth. It was a turn on to see her slurp and swallow the freely flowing liquid she was stimulating to flow from my prostate. I glanced at her pussy, clear moisture was oozing between and coating her plump labia. Rachel was obviously becoming very excited. I bent my head down and licked the wet moisture from her labia. She squirmed and moaned with the stimulation.

She took my cock into her mouth, sucking at it as she aggressively probed and rubbed my rectum and prostate.

“Fuck. You’re going to make me cum!” I gasped.

She let my cock pop out of her mouth. “No, not yet. Don’t you dare. I’m enjoying this too much.”

She poked and prodded my ass and prostate more vigorously. More precum dripped and ran out of my cock into her mouth. She slurped and swallowed and slurped some more. I ran the fingers of my right hand along her sopping wet labia, found her little rosebud of an anus with the tip of my long middle finger and gently forced it into her ass.

“Mmm,” Rachel moaned between slurps. I could feel her bear down, relaxing her anal sphincter. I slipped my index finger inside her rectum along side my middle finger. She pushed down again, clearly an invitation to have my ring finger join the party. I eagerly explored her ass with the three fingers, enjoying the soft whorls and ridges lining her rectum. I began to lick her hard little clit, flicking my tongue back and forth across the hard little button. She squirmed against my invading hand and the stimulation of my tongue.

“OK. I give, I give,” she said. “I need your cock inside my ass right now!” She pushed me off and quickly knelt beside me. “Mount me my stud. Put your hard oozing cock inside my ass.”

I complied willingly. I moved up behind her, squirted some KY jelly on her still slightly open anus. I pressed my swollen purple glans against her dark hole, popped through and slid my shaft into the warm, soft, wet tunnel of her ass. I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her bum as Rachel masturbated her clit.

“Oh god, so good,” she grunted as my hard shaft split her ass open and I pressed my pelvis against her soft ass cheeks. “Oh fuck, I”m cumming!” she gasped as wave after wave of contractions of her ass rippled up and down the length of my penis.

Rachel fell forward onto the bed, my cock popped out of her ass. “My goodness, that was so good Jess!” She rolled over and smiled when she saw my still hard cock standing at attention. “Looks like you need some more attention my love. Come, lie down here next to me.”

She leaned over me and took my cock into her mouth licking and sucking the whole length with obvious enjoyment. I started to hump at her face as she brought me close to orgasm. She knew this was a sure sign I was getting close to blowing my load. She released my cock from her sucking mouth. “No Jess, not yet. I’m going to tease you for awhile,” Rachel said as she gently held the base of my cock and teased the undersurface of my glans with her soft tongue.

“Fuck Rach, that feels so fucking good.” My cock twitched and throbbed in her hand and against her tongue.

Rachel got up, straddled me, reached and guided my penis to her bum hole, lowered and impaled her ass with my member. Slowly she fucked my cock with her ass moving up and down the length of my stiffness.

“You like watching don’t you? You like watching your cock slide in and out of me? You’re a voyeuristic little pervert aren’t you?” she accused me with a smile on her face.

“Fuck yes! I love everything about your body! I love watching my cock invade, enter, split, pound and fuck every orifice you have!”

She let her ass completely engulf my engorged and rigid cock and rested her full weight on my pelvis. She then squeezed her anal muscles, squirmed her ass and twisted her pelvis swirling her enveloping rectum around my tortured cock. I exploded.

“Jess, I can feel you. I feel your orgasm. I feel you ejaculating. Umm, I love feeling your cock jerk and twitch and contract inside me!”

When my orgasm subsided, Rachel stood up, my cock pulled out of her ass and plopped against my abdomen. I watched my sperm flow and drip out of her ass in streams and globs all over my stomach.

“Hmm. That’s a lot of cum bub,” Rachel chuckled as she touched her own anus, feeling the gooey mess oozing from her slowly closing asshole. “God that was so fun Jess. I really am having fun. I love you and love making love to you!”

“Me too Rach. I love you and love everything about making love to you too!”

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