A Mother’s Help Ch. 06



Please read the first chapters of this story first before reading this one.

Angie pulled into her mom’s driveway and knew her dad wasn’t home, his car was gone. Her mom met her at the front door and hugged her saying: “Oh Angie! He’s fantastic. Bud is so handsome and so nice and polite. I’m so glad I had a chance to meet him. Jack thinks he OK too! And you say he’s good in bed! WOW that’s a winner then baby girl. I’m so happy you have found someone! Now tell me what the hell is going on you sounded so scared over the phone!”

Angie said: “Well mom he’s not just good in bed he’s fantastic! And he is nice looking isn’t he?” They both giggled like high school girls.

Angie said: “You know meeting him like I did, well it’s was like sort of destiny! All the beaches around here with all the people on them and he sits next to me!”

Her mom smiled a little but she knew her daughter and knew something was wrong. They walked arm in arm to the kitchen and Betty said: “So what going on? What did you want to talk with me about today Angie?”

Angie sighed and said: “I don’t think I am going to be able to just let Bud go when Frank comes home. I just can’t let him go for 3 months mom and then try to hook up with him again. He drives me wild when we are together. It’s like I can’t seem to get enough of him. God mom the sex is so dam good!! We do it over and over and over again and again and again! I cum over and over and over! Mom it’s unbelievable! I think I love him mom!”

Betty sat there waiting for her to finish and she was getting wet listening to her daughter tell her about her new lover. Betty said: “Well Angie if you are very careful you can have both, Bud and Frank. But it will be much harder when Frank is home. But it can be done. Just look at me. I have had my other man for many years now so I know it can be done. But, you have to work hard so you don’t get caught. I have some ideas that may help both of us.”

Angie said: “So what makes your guy so great mom?”

Betty smiled and said: “ Oh there are a lot of things Angie but I guess like you, it’s the orgasms he gives me. They’re very special and I have never met a man who can give me the same feeling baby girl.”

Angie blushed a little and asked: “So why is his so special?”

Betty said: “It’s the thrill of cheating I guess. No, it’s not only that’s it’s his cock.”

Angie looked at her mom and asked: “What about his cock mom?”

Betty said: “His cock is thick but it’s very longer and he’s uncircumcised. He’s completely different than your father. He has such staying power. I have never met any man who had all of these traits. For some reason that thrills me each time we are together. He fills me like no other man I have ever had Angie. And, I have had a few in my life. He’s like nothing you can even imagine. But I guess it’s the size of his cock that really drives me back for more. God! The orgasms I get from his cock are beyond belief.”

She saw Angie’s eyes opened wide and she asked how big is he? And how many guys have you been with mom?”

Her mom told her: “Well how many is none of your business daughter. But this cock is 9 maybe 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist maybe more. You know the way you are looking at me I’m wondering if you’re not thinking about him! Are you? Is my baby girl thinking about being fucked by my lover?”

Angie blushed really bad this time. And her mom laughed. She said: “Well if you ever get the nerve Angie, I’m sure John would be so happy to let you have him! After all he thinks you are extremely beautiful and so fucking sex, his words not mine!”

She laughed and then said: “Hey maybe we could share guys one night and have a four way. You know just for fun.”

Angie said: “Mom!!!! But she wasn’t laughing.

Betty said: “OK Let’s talk about your affair and how you can continue it after Frank comes home.”

Angie pulled her chair in closer to the table and her mother. She looked Betty in her eye and asked: “So what does the pro of having an affair have up her sleeve?”

Betty sat up closer to her daughter so she could talk low even though no one was home. She said: “OK listen to this idea. When you go to the beach isveçbahis stay at my place and I’ll stay with you. If we go together and tell the men, “ It’s like just a girls day or night out.” The men might not want to come with us. Then we could share my beach home or you can go to Bud’s which ever you want.”

Angie sat back and said: “But what about the sex? You have one bedroom and a living room kitchen combo!”

Betty said: “Well the plan will take some coordination between you and me. But, I don’t care if you see me getting an orgasm and enjoying myself, and I’m sure I wouldn’t care if I saw you and your beautiful hunk of a man going wild on each other. It will be a little crowded but it could work. Hell Angie after a few times I don’t think it will matter if we are together on the same bed!”

Angie said: “WHAT?”

Betty laughed and said: “OK!! OK!! Maybe not the same bed, you take the bedroom one night and we’ll take the living room. Then the next time we’ll switch. Is that better?”

That gave Angie chills. She didn’t know if she liked the idea of her mother fucking in one room as she was fucking in the next! Angie said: “Well I have to think about that mom. And, I will have to talk to Bud about it too.”

