A Natural Submissive Pt. 08


Her last day before work and she discovers new things

Note to the readers:

As I write this story names, places, businesses, and other pertinent information will NOT be included or provided. I hope by doing this it does not detract from this story, but any of that info would allow others to figure out the names, places, and other Information. In doing so I am just protecting people, businesses, and places from any ill effects from this story.

Missy was in a state of bliss all day and became especially loving as a result. She would just start sucking my cock and either go to completion or she would get me hard and guide me into whatever hole she decided she wanted at that moment, but the day was all about gentle seductive sex from her to me.

“We should talk about tomorrow and how you’re going to handle letting John know you’re not the secretary he had on Friday.”

“I have an idea about that, if you want to hear about it.”

“Sure, what’s your idea.”

“Well, you taught me that I am submissive and to be happy I must be fucked regularly, but you also taught me that my body is mine, and I can control who fucks me and what is done to me.”

“Yes, both of those are true.”

“And you told me that you were going to talk to John before I come in?”

“Yes, that’s what I’m planning to do.”

“Then when I walk in I’m going to show him how easily my new outfits come off, then pull his pants from him and do whatever I feel at that moment, the entire time telling him the only one that owns me is you. I’ll make it clear to him that I’ll fuck who I want, when I want, and he won’t ever be included unless he makes sure everyone else knows that from him.”

“I think that’s a good plan Missy, are you sure you’re up to taking charge like that?”

“Yes, I am. All the guys there aren’t real Men like the ones you’ve showed me this weekend, and I’m becoming partial to real Men fucking me, and I’m done with the wimpy men of my past. If any of them show me they’re real Men, then I’ll consider letting him take charge, but not until that happens.”

“I am very happy with your progress Missy; I couldn’t have hoped for better from you. Just remember, you’re a slut and a submissive, not a street whore.”

“Yes sir, my master wouldn’t waste time with a common whore.”

“Next week I’ll teach you how to be the slut you are inside, out in public and not just in private clubs.”

“That sounds like fun, and I can’t wait.”

“There is an entire world of sex and fun awaiting you Missy, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

“I know you will and thank you sir for showing me the real me inside.”

“You are very welcome my sweet slut.”

“How are David and Beth doing?”

“I haven’t heard from them since last night. I was thinking about calling them.”

“We should just go over there in person.”

“You want his cock again, don’t you?”

“I want the both of you, the way you guys fucked me the night he delivered the Pizza.”

“Let me make a call.”

I left the room to call and find out how David and Beth were getting along.

“David, how are you two doing this morning?”

“Wait, you’re up and she’s still sleeping? You can’t have that, David. She ‘s there to serve you and that means she sleeps when you do and she’s awake when you are. Go wake her up and hand her the phone.”

“Beth, what are you doing sleeping when your Sir is awake and by himself?”

“No, I don’t care how tired you are and how worn out they made you last night. Your place is to serve your sir and you can’t do that if your ass is asleep if he needs you.”

“No, hand the phone back to David.”

“David, tell her I’ll be there in fifteen minutes, she is to have her hair done and make up on. She knows how to dress for when I am around.”

“Get dressed my slut, we’re going over there.”

“Oh good, I have just the outfit.”

“Go ahead and surprise me dear.”

Within a minute she had her hair combed and was wearing an ultra-short night gown that clipped shut just below the breasts and hung open and free from there like they were curtains or draperies. She also wore a set of strappy heels and that completed her outfit, and she was ready. She lifted each flap open exposing herself from her mid-section down and smiled at me.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I love it but where did you get it?”

“Over the years of hiding I would buy myself sexy lingerie and wear it outside under my coat and sometimes let my coat slip open on the street.”

“You used to show your pussy on the street?”

“Show means there was someone to see it, I Just let it out in the breeze.”

“Well, you’re going to show it now Missy, let’s get going.”

We drove to David’s place and knocked on the door, Beth answered wearing a 3/4 length nightie, heels, and hair barely done with a sloppy make up job. I walked in and slapped her hard enough to push her to the floor, then pulled her back to her feet.

“How are you supposed to be dressed when you’re with my?”

“I was just still wearing this tekirdağ seks hikayeleri from bed, I didn’t have time to get ready.”

