A Love Letter for You 02


My Love,

You smile the moment our eyes meet. My heart melts like a reflex. You wrap your arms around me deliberately. In that moment I feel that nothing is more important to you than aholding me. I feel your face against mine. I smell your hair. My hands instinctively snake around your back. I move them down to your hips. My fingers explore under your shirt and seek out their favorite spot. I lightly touch the small of your back with my fingertips while my palms knead your hips. I breathe deep, smelling your hair. My lips barely caress your neck. I feel your warm sigh against my cheek. I pull you tighter against me.

I can tell you want more. I turn you around and move your hands to a doorway. You know what I want. You silently obey the unsaid command to keep your hands where I place them. I kiss your neck. My hands roam under your clothing. I caress your sides and breasts. My hands move lower and slip under the waistband of your jeans. You toss your head back, frustrated by your passive restraint. You thrust your ass against me, grinding it into my crotch. I am already solid as granite. I groan softly into your ear. I feel your body shudder. My fingertips trace the outline of your panties. I softly bite the back of your neck. Your breath quickens. You twist your head around in an attempt to get your lips on mine. I step under your arm and push your body against the door with mine. Your lips find success and you hungrily kiss me. I kiss you back roughly – one hand on your hip and the other behind your neck. I grab your hair tightly and pull downward. Your chin moves isveçbahis up revealing your soft neck. I desperately kiss and bite your neck.

Our passion reaches a deafening volume. I reach my hands behind your back and unhook your bra. Then I turn you around. I pin your hands over your head, knowing you are too aroused to stay put without restraint. I reach under your blouse and slowly move it up your back. I take the time to rub your shoulders as my hands reach the top. My head dips down and follows the bottom of your blouse. I leave a trail of kisses behind the garment as I remove it. Your skin feels hot against my lips. This invigorates me. I release your arms and step back. You press your body against mine recklessly. I groan as you grab my groin, squeezing roughly. My desires battle. I want desperately to make this moment last, enjoying our romantic foreplay for hours. But I also need very badly to fuck you now.

It’s touch and go for a while. I bend you over the bed and slowly remove your jeans. As I slip them over your thighs, I gently kiss the small of your back. Your moans cause my dick to quiver. Then I catch the first whiff of your cunt. Your nectar shoots lasers through my senses. My cock throbs with a dull ache. I slip my finger under your panties and draw it softly over your sex. You are so wet that it easily slips into your slit. You moan loudly as I draw my fingertip over your clit.

We slide into bed. Somehow my clothes come off. I climb between your legs and bury my face in your panties. The sounds and smells of your arousal consume me. isveçbahis giriş I hungrily suck your clit through your panties. You buck your hips wildly. I slide your panties down over your legs and move my lips towards your cunt. I kiss your thighs all over. You thrash on the bed begging me to stop teasing. I lightly slide the tip of my tongue over your lips. My body shudders involuntarily at the intense pleasure of tasting you. I take my time, enjoying your cunt with long slow strokes. I spend a couple minutes pleasuring you. My lips and tongue gently, softly caress your clit and lips. Occasionally I can’t resist dipping my tongue deep inside to taste you.

I slide my body up yours and kiss your neck. It gives me perverse pleasure to paint your body with the amazing smell of your pussy. I love to experience the thick aroma while we fuck. I reach down with my fingers and lightly touch you. Your body responds and I play my symphony on your clit. Small light circles, letters, and linear strokes of varying speeds and sizes draw frantic moans from your lips. I feel you get close. I stroke your pussy with more intensity. You cry out my name as your body shakes with rapture. I carefully remove my fingers from your clit. I can’t help it. I draw them to my mouth and hungrily lick off your cum.

We spend the next several minutes in romantic embrace. I run my hands all over your body. We bask in the afterglow of your glorious orgasm. It’s a soft and romantic moment. We kiss tenderly and profess our love. Your hands find my cock. You rub it softly. I lay back and sigh. isveçbahis yeni giriş Soon you bring your mouth down and lick the shaft. I feel warm pleasure as you slide the head of my cock into your mouth. You grab my balls and manipulate them to work my stiffening member in and out of your mouth. I am overcome with euphoria. I want to be inside you, and yet I also want so badly for you to not stop sucking me. I lay back and surrender to you, letting you do what you will to me. You tease the head and shaft some with your lips, causing me to to throb again. You start to suck me deep and rhythmically. I feel your hand make a circle around the bottom of my shaft with 2 fingers and thumb. Like waves you move your hand up and down the bottom few inches of my shaft. The skin of my cock moves with your fingers in contrast to the way your wet mouth glides over the top. You slightly tighten your grip as your hand moves up, then release slightly as your hand moves down. This gentle milking motion drives my pleasure towards climax. I don’t know how you want me to finish so I tell you as I start to get close. You continue to suck and stroke me, your head and hand moving up and down together. I tell you as I feel myself start to come. You remove your mouth from me and move your hand up to stroke the entire length of my cock, pumping slightly faster, and still squeezing gently on the way up, as if to milk the cum from me. A second later I ooze a stream of cum. You continue to pump my shaft, slowing down and releasing the pressure as I writhe in sensory overload.

You move up my body and hold me in a tight embrace. We move our hands over each other, living in the moment. Gently we touch, smile, and kiss. Eventually we jump in the shower. We laugh and joke as we wash ourselves clean.

Forever Yours,


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