Betty smiled and said: “Well from what you tell me, Bud would do most anything for you Angie. And this idea has more benefits than any other I have come up with so far. If Frank calls, you’ll be there to talk with him or I can tell him you’re at the beach. If he comes down you’ll be around and I can call you at Bud’s and let you know he’s here. It’s a good idea that needs some work Angie but it cold work. It will give us both the time we want with our other men. Think of the fun we’ll have together.”

Angie and her mom talked for over 2 hours about the idea and many other things. When she left she was wet from thinking about what her mom had told her. She knew she would have to do whatever it took to be with her lover once her husband came back home in 20 days! She left and went shopping for food. She had nothing in her refrigerator from spending so much time at the beach.

When Monday came, Angie called Bud and told him she was leaving her home and would be at his place in an hour. Bud was very happy and told her: “I’ll be waiting baby!”

Angie said: “We have something to talk about when I get there so don’t attack me. OK?”

Bud laughed and said: “OK! I hope it’s nothing serious!”

She laughed and said: “Well nothing we can’t work out together. I’ll see you in an hour baby!”

She had decided to tell Bud the truth about her life, marriage and everything else she had kept from him. Her mom told her she should be honest with Bud and not lie. If she didn’t, she would sooner or later get caught up in it either by Bud or by her husband Frank.

When Angie pulled up in front of Bud’s house he was there at the door to greet her as usual and to help her with her stuff. They went to the beach and sat in their favorite place. Angie told him about her life and her marriage. Bud was not to shock since he felt she had another man because she wouldn’t give him her phone number or address.

Angie said: “So Bud here’s the problem. Frank comes home in 19 days! When he does it will be harder for us to get together. But! My mom, my real mom, gave me an idea, which I want to pass by you. She wants us to stay at her place about 20 miles up the road. Now that would be OK except she’ll be there with us sometimes and its only one bedroom. So sooner or later we’ll her and her lover or they’ll walk in on us while we are making love.”

She waited for his reaction and for Bud to say something! All he said was: “So?”

Angie asked him: “So do care if they see us?”

He said: “No Angie as long as your mom doesn’t care if she sees us making love.”

Angie said: “Well how about if we walk in on them and see my mom fucking her lover wildly?”

Bud laughed and said: “Well your mom is a very beautiful woman too Angie. Who knows, I might just jump in bed with them!” He laughed but he was also somewhat serious! He did think Angie’s mom Betty was really hot for her age.

Angie punched him on the arm and said: “You better not! She’s my isveçbahis giriş mom! But she is beautiful for her age isn’t she?”

Bud said: “Yes, very beautiful Angie just like you! But, if that’s what I have to keep us together then I’ll do it! Hell Angie you are the most beautiful woman I have ever had in my life. I don’t want to share you but if that’s the only way we can be together, then I’ll do it.”

Angie grabbed him and kissed him hard and long slipping her tongue into his mouth and letting him suck on it again and again! They ate their picnic lunch he had made and touched and kissed as young lovers always do. They talked more about what they were going to do. Hours passed and before they both knew it, the lifeguards had left the beach and they were one of the few people still on the beach. Bud looked around and said: “Look the sun is going to hit the water.”

Angie laughed and said: “Listen Shhhhhh!!!! Hear it Bud? The sun is touching the water out there!”

He laughed and said: “Hey I told you about that! Come on let’s shower and go get dinner.”

She smiled as he helped her up and they walked arms around each other’s side. They went into his house and as they stripped together. Angie had a set of very full breasts and a thin flat stomach. Her hips were small and her ass very round. She had long legs and a tan line that made his mouth water.

As Bud watched Angie slip of her bikini top, he loved watching her breasts swing free from her bikini bra. When she smiled at him and pulled the ties to her bikini bottom, it opened like a baby diaper. She smiled again as her shaved pussy came into view.

Bud’s cock started to rise quickly and jumped with excitement seeing his beautiful lover standing there completely naked. She smiled as she watched his cock come up and up and up until it stood out straight from his body! She walked over and slid her fingers around it. He moaned as she started to stroke it back and forth. She moaned when she felt his hardness. She said: “Is this for me Bud? Mum baby! I have missed you. You look like you need some help Bud! Want me to help you with this hard cock?”

He pulled her to him and squeezed her body tight against his. Their lips locked and they fucked each other’s mouths with their tongues. As they stepped into the huge wall shower. As water ran over both of them, Bud lifted Angie up and she wrapped her legs around him. She held his cock and guided into her wet waiting and opened pussy. As it slipped in she started to laugh! He asked her: “What’s so funny?”

She smiled and looked at him and said: “What do you think my mom would say if she saw us do this?”

He laughed until his cock fell out of her pussy! They laughed until he had to put her feet down on the shower floor. They held each other and laughed until they cried. Finally she said: “Well mom thinks you are beautiful Bud. She might jump your bones one night!”

Bud looked at her and said: “Well she’ll have to get in line Angie. Come here baby!”