I ripped the nightgown from her body and threw it to the floor.

“How long did that take bitch?”

Then I drug her to her room and pushed her down in front of her make up mirror. I pushed her face against the mirror and made her look at herself.

“Is this how you put make up on for me?

“No sir.”

“Is this how you do your hair for me?”

“No sir.”

“Then get that shit off your face and do it right, and I expect your hair done also. You have ten minutes. Now get to it.”

I walked back to the living room where Missy was sitting legs crossed and David was standing trying to hear what I was saying to Beth.

“I’m glad you came over but a little surprised you showed up so quickly.”

“Why, I told you I’d be checking in on you. Has she been offering you her body whenever you want it?”

“Nothing last night, she said she was too sore.”

“Well, apparently, she hasn’t learned her lesson. We’ll have to turn things up a notch.”

“Shat do you mean, turn things up a notch?”

“She still thinks what she feels and if she’s sore matters when it comes to servicing her Sir.”

“And how do I do that?”

“I’ll handle that part, but when you get her back, she will be serving you 24/7. That I know for sure.”

“Whatever you think is the way to go, I’m good with that.”

“OK, I’ll make a call, and she’ll be gone for a few days being trained.”

“When she comes out, I’m going to speak to her first. Then you’re going to tell her you decided to turn her over to me for intense training for a few days.”

“Ok, what do I do in the meantime?”

“We’ll discuss that after she’s been picked up.”

“OK sir, we’ll talk later.”

I made a call to a guy who does training and explained the situation to him, and he had some good ideas to get started.

“Good, he’ll be here in twenty minutes. Now let me go check on that whore of yours.”

I walked into the bedroom, and she had her hair done, her make up correctly put on, and she was putting make up on parts of her body.

“What are you doing putting make up on your body?”

“I’m covering some marks from last night Sir.”

“Wipe it off.”

“What sir?”

“Anywhere you put it in your body, wipe it off.”

“Yes Sir.”

She wiped it off three places on her body, het tits, her legs, and her ass.

“When you pick up marks or bruises during sex, you wear those bruises as a badge of honor, yo never cover them.”

“I am supposed to walk around like I’ve been in a boxing ring?”

“If they are that bad and you didn’t deserve them then you let you Sir handle it, but you wear them all the same.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Now come on out and present yourself correctly. I will be waiting.”

I walked out and sat next to Missy and Beth came out and presented herself to me and knelt with her ass on her heels.

“Sir, I present myself to you as a Submissive for you to use in any manner than may please you.”

“Where did she learn that?”

“Last night, let her continue.”

“I apologize for my mistake this morning and will work hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again sir.”

“I am sure you will learn many lessons, but you must be willing to learn. Now you need to talk to your Sir.”

“Beth, you’ve not been submissive to my will even though you claim to want to be.”

“Yes sir, and I’m sorry for that.”

“Do you want to learn how to be a better sub?”

“Yes sir, I am trying.”

“Well, this Sir has been kind enough to offer us a way for you to understand your role and be better at serving.”

“I’ll try to be better to you Sir.”

“He tells me he has friends that train subs like you, and he’s offered us their services. I think you should go with them for a few days and let them train you to be better and to learn.”

“You’re sending me away Sir?”

“No Beth, I’m not sending you away, I’m letting this sir take you somewhere that you can learn how to serve properly, that’s all.”

“I don’t want to leave you sir?”

“To stay the way you are, wouldn’t do either of us any good.”

“Please sir, don’t?”

“They are already on their way Beth.”

“What should I wear sir.”

“Beth, you won’t need clothing, make up or hair products where your going.”

“Please let me stay, I’ll do better Sir?”

“Listen Beth, I suggest you be 100% submissive and obedient when the arrive or it will be very hard on you. Just get into a submissive position and don’t speak unless you spoken to.”

Just then we heard a knock on the door and David let two men in the apartment. They approached Beth and lifted her to her feet.

“Listen to us, Fighting will not work out well for you, Crying won’t work out well for you, and tantrums won’t work out well for you. You need to be trained and we are here to take you to that training, and then quicker you realize this and except your circumstance the quicker you will learn and be back here with your sir.”

“Yes sir, I understand that.”

“Then come with us and let us get you started.”

They walked her out and put her in a van then drive away. Missy looked at me and I just nodded to her as she got up, walked over to David, shed her nightie, and knelt before him.

“May I suck your cock Sir?”

Before he could answer she had his pants around his ankles, and she was pulling them off. She proceeded to take him in her mouth, and he just melted as he did the first time she sucked his cock, on her knees with her ass sticking out she sucked and slurped him greedily. I got in position behind her and slowly entered her pussy as far as I was able, and she let me know she enjoyed my first stroke into her wetness.


Then I pulled almost all the way out and entered her again all the way to her bottom.


Each time a pushed my cock into her she made sounds of pleasure, even messing like a cat, but never let that cock escape her lips. By this time David had both hands on her head guiding herd on and off his hard cock. He pulled her off at one point and looked her directly in the eyes, and she responded.

“Use my mouth in any way you chose sir, a gentle sucking or a brutal fucking, it is here for your pleasure.”

He immediately pushed her head back in him getting more forceful with every stroke until he has giving her a rough face fucking not caring if she could breathe in between strokes. I heard her orgasmic experience growing and I wanted her to last longer so I pulled out of her pussy and started a gentle entry of her ass. She wiggled on my cock to let me know she was wanting me there and my strokes got more aggressive. Eventually I was punding her forcing her onto his cock, and he was pounding her forcing her into mine, she was like a ping-pong ball bouncing between us making all the blissful noises she normally does until I heard a high pitched squeal come from her with a cock still in her mouth. Her body tremored and shook and she launched into her trance like state and we just kept fucking. He reached his climax and held his cock in her throat, and her shaking and bucking brought me to mine unloading my cum deep up her ass. When we pulled out, she just fell to the floor curled up in a fetal position quaking and convulsing through her orgasm.

She laid there like that, cum leaking from her ass, nose and mouth and I covered her with a blanket for her to ride out her unconscious extended orgasm. We just sat and recovered ourselves from a spectacular session of fucking multiple parts of her body.

“Wow, she is something special, where did she learn to do that?”

“It comes naturally to her, she just didn’t know it until I showed her.”

“What a gift to be born with.”

“She is one of the few special ones and believe me I’ve sampled many of them.”

“Can Beth ever become as talented as her?”

“If you train her to be.”

“What’s going to happen to Beth now that she’s going into training?”

“They will wear her down, break her, and put her back together as a sub.”

“What do you mean break her?”

“Just like a young horse that wants to do things his own way, he gets broken and then showed how to be. That same for her as her will would be broken and she will be taught a new way of life.”

“And when she returns?”

“She will be submissive for sure, but you must train her in how to act and how to serve. She will be an obedient ball of clay for you to mold. If you don’t train, her she will be left open to picking up bad habits again. This is much your responsibility as it will be hers, so don’t let her down.”

Just as I finished my last sentence, I felt Missy’s mouth around my cock cleaning me off. I reached down and stroked her hair, and she looked up at me. Her hair was a mess and her make up was running down her face except for her eyes which were red and looking like she went through some torture or something. She looked too weak to stand and I was sure if he did she wouldn’t be steady on her feet, so I helped her up on the couch with me and she curled up next to me and I tucked the blanket in around her.

“Is she OK?”

“Yes, she just needs to rest, she’s still quivering and trembling. She had a good time.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No, just let her rest and come back on her own terms and speed.”

“Will Beth do that when she returns?”

“I can’t tell you how she will react to being brought to the edge of sexual dimensia, but I think this way is whole fully particular to Missy.”

“So, did you just happen to call to check on us?”

“Not really, Missy really enjoyed sucking your cock while I fucked her last time, and she asked if we could do it again.”

“Well make sure she knows I appreciate her thinking of me.”

“I’m not sure it was you she was thinking of you, more like a part of you.”

“Well thanks all the same.”

“She’s starting to storm and come back to us now, help me get her to the car.”

“Sure thing.”

I picked up one side of her and David grabbed her nightie and picked up the other side as we walked her out to the car and we out her in the back seal, covered in that blanket and tucked in. He handed me her nightie and wished me a good day.

“Is there anything I should do while Beth is away?”