Angie moved into her lover again. She kissed him softly but with more passion that they could ever imagine. When they broke the kiss he said: “Angie! I’ll do whatever it has to take to be with you! I love you baby!”

Angie shook with the thrill of what he just said. She said: “I love you to Bud. But remember I’m married. We’ll have to share each other baby!”

He kissed her and told her: “Whatever it takes baby!”

Angie held him close and told him: “Oh Bud make love to me now!”

Bud picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. They were still wet from the shower as he placed her on the bed and moved up between her legs. She opened them welcoming him. He looked down into her beautiful face and moaned: “Oh Angie! Oh god baby! You are so beautiful!”

Angie could fee Bud’s cock moved up her inner thigh and touch her wet warm woman opening. As she felt it move in and spread her pussy lips she moaned and arched her back lifting her hips and driving her ass upwards as he moved his own hips thrusting his long shaft down into her opening and up her warm tunnel. He filled her with a long smooth thrust!

Moans of pleasure came from both of them as their bodies moved together isveçbahis yeni giriş giving pleasure and receiving and returning the sexual pleasure between them. Faster and faster she moved under him a he pumped into her harder and harder. She danced under his body, it was the dance women have been doing with their men for 100’s of centuries.

Again and again and again their bodies merged s the dance moved faster and faster. They stayed together for only seconds before Bud lifted up off of her sliding his cock 4 or 5 inches out of her cunt. Angie lifted her lower body trying to keep him as deep inside her pussy as she could. Then Bud was moving back down into her making her grunt with each thrust. Sliding his hard shaft into and up her love cannel, Angie’s hips rotated and her pussy squeezed his cock. Bud cried out in pure passion for her.

He filled her completely each time he pushed all of his cock into her body. As he buried his cock into Angie’s sweet young pussy the both knew at the speed they were moving and the desire building in them, they would cum very soon! Closer and closer they moved together grunt and moaning. Angie held him tight and told him in only a whisper of a voice: “Oh . . . Oh! Oh. . .yes. . . baby! Oh god! Yes! It’s so good! I love the way you make love to me! OH YES! OH YES!! OH GOD YES BUD!! FUCKKK ME!! FUCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I’m CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!”

As the cum rumbled and churned in Bud’s balls, they tighten under his cock until he looked like he had no balls at all. His nuts were so tight they almost hurt! Bud arched his back and thrust his ass as he rammed his cock as hard and as deep as he could into Angie’s pussy over and over and over again and again and again. He began to moan, calling her name as he started to cum huge shots of his warn, sticky fluid into his lover’s body as she peeked her climax! As he filled her Bud cried out: “Oh Angie! Oh yes baby! OH GOD I’m . . .I’m. . . I’M CUMMING BABY! I’M CUMMIMG! ANGIE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!! GODDDDDDD!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!! FUCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ANGIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

When she felt his cum shoot deep inside her body, Angie wrapped her legs around his thighs tighter and rode under him thrusting her hips up into his body taking all of his cock. She could feel Bud’s nuts emptying as they began to slap against her against her ass. He emptied them into her body. Her body went wild on his cock as she fucked herself on the long hot shaft spewing cum into her channel.

As both fucked like animals she cried out with each shot of his cum and each thrust of his harder, thicker bone! Her body went wild with lust, as Angie lifted them both up off the bed and hung in the air cumming and cumming and cumming. Only her feet, head and neck remained on the bed as she had elevated them both higher and higher as her orgasm reach it’s peek!

She arched her back more and more as Bud shot the last of his load he arched into her. Both tried to hold their orgasm for as long as they could. They were merged together locked in an embrace of sexual lust and desire that can’t be explained in words. Their heads spun and their bodies twisted together as time seemed to stand still. They stayed coupled together until neither could hold the feeling any longer. .

Finally with a long deep breath, Angie exhaled and her body fell back on the bed. Bud came down on top of her with a groan. She held on to him with her arms and legs still wrapped tightly around him. He was panting as she continued to slowly rotate her hips moving her cunt on his cock and feeling small climaxes in her body!

He lifted up and kissed her letting her tongue into his mouth so he could suck on it! After a long while of just holding each other, Angie said: “ We better get moving or we’ll miss dinner with my mom and her guy Jack.”

Bud smiled and said: “Sorry mom but Angie had her legs wrapped around and wouldn’t let me pull out!”

She laughed as she lowered her legs and her rolled off of her. She was completely wet from her sexual workout. She said: “I’m showering again. And this time, you wait here or we’ll never get out of this house. I want us to meet with them and the four of us get to know each other better.”

Bud said: “Yea well we better if we’re going to be fucking together!”

Angie said: “Bud!! That’s a strange thing to say!”

He said: “OK watching each other fuck!”

He laughed but Angie didn’t.


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