“Yes, go out and get yourself fucked. You could use some sex without her baggage attached.”

“Sounds like good advice, thank you again.”

“Bye for now, I’ll keep you updated on her progress.”

We drove back to the house, and she just laid there purring the entire way. I got her inside and she crawled to the bathroom to bath and clean up. It is astonishing how much she loved having a big cock in her mouth when she is getting fucked, it really took it to the next level for her, and she was beautiful to watch. She came back clean and naked and curled up on my lap like a contented cat, just wiggling into a comfortable position along side of me with her head on my lap. She fished my cock out and took it in her mouth, gently, wiping her tongue over the head and sucking ever so lightly.

“You’ve not had enough sweet slut?”

“Yes, I just wanted to thank you for the special time I had.”

“Anytime you want my slut.”

“You fuck me so well; I don’t want those pigs at work to fuck me unless you’re there to make sure they won’t hurt me. I’m enjoying this part of life, and I don’t want to take a chance of ruining it.”

“If that’s what you want it Missy that’s the way it will be, I’ll make sure of it.”

“Thank you, sir, I knew I could count on you.”

“Always my sweet.”

“Well, you should get some rest, I want you everywhere inside me tonight, just you and my body to please you with.”

“I love how much of a slut you turned out to be, and yes, I will use all of your body tonight.”

“Good, my cunt and my asshole get lonely for your cock sometimes…they need you.”

“And my cock needs all your hole’s sweet slut. I need your body in the way only you can give it to me.”

“Mmmmmm. I’m so happy you found me.”

“Me too my sweets, me too.”

“Then let me take you to the bedroom and suck you off into a nap.”

“That sounds wonderful Missy, let’s go.”

She slowly stripped me on the bed and pulled up the covers which she crawled under and started making sweet love to my cock with her mouth as only she could. I filled her mouth with my cum and she just kept my flaccid cock in her warm mouth as I drifted off into a blissful nap. When I woke, she was sleeping on my thigh with my cock just in front of her mouth apparently, she had fallen asleep tending to my needs.

She awoke and started all over again and I pulled her to my chest and kissed her lovingly then just held her.

“What’s wrong my sweet?”

“I feel guilty, deep inside.”

“But why, you haven’t done anything wrong?”

“These urges for cock that I have, the ones you, showed me and encouraged me to embrace, are confusing me.”

“How so my slut?”

“Deep inside I want to please you and no one else, but my urges tell me to suck on a Strangers cock and I enjoy that also.”

“Look my dear, you can’t stop being who you are without being miserable inside like you used to be. You’ve already promised me your ass and your pussy when We’re not together and that pleases me greatly, plus the way you love me when we’re together like we are now, all shows your love for me, and I am grateful for that. The fact that you want to give yourself to me and me only also shows me your heart. But I can’t let you stop being who you are and return to how you used to be, not when I know this is the natural you. So, you just continue being the you just discovered and giving yourself to me that way you have been, and we’re going to be just fine me and you.

“Then it doesn’t bother you, me being on my knees with someone else cock in my mouth?”

“No, my slut, that’s just the real you. Besides, I’m the one who showed you, to enjoy that part of yourself. Just continue being you and all will be well. But if anyone forces you to do something that you didn’t want to do, you must let me know right away.”

“You are so good to me, and I love you Sir.”

“And I love you too my slut. Now, what would you like for dinner?”

“I’ve got everything I need right under these covers sir, but you decide.”

“Have you got any food here?”

“Yes, yes, I do. Why didn’t I think of that? I can make you dinner.”

“Be careful slut, wear an apron. Cooking dinner naked is a new and dangerous experience.”

“I will sir, I’ll take care.”

She kept from the bed and raced to the kitchen, going through the refrigerator and cabinet with pots and pans. She put on an apron and got to work making is dinner, preheating the oven, and getting everything situated. As she stood there peeling potato’s I was staring at her ass peeking out the back, and not being dresses my cock was free enough to start to grow in plain sight. I moved up behind her and put my hands on her hips holding her on place.

“You ass just looks too good my slut; it needs my cock in it.”

“Whenever your cock needs my asshole Sir, just go ahead and take it…it is there for your use.”

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